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About Yu-Gi-Oh! and other TCG Video Games.

Discussion in 'Rate My Deck' started by Fox, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Fox

    Fox Where's my fanfare?

    You may post RMD for them here, but be sure to post what game you're using it for in the title.


    Rate my Warrior Deck (YGO NT)
    Rate my Dark Magician Deck (YGO WT06)
    Rate my _____ Deck (YGO UM)

    Generally, for the World Tournament games, WTxx would be good enough. Since World Tournament 2006 is also called Ultimate Masters, UM is good too.

    Nightmare Troubadour (not sure on spelling, and not gonna bother to check), just use NT.

    IF you are following any formats/restrictions in the game, be sure to mention it in the first post so people know that you're staying away from certain cards.

    Something as simple as "Need help in Nightmare Troubadour" or "Can't win in WT06" and posting your deck is good enough.

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