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Absol-ute Disaster! (384)

KidsWB can't and won't show episodes weekly. -_-;

They have to get the amount of episodes in the season to fit in. So sometimes it's two each week (new) or one each week. Or even none each week.

It *is* annoying but what the heck, I missed a few epyies


The magic of Pokemon
My revew:

This episode was quite exciting...especially how the gang combined their power to help the Absol.

Speaking of Absol, he sounded very cool, and omnious, which fit him perfectly...the way he helped defeat Team Rocket was cool as well

Team Rocket, on the other hand, was mainly there for comic relief this go-round...especially them freaking out on that huge rock for most of the time.

But the real prize goes to the Characters of the day...Nicky and Gordon seemed really close, and showing just how far they'd go to defend the Absol was exciting to watch.

Ruby's score: perfect 10!
Tis/ not as I expected, but watev.

And what's with KidWB or 4kids or whoever saying that after the Hoenn was the Elite Four? Heck, that's no elite four! That's the Brains.
This episode was pretty solid. I didn't like the way Ash said "I heard of them." when referring to Absol since he saw one way back in the 6th movie though. :/

The coolest part of the episode was all the gang's Pokemon shooting their elemental attacks at the rock. We've never really seen anything like that in the show before, so it was a nice treat. I wonder if anyone could survive being hit by all those attacks at once.

Ash's voice sounded different in this episode, it seems like Veronica Taylor is experimenting by trying to give him a deeper voice. I'll have to see how it sounds in the next episode to see if what she's doing is successful.

Other things that were swell, Team Rocket's Australian accents and a good Trainer's Choice. (They put all fish Pokemon to confuse the little kiddies).

Good episode.
I don't have a lot to say about this episode, and not just because my sister barged in halfway through.

Nicky was a cool character with a good design. Shame his voice was horrible ._.

Gordon....No comment.

Absol was cool, and its voice suits it, IMO.

The villagers are extremely paranoid, and it's strange that they didn't make the connection between Absol and the disasters ¬_¬

Heracross has one heck of a Hidden Power 0_0 Looked excellent, though.

I liked the music choice when Gordon and Nicky were commenting on Absol's Hyper Beam, even though I don't remember where it's from. I think it's from a movie or something....

Overall rating:
7.6 out of 10
I didn't see the whole thing, but I don't think I had to. It seemed quite mediocre, but at least we get to see Absol.

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Freak Like Me
This episode was pretty good. Absol was awesome. The TR fantasy about giving Absol to the Boss was pretty funny. I agree that Heracross does have a strong Hidden Power (although at first I thought it was Megahorn <I missed the part when Gordon commanded the attack>) Also, it was a little funny how Absol pwned TR at the end when they tried to steal Pikachu.


What a great episode. It had awesome characters, like Aaron and Absol, and it didn't get boring half-way through like most fillers do. It's a relief from the Vibrava one, WORST EPISODE EVER!



Rising Trainer
Yeah, the thing with spelling Hoenn, Hoen, and calling the Frontier Brains the Elite 4. That was just retarded. 5 minutes till I see the eppy.


Well, I read the sinopsis and I think this will be a cool episode. 3 minutes till it starts here.

Edit: Okay, It's on right now. Pikachu falls off, Ash freaks out, and then there are the commercials...
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A rather dull and rehashed filler. It was the exact same plot as the first Solrock episode. Stupid townspeople and one person who's smart enough to realize something else was to blame. It even imcluded a problem for crying out loud. Have the writers truly run out of ideas and are just mixing a matching stuff to make it look new. Why didn't they have a certain Absol owning person make an appearance instead of this.

TR also failed to be funny. The rock thing is way old and their accent crap was awful.

5/10 craptacticular filler


CoolTrainerTerry said:
Yeah, the thing with spelling Hoenn, Hoen, and calling the Frontier Brains the Elite 4. That was just retarded. 5 minutes till I see the eppy.
Didn't Ash verse one of the elite four? And get whooped? ;191;


Rising Trainer
-Ha, whenever Pikachu is about to fall off the bridge, Ash runs to save him, Pikachu jumps off and hits him in the face and Ash falls.
-May: Nice catch.
Max: You alright?
Brock: Pikachu is.
-TR, Absol Hunters? A little weird, just for the free food.
-The Absol with the boss was pretty funny.
-Nicky told off Team Rocket. Hee hee.
-The reason why TR was on top of the giant rock was funny.
-Why did Ash tell Nicky he was from Pallet Town?
-James: They do think we are professional Absol hunters.
Meowth: And that's the worst disaster of all.
-I liked Absol's dub voice.
-Why does Ash always say it's not the Pokemons fault. I don't think it was trying to attack?
-They didn't screw up Trainer's Choice today! WOW!
-Gordon looked cool and his dub voice was pretty good, too.
-It was nice to see a Heracross again.
-Square Top? That's the best they can come up with?
-Hidden Power was really strong.
-The finale was amazing.
-The finale's music fit perfectly. It was nice to hear music from Pokemon 2000, again.
-TR: Cheap rental costumes.
-I still wish Ash caught an Absol. Of course, it's not like he NEEDS another powerhouse Pokemon.
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ghost master

the kawaiist thing
And what's with KidWB or 4kids or whoever saying that after the Hoenn was the Elite Four? Heck, that's no elite four! That's the Brains.
they arent calling it the elite four. although it isnt quite right I can see why they would call it the elite 4 challenge. They could call it that because in Emerald you have to defeat the elite 4 to enter the BF also [SPOIL]Ash had to face Agatha to be determined whether he could participate in it.[/SPOIL]



That's what I thought of the episode. But it's not as bad as some of the other episodes this season so far. I guess I was just a little P-O'ed because once again, another pokemon in a movie ignored like that. It was either that or that f-ing commerical...ELITE FOUR!


nothing too special about this episode I'm afriad...

I find it very bizzare that the mountains would have square and circle formations on them though...


Fog Trainer
This episode, I wonder... how can Ash & friends NOT see through Team Rocket's disguises?


*swoons for Noland*
Because they never do...

I wasn't too impressed. It was nice, however, to see Skitty again. I almost forgot May had one since [spoil]she drops it off in Petalburg after the before Battle Frontier begins[/spoil]...that and she hadn't used it in quite a long time. Of all those attacks, Shedinja would resist every one EXCEPT Torkoal's Flamethrower (provided Heracross' HP wasn't Fire, Rock, Flying, Ghost, or Dark). <-- Useless trivia :-D


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I wasn't too impressed. Plot wasn't original and even TR wasn't too funny this time around. Filler characters weren't really memorable. The Trapinch ep was still worse just because of the cheesy romance cliche, but otherwise, I disliked both eps just about equally.