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Abortion, Right or Wrong?

Umm, I'm sorry, but I'm gonna need a little more proof than that. Actual sources. This college professor had to have written some articles, case studies, or something. Especially if he is as renowned as you say he is


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"need" is an interesting word. just because youve decided not to believe anything i say does not mean that its not true. say whatever you want, i think this argument will end uselessly so long as you refuse to listen to points people provide you.
Really, I cannot understand where you are coming from with all this talk about me not listening, I AM listening to your points. But when I say anything different instead of catering to you and saying that you're right, you say I'm not listening! All I asked for is a little more proof than "trust me, this professor I cannot prove existed said it."


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oh, whatever
now it seems that your just trying to irritate me...
oh well... weve strolled off-topic anyways. lets just agree to disagree, as weve taken up debate space with our petty argument.


This is still going on.
How many times do I have to say it, lbsweet?
This debate goes nowhere.
Nobody knows when abortion is murder because people claim it's murdering potential life! What is potential life? As said earlier by somebody who sounded very intelligent, one could say periods are murdering potential life.

YOU find ME a source that says abortion is wrong for being murder.
Quite being hypocritical.
Umm, have we met before? My arguement is not what about the baby, but what about the mother? I have previously stated my case on earlier pages and will gladly give my sources. Nobody asked for me to give my sources so I never did. Do you want me to find my case and quote it for you? Really, you shouldn't insult people you've never met.


Lol wouldn't be surprised if that maybe came up as an infraction.
No we haven't met.
I read the recent like three pages and saw some pretty heckling behavior against somebody.
Calling them heartless because they believed abortion was an ok thing to do.
"Depriving a child of a potential life."
The person was Kit Kat I believe.
Even still though. You didn't deserve my anger.
If you could restate your case, that would be nice.
And I truly do apologize for coming across as rude.
It was stupid of me and I hope we can still debate this topic. If you don't mind, that is.


Mmmk. /postsoyoucanpostwithoutdoubleposting
. But abortion has adverse effects on the woman's health. Blocked fallopian tubes, possible scarring, and, most importantly, the chance that she may not be able to conceive in the future.
Charles University in Prauge did 13 years of carefully done and reported abortions. The limit was no more than 12 weeks of pregnancy and the "safest method" : vaccuum cutterage was used. The reported that "acute inflammatory conditions occur in 5% of all women, whereas permanent conditions such as ectopic pregnancies and sterility increased to 30-40%... cervical incompetence resultant from abortions has increased the rate of spontaneous abortions [misarriage] to 30-40%."
My case and point.

Here's my starting arguement. Thanks for the filler
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So you are arguing that the female should not be given the choice to have a baby or not have a baby?


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i believe hes arguing that the mother shouldnt have an abortion unless her life depends on it
No, what I'm arguing is that most women think of abortion as a way out. But they don't know that abortion can also cause serious complications (what I stated above)


So, it would be fair to say that a compromised point would be women having the choice, but being informed of the complications, etc, beforehand?
*sigh* I can't debate right now; it's 2:10 A.M. right now and my brain's asleep. I'd like to continue this tomorrow. I just don't want to end up putting my foot in my mouth. Goodnight


Mmmk I'm awaiting your reply.


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it disgusts me that so many people do this just for money
It disgusts me to see women have babies out of some misguided desire for "love" or a child rebate come tax day. Children were historically just an insurance policy, like Social Security, just more direct and unapologetic. You lived strictly so your parents could get care.

starliteevee said:
Plants don't have feelings or brains like humans do.
They don't have brains, but they have "pain", since they release chemicals (tannins) to discourage an herbivore from eating them. A zygote also has no brain or an organized nervous system, but you folks tell us that it is a "person". You can't have it both ways. If a plant can't be sentient due to the lack of (what we assume to be) a functioning nervous system, then ANYTHING THAT DOESN'T HAVE THAT CAN'T BE SENTIENT. The species DOES NOT MATTER.

Ohshi said:
Crops, fruits, and vegetables are killed for a good reason. For food.
So if the mother ate it, would it be more acceptable? I swat flies. I don't eat them. I understand their needed niche in ecology but that doesn't mean I want them bothering me.

i work at a daycare and i do this not for money
So have I. I've also taught at an elementary school. I also helped Mom with my younger brother and I care for my brother's new puppies. Let me help you with a concept: playing with them for a workday is NOT the same as dealing with them 24/7, taking them to the ER when they have a high fever, listening to them cry for hours in the still of the night when you've only had little sleep, etc. I can cure teen desires for babies real quick ... let them take care of one for a week, all day, all night. That oughta do it. :)

people who say sped people don't have a right to live are all fools
And no rational person would say that, only misguided eugenics fools. There are some "disabilities" though that are fatal. FATAL. My mother was preceded by two infants who died nine hours after birth. Yeah, that was worth it. Women facing that prospect should demand a refund from God and get their nine months back. I can understand the fear of people who have been historically targeted by eugenics morons (or religious morons -- it wasn't only science that drove infanticide). However, no modern rational person thinks that way.

phatcat203 said:
Men CAN "become pregnant" in a way. There are pills and all such that allow them to experience the same things that a pregnant woman does, including weights. Now, I'm not saying that every man will or even should do this, but it is possible and in this way, a man can truly understand what the woman is going through. And childbirth is, contrary to popular belief, not the most intense pain one can sustain. Pain can be intense enough to kill. Most women nowadays do not die of the PAIN from childbirth, it's usually blood loss and other complications. I myself cannot empathize with this pain, as I have always suffered from a mild condition that somewhat impedes my nervous system. This slightly hinders my ability to feel cold, heat, and pain, among other things like a slight loss of taste, as the signals are interrupted.
Men can also give breastmilk with some breast stimulation and maybe a hormone boost. Women naturally can give more, but it's not like men can't help. And pills are only an option for false pregnancy. You actually only need a strong enough delusion to kick that into effect.

KingdomHeartsExpert said:
As long as that cell is alive that is a person even if it is just one cell.
Then so is an amoeba. "Alive" is not the issue. "Personhood/sentience" is. Humans simply do not believe, even if they say they do due to religion, that all life is worth keeping.

Skeith said:
Whilst I agree that religion should not have a say in whether abortion be allowed/disallowed, it is far from invalid.
But it's irritating when such faith isn't from the sacred scripture of that faith. When a faith position isn't biblical at ALL, I tend to see it as invalid. Even in other religions, if it's not there in the scriptures, how did the people get the idea?

dracoburn said:
please dont bring god into this, and if you do, instead of saying "god says no" say "its written --- in the bible, and i strongly believe in that as a competent source.". because, though you may be christian, not everybody is. honestly, any bible reference i read, i automatically regard it as crap. im an atheist.
If they say it's in the bible, they're lying or incompetent. The bible, aside from a few "humans are AWESOME" passages, typically portrays God as seeing us as just as worth all of the other creatures (animals, plants, fungi, etc). The penalty for killing a fetus was a mere fine, whereas the penalty for killing a pregnant WOMAN was DEATH. I view the "humans are AWESOME" passages as added by, well, humans, as the entire rest of the bible has the exact opposite outlook. Not that we are evil, like some masochistic Christians believe, but that we're no better (or worse) than every other living thing.

good luck. i wonder how touched your heart will be at the 3 am feeding...
The 9pm, the 11pm, the 1am, the 3am, the 5am ... current guidelines recommend feeding every 2-3 hours. Say goodbye to sleep for the next few months!

she even faked(really totally faked) suicide because my friends suicidal and she(the mom) seriously wanted attention.
Borderline personality disorder.

starliteevee said:
Though it's inside the woman, it isn't the woman itself, it has its own right to live instead of being killed off before getting its first breath of air.
Tell that to God.

lbsweet96 said:
I'm begging you to come up with other arguements besides that it has no rights
Can YOU come up with something other than tired arguments? Arguments that are rational and verifiable?


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I am pro abortion, but I also think it is the woman's choice.. I'm a guy.. So I dont really have to worry..


The term "pro-abortion" isn't really accurate in my mind, since it implies that you want women to have abortions. Do you want women to have abortions, or do you want women to be able to choose to have abortions?


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The term "pro-abortion" isn't really accurate in my mind, since it implies that you want women to have abortions. Do you want women to have abortions, or do you want women to be able to choose to have abortions?

I want women to be able to have the right to choose if they want an abortion or not. I'm a guy, but I solely believe that it should be up to that individual women to make the decision, not anyone else.