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Abra & The Psychic Showdown (022)

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
pokemaster#1 said:
I love pokemon

You need more than that to be respected.

!~Dark Forte.EXE~!

I for one acctually enjoyed this episode. Sabrina actually did sound like a robot, as ~*Aurora Wish*~ said, this episode was funny, and creepy, I loved It!
Rating 10-10

Dr. Sun

To be honest, I really didn't like a lot of the Kanto gym battles, not least because Team Rocket interrupted a lot of them just when they were getting good (coughErikacoughMistycoughKoga)...I wanted to see Ash fight and win, dammit!


What I didn't like was how nothing Pikachu did seemed to be able to harm Kadabra. How can you fight a pokemon that turns every attack you launch back at it with Psychic? Kadabra taking control of Pikachu's electricity just seemed too cheap for my tastes.

Thankfully, the gym battles got better from Johto onwards, even if Kanto's gym leaders had the most original personalities.


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in my opinion, sabrina was the most creative and interesting gym leader in the anime. cmon, who else could turn you into a doll? i loved the battle, but kadabra seemed like it was as powerful as mewtwo. Loved the episode! 10/10


Sabrina's apprentice
The Super Venonat King V said:
1- how can Abra battle with only Teleport and win?? cause sabrina´s father said that she won all the matches that she battled...with an abra...

2- when abra evolved, kadabra learned many moves *including psychic*, but even in cartoon pkmns have an order of moves to learn, it´s impossible!(they did it very bad)

1.) Maybe Abra just teleported around until the opposition wore itself out. Or maybe it made the opponent teleport into something. You've forgotten that Abra(according to his dex entry) can teleport others as well. Why not teleport Pikachu onto the ceiling and let it drop. Rinse and repeat.

More likely tho...

2.) Abra knew Psychic originally. Psychic is a TM after all, and can be bred down into an Abra. Recover, I can't explain. But in the Collesium game, on Quick Battle, one of the Pokemon options is an elemental punching Abra with recover(which is impossible to create...but still).

I'm kinda annoyed they called this Abra and the Psychic Showdown when he only gets about a minute of airtime before he evolves. I would have much preffered to see Abra at least play around with Pikachu using his teleport ability first.


Shiny hunter
This was the first episode I ever saw, and I loved it! It's full of funny bits, especially brock in the dolls' house. I haven't seen it for ages but I remeber it being good.


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Do you think Ash might of won against Abra/Kadanra if he siill had his Butterfree cause it's a bug type?


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This episode had some really good scenes like...

1) Ash gets grossed out when he realizes TR kissed him.

2) Ash gets grossed out when he sees a doll in the bathtub.

3) Brock eats plastic cake and almost breaks his teeth.

4) Ash and co. almost get hit by a ball.

A lot more but would take for ever!


Charizard Champion
In the R/B/Y days Psychic types were pretty much the most superior type due to the sheer lack of attacked that could damage them. Butterfree didn't learn any bug attack moves that could have done effective damage against Kadabra. Though it was messed up how upon Kadabra knew the most powerful techniques available to it upon evolution maybe Abra was already at a really high level . The thing that bugged me was that Abra MUST have know some attacked moves via TMs, otherwise how else did Sabrina manage to stay gym leader against other trainers without any attacking pokemon? Either Abra knew some other moves besides teleport or she had other pokemon that we just never saw. It's a pity we'll probably never seen sabrina or any of the other Kanto gym leaders again.


The thing with Kadabra attacking Pikachu repeatedly without a strikeback was that Kadabra was using one Psychic attack the whole time. Remember that Alakazam did it differently against Charizard in the Orange League.

Also, I loved this episode. Best of Kanto. You never see a gym leader toy with Ash like this anymore. Sabrina utterly dominated Pikachu.

The whole personality thing with sabrina was great, as were the gags in this episode (Ash was very dense) and the music.


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This epi kinda freaked me out when i first saw it. When i watched this epi again before i realised that Sabrina owned ash so bad. The doll thing was freaky. 6/10


Shiny hunter
Adam_stm said:
Do you think Ash might of won against Abra/Kadanra if he still had his Butterfree cause it's a bug type?

That could actually be (but probably isn't) why Ash released Butterfree one ep. earlier. The makers of Pokemon wanted Ash to spend several episodes battleing Sabrina, and they knew if he had Butterfree it would either:

A) Take one episode and not have all the funny bits in it. Or,

B) It would have confused fans of the gameboy games.

So, to avoid that problem, they had Ash release Butterfree.

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
Except Butterfree had no (nor could it learn) Bug-type attacks. Show's type advantage would be meaningless. Then the anime decided to do a complete 360 on the Ghost/Psychic match up and made Ghosts strong against Psychic types.


little punks!
I loved this episode, Sabrina's gym was probably the best in the entire series.

- James crossdressing is always funny, a convincing disguise this time 0__o Funny, when they kissed Ash

- Wasn't that the silph co.? I say this because the building was large and there was a warp tile. Still would've been nice to have a TR invasion though

- The battle was cool, nice to see Sabrina link to Abra with her psychic powers. I actually thought the ending was plausible and not a pity badge.

- The doll house was probably the coolest scene. It looked like a real town but Brock eats a glass cake, Xd.