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Absol-ute Disaster! (384)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Advanced Battle' started by Serebii, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Absol-ute Disaster!

    Travelling towards Sootopolis City, Ash & Co. see an Absol. Whenever an Absol appears a disaster is likely to happen. Angered Ash battles Absol but it's too late and a flood heads towards the village. Can it be stopped?

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  2. Dogasu

    Dogasu Frustrated Elf

    Quickie until I get back to America:

    -Basic plot--Absol is hated by some villagers because it seems to be the cause of disasters. There's a kid and his/her (not entirely sure of the gender) older brother who doesn't believe that Absol is the cause. So the episode is spent trying to locate Absol and prove its innocence.

    -No captures or evolutions.

    -The eyecatch this time: Regice.
  3. Swellow

    Swellow Spider Sceptile

    Sounds like a cool filler episode. I actually like the Pokemon Absol :) and not because of the Disasters.
  4. Space Skitty

    Space Skitty Hoenn Champion

    The pictures looked interesting. Now I'm positive that Absol is based off a cougar or mountain lion! Absol looked so elegant yet deadly, looks like a great episode.
  5. The Big Al

    The Big Al I just keeping Octo

    XD Yet another boss daydream gone bust. I think I can start to pallet them more when some of them aren't so much pie in the sky.
  6. That Scary Clefairy

    That Scary Clefairy I <3 HK & BF

    i'm just curoius what is the cowboy's name? i would find it funny if he has a japanese name when dress as a western cowboy lol.
  7. Cloud Strife

    Cloud Strife JElliot

    This is the first one for some time that does not look that good, might be okay though
  8. Pokemon Fan

    Pokemon Fan Knuckle Trainer

    So what move was that Heracross using when it fired the white beam? Hidden Power? Secret Power? A projectile Megahorn? What was it?

    An interesting note, from the pictures it looks like this Absol is a good deal smaller than the one that was in the sixth movie. Of course, pokemon vary in size according to age, experience, genes and such, but it is worth noting that they didn't try to make this Absol a clone of the one in the movie. ^_^

    And I can't tell who caught what? At one point in the screenshots it shows the boy and Pikachu falling and Swellow coming down to save them, then at semingly another point it shows Absol saving a boy. Did Swellow catch anyone?
  9. Murgatroyd

    Murgatroyd Dull Manga Avatar

    Heracross's move: Hidden Power

    Absol caught the boy (I think his name was Noboru, but I can't be sure, as he doesn't appear in the credits). Swellow caught Max, but wasn't able to get Pikachu as well. Pikachu was saved thanks to the arrival of Satoru (Noboru's brother) and his Heracross.

    And... we have a name for Absol's 'swing its head and fire a blade of energy' attack: Kamaitachi. Or to use the dub term, Razor Wind.
  10. Chris

    Chris Old Coot

    Guys, Satoru is NOT a cowboy. >_> Think Indiana Jones only Japanese and you've got Satoru.

    This episode's really good. I liked the explanation of how Satoru began battling Absol and ever went out of his way to save it during battle as it began to fall off the edge of a hill.
  11. That Scary Clefairy

    That Scary Clefairy I <3 HK & BF

    well geez SORRY! it just that at first glance at this guy you think cowboy. ok? i mean cowboys or rather gunmen have trench coats and scarfs like this guy does.
  12. JazzJazz

    JazzJazz Well-Known Member

    This absol could just been an abnormality, similar to how Ash's noctowl was smaller than average but was more powerful.
  13. Geodude

    Geodude Well-Known Member

    Yes, but the resemblance to Indiana Jones is even more striking.

  14. Sharpshooter

    Sharpshooter Battle Factory Champion

    I knew before I came to this thread everyone was going to think "Ha! Indiana Jones!" It's meant to be Indiana Jones anyway, the writers just used it as a foundation to design a stand-in character - it's no coincidence I assure you.

    I'm putting ten bucks down for Lisa Ortez to do the little kid's voice in the dub version.
  15. Chris

    Chris Old Coot

    I'm quite puzzled though. Is Noboru a girl or a boy? o_O Noboru looks like both, yet has more of a girlish voice. But the name doesn't help at all since Japanese names can be used for any gender. x_X;
  16. Murgatroyd

    Murgatroyd Dull Manga Avatar

    Almost certainly a boy. That was the impression I got the first time through the episode, and it's supported by the fact that Satoshi and Takeshi address him as "Noboru-kun".
  17. Yay Absol! My 2nd fav........
    They could of created such a good plotline, but I belive it's a kid of the day thinks of special pokemon and saves Ash&co episode.

    Any eyecatch pics?
  18. Pokemon Fan

    Pokemon Fan Knuckle Trainer

    Interesting, and yet again we see the vastly different forms the same attack can take in the anime depending on what is using it and (theoretically) how. With Razor Wind we now have the "Gust with energy blades" form done by Golbat back in Kanto, the "twisting tube of rotating wind" done by Swiftry, and the "condensed blade of wind energy" done by Absol.
  19. I agree with you. Noboru has weird voice. Exactly like a girl, but he is a boy.
    I belived, that older guy is his father, but now I see, he is his bro^^
    Absol was really great. So..umm... hot XD I really like Abusoru and I`m glad, I could see him in anime. It has a nice voice.
    I belive, Noboru liked Abusoru a lot. They have similar names: Abusoru-Noboru, but I think, its not so important.
    I like music from episode. It was not a normal poke-music, only music from a Pokemon Movie.
    Only one thing, Ash & co said "Hello" to Jessie, James and Meowth. Do they really think, Meowth is a little human? o_O
  20. Chris

    Chris Old Coot

    Hm, quite odd. I was under the impression he was a girl since his voice was too feminine to be a little boy's voice. Yeah, I know Japanese women do voice acting work for a good chunk of males, but Noboru's voice seemed abit too girly.

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