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Abra & The Psychic Showdown (022)

Maestro Kinético

Well-Known Member
I love Sabrina, and I miss good gymn leaders with personality. Even if in the game they didn't have a personality, in the anime (only first season) they had a unique and beautiful story. Sabrina's powers and she being the girl that followed Ash and co made ma clap. Really intelligent storyline. I loved psychic Pokemon since I watched this epp, they are very powerful.

SOS! Its Not Healthy..

He Say Whaaa...
I watched this episode today, and boy before a Dark Pokemon came along, Psychic was impossible to beat except for a Ghost or BUg, but they barely had any attacks.

Sabrina was the first gym leader I ever seen in the whole POkemon series. And she was creepy but loved her personality, the doll of her was freakin annoying with the laugh it kept doing. She who barely showed emotion was simply a cool character but her true self came back later on.

It was cool how the show was still more fantasized as it compared to now how they have to battle like mystic forces, and the whole psychic power thing. Ash, Brock, and MIsty turned into the size of dolls and stuck in the doll house.

The whole prize thing was funny how they fell for it and it made me laugh when the co. ignored Team Rocket motto over the TV montior. Good episode and simply never forget.

Red Ryu

Well-Known Member
Although I liked how Sabrina got an interesting back story like Brock and Misty, they made it seem like Psychic pokemon were uber in these episodes. I liked the episode itself as it was very interesting and hilarious at times but then the pSYcHiCS aRe L33t!!!!!111111+shift1111!! really bugged me.


Master Coordinator
Sabrina was really cool


Dawn, Master Trainer
This episode = Totally awesome.

Sabrina! Phsychic pokemon! Yay! ^_^

When my little sister watched this episode she was scared of the doll in Sabrina's lap and the fact that if Ash lost he would be trapped in the doll house.

I, however thought this was a really cool episode. Sabrina is awesome and so was this ep.


Well-Known Member
A good episode no other gym leader in the series will match Sabrina in her cold and callous nature as she comes off in this episode, the only 2 that might come close are Giovanni and Pryce. I likes seeing Ash overconfident in this episode up until he actually got into Sabrina's room of the gym then he was starting to question if he wanted to be their. I got a laugh out of the whole winning a contest trap that they fell into and the fact that the the gang ignored the TR motto.
It was a cool ep. I was just kinda freaked out then, as I was still kinda young when it aired
How very evil. Child dolls are always freaky, especially with red eyes! I remember watching this on SM:tv Live all those years ago, the first time around!
But as an episode, and beginning to the Sabrina arc, I enjoyed this episode quite a bit, and would like to think that yes, Ash definitely would have stood a better chance if Abra hadn't evolved. He still probably would've lost though...


Don't die, ketchup!
Sabrina scared me when I was little. I didn't like this episode when I was little, but I think it's okay now.


kiss my greens
This was one of Team Rocket's better schemes. Trap Ash & co in a room with no way out and steal Pikachu. But that little doll came by and made things that much better ^_^

After Team Rocket gave Ash & co. those Hawaiian lei's and revealed their disguises, he best line was obviously Ash: "Team Rocket! ... EWW, they kissed me! BLAH! *rips off the lei*" XD I almost died!

The Gym battle... was humiliating ^^; Kadabra wiped the floor with Pikachu - literally. I couldn't bear to watch...

It was also pretty cool when they were turned into dolls. Brock ate a plastic cake, lol. And Ash saw a naked doll in a tub, lmao!

Wow, a whole lot of stuff in a single episode, eh? o_o

Still, loved it! A classic for sure.

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
The thing with the doll was a little creepy.

I liked how Pikachu's attack got turned around, just as it was about to hit.


One scary, well not really scary part in the episode is the little girl with the hat, the girl that is suposed to be the counterpart of Sabrina in the past. Another werid part is when someone says that you need to have psychic powers to control a psychic pokémon but if you see another episodes people that doesn't have psychic pokémon can control them.

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
I always wondered about Abra's evolution.

Did it evolve itself or did Sabrina have something to do with it?

It seemed to me like she was telling it to evolve.


Well-Known Member
Another cool episode. It was one of the first times I ever seen teleport. I thought they were turned into nothing back when I first seen this episode. I knew about the shrinking thing, though. However, the little girl did look creepy in the first scene her eyes are shown.


Concert Headbanger
I miss the old gym leaders, they were my favorite. In the sinnoh now they have to have like 5 episodes for each gym leader to meet Ash. I think it's dumb. on the old ones he went and battled and that was it.
I liked kadabra on this b/c it was some of the few times you saw it.


Dragon Tamer
Sabrina in this episode is creepy, but I still like her. I always like girls with cool personality.