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Adoptable Dolls

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Yoru Ryu, Aug 19, 2005.

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  1. Misao

    Misao Guest

    Er..Question. ^^; I know we aren't supposed to request, so I'm not requesting. I've got a question. ^^;;;

    About the couple ones..If requests were open, I would be able to request a couple doll thing of Misao and Aoshi from Rurouni Kenshin? ^^;;
  2. Maveryck85

    Maveryck85 Guest

    mmm... I should have seen this thread before...

    Oh well, nice dolls anyways ^_^
  3. Since I already have a doll I'm just here to review those totally cute new ones *squeels* The Karen and Morty one interested me the most....*runs off to talk about shipping with those two* Also the Feraligator looks totally cute and not angry like they do in the game, your amazing you made a Feraligator cute. Wow :eek: Anyway those new dolls are cute and cool also the Jasmine and Gold is good but the other ones have fascinated me to much to comment on the other ones. XD *looks at totally cute Feraligator again* Anyway I just came to review those dolls since they looked so cute *squeels again* Anyway *cough* I'll be going *vanishes trying to keep his manly pride intact by hiding his Squeels about the dolls*
  4. Yoru Ryu

    Yoru Ryu Zhampy

    Yes that's fine, so long as you give me a full body pictre of reference. All you've gotta do is catch the shop when it's open -^^-

    Thank you~! It's nice to just have some comments instead of people just requesting sometimes =^^= Haha, it is kinda hard not to giggle or whatever at them though; the cuteness burnssss! :D
  5. Torchic23

    Torchic23 gee that's swell

    I love your dolls.The style is great and they are so cute.I wish I could make em too.
  6. Joe

    Joe Lost Fan #4815162342

    How is saying this spamming:

    I was clearly stating something to Yoru, that she had forgotten to do something by mistake. Be smarter.

    Anyway, I am love with that Feraligatr/Blastoise doll! CUTE!!! XD If all you're dolls turn out that good, then you could probably sell these to art galleries! =D
  7. ArteMagica

    ArteMagica Love. Honor. Truth

    I never seen anything like them.They look cute and cuddly.I think that Gold and Jasmine look the best though.They look like great pals.
  8. Ryano Ra

    Ryano Ra Verdant Vitality

    Those are extravagant dolls, especially the Karen&Morty one. Personally, it seems as though they are getting better and better. Again, fantastic job, and keep up the beautiful work. :)
  9. MysticFlames

    MysticFlames Guest

    I'm not requesting right now....but I'm wondering....like in a month or something (whenever you have time) May I request another one, when I got mine, I thought you only did pokemon related dolls...I mean I like the Gold doll, I'm just wondering. Don't yell at me T.T.
  10. Ketsuban

    Ketsuban Master Pokémon Breeder

    You're only allowed to request ONE doll. Please read the rules.
  11. MysticFlames

    MysticFlames Guest

    Yes, I know that, it's the whole reason I'm asking. =/

    If Yoru won't then, whatever, I was just curious.
  12. The_Darkness_Incarnate

    The_Darkness_Incarnate +Erratic-Inanity+

    It's been like a day and there's sapm already? That's sad... -_-

    Anyways, in a attempt to make this post non-spam, I have 2 questions to ask. The first is, do you want my to make the rest of your dolls actual pictures instead of links? The second is can you do 3 people on one thing? Thanks for answering, if you do.
  13. ~Kage Itachi~

    ~Kage Itachi~ BYOND Game Developer

    can you make me a bulla(from dragonball gt) doll?
  14. Fangirl

    Fangirl Well-Known Member

    o.o Because I cannot figure out how to subscribe without posting, I'll try my best to not make this spammy.

    Your newest dolls are cute as buttons, Yoru, though for the life of me I can't remember Slastoise being that dark. Oh well. I also enjoyed the cute couple doll, it made me feel all shippy.

    *shant post again*
  15. ~Kage Itachi~

    ~Kage Itachi~ BYOND Game Developer

    then where do i get one?
  16. Jonouchi

    Jonouchi Chibi-cario

    just be patient and wait till requests are open
  17. Regi♪Castform

    Regi♪Castform Pachirisu Master

    I DON'T want to be pushy or anything... but... when do you open???

    I'm asking this because I REALLY want to adopt a Castform doll. I now a lot of people who want to adopt them, too, but I REALLY one (it), since I'm obsessed w/ Castform.

    So, when you open, can you tell, fast. If you do... THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
  18. Milotic

    Milotic Well-Known Member

    I thought Will was adopted? If he isnt then can i have him O_O!?!
  19. ~Kage Itachi~

    ~Kage Itachi~ BYOND Game Developer

    Last edited: Aug 21, 2005
  20. Jenni

    Jenni _

    Are you ****ing kidding me?
    You CANNOT, by any means, re-distribute context that isn't yours.

    Pla·gia·rism: Taking, using, and passing off as your own, the ideas, words, or work of another.
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