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Abrar's trading thread

what shiny should i rng next

  • cacturne

    Votes: 23 8.2%
  • aron

    Votes: 45 16.0%
  • kingdra

    Votes: 63 22.3%
  • togepi

    Votes: 52 18.4%
  • whimsur

    Votes: 12 4.3%
  • bastidon

    Votes: 14 5.0%
  • combusken

    Votes: 54 19.1%
  • pelliper

    Votes: 6 2.1%
  • sillcoon

    Votes: 13 4.6%

  • Total voters


Street Brawlers CEO
I'm interested in ur Shiny Ev Train Gengar.
I can offer u:
Shiny Tropius Hardy Nature
Shiny Geodude Hasty Nature
Shiny Combee Quiet Nature
Shiny Roserade Hasty Nature
Shiny Pelipper Brave Nature
Shiny Sunflora Docile Nature
Shiny Magnemite Hasty Nature
Jap Movie 14 Victini Adamant Nature

That's all I have to offer. Let me know if interested in something.


Statter Master
Intereseted in the Pelliper. Ill trade next week since my ds and 3ds have been taken by my mom coz im grounded


Sexy Cowboy
Im interested in the lvl 1female UT Totodile. I have a lvl 81 shiny alakazam? If your interested.

Team Legend's Dragonite

W1nN!n6 you mad o.0?
I was wondering if you could rbg this for me:

a modest dw poliwag with these IVs

30 Atk / 30 SpA / 3 Spe I'll trade a masterball, and a Japanese event suicune ut, or is there a certain even you need, I also have a shiny it woobat

Machine Max

Lord of Death
Do you have any dream world female vulpix's, poliwags, brelooms, eevees, quagsires nidorans, or a adamant dream world tauros?


Pokemon Breeder
I have FDW vulpix, Heracross, Poliwag, and Natu for trade, along with 2 masterballs. I am interested in your fal2010 mew and the shiny trio events. PM me if you are interested in trading :)