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Adoptable Dolls

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Yoru Ryu, Aug 19, 2005.

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  1. Yoru Ryu

    Yoru Ryu Zhampy

    ~*Adoptable Dolls*~
    Shop 2.0
    100 +

    Work: Yoru Ryu, Jenni.

    Requests are Closed!​
    It doesn't take long.




    Before you even do anything... READ THESE! I want no confusion.
    If you SPAM you will be banned for a period of time depending on how severe it was.

    - You may only request one doll.
    - I will only do your request if you are adopting.
    - Clearly state you HAVE adopted when you pick it up otherwise it’ll be put up for adoption.
    - You can only Adopt a Doll under the Adoption section.
    - Give credit.
    - You must clearly state if you’d like a Couple Doll (eg. Can I please have a couple doll with ___ and ___.)
    - Asking rudely, won’t get you one. (eg. MAY I PLEASE HAVE ONE OF ASH AND MAY!!!!).
    - This goes along with receiving it, as well. (eg. WTF IS TAKING SO LONG, GOD I’VE BEEN WAITING A WEEK!!!!).
    - You must post/PM a picture for reference of your character.
    - Have patience. I’m not super. I can’t get them to you the next day.
    - You can have a doll of anything so long as I get a picture of reference (Excluding Real Life people).
    - You can have a character that has been done already.
    - Anything specific should be PMed to me.
    - If you do not confirm with me that you have taken your doll after a week it will be put up for adoption.
    - No de-adopting a doll! You requested it you stick with it! (Only applies to requested dolls.)
    - I do not PM people when requests are open. (This includes other people PMing YOU when requests are open. Not only is it unfair, it’s also selfish).
    - And for the love of all that is sweet; NO SPAMMING :D


    - Please do not post just to say you are still waiting for requests to open.
    - Do not attack others if they request when closed. Myself and Jenni can handle that.
    - Stay on topic. Ie Dolls D:
    - Read the conditions, please.
    Spam includes:
    - “Yoru, what’s taking so long? It’s been about a week ;_____;”
    - “*Waits patiently for shop to open*” or anything of the sort.

    And listen to Jenni, damnit.


    Up for Adoption



    On Hold Dolls.



    Adopted Dolls (Pokemon Related)

    [​IMG] ~ Ash&HMNLatias [​IMG] ~ Brawly [​IMG] ~ Emerald Brendon [​IMG] ~ Mew

    [​IMG] ~ Espeon [​IMG] ~ Falkner [​IMG] ~ Flannery [​IMG] ~ Marina [​IMG] ~ Blastoise

    [​IMG] ~ Sakura [​IMG] ~ May [​IMG] ~ Wataru [​IMG] ~ Tracey

    [​IMG] ~ Umbreon [​IMG] ~ Wallace [​IMG] ~ Yellow [​IMG] ~ Lickitung

    [​IMG] ~ Lorelei [​IMG] ~ Lucy [​IMG] ~ Mewtwo [​IMG] ~ Mewtwo AGN

    [​IMG] ~ Eusine [​IMG] ~ Wes[​IMG] ~ Ash&PKMNLatias [​IMG] ~ Blaine

    [​IMG] ~ Adan&Noland [​IMG] ~ Jolteon [​IMG] ~ Misty [​IMG] ~ Winona

    [​IMG] ~ Mondo [​IMG] ~ Latias&Latios [​IMG] ~ Drew [​IMG] ~ Jessie&James

    [​IMG] ~ May&Brendon [​IMG] ~ Munchlax [​IMG] ~ Blue [​IMG] ~ Eevee

    [​IMG] ~ Karen [​IMG] FRLG Blue [​IMG] ~ Lawrence III [​IMG] ~ Steven

    [​IMG] ~ Charizard [​IMG] ~ Jasmine [​IMG] ~ Milotic [​IMG] ~ Pichu

    [​IMG] ~ Raikou [​IMG] ~ Articuno [​IMG] ~ Ho-Oh [​IMG] ~ Maxie&Typholsion

    [​IMG] ~ Marina&Kenta [​IMG] ~ Koga&Janine [​IMG] ~ Rayquaza [​IMG] ~ Whitney

    [​IMG] ~ May&Drew [​IMG] ~ Silver [​IMG] ~ Typholsion [​IMG] ~ Jolteon

    [​IMG] ~ Persian [​IMG] ~ Hokage [​IMG] ~ Miror. B [​IMG] ~ Blastoise&Feraligatr

    [​IMG] ~ Morty&Karen [​IMG] ~ Will [​IMG] ~ Jasmine&Gold [​IMG] ~ Joy&Torchic

    [​IMG] ~ Pikachu [​IMG] ~ Roxanne [​IMG] ~ Lugia [​IMG] ~ Dragonite&Salamance

    [​IMG] ~ Lunatone [​IMG] ~ Jigglypuff [​IMG] ~ Dragonair [​IMG] ~ Gold

    [​IMG] ~ Charmander [​IMG] ~ Ampharos [​IMG] ~ Marina AGN

    [​IMG] ~ Sunflora [​IMG] ~ Wobbufet [​IMG] ~ Celebi [​IMG] ~ Cyndaquil

    [​IMG] ~ Gengar [​IMG] ~ Misdrevus [​IMG] ~ Sneasel [​IMG] ~ Chikorita

    [​IMG] ~ Raichu [​IMG] ~ Suicune [​IMG] ~ Furret [​IMG] ~ Blaziken

    [​IMG] ~ Castform [​IMG] ~ Lance [​IMG] ~ Flareon [​IMG] ~ Ninetails

    [​IMG] ~ Oddish [​IMG] ~ Psyduck [​IMG] ~ Absol [​IMG] ~ Michael

    [​IMG] ~ Kekleon [​IMG] ~ Blaziken AGN [​IMG] ~ Morty [​IMG] ~ Ash

    [​IMG] ~ Bulbasaur [​IMG] ~ Wynaut

    Adopted Dolls (Non-Pokemon Related)

    [​IMG] ~ Edward Elric [​IMG] ~ Shambala Ed [​IMG] ~ Kratos [​IMG] ~ Goku

    [​IMG] ~ Mayl [​IMG] ~ Hanon&Haru [​IMG] ~ Ryuhou [​IMG] ~ Regal

    [​IMG] ~ Sokka [​IMG] ~ Saago [​IMG] ~ Menchi [​IMG] ~ Spyro

    [​IMG] ~ Klonoa [​IMG] ~ Kirby [​IMG] ~ Envy [​IMG] ~ Intergal&Alucard

    [​IMG] ~ Alfonso [​IMG] ~ Ramirez [​IMG] ~ Spyro AGN [​IMG] ~ Vyse

    [​IMG] ~ Zeo Rangers [​IMG] ~ New Sora [​IMG] ~ Fletcher&Russel [​IMG] ~ Gir/Inyuasha

    [​IMG] ~ Guts [​IMG] ~ Angelus&Ciam [​IMG] ~ Zelos Wilder [​IMG] ~ Mithos Yggdrasill

    [​IMG] ~ Colette Brunel [​IMG] ~ Black Hayate [​IMG] ~ Mia [​IMG] ~ Sheena Fujibayashi

    [​IMG] ~ Zidane [​IMG] ~ Edward Elric [​IMG] ~ Lloyd Irving [​IMG] ~ Sora


    Request List

    Kiyo Doll ~ Poochyena *
    Samus Aran ~ Joe *
    Beatrix Doll ~ Sai ~ http://www.ffcompendium.com/chara/9beatrix-b.jpg
    Kupapica Doll ~ Skiks * http://photobucket.com/albums/y228/revl98/?sc=1
    Sprite&Sableye Doll ~ Arc_Angel *

    30 Spots.

    1- Shigeru&Sakura Doll ~ Shigeru-Kun ~ http://jupiter.walagata.com/w/saro/ccs70-068.jpg ~ 1st http://jupiter.walagata.com/w/saro/gary.gif ~ Labcoat
    4- Yuuk Doll ~ Shir ura Yuuki ~ http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v4...eyItsYuuki.jpg
    6- godzilla 2000 Doll ~ Swampert 99 ~ http://img378.imageshack.us/my.php?image=godzilla7ai.png
    8- Jack&Hanpan Doll ~ lotadlover ~ http://img431.imageshack.us/img431/2...khanpan1iz.png
    9- Alphonse Elric Doll ~ lilkm90 ~ http://www.fullmetal-alchemist.com/g...media/3/42.jpg
    11- Ash&Misty Doll ~ Pokeshipping Togetic
    12- Hakudoushi Doll ~ Nashua ~ http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/5195/hakudoushi590oa.jpg
    13- Piccolo Doll ~ The General of Terror ~ http://us.st11.yimg.com/store1.yimg....1871_541480584
    14- Sonic the hedgehog Doll ~ SEGA
    15- Link Doll ~ phQnix ~ http://www.zelda.com/universe/_img/g...a/set4/ss5.jpg
    16- Shadowhatchi Doll ~ Locke-Kefka ~ http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b202/jr111_/the.jpg
    17- May&Torchic Doll ~ Torchic23 ~ http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a8/...3/maytorch.jpg
    18- Kid Doll ~ Kid ~ http://gash.medoroa.net/gallery/eps73/7314.jpg
    19- Katara Doll ~ ~PriorIncantatem~ ~ http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/20726178/
    20- Zeon Doll ~ Zeon ~ http://img461.imageshack.us/img461/4148/zeon11ks7na.jpg http://member.toei-anim.co.jp/tv/GB/poji/42_3.jpg
    21- DemiVeeMon Doll ~ Wigu ~ http://www.thedigiport.com/new_dex_pics/demiveemon2.gif
    22- Gary Doll ~ Water Flower ~ http://www.geocities.com/sweet_ruby_moon/anime23.jpg
    23- won lei&li yen Doll ~ FullmetalPikachu ~ http://moge.lamassu.net/profiles/wonrei_kungfu.jpg
    24- Zach Doll ~ CoolTrainerTerry ~ http://inuyashasprint.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/zatch.gif
    25- Fuu Doll ~ Meganium ~ http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v667/mjbtoon/is.jpg
    26- Sonic Stuff ~ Chaos Control ~ http://hometown.aol.com/ultrashadowark/images/screenshot super shadow 4.jpg
    27- Jirachi Doll ~ Jonouchi
    28- Zabuza Doll ~ Maes Hughes ~ http://olive972.skyblog.com/pics/110834217.gif
    29- Anorith Doll ~ CastforMANIA ~ http://*******.com/i1w9hz.png

    Adopters List

    Wataru doll ~ adopted by purple_drake
    Wallace doll ~ adopted by The Incarnation Pokemon
    Espeon Doll ~adopted by Crystal Espeon
    Falkner doll ~ Adopted by Nyuura
    Mew Doll ~ Adopted by Mew
    Wes Doll ~ Adopted by maximo
    Marina Doll ~RandomCharizard
    Ash&Latias Doll (HMN) ~ Issa
    Flannery Doll ~ Devil Guardian Ganon
    Tracey Doll ~ Lady Renegade
    Umbreon Doll ~ BeAuTiFuL mAy
    Brawly Doll ~ Phantom_Bugsy
    Emerald Brendan Doll ~ Chancake
    May Doll ~ DragonMaster13
    Edward Elric (Shamballa) Doll ~ Edward Elric
    Lickitung Doll ~ Goatman56
    Lorelei Doll ~ Dewgong
    Sakura Doll ~ Torkoal Stu
    Steven Doll ~ Jolty
    Yellow Doll ~ Kidodi-Sempai
    Mewtwo Doll ~ RJ fighter
    Blaine Doll ~ Riaf
    Ash&PKMNLatias Doll ~ Sumnor
    Azami Doll ~ Kawaiiest. Combusken
    Adan&Noland Doll ~ jolteonjak
    Jolteon Doll ~ superjolteon
    Mondo Doll ~ Belldandy
    Misty Doll ~ unownmew
    Kratos Doll ~ cold_kanatagirl
    Latias&Latios Doll ~ ThePikaMaster
    Eusine Doll ~ Watson and Flannery Fan
    Jessie&James Doll ~ KreKitten
    Drew Doll ~ Sweet May
    May&Brendan Doll ~ Blaze Kick
    Lawrence Doll ~ Blackjack Gabbiani
    FR/LG Blue Doll ~ Poke Master 7
    Blue Doll ~ medea10
    Karen Doll ~ Comicbook Romance
    Mewtwo (AGN) Doll ~ Sceptile's Sister
    Pichu Doll ~ Pichu Lover
    Charizard Doll ~ Charlizard
    Jasmine Doll ~ Aerial Ace
    Goku Doll ~ Jenni
    Articuno Doll ~ Mizu_Gal
    Mayl Doll ~ Feraligator
    Typhlosion&Maxie Doll ~ Typhogirl
    Ho-Oh Doll ~ Ho-oh Lover
    Rayquaza Doll ~ HoRoudon
    Whitney Doll ~ Orion Master
    May&Drew Doll ~ Drew
    Ash Doll ~ Mudkip Girl
    Munchlax Doll ~ Klaus
    Hanon Doll ~ Hanon Hosho
    Silver Doll ~ Kojho
    Typholsion Doll ~ Shadow_Umbreon
    Saago Doll ~ Hyper Chibi Absol
    Ryuhou Doll ~ Mimori Kiryu
    Sokka Doll ~ Super Gullwing
    Hokage Doll ~ Faerie
    Menchi Doll ~ NidorinoBlue
    Miror. B Doll ~ Sike Saner
    Spyro Doll ~ dabou8
    Karen&Morty Doll ~ DarkEliteKaren
    Pikachu Doll ~ Absol_Shadow
    Roxanne Doll ~ Alfonso
    Joy&Torchic ~ EvilKeckleon
    Klonoa Doll ~ Korimura
    Lunatone Doll ~ Infintae Master Sceptile
    Gold&Jasmine Doll ~ Seijiro Mafune
    Jigglypuff Doll ~ Fudge
    Charmander Doll ~ Chronicles Death
    Ed Doll ~ lavabyle
    Dragonair Doll ~ Gary's Raichu
    Lugia Doll ~ Inalina
    Wobbuffet Doll ~ iluvwobboffet
    Sunflora Doll ~ Suicide
    Ampharos Doll ~ Freely Mew
    Koga&Janine ~ Spallding!
    Celebi Doll ~ shining-Celebi
    Cyndaquil Doll ~ Maes Hughes
    Gengar Doll ~ Groudon Phantom
    Raichu Doll ~ Flareon22
    Suicune Doll ~ Armagedon
    Kirby Doll ~ PikaMew
    Marina&Kenta Doll ~ Swampert99
    Chikorita Doll ~ emeraldrayquaza
    Absol Doll ~DeoxyTwo
    Furret Doll ~ Ohtachi
    Blaziken Doll ~ Arcanine Apocolipse
    Marina Doll ~ NEO GOHAN
    Castform Doll ~ Yoshi~Castform
    Psyduck Doll ~ CKYmat123
    Ninetails Doll ~ Demon Jirachi
    Flareon Doll ~ Flygon
    Oddish Doll ~ .:Ilex:.
    Alcurd&Intergal Doll ~ ShadowFaith
    Colosseum XD Hero ~ EspeonShock
    Envy Doll ~ Ushi No Tane
    Bulbasaur Doll ~ SugarFairy
    Jolteon Doll ~ Flareon22
    Sneasel Doll ~ Azumarill
    Misdrevous ~ Dar Duskull
    Suicune Doll ~ Solarflare
    Ramirez Doll ~ Jelly
    Spyro Doll AGN ~ Brinda
    Blaziken Doll AGN ~ blaziken77
    Gir as Inuyasha Doll ~ sponge_monkeyz
    Fletcher&Russel Doll ~ Ketsuban
    New Sora Doll ~ HakuBlue
    Morty Doll ~ Chaos Emerald
    Angelus&Ciam Doll ~ Renegade
    Guts Doll ~ ThatScaryClefairy
    Zelos Wilder Doll ~ Yoru Ryu (It doesn't feel right me having one)
    Yggdrasill Doll ~ Locke Yggdrasill
    Colette Brunel Doll ~ Chosen of Mana
    Black Hayate Doll ~ Black Hayate
    Mia Doll ~ deoxys_attack_mode
    Zidane Doll ~ Jenni
    Edward Elric Doll ~ Angela
    Wynaut Doll ~ Psychic Wynaut
    Sora Doll ~ Mew Master
    Lloyd Doll ~ Maurizio
    Sheena Doll ~ Reila
    Regal Doll ~ Jay star

    Any mistakes then PM me.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2006
  2. Joe

    Joe Lost Fan #4815162342

    Woo first reply.

    Yoru, I'm still on the Adopters list with Will, when you said I could give him up. And I did. So you might want to remove that or people will think I have 2 and go all n00b, and say they want two dolls as well, when I don't even have 2.

    *EDIT* You'd think they were doing it on purpose eh? Or maybe they're blind. (Look below)
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2005
  3. Can u please make me a Super Sonic doll?
  4. Joe

    Joe Lost Fan #4815162342

    Maybe you should read first. ;)

  5. Sora

    Sora AKA Snagger Outlaw

    Here Yoru, use this. I used it for my old plushie request thread


    As for requests, I'll do a trade with you when you're not busy.
  6. PikaPalooza

    PikaPalooza Guest

    well at least now that theres a new thread, maybe there wont be so many spammers *waits patiently for shop to open* and those of you who just cant stop asking, decode this:
    ;201-s; ;201-t; ;201-o; ;201-p;
    ;201-a; ;201-s; ;201-k; ;201-i; ;201-n; ;201-g;
    ;201-n; ;201-o; ;201-o; ;201-b;

    oh wait, i forgot, you cant read


    well, this was to be expected, as with all request threads. (if the tread-maker decides to even continue, I've seen some people never even leave a post saying that they'll stop making things, and just leave and not come back:() anyway, I've got an idea, should this thread go 3.0, include the words, "READ THE FIRST POST, PLEASE!!!" in the title. (of course, you could put your own variation) that might help reduce spam by up to... say... *neverwasgoodatguesstimating* 50%! (give or take) ANyway... good luck! I hope this one can get just as many posts (with real posts instead of spam, of course)!
  8. Shadowfaith

    Shadowfaith Shinigami...

    Ok, right...Yoru started a new thread because the other one was filled with Spam from requesting when he was closed and also from the many off topic replies he got. Now from what I can see, it is obviouse that he is neither taking requests or posting more, so there is no need for any posts here at the moment, is there?

    When he posts some you can reply to them with comments and such, but in till then, I see no point in anyone posting here.

    Am I right?

    Anyways, I have had my say and thus you will not here from me in till more dolls are posted so I can comment.
  9. Yami Ryu

    Yami Ryu Well-Known Member

    ;; I was starting to think cause of the thread being closed, that you had stopped making dolls.

    @@; forgive spazz/selfish moment. And sorry for being one of the ones to add too the spam >>' I didn't mean to add to the problem...

    Anyways as I've said in previous posts, the dolls are all cute, adorable and could probably take over the world. As I doubt anyone would try and stop them for their uuber cuteness.

    And I wish you luck in actually having people read the rules and not flooding you with requests like the last thread.

    And um, do you need the links to the pics I posted in the old thread? *pokes at old thread* just wanted to know incase I have to surf through the posts for the one I did with the links.
  10. Haruka-chan

    Haruka-chan flower in the sand

    I was just wondering, will you go back to your old request shop and do some of the requested dolls, or start over on those too. Yoru Ryu?
  11. she requested that she close her old request shop because of spam
  12. Yoru Ryu

    Yoru Ryu Zhampy

    Oh, you have given him up? I wasn't sure if you were just keeping him until your request was done. I'll stick him up for adoption again then :D

    I'm just continuing on from where the last thread left off. But i won't be doing any of the requests on the old thread that didn't get onto the current list; those people will have to request here when i'm open. The only reason i'll even look at the old thread is to get the reference pictures people posted.


    Do, do, do~!

    [img135]http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Yoru_Ryu/goldjasminedollfin3.gif[/img135] ~ Gold&Jasmine for Seijiro Mafune

    [img135]http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Yoru_Ryu/karenmortydollfin.gif[/img135] ~ Karen&Morty for DarkEliteKaren

    [img135]http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Yoru_Ryu/blastoiseferaligatordollfin.gif[/img135] ~ Blastoise&Feraligator forCharblizzard

    I wonder if i'll get anymore done today, hmmmm...
  13. The Sponge

    The Sponge DISCO INFERNO!

    Awww..The New Dolls are Real Cute! and NO Im Not Trying to Spam Ok?!?!
  14. Yoru Ryu

    Yoru Ryu Zhampy

    Haha, no, that's fine, really :D Stuff like that is perfectly fine -^^- That's the kind of post that's NOT spam.
  15. DarkEliteKaren

    DarkEliteKaren Dark Master

    Thanks Yoru! :D The doll is absolutely adorable, I love it. <3 *adoptsies*


    hmmmm... was that last sentence a hint? *eyesbouncer'sbanstick* I better not get my hopes up...
    anyway... good job as always! keep up the good work, and no matter how many times you feel rushed, go at your own pace!
  17. Tip The Waitress

    Tip The Waitress Nooo! I'm too young!

    can i get first dibbs on feral and blastoise when theyre not picked up? thx yoru
  18. I'm not requesting I'm just asking a question to Yoru...

    Are you allowed to request dolls of characters who aren't in an anime? For example, when you're requests open up again I was planning on requesting a Raven doll (from Teen Titans) would that be acceptable?
  19. MagmaInferno

    MagmaInferno Is Actually a Piplup

    Yea.... ok... im sorry then.. is that what you wanna hear?
    And you're telling others not to spam...

    How do we know when Yoru will be done with a certain doll? does she send us a PM or do we have to check back every other post? (sorry for the noob question, but i really dont know)
  20. Yoru Ryu

    Yoru Ryu Zhampy

    Aye, if they're not picked up after a week you'll have to post again... i have an awful memory.

    You can request anything so long as ya give me a full body reference picture ^^

    You have to check back on your own time.
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