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Adopt-A-Newbie Agency (Yep, Old management reinstated)

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the laughing man

to lucky to be human
Likes:pokemon,cards,new games,fake pokemon
;147; ;233; ;147;


Live Long & Prosper
Name you want to be called: Darrill, Joey
Age: 13
Likes: Fan Art, Pokemon Breeding, Pokemon Contests
Dislikes: The DP Forums, Star Wars bashing, my keyboard holder coming loose. O_O
Interests: Gaming, game-making, coding, spriting, Pokemon fanart.
SPPf Forums you visit often: FanArt (nowadays), Diamond and Pearl forum, General Pokemon Discussion
For the Adopters; length of time I have been here at the forums: Calculator says: 0 Years, 11 Months, and 21 Days
Disclaimer: I was here under an older username 2 monthes before I signed up in this account

Metallic Spark

2 hawt 2 b stalked
Me got adopted by MF


Bean Curd
Name you want to be called: Alex
Likes:Hitting people in the head with a net in AC:WW
Dislikes:CATS!!!!!!! And stuff. Yeah.
Interests: Cannibalisim, but I'm not one
SPPf Forums you visit often:I don't remember
For the Newbies; what type of SPP Elder I want:Someone good at avatars and stuff


I would like to adopt someone.

Name you want to be called: Kyu, Kyuubi,Rasengan,
Age: 11
Likes: Spriting. Naruto. crazyness. food! SPPf. IRL friends. Girls. Yesh, I am a boy. >_> Oh, I also like Ramen! *pointstosig*
Dislikes: D/P Starters. People who SPAM. The food Spam. People who flame. And people who aren't paitent
Interests: *pointstolikes*
SPPf Forums you visit often: Well, It depends, I go here 24/7 here on Saturdays and Sundays and then only about 6 hours Monday-Friday. So, I come here alot..:p
For the Adopters; length of time I have been here at the forums: 0 years, 1 Months, 6 Days.​
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Secret Gym Leader
RE:: Adopt-A-Newbie

Name:Franklin Smith
Interests:Video Games,sports
Likes:Working on website,Playing Halo and Gunbound

I would like a nice teacher/tutor.

RacinHalo 3

New Member
Name you want to be called: Racin' or RH
Likes:Racing, pokemon(DUH), food, Typhlosion, Mudkip
Dislikes:Spammers, annoying people
Interests:pokemon and Racing
SPPf Forums you visit often:None, I think
For the Newbies; what type of SPP Elder I want:One that will be helpful with me learning the site and making it as fun as possible. And this is not mandatory but one that is good with sigs and avatars.
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Can I be adopted?

Name you want to be called: Yoe
Age: 16
Likes: Funny-sarcastic-and REAL! people, wierd humor, pretty much any anime, food, sleep, and Pokemon obviously
Dislikes: Spam, people who spam, annoying and fake people, people who take things too seriously, people who don't take anything seriously, boring days
Interests: All kinds of anime, most video games(im more of an RPG person), most cartoons, fashion, and dead things(lol)
SPPf Forums you visit often: Just this one so far..
For the Newbies; what type of SPP Elder I want: One that knows their way around the site and i would preffer one who has the same interests as me.

EDIT: I don't know if I'm gonna be able to keep up with this thread so if you do want to adopt me could you please PM me first before posting it in this thread? Thank you ^_^


Beginning Trainer
how do i get adopted?


Beginning Trainer
do i just type my information or something?


Beginning Trainer
actually,then again....i don't want 2.


Beginning Trainer
ok i want 2 be adopted
name you want to be called:umm...anything
likes:pokemon(obviously)yugioh(not much)video games, tv and violance
dislikes:idiats people who nag u all the time and jaggdeep(a at idiat in my class who nags me)
interests:umm....not much
sppf forums you visit often:just the newbie lounge realy
for the newbies;what type of spp elder i want:someone who will not be lazy 2teach me.


Bean Curd
Ok, 2 days ago, I was brain dead, so here is my new bio:
Pokemon, egg hatching, chickens, SONIC!!!!!, Bobobo-bobo-bobo, and video games.
People who eat meat.
Clubs and newbie lounge.
Someone that knows a lot of stuff.


Are you talking about me?

No, Flamegon, who was reffering to, pokemonster. But, Flamegon, try and use correct grammer. ^^;...It was nothing to do with you Crazy_Redd.


Gary & Eevee <3
okay , since I am a total newbie , I set myself up for adoption ^___^

Name you want to be called: Joyce
Age: 13 (14 soon ^^)
Likes: Eevee , Gary , Sasuke...
Dislikes: mean people
Interests: Forums , music (rock) , friends.. being lazy xD
SPPf Forums you visit often: As for now , only the Introduction Thread , but it will change soon =3
What type of SPP Elder I want: .A nice , optimistic person :3
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