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addicted to the internet?


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How many hours do you think is considered too much when using the internet? I found myself using it quite a bit lately working on websites etc and I am getting grief for it from family members friends etc. Whats your situation?


오션 마스터
Shouldn't this be in polls?
Anyway it depends on what is happening in my life.


Island Challenger
Yeah ever since I got into my clan, I'm on non-stop!
But I still have my priorities in check.


Solar Panels
I probably suffer from Internet Addiction. I've been on today since 3 o'clock PM AEST. However, I cut down on my Internet time when it isn't the holidays.


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I'm on the internet for about 12 hours a day or so :)

8 hours from those 12 hours are because of my job, otherwise I wouldn't even have a job xD

Other 4 hours is when I'm home in the evening and relax a little :)


i am addicted to here sadly. *slap myself*


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If I'm not on serebii I'm playing counter strike. If I'm not playing counter strike, I'm playing Starcraft 2. If I'm not playing starcraft2, I'm tweaking website code. If I'm not tweaking website code, I'm remote logged into a Unix server tweaking scripts. If I'm not doing Unix scripting, I'm reading online resources. If I'm not reading online resources, I'm on facebook. If I'm not on facebook, I'm on youtube. If I'm not on youtube, I'm on various other websites. If I'm not on various other websites I'm cooking. If I'm not cooking, I'm eating. If I'm not eating, I'm sleeping. If I'm not sleeping, I'm showering. If I'm not showering, I'm in class. If I'm not in class, I'm online.

Sooo yea I spent too much time online.
I spend a lot of time online but I'm usually working or looking into things relative to my degree.

I've spent six hours today reading screenplays and things relative to screenplays, as well as looking at amateur and professional photography.

Life is good.


burning it down
I spend most of my time on the internet. School days it's 5 hours plus but on the weekends I literally spend over 12 hours on the internet. I think my record was 15 hours. I just love the internet, everything is on here. I much prefer communicating via the internet as well.

Fair to say I'm addicted.


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I don't believe I'm addicted, I spend about 1 hour a day on the internet if I can get on. I try spend at least 2 hours a day on the computer.


OpInIoNaTeD at <3
I'll sum it up for you: I do have school, sport and a part-time job, but between all that my father doesn't want me to get a internet cable to my room, because then he'll never see me, so...that should say enough of the time I spent on the internet /guilty


Fall Apart.
Yup, very addicted. You expect kids my age to be out playing, but I prefer to play indoors, and this forum gets so addictive to me. :p


Self explanatory.
Pretty much. With the reintroduction of school I've cut down on my excessive internet time.


Writer's Block
I'm addicted. Not ashamed to admit it. I should join Internet Anonymous.


I only use the Internet for school work or Serebii, rarely for anything else. I'm not addicted to it, but it is a good source of entertainment.


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I'm on WAY more than I should be. I have troubles sleeping at night, and when I come home from university in the evening, it's something I can do that doesn't require any effort or real thought, hence why I spend so much time on line. I also suffer from depression, and often find myself asking why I should bother getting off and doing any thing worth while with my time, and find things I 'enjoy' more effort than they're worth.

I need to work on this...