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Ace Attorney/逆転裁判


With Spirit of Justice coming up in 2 weeks I thought I'd try to spark a bit of AA discussion here.

I discovered this series in early spring and have been working my way through it since (I'm now playing the fan translation of AAI2, I've played every game that was localised). The first game was so charming that it got me hooked easily.

So, some discussion. What're your hopes and expectations for Spirit of Justice? If you're making your way through the series, where are you and what do you think of it? What're your favourite/least favourite games, characters and cases?


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Is that really coming out in two weeks?? Wow, I've been out of the loop. xD

I'm excited for the next game and hope the price isn't ridiculous here... Nintendo likes to charge Canadians prices that are even further above the terrible CAD/USD exchange rate than they would be to start for download only games where we have no retailer to price them appropriately. >_> looking at you rhythm heaven megamix. But I think dual destinies was priced fairly so fingers crossed.

Glad Apollo and Athena are returning. I don't know a whole lot about the game other than Apollo is supposed to have a larger role (yay). I'm pretty indifferent to Maya by this point so meh that's she's returning. I'd rather a new sidekick - but oh well. ^^

My favourite case in the series was 3-5. Hoping the new game can match or surpass that. ;)

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I'm glad to see Athena coming back. Dual Destinies was my first Ace Attorney game and I liked the Mood Matrix gameplay more than the Magatama or Apollo's bracelet. Plus I think she's just adorable. I figured out how to dress as her in XY:



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^omg, that's so cute!

I did really like the mood matrix - I was skeptical of it at first, but the gameplay felt very smooth. Apollo's bracelet was way easier in DD than AJ:AA. Like, I remember needing to google some of the tells in the latter game, but DD they were pretty obvious.

I hope the detective is cool in the new game. The only one I've liked so far was Ema. xD mostly because of her idgaf attitude.

I just realized something researching this game a little more - one of the things I didn't like about dual destinies is that, despite the title, Apollo and Phoenix only worked together on one tiny courtroom sequence. They had very little character interaction, especially when it had to do with cases and not Apollo being angsty. The new game has them in different countries...... >___>... Apollo and Athena bounced off each other really well mind you, but still disappointing to me.

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I'm still not sure how I feel about Yamazaki taking over the series. Revisiting AA5 after the Investigations games and AA4, his style is definitely moving further and further toward bad anime tropes and overblown final villains connecting everything, at least when compared to Takumi's works.

I'll give AA6 a go, though I can't say that the whole dancing princess dreck did a lot to sell me on it.

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Started playing the series several months ago, starting from the very beginning. I loved the trilogy, specifically AA1 and T&T. Not so much JFA although the final case is one of my favorites. Apollo Justice was a good game (Turnabout Trump!) but it feels like lost potential with Dual Destinies. Trying to get through DD but it feels like a huge step backwards compared to previous titles. Played both Investigation games and AAI2 has probably the best overarching story, each case felt very well-written and connected nicely in the end. Trying to get through PLvsPW....

Not sure how I feel about Spirit of Justice.


I'm still not sure how I feel about Yamazaki taking over the series. Revisiting AA5 after the Investigations games and AA4, his style is definitely moving further and further toward bad anime tropes and overblown final villains connecting everything, at least when compared to Takumi's works.

Actually, I think Yamazaki was the director of the Investigations games. They feel a lot more like the PW:AA trilogy than AA5 does though. I completely agree with your disdain over the direction that AA is going in, AA5 is so much less charming/original/funny/down-to-earth than Takumi's games are.

Maya's one of my favourites so I'm really excited for her return, though I've heard that not much is done with her character. Still, having her and Nick together again will hopefully bring back some of the energy that AA5 lacked.

SoJ is £25 in the UK I think, which is...the same amount that I paid for the original trilogy. I'm definitely going to buy it though. It seems that they've addressed some of AA5's (many) issues and I really liked the whole spiritual side of the series (I don't believe in it in real life haha I just think it works well in AA) which is being brought back through Maya and Khura'in.


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Is Spirit of Justice an eShop release?

I really hate getting games from the eShop. Kinda like having the boxes.

Anyways, hyped for the game. Looking forward to see Emma come back, as well as Maya.
I kinda do hope Trucy has a bigger role this time around.


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What're your hopes and expectations for Spirit of Justice?
Very low. Dual Destinies was lazy and bland already, and the incoming spirit trials don't sound very promising.

Investigations 2 was the best game by a wide margin because it actually had a decently cohesive narrative and bothered to develop characters beyond one-note personalities.
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Eh, I liked Dual Destinies. It probably had my favourite cast of witnesses, I really liked Athena and Blackquill, the Mood Matrix was a nice way to approach testimony and the music as always was good.

I can understand some problems with the plot - I do feel the murderers were disappointing as characters in part due to the lack of focus of motives in the trials, the mysteries while fun to solve bit by bit often led to overcomplex coverups, and I did find the final case to fall flat right at the very end (there's a point when you know this person is the final villain but just have to keep proving it anyway). But I still enjoyed playing it.

Anyways, Spirit of Justice is out, and I'll give you my thoughts as of now in a spoiler just in case. I've done the first two cases anyway, so I still have a decent chunk to go.

- Most people would complain about all the gimmicks - Seances, forensics, Perception, the Mood Matrix. Personally, I really like these things (Seances are pretty interesting when you see how they actually work) so it's not a problem for me.
- Yay, investigating of your own accord is back!
- Music is decent. Of the new tracks, I like both Examinations and the Pursuit theme, maybe the Core theme too, although no others stick out to me right now.
- As well as free investigation, another thing they seem to have learned from Dual Destinies is that in both cases you actually have to prove the motive!
- Also, neither of the murders seemed that complex this time, although I am only in the second case.
- As for new characters... I liked Alhbi, he's cute, and also the de Famme sisters - but only when they were revealed to be twins (which I called, by the way, due to the teleportation trick).
- Speaing of Ahlbi... They tried to sentence a nine year old to death? Seriously? I don't know whether that or Gaspen being okay with Phoenix dying out of simple court rivalry is worse...
- Getting a bit tired of the witnesses and villains transforming - most of them have done it so far. I can forgive it with Betty since that's actually part of the 'twins' twist and so her change is relevant to the story, and I could bear with Retinz although the fire stuff was perhaps a bit much. But with Peasnlub'n or whatever his name was...? These kinds of drastic changes are getting annoying, and really should only be used sparingly to have an effect, not on every villain.
- I also don't like how overdramatic and drawn out the breakdowns are. It comes across as cheesy and pretentious more than cathartic like the previous breakdowns.
- I accidentally spoiled myself through a music title on YouTube that there was a Dark Gramarye, so I was a little surprised to find a character like that as only the villain of the second case (granted, my feelings are mixed on there being another one out of nowhere to begin with, but still). Also was expecting a certain reveal from the end of Apollo Justice to surface in that case, but alas.
- I don't think Dhurke or the cigar guy from the end of case 1 (forgot his name) will be the main villains. Or at least they shouldn't be since it's too obvious. I could see one of them being a defendant or even a victim, but please don't make them the villain.
- Don't care for Sahdmadhi. Don't know why, since I really liked Blackquill - maybe that latter character was just more fun with his jerkishness rather than kind of seeming snobbish? Although Sahdmadhi does have a reason for his prejudice, I guess, because of the Khurai'in culture. Maybe he just needs to grow on me. Apparently he knows Apollo? Hopefully this isn't too major a connection, not more than friends anyway, since this connection seems to be out of nowhere when considering the characters.
- Also, don't care for Rayfa. She's a typical bratty teenager, which makes sense but again just kind of annoys me. Part of me wants her to be the final defendant, although how would seances work?
- The theme of this game is definitely propaganda, considering Khurai'inese attitudes and the whole media thing in case 2.
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I am playing other games rn and am typically stingy so will wait for one of the frequent Capcom sales for the game (in Australia it is $40).
Investigations 2 was the best game by a wide margin because it actually had a decently cohesive narrative and bothered to develop characters beyond one-note personalities.
Investigations 2 was great, wish it came out in English officially. Definitely worth playing. It and AA3 are my favourite of the series.

Appreciate the spoiler tags, Chibi_Muffin. I do have a question about the game though - are there still a whole bunch of typos like in every other AA game?


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Appreciate the spoiler tags, Chibi_Muffin. I do have a question about the game though - are there still a whole bunch of typos like in every other AA game?

You're welcome!

Anyways, mid-case 3 right now, and I've only spotted a couple of typos so far. Granted, I don't think I caught loads in Dual Destinies, which seemed to be infamous for them, so I might not be the most perceptive on this matter, but it certainly seems that there are fewer compared to that game at any rate.
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Case 2 was... kind of a mess? It feels like they tried to cram what should've been two days of trials and investigations each into one day for both. The villain's complete shift from "shady TV exec," a role I actually thought was moderately well-executed, into "vengeful trickster" especially seemed like it should've taken another day, as did things like investigating the understage and discovering the twins.

I'm wondering if they intended this to be a later case with more AA4 connections, but cut it down out of consideration for people who didn't play it or something to that effect.

Sahdmadhi seems alright as a prosecutor. He kinda disappeared toward the end of the case and didn't really do too much to stand out, at least by AA standards for prosecutors, but I'm considering that a good thing.

That said, I am extremely happy that revealing fingerprints can now be done with the touchscreen instead of the microphone.

Also, I'm guessing the Magatama is cut entirely from this game? That appeared to be the reason the health bar was introduced in JFA, and since PLvAA didn't use the Magatama (that I can recall) and reverted to five chances, I'm assuming that's the case here as well.

Seems like every mainline AA game ends up slumping hard on the third case. Can't say I'm expecting this one to break that pattern, but oh well.
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^ Actually, you know what, I kind of agree.

I felt that this game was more... exhausting, for a lack of better words, than others. While part of this may be slower pacing or simply being longer, with Case 2 perhaps everything being sandwiched into one investigation and trial each was a little much. Maybe there should've been a break after the twin reveal and Retinz's examination should've been its own trial, with the reveals more pertaining to that (such as the catwalk) in the investigation. Might've helped the pacing.

Anyway, case 3 is done.

After the mystery of last case, it straight up tells you here that Sahdmahdi and Apollo are adoptive brothers. :p While it's refreshing to see such a twist revealed so early on (especially since next case will probably be another Apollo one), it doesn't feel quite right to me that Apollo was raised in Khura'in, especially since the rebel leader is their dad. Feels a little much like everyone's way too connected, y'know, especially since he doesn't know about... that, yet.

Speaking of the rebels, another concern I have is that they'll just be portrayed as the good guys (considering their morals for a fairer legal system and how nice some of the members we meet are) and the royal family as villains (especially Inga, Rayfa's dad). Don't get me wrong, I agree with what they're trying to do completely... But in Ace Attorney, it feels like there should be some grey here, like maybe some of the rebels are too extreme or the royal family have a point, y'know?

Rayfa's growing on me a bit, since she's starting to have character development. Looking forward to seeing how this ends for her.

I liked this case! Again, no really crazy schemes or cover ups, although the situation leading to the suicide still seems a bit weird (as in, I'm confused as to how necessary it was, though I do understand the character's motivations). Though I do find it interesting they actually had the answer to a mystery in this series be suicide for a change! Also, no crazy breakdowns - the only breakdown here was rather subdued which is nice. The ending was a bit sad, not super sad but bittersweet enough.

...I actually don't think there's enough anime cutscenes. There's only one or two per case, so they feel a bit underused.

...Hoping next case will be relatively vanilla as far as Ace Attorney goes. I feel like the last two cases have been heavy on overarching plot and character stuff, I'd like a standard case to settle down before the big finale, please!

Edit: Oops, accidentally came across a Case 5 spoiler whilst looking at a Case 3 discussion. Thankfully, it's nothing too bad, I don't think - I just know

Who the prosecutor is

Which is better than Dual Destinies, at any rate (where I accidentally spoiled myself on something that happens at the end of the investigation that really would be a spoiler). Hopefully this shouldn't affect stuff too much.
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I'm actually pleasantly surprised at how this one turned out; it definitely benefited from a stronger human element as opposed to Yamazaki's usual half-baked anime tropes. I almost wonder if the Khura'in cases were done by a different team or something to that effect, but they do feel more reminiscent of Apollo Justice and the Investigations games than they do Dual Destinies.

That said, the whole pregnancy thing... was that just a super-convenient excuse, or what? Is Beh'leeb Inmee ever shown to be pregnant in any way? Because saying "no you're not" in response seems like it could've avoided a decent chunk of that trial, given what she does while supposedly carrying a baby that she isn't supposed to.

The Divination Seances are getting... obtuse. Analyzing anything video in Ace Attorney is just asking for trouble, and while these kinda help in how they present things like audio and such, matching the exact moment to Rayfa's exact phrase is an exercise in frustration. That whole "refinement" schtick is such bullsh*t, even I can kinda get why it exists.

Also, these constant flashbacks to things that just happened are killing me. This is almost as bad as it was in AAI2.


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Yeah, the flashbacks are a pain, I must admit. Don't mind the Seances that much, maybe because things should perhaps be trickier as they're going on. There haven't been that many yet, anyways, so I'm not sure how well I can judge on that.

Anyway, case 4 is done! Only one left...!

Oh, and what a case it was. I was hoping for something fun after the tenseness and drama of the previous two cases, and did I get it.

It was only a one-trial-long case though, so while it didn't drag it might seem disappointing to some considering there's no investigation. I know most might not be too fond of filler, but personally I like the filler cases of the various games. It generally comes with some quirky new characters and a self-contained story to get stuck into, and it means I can just partake in those elements and the mystery at hand rather than on a big overarching plot. The one-off cases are definitely as much of a part of Ace Attorney to me as the big ones, so I was kind of waiting to get one of them this game.

No Nahyuta and Apollo interactions like I was expecting, since we were playing as Athena instead. ...With Blackquill of all people as the assistant. Honestly, it was novel enough, and I enjoyed the banter between the two during the final showdown of Dual Destinies so that was fun. Also, I liked seeing Nahyuta's prayer beads of doom finally getting cut in half. >:3

Can't say he's warmed up to me quite yet, which is weird, as like I said, I warmed up to Blackquill pretty quickly in the fifth game. If I had to guess, it's a combination of lower expectations for the latter, the fact that it doesn't feel like Nahyuta has had much in the way of character development to ease his hatred of the main characters (unlike Rayfa who does seem at least to be learning; he's neither started to change minds nor really help us like Edgeworth or Blackquill had done by this point) and the fact that his personality just isn't all that interesting at its core to me.

The mystery was again fun and also relatively simple - I'm glad we haven't had any of the really obtuse stuff like cases 2 and 3 of Dual Destinies (even if I enjoyed those cases) - it's the kind of stuff you'd find in a normal mystery, the 'murder weapon was made into food' thing especially. The breakdown was also not too pretentious either - it wasn't drawn out or had fancy camera angles so it was alright. I like how whereas Dual Destinies had all male culprits and had all of the victims be innocent, here case 3 technically had one of the killers be female (although it wasn't really murder due to being in self defence) and case 4 had a female murderer outright, and the victims of cases 1 and 3 were also criminals. Motive wasn't brought up here, but it was for the past 3 cases so I can give it a slide here.

Uendo (and I guess Patches, Kisegawa and Owen?) were fun and kind of interesting although I can't say whether or not it was the best portrayal of DID. At the very least, I could see how the lack of an investigation for further interaction may have hurt them. That, and there aren't too many witnesses in this game, are there? Only about 2-3 non-recurring characters per case, so it's easy to catch the murderer (plus whilst cases 2 and 3 did technically have 3, in the former it was the result of a twist and in the latter one of them was strictly speaking a victim, so...) I saw someone on another forum point it out, and really it's pretty disappointing. I actually liked DD's witnesses, and apart from making the cases easier it also makes them feel more empty having such a small cast.

On other notes, this case was super Japanese what with the rakugo and the sake and the udon and the soba... Which is really funny when you think that the localisation makes it take place in America. Also, actual alcohol in an Ace Attorney game!

Honestly, right now I can't complain too much. Shortness aside, this one was just very fun for me!
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After seeing them play up the maturity angles for Trucy, Maya, Apollo, and Ema, I was a tad surprised that Athena didn't get the same treatment. It makes sense - IIRC it's only the second case she's helmed thus far - but she definitely leaned a lot on Blackquill in it.

Kind of a weird little filler; it's short and sweet without an investigation segment, and Uendo and his personalities are interesting enough to carry the lion's share of the trial. Honestly can't remember the last time Case 4 was a filler, but I'm not complaining. Blackquill plays off of Sahdmadhi fairly well; with the kinds of personalities the prosecutors end up with, it's fun to see them have an excuse to interact with each other, like in 3-5.

Between the alcohol references and Geiru's "balloons," the case definitely had a more... "adult" feel to it, if you will. Might've been intentional to play into Athena's whole "you're just a child" thing, I dunno.

Speaking of which, why was Prosecutor Sahdmadhi such a dick to her? Blackquill already knew her, at least, so he could judge her as inexperienced, but Sahdmadhi had just as much interaction with her going in as he had with Phoenix and Apollo, but the level of disrespect for her was noticeably higher. Felt kind of out-of-character for him to disparage her at the beginning of the case like that.

And what's with all of the stakes in these cases? All the Khura'in cases have the DCA, Case 2 had the 3 million on top of Trucy, Case 3 had Maya, and then Case 4 had a throwaway mention of Athena getting disbarred or something? Seriously, what's up with that?

Chibi_Muffin said pretty much what I would've said on Case 4, so I don't have much more to add.


Almost finished the last part of the Day 1 Trial for this, it reminds me of 2-2. I haven't finished yet, but 1) twins - the Mineys and the de Fammes - who're in on a plan 2) some kind of conspiracy against the defendant 3) defendant is a teenage girl of much importance to Nick 4) defendant was arrested in the course of her first show/channeling 5) somebody created a plan to frame the defendant due to a grudge related to their family 6) it's revealed that somebody's identity is actually that of someone who was thought to have died.

I'm really enjoying SoJ though. The music is so much stronger than DD, as is the writing. While the cases are even easier than DD (I haven't been penalised at all so far which is definitely a first), the mysteries are a lot better - I still haven't figured out all of 6-2 yet and I honestly found it easier to figure out the identity of the killer in 1-4, 1-5 and 3-5 than in 6-2. The witnesses and murderers are really interesting, I don't have any problems with the pacing (6-1 dragged on a little without a co-counsel but Maya should be present in 6-3 (which I assume is in Khura'in) unless she's accused of murder again), the roles of Nick, Apollo and Athena are much more defined. Apollo has really grown on me in 6-2 and Athena is more mature and likeable, plus her dialogue is actually funny. I like how the game focuses on people as opposed to how DD would tend to focus on an organisation (Nine-Tails Vale, Themis Academy, GYAXA, the aquarium in the DLC case) - it's miles more engaging than DD was and actually makes for a compelling narrative.

Isn't there a possibility of Reus being Apollo's father? It seems unlikely now that I know he's Retinz, but he was a member of Troupe Grammarye so I guess he fits the criteria. I can't remember what information we were given about Apollo's dad (did he leave the Troupe before Trucy was born? In that case it can't be Reus because he left 13 years ago) in AJ though so maybe he can't've been.

Khura'in is great - I'm enjoying the Divination Seánces and the anti-lawyer tension. The Defense Culpability Act feels unnecessary - it ups the stakes, but you'd have to be thicker than Larry Butz to think that Nick would lose a trial and be killed in the earlier cases. It takes away some of the unpredictability. Rayfa seems interesting. The other things that bother me are the music, which is all very similar, flat and lacklustre, the words like pohlkunka and the gallery. The Khura'inese (I'm pretty sure the language has been referred to as this during the game) words are just...cringey. Same goes for the gallery. The chants of 'death' are great, but the annoyingly rhythmic chants of 'exterminate, annihilate' are difficult to bear. That's just a small detail though, the overall effect is very good.

As for Nahyuta...I like how he urges people to 'let go and move on' (or whatever) in the face of Apollo's never giving up. The jabs he makes at Apollo about being a chilli pepper are entertaining too. The only thing is that while prosecutors like Edgeworth and Godot would really take control of the courtroom and be very invested in the trial while being very calm, Nahyuta just doesn't seem to care. He's calm like the prosecutors that I mentioned above, but his lack of enthusiasm makes it difficult for me to focus completely on the trial, as I would with other prosecutors. I guess the same could be said for Klavier, but while he didn't care too much about the outcome of the trial he clearly cared about the people involved with it. I think Nahyuta would be better suited to prosecute a case in Khura'in, which I hope he does in 6-3.

Also how dare Retinz try to repossess Charley.


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Halfway through Case 5 right now (partway into the second investigation). Just thought I'd collect my thoughts, because dang if things haven't gotten mighty interesting.

First up, that civil case. I'd seen the pre-release materials in Japan so I knew about the Apollo v Phoenix situation, but it was still interesting to to see it transpire. Shame there was a kidnapping involved (Maya being held hostage by the guilty party so Phoenix would help reminded me way too much of another case), and of course it had to devolve into murder since this is Ace Attorney - no way was that death actually accidental.

Also the first investigation felt really really long. Mostly because of the cave bit, but also because I was expecting it to become a murder investigation midway through so the bit mulling around and looking for the treasure just kind of bored me. Actually had to look up help for the box puzzle. At least it got us to know Dhurke more, and we see a picture of Apollo's biological dad! Apparently his surname really is Justice.

Although I have to say I really like Sarge as a character. I feel sorry for her situation, and the army thing is kind of cute considering she's still just a traumatised little kid. I hope Pearl becomes her friend or something, since I have no idea what will happen to her now. Her, Uendo and the twins are my favourite witnesses so far, or indeed my favourite new characters from this game.

And the over the top breakdowns have returned. :/ The mystery itself wasn't too bad though.

But woah, the Khura'in half of the case. It's kinda obvious Dhurke would be the defendant, due to the whole accused of killing the previous queen part. But when the hostage exchange occurred, I was kind of tense, since it was clear one of the two would be killed. Looks like Dhurke really is the defendant...

And the very obviously villainous Inga, corrupt Justice Minister? He's the VICTIM. So the mastermind is someone completely different (and thank god, I didn't want it to be really predictable). This is shaping up to be something interesting indeed...

I have to say I am preferring Rayfa a lot to Nahyuta, since again it does feel like we're learning about her as a person and she is developing, slowly at least. I'm actually pretty invested in seeing her grow as her worldview changes. We might know Nahyuta's past, but I don't feel like I know him as a person (outside of his general personality and those odd moments where he partakes in something unexpected) and Dhurke's claims that he's not quite into the regime feel.. Off? Yeah, he had a twitch (and I'm wondering if there's a dragon tattoo under his glove), but in the previous cases I didn't get too much of an indication that he wasn't fully into what he was doing. His 'let it go and move on' stuff seemed pretty legitimate.

And it turns out that the first queen wasn't actually assassinated in the fire, and also that Dhurke is terminally ill? Seriously? The first thing... Kind of feels cheap even if it divulges from the standard 'solve an old case' formula for final cases, and both seem to fill the whole thing with drama when actually I'm still hazy on if I'm okay with so many major characters revealing themselves to be part of Apollo's family. I really hope the terminally ill thing doesn't lead to Apollo staying behind in Khura'in and leading Dhurke's office. Yeah, it's character progression, but I don't want the really good Wright Anything Agency dynamic being shattered, plus it's unclear how a major character being in a completely different country would affect future games - it could mean either saying goodbye to at least one major character completely, or else having this split country thing in future when really it's already enough just to have it for one game. :/

Also, all this drama is kind of distracting from the murder. It doesn't feel like we were investigating Inga's death for that long, most of the investigation seemed to be about political intrigue.

Oh god I've just realised the witness shortage has struck again. Only two new witnesses in the first half (Sarge and Paul, of which the latter was the killer) and I don't think I met anyone new at all in the final half. Who's going to testify? I have no idea who the killer is because we haven't really met any suspects, though I have a funny feeling it's Nayna because of that.

Either that, or Nayna is Amara in disguise, and Queen Ga'ran is the culprit. I'd spoiled myself on her being the prosecutor, but damn, I wasn't expecting her to be that evil in terms of appearance and cruel in terms of personality (seriously, inflicting trauma on her own kid?). Only problem is it might be too obvious...

Edit: It's both! Nayna is Amara who is the culprit. Edit again: Nope, it appears Ga'ran really is the mastermind.

It's weird. I'm having fun with this game, but at the same time I feel exhausted, kind of like in Dual Destinies' Case 5 - with the twist that with that case at least I was driven for most of it because the fates of two characters I'd grown to care about were on the line. Here, while I do like the revolutionaries and think the DC Act is stupid, it has too much political intrigue and not enough personal elements for my liking.

Edit: Woah what. This twist... Is interesting and shocking, to say the least. What an odd way to use spirit channeling... Seriously, after the point where channeling gets involved, this case becomes really inventive with the concept. Nice.

I'll update as the case continues, things have just gotten really exciting right now and I thought I should get everything out before it got overshadowed and stuff.
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I did decide to go ahead and purchase the game, although I have very little free time on my hands so I'm not sure why I did that lmao. It'll probably take me months to finish (you guys are so fast o__O), but here's my thoughts on the first case:

I REALLY enjoyed the music gimmick that the first case had going for it. I pressed one statement (that I didn't need to press) and had the witness, judge, Payne, and Phoenix all singing and I cracked up. I missed this series.

ALHBI IS SO FREAKING CUTE gah, I hope he's going to be the new Maya and follow me around everywhere. And he has a freaking puppy. He did not need that puppy to be any more adorable. <3 It's very refreshing to have a male "sidekick", because I literally don't think that's ever happened? Except in DD case #3 I guess since Apollo played the role for Athena.

Anyways, I really like the new seance mechanic. Obviously I've only used it once, but I found it appropriately challenging, as opposed to the analytical psychology thing from Dual Destinies which felt natural as well but was really easy for the most part (except in like, one trial toward the end x_X).

I've only just started Case 2 but so far:

I feel like this case is finally going to tie up some loose threads from AJ:AA that were, for me anyways, awkwardly hanging all through Dual Destinies. I know Trucy wasn't prominently featured in DD and, not that I really missed her, but I'm pretty sure that...

Phoenix never told Apollo or Trucy that they are siblings which I think is IMPORTANT

and yeah I've literally only gotten to the part where Apollo agreed to take Trucy's case but I don't know why else they would dig up the Gramayre plotline from AJ:AA except to finally clear the air. Thank goodness because this was something I was really hoping DD would do, and then something I was hoping the sequel to DD would do when DD didn't do it. xD

watch me be wrong and this case do literally nothing for this lmao