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Adopt your own icon



Hi here you can adopt your own pokemon icon. First copy it then save it in a file then get image shack or some one else to host your icon or do it your way. Then put it on your thread. Here's the list so far. updates soon.

;239; Name: Jimmy
Jimmy: Jimmy likes to play and is very good at soccer he is a happy chap.

;143; Name: Snoryo
Snoryo: Snoryo loves to sleep he is happy but when he gets woken up he'll be angry.

;212; Name: Stiz
Stiz: Stiz is very strong and he has wild mood swings

;124; Name: Smoocher: Smoocher loves to kiss people she is always happy

;113; Name: Helpie
Helpie: Helpie loves to help and she is always happy

;231; Name: Phan
Phan: Phan likes to play at the beach
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