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action replay help


i have no idea where to put this,
but if someone could give me an
answer i'd be very thankful

ive just bought an action replay
ds off ebay. does action replay
ds have pokemon diamond cheats
already built in it or will i have to
enter them on my own??

Seth boy

Are you ready?
No if you have the mini disc there is a section in the action replay code manager that says subsrciptions click us and scroll down there should be pokemon diamond and pearl.

I hope this helps!

Sharpedo Boy

< Don't take drugs!
Put the disc in ith the usb cable connected to both hardwares and download updates from codejunkies.
I got a AR ds a couple of days ago and Im kicking *** in mario.


Well-Known Member
wasn't talking about these banned or did I miss somthing.