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Adoptable Dolls

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Yoru Ryu, Aug 19, 2005.

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  1. Bashaamo

    Bashaamo <-I like udon

    I'm not trying to be pushy, but when will Yoru probably finish the dolls? I'm just asking. Don't scream at me.... *shudders*
  2. Jenni

    Jenni _

    As soon as she completes the request list.
    (Which should be in about a week and a half).
  3. Bashaamo

    Bashaamo <-I like udon

    Oh Ok then. Thanks for telling me that. :D
  4. Yoru Ryu

    Yoru Ryu Zhampy

    What do ya wanna change it to?


    [img135]http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Yoru_Ryu/dragsaladollsfin.gif[/img135] ~ Dragonite&Salamance for DragonknightGT

    [img135]http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Yoru_Ryu/lunatonedollfin2.gif[/img135] ~ Lunatone for Infinate Master Sceptile

    [img135]http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/Yoru_Ryu/lugiadollfin.gif[/img135] ~ Lugia

    And sorry i haven't got many done recently. I have my reasons one of them being my exams and another i'm not going into now, but, i WILL keep doing these if at this speed -_-
  5. Sypherious

    Sypherious Spaz

    Yet again,more great dolls Yoru. Is the Dargonite supposed to be those colors?

    I've seen alot of posts here,and felt like I should point this out.
    Unless you're requesting a doll,commenting,or picking up,you really shouldn't have a reason to post here. Jenni and Yoru will take care of everything. I'm not breaking the first rule,because I'm not telling you not to spam,or whatever,I'm just pointing that out.
  6. Yoru Ryu

    Yoru Ryu Zhampy

    Yup! A blue Dragonite. Dunno about the colour of it's wings though o_O
  7. hypno-matic

    hypno-matic Guest

    im too late for requests arent i :( im so unlucky
  8. Alakazam

    Alakazam I like cheerios.

    yoru, any idea when mine will be done?
  9. Maes Hughes

    Maes Hughes Well-Known Member

    Take your time yoru. we all have school (except me WOOT! (homescooled))

    Anyway. the new dolls are cute!
  10. Jenni

    Jenni _

    Strike one.
  11. Alakazam

    Alakazam I like cheerios.

    yeah take yer time yoru
  12. Joe

    Joe Lost Fan #4815162342

  13. hypno-matic

    hypno-matic Guest

    i wasnt spamming i was asking its not my fault no one answered...
  14. Jenni

    Jenni _

    What question did you ask?

  15. hypno-matic

    hypno-matic Guest

    im too late for requests arent i? (i just forgot the question markl cause my button sticks)
  16. MagmaInferno

    MagmaInferno Is Actually a Piplup

    if i ask yoru a question, is it spamming? if not, here goes, if so, tell me and ill delete this post...
    Question: Why is Dragonite blue?
  17. Knightblazer

    Knightblazer Memories in the Rain

    Can I claim Lugia? Thanks!
  18. xSpiritedAwayx

    xSpiritedAwayx Myspace pic. ;O

    Can I get a Chimecho one?
  19. Ketsuban

    Ketsuban Master Pokémon Breeder

    Off-topic: I wish rep was still around, because all the idiots requesting things need negative rep.

    On-topic: They are all so cute! But I also ask, why is the Dragonite blue?
  20. finally thank you so much yoru ryu for the dragonite and salamence doll im here to claim it
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