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Ace of Abra (Redux)

Discussion in 'Fan-Comics' started by Abraace, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Abraace

    Abraace Sabrina's apprentice

    Once upon a time in April 2006, I started a webcomic about a guy called Ace and his Abra partner, working under Saffron City's Gym Leader Sabrina. For some inexplicable reason, it was fairly popular.

    Then in 2008, for no apparent reason the comic died.

    But now, equally for no apparent reason, I, Abraace, have brought back the drawn web comic that totally sucks rocks.

    ;063;Ace of Abra! THE RETURN! Of Ace. Of Abra.;063;

    Comics can be viewed here

    Edit: October 2011: DW ABRA RELEASED! Let's celebrate with more comics!
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2011
  2. Stryder

    Stryder Pokedex Reject

    i laughed, it was pretty good
  3. Killer_Squirtle

    Killer_Squirtle Follow my lead!

    Artwork is very good, what program do you use? Photoshopping your hand drawing?
  4. Abraace

    Abraace Sabrina's apprentice

    @Killer Squirtle: Hand drawn sketches. Scanned into photoshop, magic tool the lines, create new layer, fill black, return to previous layer, make sure there's no gaps, fill colour. Add new layers for glow, shade, text and text bubbles.
  5. jellsprout

    jellsprout Well-Known Member

    I remember the comics. One of the last running comics of the olden age. Good to see them return.
  6. Zozo1999

    Zozo1999 has left Serebii

    These are so funny! I love the "Sabrina threw a rock! Critical Hit!"
  7. Abraace

    Abraace Sabrina's apprentice

    Thanks for the comments guys, here's a brand spanking new one.

    Schedule for now is Mondays and Thursdays!

  8. Killer_Squirtle

    Killer_Squirtle Follow my lead!

    Dammit Brock-WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO WITH YOU? XD o man, that's funny.
  9. Abraace

    Abraace Sabrina's apprentice

  10. Abraace

    Abraace Sabrina's apprentice

  11. Killer_Squirtle

    Killer_Squirtle Follow my lead!

    Is Abra coming out of the pokeball or going into it? I can't tell.
  12. Abraace

    Abraace Sabrina's apprentice

    008- Psychic radar

    He was coming out of it. Ace had him inside the ball from Coffee Break(005) to Mind Reader(007)
  13. Killer_Squirtle

    Killer_Squirtle Follow my lead!

    Oh yeah... Anyway, when Abra's doing that searching thing, he looks bada**.
  14. VyeBrante

    VyeBrante Well-Known Member

    Don't know if I've said this anywhere else recently, but nice to see you up and running again, Ace! Always a fun read. Keep it up!
  15. DaDonYordel

    DaDonYordel The Gazing Eye

    Glad your back in the webcomic biz...really like to see how you steer this Ace of Abra comic's storyline..
  16. Abraace

    Abraace Sabrina's apprentice

    Last edited: Aug 16, 2010
  17. Killer_Squirtle

    Killer_Squirtle Follow my lead!

    Ah, now I see what you mean by Abra being a Perv
  18. Mastercougar

    Mastercougar The Infinite Fire

    Ace! Marvelous to see you up and making comics again! I'm really enjoying the new comics so far, and looking forward to seeing where the plot's headed. I love the way you have all sorts of weird background amusements going on on the sidelines. (Brock's scene was especially hillarious. XD) And, of course, your art never disappoints.

    I need to come up with some way to reference you in my comic because (this is going to make no sense at all to you) I referenced a bunch of other old SPPf authors in silhouette form but I forgot to do one for you cause I think of you as a relatively recent arrival and now I'm wracked with guilt that I left you out CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME!?

    ...I hope so. Anyway, I'm loving the Ace of Abra redux, and I can't wait to see more!

  19. Grovyl

    Grovyl Who dun dug diglett?

    These are awesome!
    Thank you for entertaining me!
  20. Abraace

    Abraace Sabrina's apprentice

    I...I can only try. It'll be hard though, but I'll try to forgive.

    Thanks for the wonderful comments everyone. Even you MC.

    oh wait, I forgave you already. Nevermind.

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