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Abra & The Psychic Showdown (022)


Gahh, this was an awesome episode! I remember being scared of that creepy little girl when I was little, lol. Isn't it funny how Ash's Pikachu couldn't beat a Kadabra, while when he was facing Anabel, he was able to take it down :p But anyways, I thought it was pretty cool the way the writers came up with the idea to shrink Ash & friends. I also lol'd when Ash walked in on a supposed "naked" lady & Brock ate plastic food...haha.

I give this episode a:
You know, even though Sabrina is made out to be super tough and completely unbeatable, she obviously has never won a battle in her life since becoming gym leader. If she always has that policy of shrinking her losing challengers and putting them in a dollhouse, why were no other trainers there? If she was really as tough as she is made to appear, there would be a crowd of people running around in there. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that every previous opponent was going up against Abra (presumably) but Ash was facing a newle evolved Kadabra.


Good epsode, Abra evolved but hit Pikachu so hard after that....
Sabrina was so mean.. it was hard to watch how Kadabra hits Pikachu...


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Odd title considering there is only one Psychic Pokemon which evolved meaning it was still only one Pokemon.

I liked Sabrina's cold attitude, it worked well for a spooky gym. I liked how Pikachu lost to Kadabra, it pleased me.

A good episode, 10/10


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An excellent and memorable episode which unfortunately has a few plotholes. What comes to mind is that there are no other trapped trainers in the dollhouse. This could have been cleared up by adding a line of dialogue to Sabrina's father such as "Those who face her wrath are eventually lost forever" or something to the same effect.


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Actually there was (I think). Remember the doll in the bathtub? Remember how Sabrina can turn people into dolls? Yeah, you didn't think she'd turn them into dolls and never treat them like dolls, did you?

I believe that doll is supposed to be a "real" doll. If it was a person, then it should have turned into a human again when Ash, Misty, Brock and Sabrina's mother did. Also, when Misty and Brock were turned into "literal" dolls, they at least retained the ability to speak to one another.

It could just be that spending a long time in Sabrina's world will eventually take one's conscience, but there's no reference to this in the cartoon. And even granting that that doll was real, there should have been more than one since Sabrina's transformation seemingly took place years and years ago.


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An excellent and memorable episode which unfortunately has a few plotholes. What comes to mind is that there are no other trapped trainers in the dollhouse. This could have been cleared up by adding a line of dialogue to Sabrina's father such as "Those who face her wrath are eventually lost forever" or something to the same effect.

This episode reminded me of that "Are You Afraid Of The Dark" episode where the girls were turned into dolls. Anyway, it was a nice intro for Jasmine.


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I loved this episode. Sabrina is so intimidating and the little girl ghost doll she had sitting on her lap was very creepy. I didn't think the Abra would be a threat at the beginning but after it evolved I knew it would be a problem. Great episode.

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I thought I posted in this thread, hm

Anyways good and creepy episode, I think Sabrina is the only Gym leader of all to be so creepy, and that doll was creepy as well. There are certain Gym leaders who's personality sets them from the rest (Gardenia for example, she is kooky and probably kind of kinky). I don't think Sabrina spoke that much (Aside from saying Abra and asking Ash where Haunter was_


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When I 1st watched this episode, I was terrified of Sabrina. The 2nd time on I wasn't. I really enjoyed seeing Psychic pokemon in action, and seeing Psychic attack for the 1st time. Not 1 of the best gym battles, but good.



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I found Sabrina's character to be really creepy when I watched this when I was younger. She just seemed so emotionless and robotic compared to the other Kanto Gym Leaders. Turning people into dolls was disturbing. And that big doll she had...that thing was scary. I didn't even know what it was for when I first saw this episode. I kinda just thought that she was insane or something. o_O

I liked how Abra was sleeping or something when it first came out. I was thinking that the gym battle would be quick and easy, but then Abra evolved and absolutely destroyed Ash.
I guess he was lucky it didn't ever evolve into an Alakazam. I wonder how that would've played out.

My favourite part was when Sabrina's dad made Ash dance with his pants down. :p


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This is a creepy episode. Sabrina was so scary. It was cool to see Her Abra evolve into a Kadabra,it was so strong. The doll was creepy. I expected Ash to lose,Psychic is a powerful type.


Best episode ever. One of the only ones that has stuck in my mind since I was young. I always remembered the toy-box and I actually wanted to be in the box xD. Was surprised when Abra evolved mid-battle without doing anything. Also the marsh badge, i thought it was 6th, turns out it was 4th. Oh well.


This episode is actually my favorite episode in the entire show's run. I thought that the way Sabrina was portrayed was great and Team Rocket didn't do too much either. I also loved seeing Pikachu get crushed by Kadabra.


That little girl used to creep me out so bad :p

One of my fav episodes of Kanto too, Sabrina was the best of all gym leader characters for me.


This is probably one of my favourite episodes of Pokemon ever. The use of the little doll girl was brilliant for Sabrina's psychic and mysterious character. Also, the battle was great and the dolls house part was just plain creepy. If this happened to every challenger, Sabrina would definitely be impossible to defeat. Best Gym Leader ever? o:


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Shouldn't this thread be named "Abra And The Psychic Showdown"?
Anyway I think this is probably one of my favourite episodes in the whole Animé series. The way that they reveal Sabrina's character through the doll is amazing. And so is the way that she can telepathically communicate with her Pokémon in battle. The only thing I didn't like is the way that the episode makes Psychic trainers seem like the best. Sabrina seems impossible to beat, and to be honest, if you could communicate with your Pokémon like that, you probably would be impossible to beat!!


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A scary episode to introduce Sabrina, a psychic and mysterious character. The doll she had creeped me out as well as the doll house.
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