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Advanceshipping General Discussion: Where Ash and May ADVANCE together ;D

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Gazmof, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. Gazmof

    Gazmof Zephyr Trainer

    Welcome to the Official Advanceshipping General Discussion Thread!

    Advanceshipping is the term given to the belief that Ash (Satoshi) and May (Haruka) from the Pokemon anime are a couple, or at least, they should be. If you like the idea of Ash and May getting together somehow, then this is the thread for you! This thread is a place for all Advanceshippers to enjoy themselves and to discuss the 'ship in any way they like, so long as they abide by the rules. If you're not an Advanceshipper we encourage you to read the rules, jump in and see what makes this 'ship so much fun!

    ~*~*~ The Rules: ~*~*~

    1. All SPPf rules apply as usual.
    2. No flaming or bashing of any kind. Please respect people's opinions and shipping beliefs, even if they differ from your own.
    3. No double/triple/whatever+1 posting. If the server lags a bit and you end up posting twice, please delete any unnecessary posts.
    4. Stay on topic. All posts should be primarily about Advanceshipping at all times. That means Ash and May; not just one or the other.
    5. All your posts should be substantial. Posting something along the lines of "I agree!" and nothing else is spam. Please elaborate or wait until later to post, when you have something more substantial to say.
    6. Do not advertise your fanfics/fanarts/AMVs/whatever here! Feel free to mention them, but they should not be the sole purpose of your post.
    7. If you post fanart, please credit the artist/website that made it. A web address is also nice, if you have it. If you don't know who made it, then we may be able to help.
    8. This is NOT a debate thread. If you wish to debate the possibility of Ash and May please create a separate thread.
    9. This thread is open to anyone who wishes to post here and discuss Advanceshipping, provided they are not on the banned list. Please be respectful of each other at all times.
    10. Everybody gets three chances. If you break the rules four or more times then you'll be banned from posting here and be reported to a moderator. Please keep to the rules at all times!

    Above all though, remember to have fun!

    Gaiash ||
    Has abs like Mewtwo |
    foxkrystal |
    midnightmoon |
    Jbstormburst |
    Shayman255 |
    MKPokemonMaster |
    chaoslord029 |
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    MayKim |
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    poke master 13 ||
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    vodor |
    Wuster |


    ~*~*~ Frequently Asked Questions: ~*~*~

    Q: Where did the old thread go!?
    A: Right here. It was decided by a majority vote that the old thread should be replaced by this one.

    Q: Who's in charge of this thread, then?
    A: Gazmof and Hunter_RuLe are the co-owners of this thread. If you have any questions please PM any of us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

    Q: My friend said that Advanceshipping is called AaMayL and you guys should only ever call it that!
    A: Advanceshipping and AaMayL are the same thing (AAMayL stands for Ash and May Love). Advanceshipping is also often referred to as "Advancedshipping", but Advanceshipping is the preferred term. Among Japanese circles the pairing is commonly referred to as "SatoHaru".

    Q: Do I need to use spoiler tags here?
    A: No. Browse at your own risk if you're worried about spoilers!

    Q: Can I use any of the banners/buttons/etc on your Photobucket?
    A: Sure! A link back to this thread would be nice, but it really isn't required. All of our banners are located in the Photobucket's root directory (gazmof). Spread the Advanceshipping love wherever you go and feel free to use them in signatures/livejournals/whatever you want!

    Q: What episode is the Ash and May kissing avatar from?
    A: None. It's a fan edit made to torture you for all eternity. It's also not especially well-made either, if you examine it close enough.

    Q: I saw a screenshot of the GBA games saying "CUTE COUPLE ASH AND MAY WANT TO BATTLE!" - is this real?
    A: No; it's another fan edit; this time it's just a recolour of the "Young Couple" trainer class sprite from the games.

    ~*~*~ Advanceshipping's Golden Moments ~*~*~

    If you're looking to indulge your Advanceshipping cravings look no further than these wonderful moments from the anime:

    Get The Show on The Road! (AG001)
    May's debut shows some promising signs of chemistry with Ash.
    Love at First Flight (AG042)
    An episode which further emphasizes a possible Advanceshipping dynamic when May teases Ash about love.
    The Bicker The Better (AG072)
    When Ash and May get into an argument, a random couple challenge them to a double-battle, and accuse them of being lovers.
    Grass Hysteria (AG073)
    May is saved when Ash infiltrates a Grass Pokemon reserve to rescue her.
    Date Expectations (AG114)
    May is again rescued by Ash, who offers to look after her brother while she rushes to catch a ferry to a contest.
    Home is Where The Start is (AG191)
    Ash and May compete in a contest and end up tying together in the final round. They end up slicing their winning ribbon in half and are now both carrying their half with them on their journeys.
    Pokemon Ranger and The Temple of The Sea (Movie 09)
    The last hurrah of the Advanceshippers (for now, at least ^_~). This movie is stuffed with some great Ash/May moments that are far too numerous to list here.

    ~*~*~ Advanceshipping's Best Of... Fanfiction ~*~*~

    Click here for Uzamaki Hinata's compiled list of the best Advanceshipping fanfiction ever written!

    ~*~*~ Advanceshipping's Best Of... Artwork ~*~*~

    Click here for the official Advanceshipping Photobucket! Please PM Gazmof if you have something to add (note that only credited fanart will be uploaded. You will also be credited for the find).

    ~*~*~ Discussed Topics ~*~*~

    Last edited: Aug 27, 2011
  2. Uzamaki Hinata

    Uzamaki Hinata Bye bye!

    Fanfic List

    Here it is, for the last time hopefully, lol.

    Again, when I read the fanfics, I checked to see..

    1) how well the writer was able to present their ideas

    2) how well they were able to portray each character (preferably in character, but ooc was okay sometimes...)

    3) whether or not they completed their fanfics.

    4) How well they were at description (this one I personally added, because imo if you don't take the time to put description in your story, no one's going to understand what's going on)

    And, so, here are the fanfics:

    If you're new to advanceshipping please read....


    And if you've already read those...


  3. EarthBorn

    EarthBorn ConVulATiON

    Post #3!

    Starting off slow is always a good idea. We don't want too much friction or rush in their chemistry ... it wouldn't end up with desirable results. However, it's good to know that both Ash and May have acquired a very deep bond and a strong friendship. May owes to Ash her love for Pokemon, which he invoked in her, and nurtured to the point where she became independent. Indeed, given their age, their chemistry already shows the sign of a strong, symbiotic relationship.
    It's not romantic yet, but romance does have an important component: Trust. It's something which the two have had since the dawn of AG (no pun intended).

    PS>>>Awesome work both of you. :)
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2008
  4. buster_wolf

    buster_wolf Shinnippori!

    Hahaha, hopefully in this thread, I'll be more active. And I'm number 4, woohoo!

    To kick things off, how do you guys think Ash and May will express their love for each other? I think they should start off slow. You know, a little flirting here and there, filled with all sort of blushing. Then, it will all lead up to one big romantic scene. That would be nice! What do you guys think?

    Yeah, a slow start is always a good start. Besides, I think Ash is more of the kind of guy who takes his time since well, he's not the brightest when it comes to romance you know? But anyway, eventually I think bonds will gradually form and let it take its toll. I think May would probably help Ash better understand his feelings as well.
  5. Mel-Girl

    Mel-Girl left. right.

    I was gonna post in the old thread but then Uza-chan told me that there was going to be a new one! And wow, it's really well set-up, which is really awesome! I'm planning an Advanceshipping oneshot at the moment.

    I hope this thread is successful like the last one. Hell, I'm sure it'll be even more successful. So yeah, Advanceshipping Family FTW.

    To kick things off, how do you guys think Ash and May will express their love for each other? I think they should start off slow. You know, a little flirting here and there, filled with all sort of blushing. Then, it will all lead up to one big romantic scene. That would be nice! What do you guys think?

    Oh definitely slow. Satoshi and Haruka will be slow as, mostly because compared to the other girls, Haruka is more likely to let guys come to her and Satoshi is dense. So I think if they both like each other, they both would have to propel themselves further and get more into it.

    They so wouldn't go for a relationship real fast, they have too much respect for each other to do that. I'm totally mixing myself up. Eh... Well, they'll take it slow but if they want to get anywhere, they can't go too slow!

    Yes, flirting and blushing. Can't resist stuff like that. XD Haruka is someone who I think has a good understanding of emotions and relationships so she can take Satoshi through the steps. XD

    I wish this thread good luck and I'll try post as much as I can! ^_^
  6. midnightmoon

    midnightmoon Banned

    To kick things off, how do you guys think Ash and May will express their love for each other

    Well i think they should start off slow. i mean they are still teenagers and there is no rush. Maybe May could start and Ash can follow.
  7. Jave

    Jave draws cute stuff

    Lucky Post #7! A toast for a new beginning.

    To kick things off, how do you guys think Ash and May will express their love for each other?

    Ash and May already know a lot about each other, so I don't think there'll be much flirting involved, since that usually fits better those couples that are mostly one-sided, and I don't see Ash & May as a one-sided pairing.

    I believe that it'll be like getting closer in a slow fashion. They'll spend time together just the two of them talking about contests and gym battles and everything else related to Pokemon, which is what really links them both. The chatting will later get more personal, like talking about their friends and families.

    Finally, if they ever do confess, they'll look at each other for a while and then kiss. Nobody says "I love you" or anything like that, specially since I don't see Ash saying it. Knowing him, he'll probably take the big risk right away instead of thinking it too much.

    Maybe I'll write a fic one of these days, the idea has been in my head for months.
  8. Hunter_RuLe

    Hunter_RuLe < Guess who's back?

    Gooo Advanceshipping !;)

    It's good to see that our effort has paid of and I must say the first post looks very nice Gazmof! What a night it was last night ^^ Oyeah, for those that haven't seen it, here you can read the last post the old thread, which tells you a bit about the history so far.

    To kick things off, how do you guys think Ash and May will express their love for each other?

    I feel like May has already started expressing her love for Ash in a very slow way. In my opinion it would be nice to keep developing this without rushing anything. Once Ash will get what this feelings are about there is no doubt he will follow. Relations build on a close friendship often stay stronger then relationships which only start because physical attraction.

    Btw, Maybe it'll be a nice idea to have some kind of banner contest so we can get some other nice banners too?

    So my first post here, I hope there are a lot more to come ^^
  9. Jbstormburst

    Jbstormburst AdvanceShipping Gen.

    Ah, post #10. First in the double digits! W00T!!

    To kick things off, how do you guys think Ash and May will express their love for each other?

    Now, this relationship is definitely the kind that will be slow-going. Both of them are a bit skittish in the subject, Ash obviously due to density, and we don't even need to get started with May (remember Brianna's questioning?). However, when they do eventually find out, it's going to take some getting used to, mainly on Ash's front. Yet, when they are used to the idea, then, the relationship will be in full bloom.

    Also, I do agree that May will be the initiative, unless some miracle occurs and Ash suddenly loses his density. That's certain, and also the beauty of the relationship. You see, most people expect Ash to take initiative in any relationship. However, with AdvanceShipping, we know May can figure out her feelings. The thing is, she doesn't want them revealed unless she wants them to. So, when she feels she is ready, she probably will tell Ash so that he can get it.
  10. Mayziken

    Mayziken Advanceshipping<3

    I was hopeing to get one last post in the old thread, but you shut it down when i was sleeping. anyway

    To kick things off, how do you guys think Ash and May will express their love for each other?

    I think Ash and May will express their love much like in CyberCubed's fic "Two of a kind". It's just the perfect way I think Ash and May sould express their love for the other one :) and as Hunter_RuLe said I also feel like May has already started expressing her love for Ash

    A very nice first post Gazmof :)

    That's a great idea Hunter_RuLe :) I think we sould have lots of banners for this thread
  11. riolulu

    riolulu <riolulu_sppf.exe>

    yay! The new thread! I like it!

    To kick things off, how do you guys think Ash and May will express their love for each other?

    uh...um...oh! idea! ding ding ding!

    May wins grand festival
    May: oh my gosh oh my gowh I won I won I won!!! *throws arouns around Ash's neck*
    Ash: Congratz, May, awesome job! You deserved to win!
    May: Thank you Ash! I love you Ash!
    Ash: ...
    May: *blushes and thinks 'wait...did I just say that...???'*


  12. Gazmof

    Gazmof Zephyr Trainer

    My turn!

    To kick things off, how do you guys think Ash and May will express their love for each other?

    Definitely slow, and May will be the one to take the initiative; there's no doubt about that. Part of the reason I've always liked May as a character so much is because she's very down to earth and understands her emotions a lot better than most. She'll pounce on Ash when he least expects it; when they're alone and probably late at night is how I imagine it to happen. Then she'll just be all "Hey, Ash..." and go from there. If I remember right, CyberCubed's Two of a Kind had a really good confession scene, as Mayziken mentioned already.

    Great idea, Hunter! Maybe we can do some kind of big event for an Advanceshipping Day like everyone suggested in the old thread. We could have competitions and stuff ala shipping oscars :O It'd be a lot of fun ^^

    And sorry Mayziken; it was now or never ^^;

    I hate to be an annoying thread owner, but I'mma have to ask you two to delete your double-posts, please :p
  13. Miss-ADV

    Miss-ADV Grand Coordinater

    14# Post yeah! (without the double posts)

    Everyone CONGRATS with the new thread....... It feels like New Year ^^;;

    I Hope this will become a great Advanceshipping thread ^__^

    To kick things off, how do you guys think Ash and May will express their love for each other?

    I agree with you on that^^

    Lolz XD I would like that idea!

    Btw I Love the banner Gazmof! Can we put it in our sig.....?

    Hope there will come many posts!
  14. RobSp1derp1g

    RobSp1derp1g On my way...

    Post #15!!! YAY!!
    This new thread is awesome!! Congrats to Gazmof, Uza-chan and Hunter, they worked so hard to do this...
    Anyway, the topic:
    To kick things off, how do you guys think Ash and May will express their love for each other?
    I think all the possible answers were already given...
    May this thread become one of the best in SPPf.

    Safety and Peace,
  15. DaveTheFishGuy

    DaveTheFishGuy Fish Trainer

    Well, this is a good thing to come home to! Looking good guys! I hope this thread goes on for as long, and as sucessfully, as the old one!

    Anyways, on-topic:
    To kick things off, how do you guys think Ash and May will express their love for each other?

    Hmmmm...... good one. I think it may just come out in a moment of extreme excitement / happiness (like the above example, May winning the GF), or when they're older, drunkeness (it happens, trust me on this! :D ). I think this is more likely on May's part, although in the latter situation, it could be both (since there is NO WAY Ash would still be dense by then). They could just "accidentally" confess they're feelings, and then work from there.

    {Note: DaveTheFishGuy, nor any of his associates, condone underage drinking. This is for a scenario where Ash and May are of-age. It's a great way to get a confidence boost though :D }
  16. Gazmof

    Gazmof Zephyr Trainer

    Thanks very much to everyone for the congratulations, and welcome to the thread to all Advanceshippers both old and new! Let's make this thread even more awesome than the last :D

    Thank you! And of course! Feel free to use any banners or buttons I upload to the Photobucket in your sigs or whatever. A link back to this thread is nice, but not required ^^

    Guys, I know it's annoying when the site lags, but please try and delete any double posts if you make them. Thank you!
  17. Jbstormburst

    Jbstormburst AdvanceShipping Gen.

    Actually, they aren't on, Gazmof... Well, I believe it's about time to unwrap the second topic!! Also, it is the most discussed one, considering how many times it's been asked.

    What made you become an AdvanceShipper?

    Well, I became an AdvanceShipper about 10 months ago. I was exploring the fandom for quite a while when, I saw May's Crush. When I read it, I absolutely loved the pairing, and it's been that way ever since...
  18. What made you become an AdvanceShipper?

    At first, I didn't really consider any romantic relationships in Pokemon until I read a couple of good pieces of Fan-Fiction. Although it wasn't the fiction that made me decide.

    I actually started to look back on a couple of episodes, mainly to re-familiarise myself with the characters and I found that I liked both Ash and May as characters more than anybody else.

    From then on, I started to dig a bit deeper into the relationship between Ash and May. I read a few more stories and watched a couple of vids. I then compared this ship with others and found that I preferred AdvanceShipping.

    In the end, I think I became an AdvanceShipper mainly because I love both Ash and May and the chemistry between them (I also found the old Teacher/Student dynamic interesting as well as the similarities between the two). I'm not a mad shipper but I still support it.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2008
  19. Hunter_RuLe

    Hunter_RuLe < Guess who's back?

    This looks like a nice second topic, quite similar to the 'why are you an advanceshipper / how did you get into advanceshipping?' topic i wanted to post as first topic.

    What made you become an AdvanceShipper?

    After leaving the pokemon fandom (besides playing the games) for a few years during the Johto years due to endless reruns of filler episodes, I got back into it a couple of years ago when I saw an random advance generation and I really liked the new girl character and I liked the way she interacted with Ash even more. Eventhough I thought they looked quite cute, I wasn't really a 'shipper' back then, I didn't even knew what it was. Then I saw the first episode of the advance series; That one in which May tricks Ash into traveling with her. From that moment I knew I was gonna like this relation in pokemon.

    Not much later, when I found out about serebii and sppf, because of the very early D/P rumors, I saw there was a huge thing called shippers community. Then I found out that I was (and still am) indeed a shipper. It turned out I have been a mild pokeshipper back in the old days and quite a huge advanceshipper at that time. At first I only read the (old) advanceshipping thread but not much later I decided to join the community and got into the ship more and more because of the friendly welcome I've had from the members and ofcourse because all the great discussions, arts, fics (like May's Crush, which I read in 2 days) and even YT videos.

    From that point on I slowly became a regular poster and now even one of the new co-owners ^^
  20. hey everybody. honored to be here at last. I'm a devoted advanceshipper (dosn't mean I hate poke- or contestshipping) I'm still new here so I'm still learning.

    What made you become an AdvanceShipper?

    Became a huge fan of pokemon when it came to denmark. But they only showed the Kanto episodes and a few orange island episodes. After the last pokemon episode had been shown in denmark I slowly began to loose interest in pokemon and my eyes opened up for warhammer 40000.

    Suddenly they began to show the Hoenn episodes and I just watched them without interest.

    But 1 and a half year ago I accidently saw an advanceshipping amv on youtube. I watched it again and again. First it was only because of the music and not the pics. But slowly I began to look more and more on the pics, and then my interest for pokemon began to grow again. Only because I actually loved the idea of Ash and May as a couple.

    Since that day I have been looking on the internet for more advanceshipping stuff and I've found a lot, and my head exploded with ideas for fanfics. I've never written anyone though, but I intend to do in theese forums. Now advanceshipping is one of my favorite hobbies

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