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Adoptable Dolls

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Yoru Ryu, Aug 19, 2005.

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  1. Shin Ura Yuuki

    Shin Ura Yuuki Red's Follower

    Hi Yoru. ^^; I'm sorry to hear about your artist block. Hope to see you back in action soon.

    Anyway, I noticed the link for my character's picture isn't working correctly in the list. My friend has finally drawn me the picture for our trade, so I think this one may help. If it doesn't, I'll put back the other one. ^^


    Er...yeah. Well good luck! Hope to see your works soon!
  2. Jay star

    Jay star Coordinator Lover

    awsome doll can i adopt the regal doll please cos i love tales of symphonia it is my fave game ever lol

    thansk yoru and your dolls are incredible
  3. Mumage

    Mumage Well-Known Member

    Umm...I don't think you can.
  4. Yoru Ryu

    Yoru Ryu Zhampy

    Guess what!? WE'VE GOT OUR COMPUTER FIXED. Now it doesn't freeze and break down on me for a whole day when i'm in the middle of a goddamn picture :X Huzzah! Now i can do art and fics again... it's like Christmas all over again *huggles new harddrive*

    Jay star: Regal hasn't been adopted so you can take him. So long as you don't have a Doll already... i've lost track who has and hasn't got one ^^;
  5. Skiks


  6. Luigi

    Luigi Well-Known Member

    That`s great Yoru!Oh,and just to say,If I could Yoru I would like to change my Piccolo doll to a Buu doll.pic: http://us.st11.yimg.com/store1.yimg....1880_449123197 .Sorry for all confusion(if any)that I caused.
    (I posted this,but it was forgotten,sorry for confusion!)
  7. can i get a master chief doll? u know, from halo 2? thanx
  8. Nashua

    Nashua shoosh.

    Congratulations on your fixed computer!

    Here's the link to the Hakudoushi pic since the one on the front page is messed up: Hakudoushi59
  9. miken park

    miken park hush.

    XD. You really shouldn't be asking for dolls now.
  10. Boredoom, Anychance you can make a Celsius doll?
    She is like teh cold hearted girl on my dreams X3
  11. ~*Dairuga*~

    ~*Dairuga*~ Banned

    Please dont request when she specifically say the shop is closed :/
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2006
  12. Jenni

    Jenni _


  13. Jay star

    Jay star Coordinator Lover

    Thanks so much yoru ryu its awsome
    and congrats about your computer ^^
    and also i take it your a tales of symphonia fan aswell fro myour sig and zelos
    grrr zelos is my fave character aswell lol ^^ well cheers so much for the doll and can i be put on the adopters page now please ^^

    cheers again yoru
  14. Mumage

    Mumage Well-Known Member

    Yoru's a she. o_O..
  15. Yoru Ryu

    Yoru Ryu Zhampy

    Ooooh, ta, lots of pictures there ^^ Lovely!

    The link doesn't work D:

    Your welcome -^^- And yeah, i'm a big fan of TOS and Zelos XD I'd forgotton about the Adopters list actually, i'll add you now ^^;
  16. Voltguy65

    Voltguy65 Beginning Trainer

    I think I requested it first........
  17. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Yay, Yoru's back to work. Congrats on fixing your PC.

    I'm always wating patiently to make my request, and it's gonna be a secret until I actually post it.
  18. miken park

    miken park hush.

    XD. I can't be paitent even if I try. It's usally common sense that saves me.
  19. MagmaInferno

    MagmaInferno Is Actually a Piplup

    EEk!!! Yoru! my name has disappeared from the list! what happened?
  20. Jay star

    Jay star Coordinator Lover

    Well zelos is totally cool XD
    umm i also was wondering what if in the future i want a different doll would i have to wait till the shop to be open or would i be able to ask to have a different one sometime for i dont know if i ever will * regal is awsome :D *
    but i was just wondering if in the future i wanted a different doll would i have to wait for the shop to open again ?

    thankyou ^^
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