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Abra & The Psychic Showdown (022)


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Abra & The Psychic Pokémon!

Now in Saffron City, Ash wants to challenge the gym leader there who uses Psychic Pokémon. However in battle with Pikachu against Abra, Abra evolves and the tables turn for Ash. Will he win this battle or will he suffer a shameful defeat?

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I have always wondered, does anyone think Ash might have won had Abra not evolved?
9/10 for this ep by the way.


Hard to say really, but then again Ash was at a disadvantage anyway...

A question regarding all Psychics, but mainly Kadabra and Alakazam, can any other pokemon really beat these guys? they seem unbeatable because if you do damage they can recover... just seems really weird!
Mewtwo beat an Alakazam and i know gary's Ubreon deafeated an Alakazam.

The Super Venonat King V

1- how can Abra battle with only Teleport and win?? cause sabrina´s father said that she won all the matches that she battled...with an abra...

2- when abra evolved, kadabra learned many moves *including psychic*, but even in cartoon pkmns have an order of moves to learn, it´s impossible!(they did it very bad)

~*Aurora Wish*~

Sabrina sounds wierd "Come-out-Abra!" As if she were a robot...(o_O)
LOL, that millionth to visit gag was hilarious. And, when Ash found out he was kissed by TR, I loved his reaction!!! Sabrina was quite creepy here.
The Saffron Gym Battle had such an excellent plot, it was utterly enthralling. Kadabra was overly 00ber, IMO, which I didn't like.

Overall rating:
9.4 out of 10!!!
The Saffron arc was the best the series has invented, so obviously, this episode deserves a good rating.

SC~ out

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
That I didn't like. Where is the guard tower with the guy who says you can't come in. Aurgh, did the writers even play the games. They took out the secondary climax. Not one of Kanto's best moments.


I thought that tis episode was cool.
during this episode i also realsied that ash was very silly.
Please feel free to pm (what ever that means ) me.
please could some one be my buddy


I love Dara <3
thisa episode was pretty cool ^^ its one of my fav episodes for some reson


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Classic episode. Perhaps they are giving the gym leaders more spotlight these days, but they still can't beat this arc for originality. Evil, ruthless Natsume is still one of the most unique and distinguishable characters in the entire show, and it really goes to show that they were a lot more creative back in Kanto.

On a side note, I love the music they use right as Yungeraa teleports behind Pikachu and begins to attack it. It really fits the scene perfectly and it's just great stuff in general. And the ending music too, of course. :p

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
Ditto on the music. You can't beat Kanto for amazing scores and orchestrations.

I thought Natsume was a great, great character in the anime. That's one thing I really love about all gym leader episodes - the writers take a character who's only exposure in the video games is limited to one gym battle and about five lines of dialogue surrounding that battle, and they give them fully developed personalities. Playing Natsume as a sort of tortured soul who needs to be rescued from herself was a stroke of real genius.


This is one of my all-time favorite episodes. I simply love weird episodes, and this is definitely one of them.

My favorite gym leader is Sabrina, so that's another reason that I enjoyed this episode. =) I find her to be quite interesting as a character. Also, psychic powers are awesome. =P

And I agree that the music is simply excellent in Kanto. The music that they end this episode off with is no exception.


Team Awesome
I'm probably the only one who doesn't like Sabrina. She just creeped me out too much, and her doll was REALLY annoying. At least this episode had a few highlights- like Ash having his drawers dropped :D , Team Rocket posing as hula girls, and the twerps ignoring the motto for the first time- but otherwise I'm not that fond of this episode.

Metarock Sam

This was the start of a creepy saga that as a kid used to freak me out just cos of Sabrinas cold voice and the doll.