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Advanced or DP contests?

Which were better

  • DP

    Votes: 27 96.4%
  • AG

    Votes: 1 3.6%

  • Total voters


Consider all factors
DP Contests had much better chereography and had a lot more strategy to them, so I'll go with them. AG contests were battles that used a point system and a timer for the most part. When I saw Dawn win a contest, it's usually because she was the better Coordinator. When I saw May win one, it felt more like she won because the plot demanded her to win. But I do appreciate AG contests in a way since a lot of their mistakes were cleaned up in DP.


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DP as mentioned tended to have more developed choreography and strategies, and Dawn's journey and progression felt more earned and organic. AG maybe had a more colourful set of rivals but otherwise you could tell it was their first run with a lot of things running bare bones or on plot armour (eg. May winning with seldom effort, Harley openly posing as the arc's villain while never getting in trouble or losing popularity, TRio just being padding comic relief/jobbers).

Also Jesse finally becoming a legit competitor in DP was rather cathartic and gave TRio SOME sort of dynamic focus throughout the series, compared to the almost depressing low they had reached in AG. Also meant Dawn's rivals were more consistent, with less time wasted on Dick Dastardly bad guys who cheated against her.


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DP contests were better but the problem was it wasn't enough for me to get invested into them.What AG lacked in great contest battles they made up in having great rivals,they were so great that it wasn't even a problem that Ash didn't have a main rival for that series.

Which brings me back to the DP contests,they had great battles but they were lacking heavily in good rivals.Zoey,Kenny and Nando were all bland,Ursula was the only decent rival.Plus the non contest battles were just as good or better and Ash's rivalry w/ Paul was literally the best thing about the DP series,it overshadowed everything else that happened.

Bonus: AG's contest battles weren't completely trash they made an improvement during the Battle Frontier season.


DP is this even a question? Hoenn and Kanto contests were bland and May was lucky as hell. DP contests were also more fashionable and the battles were turned a notch up. Not saying May was bad, but Dawn was 10+ better
I asked this question because someone asked it many years ago and AG contests won by a lot

It was here in Serebii, in 2011. People used to criticize DP a lot, lol

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Shinou's Contests were a bit more glamorous due to participants having to dress up, and they were also a bit more realistic since we saw Hikari fail during the appeal round on two occasions [something that we never saw Haruka experience in the Houen or Kanto Contests], and that made Hikari's journey feel less contrived to me.
Plus her mother probably gave her alot of tips before starting her Journey. So the loses felt alot more painful.


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Beyond the fact that DP contests was visually better, May’s goal was just poorly executed compared to Dawn. I think May only lost once in each respective region besides the Grand Festival.
She’ll literally be seconds from losing and somehow able to turn the entire match around.