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Aboveground Secret Base Locations in Sinnoh

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Killer Trainer!!!!!!
I would make mine by snowpoint. Ice rules!



Snowpoint ONLY because who would ever find it there? XD
The diamond dust would hide it well :eek: (Saint Seyia anyone?) (Lol that show sucked :p)


Order Up!
In one of the rooms at hotel grand lake. I do SO many double battles there
Either Spear Pillar, in the Distortion World, or near Sendoff Spring... If not, then somewhere around the Resort Area.


A secret base in the Distortion World would be epic.
But aren't you visits there numbered?

Trainer Frankie

They didn't add an above ground secret base feature, did they?

Dang, I enjoyed the secret bases of RSE. I liked how you could battle other trainers in their bases.

The only saving of DPPt's secret bases to me, would be making it wifi. It'd be cooler, but I'd still perfer RSE overall.

AK Punk

Active Member
Probably around Snowpoint, I like the snow always falling and it would be cool to have a igloo or something.
Oreburgh Gym just because I'm weird.


Well-Known Member
Either SnowPoint or Eterna Forest, those places are awesome!


i would prefer mine to be near a town or city for easy travel and in an enviroment with alot of forests.


Mightyena FTW!
Probably at Valor Lakefront (If it would look like a hotel lol)

Route 217 or any hidden forest area would be cool.
Eterna Forest. Its a nice peaceful place...

with bugs... and a haunted house...


Well-Known Member
I would probably make mine on the flower island that shaymin is on.
Ether that or, nearby or, inside the haunted house in Eternia Forest. XD
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Crystal Larvitar

beginning breeder
definitely somewhere near snowpoint. its so quiet and serene there. not to mention that only trainers who could brave the blizzard and get past all those trainers while being pelted by hail in battles would be the ones to battle me. it would be even cooler if the battle you have in your secret base would have weather depending on where you are in sinnoh. so if you were near snowpoint it would be hailing in your battle. and if you were near sunnyshore you would be battling in harsh sunlight.

Crystal Larvitar

beginning breeder
buuuuut anyway platinum is out in U.S. (obviously) and no signs of secret bases above ground in the game. the closest thing is a villa in the resort area that you get when you go there.and you got a pool and berry patches there too. too bad the items in the house are waaaaaay over priced. its like 240k for a couple of the smallest items. not to mention people cant even see your villa so its not worth decorating. i would have expected to at least be able to heal your pokemon in the pool (like the hoehn hot springs). but other than the berries there (which makes me remember where i planted my plants) the place is useless. sorry for going so off topic but i really think they coulda done more for online interactions outside of the basement of a hospital.


My secret Base would be on top of the Unown ruins (the room only reachable through maniac Cave)

Feign Ruler

Dragon Master!
mine would be back twinleaf town. cause no one ever goes there o_O
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<-- Ain't it cute?
i would put mine right behind darkrai. yeah, you dare to find my base, you gotta go through darkrai first!
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