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Acquaintance Party(AaMayL)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Master_in_Training, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. Master_in_Training

    Master_in_Training Future Master

    DISCLAIMER: The only thing that doesn't belong to me are the characters. But the plot definitely belongs to me, cause it happened to me in real life!
    Rating: G
    Other Notes: It's AU, and will mostly be told in Ash's POV.

    Chapter 1: First Meeting

    It was 12:00 PM, dismissal time at North High. Friday, and every student is looking forward to the Acquaintance Party held that night. That's why school was dismissed early.

    Oh, wait, let me correct myself. Almost everyone is looking forward to the party. All except...

    "Ash! Hey, Ash!" Among the many students milling through the gate to their freedom, a dark-haired, 14-year old boy turned around at the mention of his name.

    Running up to him is an older student, notable for his tan complexion and squinty eyes. This is high school junior Brock Harrison, friend of North High's self-proclaimed loner, sophomore Ash Ketchum. Brock stopped in front of Ash, trying to catch his breath.

    "Man, Ash, you sure walk in a hurry," the taller of the two boys said as they continued walking. Before his friend could answer, Brock added, "So, you ready for the gig tonight?"

    "Nope," Ash said without any hesitation. "That's not my kind of thing Brock, you know that."

    Brock sighed. He knew this was the sort of answer his friend would give. "Look, Ash, it's the gig of the summer! Everyone would be there. Who knows, maybe you'll finally find a certain someone-"

    "Like you did?" This remark stopped the young man's speech short. "No thanks. I'd rather keep to myself."

    Brock sighed again. "Look, you really should stop this lone wolf persona. It's not good for your social health. Ash, the Acquaintance Party is a must for you, and-"

    "Okay, okay, I'll go to this stupid party, if it shuts you up," Ash said, finally defeated. Brock cast a broad grin.They stopped walking, right in front of the parking lot. A passenger jeep stopped in front of them, and students filed in. Brock was the last to get in, and the jeep driver announced that the transport is full.

    "Go ahead," Ash told the driver. "I'll wait for the next one."

    Only when the jeep made its way out of the parking lot, did Ash notice someone else there. The young man turned around to see a brown-haired 13-year old girl, standing a few feet to his left.

    The girl didn't seem to notice him, so Ash didn't bother. She kept looking at her watch, and, sometimes, right and left of the roadway, like she's waiting for something.

    After a minute, the next jeep arrived, pulling to a stop right in front of the two. Luckily for Ash it's a family friend. "Good afternoon, Mr. Briney, Peeko."

    The old but energetic jeepney driver and his white parrot greeted Ash as well. "Well, hello there, Ash. Looks like I was right on time."

    Ash grinned broadly as he stepped into the back of the jeep. But, even though most students have already left, Briney didn't start his jeep. He turned to the girl. "Hey, miss, are you waiting for someone?"

    "Oh, sorry," the girl replied. "You see, I was waiting for my mother, but-" At that moment, her cellphone rang, and she answered it. "Oh, Mom! Where are you? I've been- What? Oh, okay, I'll be fine." The girl sighed as she finished her call. "Um, Mister, do you mind if I-"

    "No problem at all, miss," Briney said, without even making her finish. "It's a slow day anyway. Hop in back with Ash over there."

    The girl went to the back of the jeep. Since there's only the two of them, there's considerable seating space between Ash and the girl.

    "You two comfy back there?" the driver asked, as he started his engine. "Then, let's go!" Briney's jeep gave a lurch as it came to life, and the motion made Ash literally jump a few inches off his seat. "Sorry about that," Briney said to his surprised passengers.

    "Don't think about it," Ash only replied, with a sweatdrop. The girl gave a small giggle, and Ash found himself turning red in embarassment.

    The jeep made its way through the highway, at a leisurely speed. But, not long after leaving the school parking lot, Briney saw a cluster of students at the side of the road, doing the latest fad of hitchhiking.

    Briney stopped in front of the students. Looking from the back, Ash recognized them as his fellow sophomores, Gary Oak, Richie Harrison and Misty Waterflower. The former recognized them anywhere, because they're the "troublemakers of this batch." But, Ash dod find out that they wouldn't even hurt a fly.

    The jeepney driver Briney, being acquainted with the school since it was built, was also a good friend of the three. "Well, hello there, kids," he greeted them.

    "Hey there, Mr. Briney," Gary, the leader of the three, replied. "Mind if we-"

    "You kidding? this is a jeepney! Of course you can ride," the driver joked.

    Grinning, the three sophomores, led by Gary, jumped into the back with Ash and the girl. Richie recognized the former, while Misty seems to know the latter as a friend.

    "Well, well, if it isn't Ash!" Richie declared. At the same time, Misty said-

    "Hello, May. Strange to find you riding this jeep-" This caused a loud AHEM from the front. Grinning sheepishly Misty added, "Oh, come on, Mr. Briney, you know what I mean. May is always picked up by her mother, and she's rarely seen riding a jeep. That's what I meant."

    "Apology accepted," the driver heartily said, starting the jeep's engines to life.

    While the jeep rolled down the road, talk arose of the party tonight. Ash, of course, kept to himself during the whole conversation.

    "I swear, if I have to stand for my brother's womanizing again, I-"

    "Don't worry about it," Misty replied, making a motion like flexing a muscle. "I now have him wrapped around my little finger. If he tries one of his moves on another girl, I'll pull on his ear so hard that he'll be spending a month bent halfway."

    Richie grinned, while Gary only rolled his eyes. The latter turned to May. "So, what's the princess's plans for tonight, by the way? You are nominated for Ms. Freshman, of course, so-"

    "I backed down from the competition," May said. This earned her a stare from passengers and driver. To supplement this, "I don't want the spotlight on me all the time. I just want a quiet life, that's all. And being Ms. Freshman wouldn't be such a good start."

    "That certainly sounds a lot like Ash over there," Misty joked. This was answered with a loud "Humph" from our hero.

    Gary's grin went even wider. "By the way, have you two introduced yourselves? May, this is Ash Ketchum, Mr. Lone Wolf. Ash, this is May Maple, daughter of Maple Industries' Board Chair Norman Maple."

    Ash muttered something under his breath so no one could hear. Finally, he managed a "Hi" to May, and the girl could only reply with a faint "Hello" of her own.

    Last edited: Nov 16, 2007
  2. Star Dust

    Star Dust live let live.

    Hey, this looks like a really well written fic.
    Good for you to take things slow and not immediately to the relationship.

    Ash? Loner? Interesting idea......
    Awkward much? :p Maybe they're just nervous.....
    yay! a small hint of advanceshipping :p Real smooth Ash.

    Hey Master, nice fic keep it up! Just try to keep both your fics :p.
    PS can you add me to the pm list.
  3. Master_in_Training

    Master_in_Training Future Master

    -I already stated it before the chapter. This happened to me in real life. I'm a loner in real life, so figure out the rest.

    -Don't worry, Trials 2 is about to end with a Bang, AKA I will finish it. I made that vow on ff.net, and so I make that vow here as well.
    PS: I don't know how to manage a PM list. I tried it once, and I think it ended horribly.
  4. Star Dust

    Star Dust live let live.

    Just keep all of the names on a list and send a pm to everyone on it when the newest chappie comes out. :D
  5. Master_in_Training

    Master_in_Training Future Master

    -Well, the PM list wouldn't be much since you're the only one reviewing. Plus, there's no need, as this will be finished in two or so more chapters, not including this one.
    Chapter 2: Anticipation

    Briney's jeep went through the university campus. North High is on one side, and the residential part of town(in which the university is a majority) is on the other.

    Looking out the left side of the jeep with his fellow passengers, Ash began to wonder: 'How long has it been? Has it really been only a month since my family moved here?'

    Ash is not only a loner at school, but also, in a way, at home. Mr. Tony Ketchum is always out of town on his work, while his wife, Delia, is already deceased. Due to family problems, Ash's sister, Emily, moved onto a college dorm, despite home being close by.

    Much to Ash's chagrin, childhood friend Richie narrated all this to May during the twenty minutes it took for the jeep to drive through campus. In the end May thought, 'Maybe that's why he acts like that all the time. Poor Ash...'

    Outside the university's large arch gate, was where Gary and co. decide to drop off. "Okay, Ashy-boy, Princess, smell ya at the party tonight, okay?"

    May nodded wordlessly and cheerfully. She then turned to the only other passenger left with her, who only waved his hands absentmindedly, saying, "Yeah, sure, whatever."

    Gary rolled his eyes, but he did wave goodbye as Mr. Briney drove past them. As soon as the jeep was out of sight, the green-capped leader, despite curious stares from passersby, huddled his friends to one corner.

    "Is this another one of your crazy get-together plans, Gary?" Misty asked knowingly. "If it is, have pity on Ash and May. You might embarass both of them. I still remember what you did to get Brock and me, and I don't want that to happen to either of them."

    "Come on, Myst," Gary said. "Think about it. If we suceed, Ash will open up more. And there's nothing more I like than to see people get together..."

    Misty and Richie exchanged glances, and rolled their eyes in unison. "Let's just hope this hare-brained scheme of yours work this time, Gary, or else-"

    After talking in the huddle some more, the three students went their separate ways. Silently, in their heads, they initiate Guess what's the name of the operation? Operation AaMayl. Now where does that sound familiar? XP


    After leaving the university arch, Briney's jeep made a sharp right at Hollow Springs. Ash recognized the place as a subdivision for the rich and wealthy. "So this is where a 'princess' like her lives," he muttered under his breath. "Makes sense..."

    May either didn't hear him, or just ignored the remark. Hopefully, it's the former. After weaving through so many private roadways, Briney finally pulled to a stop into a large house. No, scratch that, it's a mansion. No, no, scratch that again, it's a palace!

    Our hero was openmouthed at the sight of the "house", but he compensated by pretending to blow his nose. "Well, this is your residence, am I correct, Ms. Maple?" Briney called from the front.

    "Yes, thank you, Mr. Briney. But please, just call me May..." She started to get down from the jeep, lugging her bag right after, and, Ash, well, he-

    "Um, let me help you," he grumbled.

    "Thanks, I can manage," May replied. Ash went out of the jeep before May, and helped her down out of the vehicle. The gate opened to reveal a middle-aged balding man in ducktails(the butler) and a10-year old kid with bottle-cork glasses. The young boy cast a broad grin at the sight of May and Ash. "Aw, isn't that sweet? May has found herself a boyfriend!"

    "MAX!" May exclaimed. The butler, known as Jason, wiped his forehead to supplement his sweatdrop. Max ran back inside the estate, out of the wrath of his sister. Jason went after him, carrying May's schoolbag, but May turned back to Ash. "Sorry about that, Ash. That was my younger brother Max. He always gives me a headache..."

    Ash only scratched the back of his head. He, like May, was red from the teasing. "Don't worry about it," he replied. From this May smiled, and Ash clumsily climbed back into the jeep as she made that gesture.

    Suddenly, May said something that made Ash jump, again. "I'll see you at the party tonight, right?"

    "Uh, well, uh, YES!" Ash quickly blurted out. He then tipped his red baseball cap way over his head so May couldn't see his face, which was even redder!

    Briney started his jeep to life, smiling, even though he only has one passenger. May stayed at the gate of her estate, waving at them as Briney steered his vehicle out of the street and into another. The driver stared through his rearview mirror straight at Ash, who still has his face covered.

    "What are you looking at, Mr. Briney?" the young man said gruffly.

    "Nothing," Briney said. He wasn't offendedat the very least. In fact, he was quite amused.


    "Oooh, Max, wait 'till I get my hands on you!" May chased her little brother around the vast lawn of the Maple estate. Jason, after storing his young mistress's belongings inside the house, could only watch them in amusement. At that moment, Norman, business conglomerate and father of Max and May, came out of the side of the house from his prize gardening hobby to inspect the commotion.

    "Now, Jason, what has Max done to infuriate May again?" he asked his loyal butler.

    Jason sighed. "Miss May just came home with a new friend, and Master Max just teased her about him being her boyfriend, that's all, Mrs. Maple."

    Norman crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow. "Now that would be interesting." He turned his attention to his daughter. After hearing his father calling, May gave up on Max and ran up to him.

    "Hi, Dad, what's up?" May asked, acting casual even though she was out of breath.

    Norman only smiled at the older of his children. "Now what's this I hear about a boy?"

    "DAD?! Not you too?" Max, who was just behind May, only snickered.

    "Let's all go inside, and there you'll tell me all about it, okay?" Norman told his daughter. "You have a party to prepare for after all." He called for maids from the house, and led the small group inside.


    Deep Grove is Ash's destination. It's not as elegant as Hollow Springs, but it's not a slum either. Briney dropped off his only passenger in front of a two-story Victorian style house.

    Ash entered his home, to find it empty as usual. It doesn't bother him at all, as it happens all the time, as stated before. He turned on his phone's answering machine to hear the following message:

    Brock- Richie and I are going to try out that new convertible I got for my birthday. We're carpooling, so expect us to pick you up at 5 PM sharp. See you then, okay? And don't stay up late! Can't keep the ladies waiting, you know.

    'Ugh, won't they ever give me some rest?' Ash thought. He looked at the wall clock. It was roughly twenty minutes before 1:00 PM. Without eating any lunch, he headed straight upstairs and dropped straight into his own bed.

  6. JB239874

    JB239874 I'm back, baby!


    I've just reviewed on TOTE2/Trials2 and I saw this one.Anyway...

    This is a good fic that should go on longer than 2 more chapters. And there are two reviewers now, so can you make a PM list and put me on it, please?

    EDIT - Yes! Thunder Badge! I was waiting for that.
  7. Master_in_Training

    Master_in_Training Future Master

    Chapter 3: Arrival


    'Why is my alarm ringing?" Eyes closed, Ash groped around in the dark, reaching for his alarm.

    Just as he reached the snooze button on the alarm did someone say, loudly, in his ear, "WAKE UP!"

    Ash jolted awake, very much awake, after that outburst. "Whowhatwhenwherehow-?" He rubbed his eyes, then looked around. Surrounding his bed are Brock, Gary and Richie.

    "Oh, no, what are you guys doing here?" asked the freshly awoken teen.

    "We know that you're going to sleep late again," Brock said, "so-" He, along with his accomplices, pulled on Ash's bedsheet so hard that he fell to the floor with a loud THUD.

    "OUCH! Hey, what was that for?!" Ash asked angrily.

    Gary didn't answer. Instead he poked Ash right in the face with his alarm clock, which now read 4:30 PM. "If we didn't wake you up, then we're gonna be late for the party, pal."


    At 5:00 PM sharp, and a yellow convertible, with its top down, cruised down the Ketchum driveway and into the main road. On the front, shotgun seats are brothers Brock and Richie. Riding at the back are Ash and Gary.

    They were all dressed in semi-formal clothing, each themed with their favorite colors. Brock's is brown, Richie's is green, Gary's is blue, and Ash's is red.

    Our heroes' ultimate destination is Baker's Hall, a recreational area that's the site of the Acquaintance Party. But first they have to pick up Misty and Sheila, Brock's and Richie's dates respectively. Gary is going stag, while Ash, well, you know pretty well how he stands right now.

    The Waterflower residence is not far from the Ketchum's. The place also doubles as a flower shop, fitting to the family name. Misty stepped out of her family's shop carrying many bouquet of flowers. She jumped in between Ash and Gary, purposely dropping most of the bunch on the former's lap.

    "Hey," Ash said offended. "What are these for?"

    Misty stared at him, then started to explain. "Since you're a new student, Ash, I think it's time someone told you. It's a custom and tradition of the Acquaintance for a person to give someone flowers when he was about to ask them to a dance." She added with a wink, "Give these flowers to the first girl that you will ask to dance with at the party, okay?"

    Ash, his face filled with horror, pushed the bouquet back to Misty. "No thanks. I'll sit this entire party down, if you get my drift." Ash pulled his hat over his face again, and crossed his arms, meaning he's done speaking.

    Brock, while driving, stared at the young man through his rearview mirror. "Oh, we'll see about that, Ash..."


    Even as they picked the last of their group, the gang arrived quite early. But, it turns out that, as a junior, Brock is part of the comittee. He immediately rushed over to help with the last-minute preparations, leaving his friends and date to linger about.

    Gary was the last to get out of the car, as he had trouble carrying the flowers, most of which he ordered for himself. Misty went for the restrooms, and Richie and Sheila, a freshman like May, by the way, headed over to a secluded spot on the entire area for some time alone.

    This left Ash to himself. This was a bad thing, as he never set foot in Baker's Hall before. It was a large, two-story, roofed auditorium, flanked on both sides by soccer fields. The inside is a basketball court complete with bandstands, ceremonial stages and the like. But, right now, sport isn't the main focus, as the North school staff hired the entire place for the party.

    "Here, Ash." Again, a large bunch of flowers were forced into Ash's hands, this time by Gary.

    'Okay, so they didn't leave me alone after all. Great,' Ash thought sarcastically. "Now what?"

    "You might as well make yourself useful, Ash, and carry all my flowers," was the answer. Ash had no choice but to do as told. Gary led his "reluctant servant" along the sidelines, where the tables are set(the dance floor would be the court in the middle, of course).

    Facing the main stage, the table set-up would be like this: The Freshmen's and Juniors' section is to the east, while the Sophomores' and the Seniors' to the west. The former of each pair are the ones closest to the stage, while the latter of each pair are the farthest, closest to the main entrance.

    Finally, Gary stopped at a six-seater table at the Sophomore section. Ash promptly dropped his load onto the table, and dropped himself down to one of the seats. Luckily, Gary busied himself with some female Sophomores who just arrived as well.

    After resting, Ash snuck off, just as the party is about to start. He promised that he would be at the party, but he never said that he'd stay around with them. He went outside, in the pool area close to the soccer field.

    Ash stared at the 20x20 pool, and grinned. 'Wonder how much is the expense of swimming in this pool?'


    It was already past six, but the party hasn't officially started yet. The chaperone for the night was stuck in traffic, much to the chagrin of the students. So, with permission from HeadMaster Drake himself, Brock was able to get it started anyway.

    A green Porsche parked in front of Baker's Hall. The latecomer was none other than May, who was being driven there by her father herself. She stepped out of the car, and, though it was dark, her emerald green blouse made her look like she's glowing.

    May, from the outside of the car, leaned on the driver's side to give her father a kiss. "I'll be picking you up at 11, okay, honey?" Norman said, while his engine was running.

    "But, Daddy, I want to stay until the party's over," May protested.


    "Please," the girl pleaded, eyes in a puppy-dog style.

    Norman stared into his daughter's sapphire eyes, then sighed. "2:00 AM, May? I won't be able to pick you up, then. And it might get dangerous at that time of night..."

    "Don't worry, I'll get a ride home with my friends. Just this once Daddy I want to spend some time on my own, with my own classmates..."

    "Alright. Be careful now, okay?" Norman steered his car out of the Baker's Hall's driveway. Just as he was driving past the soccer field, he glanced at the rearview mirror, where his daughter was still in plain sight, waving at him. 'Be careful, May..."

  8. Lord Zant

    Lord Zant Two jobs. ugh


    I'm sorry haven't been able to review your stories. I do like them, and I try to keep up with reading them. I have seen your skills improve ever since I posted in Trials 1, and it amazes me how much energy, time, and passion you pour into this stuff. I'll do my best to review every now and then, but I hardly have enough time anymore to write my own fic, much less review others.

    But now, to the fic. I think this is easily the best AU fic I have ever read. It's cute, and it hits home, 'cause I'm a loner too.

    I thought it was funny in Chapter 2 how you used the phrase from trials 1: Operation AaMayl.

    I find your Author Notes both funny and helpful, so they're doing their job, I assume.

    Norman seems like a weak character here, though. You might want to fix that.

    All in all, I'd proably give this an 8-8.5 out of 10. It's really looking nice, and I can't wait for chapter 4!

  9. Master_in_Training

    Master_in_Training Future Master

    -I've been picking random names, so here's a Disclaimer, right out of those movie credits, sort of:

    All names, places, etc., yadda, yadda, yadda, are completely fictitous. If you share the name of some of the characters here, it's all just a coincidence, okay? Good!

    Chapter 4: Peer Pressure

    As May walked into the auditorium, she found the party to already be in full swing. She spotted her classmates to the far right, next to the stage. May uneasily passed the juniors' section as she made her way to her fellow freshmen.

    May sat next to her best friend, Diane, who was talking animatedly with a senior from the other section. The latter of the girls didn't even notice her arrival. "Diane," she whispered, cutting into their conversation.

    "Oh, May, I didn't see you there!" Diane answered, whirling around.

    "I know," May said, rolling her eyes at her manizing friend. "Um, you know where the sophomores are seated? I-"

    Oh, are you looking for someone? Well-" Diane pointed across the dance floor, and May followed it with her gaze. There she could see among the many students, familiar faces: Gary, Misty, Richie, and, to her surprise, another friend of hers, Sheila. But, still, the person she was looking for, wasn't around.

    But, Ash, in clear view from May's perspective, stomped in, angry about something. He approached Gary's group.

    "Okay, which of you has it?" he asked, seeing red.

    Pretending he doesn't know, Gary replied, "What are you talking about, Ash?"

    "You know pretty well what I'm talking about!" Ash exclaimed, slamming his palms hard on the table. Luckily, the party music was too loud for everyone in the auditorium to hear that outburst. "Now, where is it?"

    "Lighten up, Ash," Richie said, trying to calm him down. "Your hat will turn up... Somehow..."

    "Aha! I knew you guys are hiding it! Now, cough it up! Or else-"

    A hand was placed on Ash's shoulders from behind, and he was shoved downwards onto a seat. When he turned around to see who it was, it never came as a surprise for him to be Brock.

    "Like my brother said, Ash, you have to lighten up," the junior said, taking a seat between Ash and Misty. "This is a party, after all..."

    "What are you doing here?" Misty asked, miffed. "Aren't you supposed to be with your Junior pals?"

    "Aw, come on, Misty, are you still mad at me for-" A look at her face confirmed Brock's suspicion, so he immediately dropped the subject. Turning back to Ash, Brock asked, "So, Ash, who's the lucky girl who would be your first dance?"

    "No one," was the short, and curt, reply. Ash was still fuming about losing his hat, it seems. "As soon as I find my hat, I'm out of here."

    "The more the reason we keep it from you," Gary whispered. He stood up, saying, out loud, "Looks like they've got the buffet table set up. Might as well get something to eat."

    A loud grumbling resounded throughout the table, so everyone decided to get something to eat as well. When they returned to the table, laden with food and drinks, Ash was the first to make a comment.

    "How are we supposed to eat on the table, with all these flowers littered about? Can't you give them to your girls already, Gary?"

    "How many times do I have to tell you, Ash, the giving of the flowers happens during the dance, which will be right after the meal? That's tradition, you know."

    The others don't seem bothered by the little table space, so Ash was vetoed. After munching on a cheeseburger, he gazed across the dance floor, right at the freshmens's side. He could clearly see May there, chatting with another girl(Diane, of course). Everyone else on the table, though they weren't saying anything, were following his gaze.

    Not able to contain himself, Gary snuck up next to Ash, then whispered in his ear, "Just go for it." This first sentence caused Ash to jump literally, again. "Let her be your first dance," Gary continued, indifferent to Ash's reaction.

    "I- I don't know what you're talking about!" Ash turned away from the table, but it doesn't take a friend to tell that he was blushing.

    "Sure you do, Ash-y boy," Gary taunted, making Ash turn red even more.

    After supper, and the so-called main events have began. The first is a dance competition by year level. The only thing of interest here is in which Richie and Sheila have to compete against each other, as they're in different years. After all four dances have been conducted, the faculty judges announce that the winner will be declared only during the closing ceremonies.

    The next event is the "Search for Mr. and Ms. Freshman", which is, obviously, a first year-only event. Brock was one of the judges, but Misty, who was also a judge, managed to keep her eye on him to prevent him from womanizing any of the freshmen.

    Back at the Freshmans' side, May had to endure many criticisms from her peers. It is all because she's backed out of the competition(as stated earlier, remember?). Diane came to her defense for this, but can't do so during the event as she was a Ms. Freshman candidate as well.

    "May, you're a shoo-in for Ms. Freshman." and "Why back out?" were one of the many questions that pestered the poor girl.

    "I told you guys, I just don't feel like standing out this year," May told her classmates a countless number of times. 'Why don't they just respect my decisions?' May thought sadly. Unbeknowst to her, just across the dance floor is a young man who had the same sort of problem with his peers. The same young man who she met on a ride home.

    The inquiry only stopped when the selection was about to close. After careful choosing, Brock stood up, and, after an unanimous decision, declared Diane and her escort, a fellow going by the name of Broderick, as Mr. and Ms. Freshman. Gary and Misty, the previous winners, ceremonially passed their title to them.

    After awarding, the house lights dimmed, and spotlights trained on the new couple. It is time, according to Richie, for the ceremonial Freshman dance. Diane and Broderick started the dance. The DJ, onstage, started playing what Ash calls "Crappy Music" (love songs), and the student body sees this as a cue to ask their crushes/friends/lovers for the honor of First Dance. Well, everyone except Ash, of course.

    No time at all, Ash was the only one seated at the table, much to his liking. Gary did return a second later, though it was only to pick from his "infinite supply" of flowers to give to his first dance partner.

    Unknown to Ash, right now he wasn't the only one who wishes that this night be already over.

  10. Master_in_Training

    Master_in_Training Future Master

    -A double post. That's what an author of this forum would hate, because it means that no one's reading this. Why did I bother to post it here anyways? No one is reviewing after all.
    -No song, for two reasons:

    I bomb at songfics.

    2) I don't remember the exact song me and my Ex(Yes, my EX!) danced to.

    Chapter 5: First and Last Dance

    The boundaries of year and school are broken. Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors are free to interact with each other. That is the theme of the Acquaintance Party.

    Ash, however, is still the only one who doesn't get the theme. While everyone is on the dance floor, all he could do was watch, as he thinks it's better than what everyone else. Finally tiring of just watching, the teen walked to the buffet table to get something to drink.

    Coincidentally, he wasn't the only one who was there. Trying to get away from it all, as much as he is, is the girl he met only that afternoon. What was her name again? "May?"

    May was startled at the sound of her name. After all, she thinks she's the only one enjoying this dance, until now. "Huh?" She turned around to face Ash. Suddenly, food was the last thing on these students' minds. "You- You're Ash, right?"

    "Yeah." Ash then absentmindedly grabbed a cup of punch from the crystal bowl in between them, then stupidly asked, "Why aren't you dancing like everyone else?"

    May gave a small smile, barely noticeable by Ash. "Oh? And I was about to ask you the same thing..." Ash pretended to ignore the last comment, sipping into his cup, so May only continued. "Your friends seem to be enjoying themselves," she pointed out, looking in the direction of the dance floor.

    "Yay for them," Ash said sarcastically, though he did follow her gaze. "And, for future reference, they're not my friends." He turned away, going back to his seat, and May did the same.

    The dance went on monotously. Once in a while, Misty was asked to dance by a classmate of Brock's, claiming he has the latter's permission. Misty thought it otherwise, knowing her boyfriend was only allowing them so he can get a free number to himself and a girl of his choosing. Still, the redhead is too polite to refuse the dance offers.

    May, on the other hand, was politely refusing those who asked her to dance. For some reason, everyone doesn't know, except for May herself. At the start of each dance number, it seems as if she's waiting for a certain someone to ask her for her First Dance.

    Only that certain someone doesn't notice it at all. All he has in his mind right now is to find his hat and leave. However, the kidnappers are not budging, insisting that he stay on for the entirety of the dance.

    Gary was, by this time, getting frustrated at Ash's behavior. Oh, and by the way, when I meant he had many bouquet of flowers, I mean really many, as the table is still overflowing with them. His womanizing nature is not as intense as Brock's, but it is enough for him to be angry for Ash ignoring a girl.

    Gary forcefully shoved one of his bouquet right at Ash's face, literally. "Now what?" the latter asked, pushing it back towards Gary.

    "You know what you have to do, Ash," was Gary's only reply. He gave the loner a stern look right before going back to the dance floor.

    Ash stared at the flowers, and snorted. 'There is absolutely no way I'm going to be like you guys...' Then again, Ash stared across the dance floor, at May. 'Why is she sad like that? Why isn't she enjoying the party like the rest of her friends?'

    Instinctively, Ash stood up, flowers in hand. To make sure he wasn't noticed, he circled the whole stadium, completely bypassing the dance floor, even though it was the faster route. Before knowing it, Ash is now behind the Freshmens' section.

    "Um, excuse me, coming through," he embarrassedly said as he passed several Freshmen, making his way to May. Even though he caused a commotion there, Ash nervously clared his throat to let May know he was there.

    "Huh? Ash?" May turned around, and just as she did, Ash, not knowing what he was doing, shoved the bouquet in his hand much like what Gary did to him earlier.

    Without saying a word, Ash hurried back, around the dance floor, and back to his seat on the other side. There he finds the others waiting for him.

    "Wow, Ash," Gary said, clapping his hands, though he wasn't impressed. "That was real smooth. But, you forgot one thing. You were supposed to ask her to dance AFTER giving her the flowers!"

    "Dancing is not my thing, and it never will be," Ash snorted, turning away defiantly.

    The other three boys took this as a cue. Without knowing it, they grabbed every limb of Ash's body, and dragged him across, not around, the dance floor, back to the Freshmen, back to May, much to his embarrasment.

    Brock stepped in front of the girl. "Excuse me, would you mind it if our friend here asks you to dance? He's sort of new to this sort of thing."

    "Uh, um-" May was turning red as everyone is turned on them after the commotion. "Sure." May stood up, and Brock, Richie and Gary patted(or, more likely, pushed) Ash on the back, putting him right in front of May. The three boys rushed back to the Sophomores' side.

    Ash and May were both red, and not looking each other in the eye. It was May who broke the silence between them. "Come on, Ash," she said quietly. She took her "partner's" right hand and pulled him to the dance floor.

    "Uh, May," Ash started, scratching his head, still not looking at her directly, "I hate to say this, but, the reason I don't dance is... I don't know how..."

    Meanwhile, Ash's friends, who are with different dance partners at the time, heard the whole thing. Gary and Richie tried hard not to laugh at this perdicament.

    May smiled, but somehow Ash felt that this wasn't for making fun of him. "Don't worry, I'll teach you.

    "It's simple, really," May continued, completely forgetting her shyness. "First, put your right arm-" Ash hopelessly did just that, but- "-your other right, and a little higher, please..."

    After the instructions, Ash and May began to dance. Ash kept stepping on May accidentally, but the latter ignored them. As Ash kept quiet, "You know, Ash," she said quietly, "you would dance better if only you would look at me..."

    "Sorry, it's just that-" Ash's voice trailed off. At that exact moment, the lights above them dimmed, and the two found themselves in complete darkness. The song ended in that note, and everyone filed back to their seats. Only Ash and May remained, but just for a second. May squeezed the hand she was holding with, and whispered, "Thank you..."

    May walked by herself back to her table, leaving Ash alone on the dance floor, speechless.


    -Now you know where I got the idea for a certain event in Trials 1. BTW, that pushing across the dance floor part, really happened to me, much to my embarrassment. And, on a side note, giving flowers to your dance partner IS indeed a tradition of my old high school's Acquaintance Party.

    -Sadly, this is my first mini-fic, which will end in the next chapter.
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    You posted chapter 5 four times, but still great fic.
    Hope you continiue soon with the next chapter, in here and in War of Legends.
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    I'm sorry for not reviewing! Busy with school, homework, etc.
    Awwwwwww how cute
    I wonder where he did put it.........

    Good chapters and once again sorry for not reviewing sooner.
    No gramatical errors. At least, for me. :D
    And sorry again for not reviewing sooner.
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    I'm reviewing, see? I'm sorry I couldn't make it last chapter, but I do still like this.

    I completely understand.

    Wow, sorry to hear ya'll broke up!

    ^Just how I'd imagine it.

    This chapter was cute, but I am surprised that your friends did that to you. I'd not be very happy with them at all. I guess you did get some benefits out of it, though.

    I'll try really hard to get on to review the next chapter, if you have an approximate date of its posting.

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    -Yeah, a certain scene in Toe4 was inspired by that dance.

    -Uh, I am a loner myself, who said they were my friends? I just couldn't find a better word.
    Chapter 6: Party's End
    I added the awards part for a nice Advanceshipping touch. It's completely fiction.

    Ignoring the jeers and catcalls, not just from his friends but the rest of his classmates, Ash went straight to the back of their section, away from everyone. There he can finally relax and think about things.

    May, meanwhile, felt like a huge weight has been lifted off her heart. Somehow she knew that her First Dance with Ash would do that.


    Before the partygoers knew it, it was midnight. With two hours left before the closure of the party, everyone went wild, though not in those weird ways, of course! In between slow dance numbers are rock music that everyone break-danced to.

    Ash may have kept to himself still, but he is indeed lightening up. He watched the party from the sidelines, and, once in a while, found himself tapping his feet to the tune of the music.

    "I. Will. NOT. Join. Them," Ash mouthed one by one. He was fighting, and losing, a mental battle. "EVER..."

    His First Dance Partner has also lightened up. May has finally become sociable again, and once in a while, she could be seen accepting other dance offers and joining in the break-dance segments.

    Our hero watched her the whole time. He was amazed, at how much their dance changed her, and himself, though he didn't know about the latter just yet.

    At 1:00 AM, no one is the least bit tired. But, the dancing ceased, as it's time for the closing ceremonies. Headmaster Drake, and chaperone Professor Oak, who were hosting the party this whole time, passed on the honor of mastering the closing ceremonies to MCs Brock and Misty.

    "Okay, this is what everyone's waiting for, the awarding ceremonies," brock spoke into the microphone. "Earlier, as everyone should know, we conducted a electoral survey that would determine the winners of each category."

    "Now, for the first award," Misty continued, looking into the envelope, "for the 'Stag of the Night', Gary Oak!"

    "I really wished I had gotten that award," Brock muttered, but when he felt a painful jab o his side, knew that his girlfriend heard it loud and clear.

    'No surprises there,' Ash thought, snorting, as Gary rose from his seat and went onstage to recieve his award. 'He must have danced with every single female of the student body.'

    What Ash didn't know, was Brock and a few 'friends from higher places' arranged for a certain award to go to him. Even without the influence of those friends, the entire student body decided to vote on Ash anyways.

    The next award is, of course, the awaited result of the Group Dance competition earlier. It came as no surprise to everyone that the Seniors won, especially due to their experience. However, that didn't stop the disappointment of those who lost, of course.

    Finally, after some thorough searching, Ash found his hat, expertly hidden ina small gap behind the stage. He felt like it's time he left, so he headed out the exit without telling anyone.

    "And now, for a special voting award, the 'Most Likely to be a Future Couple'," Misty piped up, with such an enthusiasm for the final award. "Well, not exactly an award, but everyone's voted on it, and the results are unanimous. Brock?"

    Brock grinned. "The award goes to freshman May Maple and sophomore Ash Ketchum!"

    Just before he set foot outside, Ash heard Brock shout out his name to the entire party. He turned around to find everybody staring at him, clapping their hardest.

    "Come on, Ash," Brock spoke into the mic. "Leaving already without your award? Come on over to the stage, please."

    "You can't have your fellow awardee waiting, do you?" Misty added, nodding in May's direction. The girl blushed as she stood up, and, urged on by her classmates, she stepped up to the podium.

    Ash was perplexed. 'Where in the world did they get the idea for that award?' he thought incredulously. Not wanting to embarass May, he went straight to the podium, again ignoring the catcalls from his schoolmates.

    He walked up right next to May, and the two of them are blushing furiously as the applause continued. Brock and Misty, also clapping, gave Ash and May a "diploma" depicting the award they received.

    Brock, with a large grin on his face, patted his friend on the back. Then, turning to the audience, "Well, everyone, what do you say that the last dance for tonight will be started by these two?"

    "WHAT?!" Ash blurted out, glaring at the junior. This was followed by more cheer, to which the red on Ash and May's face went deeper.

    "Come on, Ash," Misty said, placing a hand on May's shoulder, "you don't want May here to be embarrased, do you?"

    "This is blackmail," Ash muttered. "And YOU're the ones who's making her embarassed!"

    "Now, Ash," Brock added, disregarding his comment, "you can't keep the masses, and May, waiting, right?"

    Ash muttered something under his breath, then looked at May. She was looking away to avoid his eyes. Brock gave a little push, and Ash and May found themselves a few inches from each other.

    "I hate these guys," Ash muttered, that only May can hear. The latter gave a small giggle, and held her hand out for Ash to take. The young man has no choice, and led his partner by hand back to the dance floor.

    Brock arranged it so that, like the Freshman dance that started the party, a spotlight was trained on Ash and May in the middle of the dance floor.Then, Brock bowed in front of his girlfriend, asking her to the final dance, and Misty smiled, and led him right next to Ash and May. Everyone else followed suit.

    "Sorry about this," Ash told May, as they danced.

    May shook her head. "Don't worry about it. It's just that I-" She cut herself off, not knowing how to say what she was thinking. She decided to change the subject. "Well, you certainly improved. You only stepped on me twice."

    "I'm not exactly proud of that achievement," Ash retorted, and they both smiled.

    -If I get enough responses from ff.net, an epilogue is due. How about you guys?
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    lol. Somehow I could imagine brock saying that. :)

    I wonder.... 'higher places'? lol i wonder what the award is....

    LOL! That's really cute. So that's their plan. Sorry I don't have much to say. :(

    This is a really nice fic. Good ending. You gave us a good story, and kept the shippyness high. The side comments are really funny and I hardly saw a single grammatical error. Keep up the good work and of course i want an epilogue. I pray you guys do too.
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    How about "Acquaintances"? It seems to fit. I wonder where I pulled that word from... *Coughtitlecough*

    Well, you gave us the storybook ending, so not much wlse to say here. Grammar looked good, as did the punctuation and stuff. It was a good thing you did the awards, they were really cute and funny. (I still immensley enjoy reading your bolded comments) I am totally for an Epilogue, as is think this story would be perfect if you tied up the loose ends - do they date? Do they even talk to each other again?

    I'm waiting for it...

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    First thing first, never had a thing for the AU high school setting, don't know why.

    Anyway, everyone is in character, expect Ash and May, but that is the point... Wow, Ash as a loner, interesting... Another AaMayL plan... Cool. And Gary, he was the awesome planner man. And the shippiness was great, lots of it. Brock is such a sneaky devil with that award... Great story. Really like Ash trying to break his 'record', funny.
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    -The votes are in, and consider you guys lucky!

    -Unlike the last chapter, this one will be based on real events again. But, I think it would still be mushy enough for you guys.



    "Careful on your way home!"

    At ten minutes to 2:00 Am, the North High students began filing out of Baker's Hall and into the parking lot. After spending over 8 hours of non-stop partying, only one thing comes to the mind of the entire student body: go home and get some well-earned rest.

    "Huh, Ash, I really thought that you'd be gone after finding your hat," Sheila remarked. "How come you're still here, hm?"

    "Why all these questions?" Ash retorted, mimicing Sheila's voice. "You a reporter or something?"

    "Uh, yeah, Ash, I work for the school paper, remember?" Ash didn't find a retort to this. "Am I going to be busy for the rest of the night. Luck would have it that I'm the one to cover this entire party in an article!" she said with a huge sigh.

    Ash smirked. 'Karma,' he thought, laughing inwardly. When Sheila's date Richie came to them, Ash asked him, "Where's that brother of yours anyway? We can't go on without him."

    "Oh, yes, we can," Richie answered, waving a ring of keys in his hands. "Dear old brother of mine said that he has to help with the cleaning up, so he lent me the keys to the convy so we can get home before him."

    Ash was about to say something else, when Misty walked over to them. Gary was not far behind, who just waved goodbye to a good number of his female fans. "So," the later said, "let's all go home now, shall we?"

    As the group began filing out, Ash noticed someone else there. It was May, and she's carefully holding the flowers that he gave her. Ash clumsily walked towards her. Unknown to them, Ash's companions stopped in their tracks and hid just outside to eavesdrop on them. "Uh, May, what are you doing still here?"

    May looked up to see Ash. "I was just waiting for my friends and-"

    Just as the two were talking inside, the others outside sprang into action. Gary, who knew of May's friends, told them of his plans between Ash and May. At first, Diane, the friend in question, was hesitant to the plan, but she eventually agreed.

    Back to Ash and May...

    "So where are your friends, May? Don't tell them they left without you," Ash said.

    "I don't think they'll do something like that, Ash," May answered. "I-"

    "May!" Diane interrupted, appearing from the outside. "I am so, so sorry, i can't take you home!"

    "Huh?" both exclaimed. "Why?" May added.

    "Well, I-" And Diane went into something about her parents needing her ASAP at home, but Ash didn't hear any of it. He shifted his gaze to the outside, because he felt that somehow his so-called friends had a hand in this. "You understand, don't you, May?"

    "I- I guess, but-" But Ash spoke up for her.

    "How will she get home then?" Ash asked Diane.

    "I thought that would be obvious," was the answer. Diane gave Ash a knowing look. 'Oh, I don't like where this is going,' Ash thought, thinking he was just screwed. "Take care, Ash, May!" Diane waved farewell to both of them, and left.

    Ash and May looked at each other uneasily. "I'm sorry about this, Ash," the latter said.

    "It's nothing, May. Well, I guess everyone is waiting for us. I have a few beefs to settle with them right now." Ash led May outside, where the others are waiting, in Brock's convertible.

    Trying not to act suspicious, Gary, from the rear seat, called, "Man, what's taking you so long, Ash?"

    "Can it, Gary," Ash said curtly. He looked at all the passengers in the car. There's Gary, Sheila, Richie(in the driver's seat) and Misty, riding front as well. 'How in the world are we going to fit in?' he thought incredulously.

    "What are you two waiting for?" Sheila asked. "Hop in, and let's all go home. I still have to work on that newspaper article." Her date Richie gunned the engine, and Ash and May squeezed in between Gary and Sheila at the back. Richie steered the car out of the parking lot, and into the now deserted road(the other students have already left).

    "First to drop off the princess," Richie remarked, eyeing May at the rearview mirror.

    In a few minutes, the convertible veered out of the university campus, and into the exit of Hollow Springs. After getting some directions from May, the convertible stopped in front of the gate to her family estate. Ash, being the only one who was there before, was also the only one who didn't gawk in amazement at the size of May's house.

    May got off the car, and turned to her escorts. "Thank you for the ride home," she said politely.

    She walked away, and the gate voluntarily opened as she passed by. It was then that all eyes are on Ash. Gary gave Ash a push, and hissed, "What are you waiting for? GO after her, escort her to the door and say goodnight!" Another push, and Ash was out of the car.

    He muttered something under his breath, staring daggers at his companions. But, thinking that they won't give him a break, he decided to go along. "Hey, May, wait, wait up!" he called after her.

    The girl stopped in her tracks, and the gate in between them also stopped. Ash ran through the gate, and skidded to a halt in front of her. Before saying anything however, he tried catching his breath first.

    "What's wrong, Ash?" the girl asked.

    "Well, I, uh, hoo-boy..." Ash scratched his head. Now that he's there, he forgot what he was about to say. The others must have sensed this, and were slapping their heads in disbelief. "May I walk you to the door? It is still a good stretch from here." What Ash said was true, as the front door of the Maples' manor was still a good twenty feet away.

    "Sure," was May's reply. Ash indeed walked her up to the front door, and soon the mansion lights illuminated the darkness. "Well, this is it, Ash," she said slowly.

    "Uh, yeah," Ash said. "I guess this is good night, huh?"

    May nodded. They stared into each other's eyes, not blinking even for a second. Ash swallowed, then felt himself closing in on May. May wasn't moving backwards, away from Ash's motion. Instead, she closed her eyes, waiting.


    "Ooops, sorry."


    The horn wasn't loud enough to create a disturbance in the wee hours of the morning, but it was enough to send Ash and May back to reality. Ash shook his head rapidly, as self-punishment for trying such a move, then hastily bid May "good night", followed by a "sorry", and sped back to his friends.

    Ash jumped in back to his spot between Gary and Sheila. He only said one sentence. "Just drive."

    Back at May, the front door was opened by the butler, who was awaiting her arrival. Before she went inside, May gazed after Ash and co., who have just left. "Good night to you, too, Ash," she said weakly.

    -And that's the end of what they call "a magical night".
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    Great Ending! I give it a 12/10! :D
    It had all the right twists and had a hilarious ending.

    Hehehe. Those guys are MEAN! They honestly did that to you? Some friends. Plotting. Tsk tsk.

    They inadvertently broke up a romantic moment between the two. Those kill joys. Shame on you!

    So the plan is starting to be revealed....

    Go go go Ash! We're all rooting for you!

    Love does strange things Ash. Now be a gentleman and WALK!
    ITS GONNA HAPPEN! GO GO GO GO GO! You guys can do it!

    NOOOOOOOO! lol But thats the second time they ruined your moment. WHY??? Such cruel people you know. That must have been depressing to have a perfect moment disrupted and to imagine it happened twice!

    So, once again, fantastic work and congrats on finishing the fic! And since its your life, did you end up with her.....? *cackles mischievously* CONGRATS!
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    I agree with benjobb, what did happen in real life?

    Anyway, it was a good mini-fic, which makes me wonder...

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