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Advanceshipping General Discussion: Where Ash and May ADVANCE together ;D

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Gazmof, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. Satoshi no masara

    Satoshi no masara I'm not Red

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  2. CyberBlaziken

    CyberBlaziken A Greater Evil

    That looks amazing.

    Seeing TwitchPresents roll on to Hoenn is rekindling that Advanceshipper in me.
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  3. p96822

    p96822 Evolve me please

    What Pokemon of May and Ash should be married along with them? Like Pikachu and Glaceon?
  4. Satoshi no masara

    Satoshi no masara I'm not Red

    Good news! Kawana Midori (KAORI) May's VA has just made a recovery from her throat problem recently. While this doesn't guarantee anything, I really hope she can voice May again and that we can see her soon. But I guess the most important thing here is KAORI-san's recovery.

    Anyway, should ever she makes a cameo again (whether it's in SM or the next Generation) I hope we'll see some kind of a warm welcome between Ash and May like May leaping to Ash embracing him in the process and hopefully, we'll see their Terracotta ribbons reunited again.
  5. flod1

    flod1 Active Member

    Well if she will voice May again, she will probably come back in 8th generation anime. Despite being an advanceshipper I see no reason for her coming back right now.
  6. Redstar45


  7. aquadrop13

    aquadrop13 Chocolatier

    @Satoshi no masara that fanart you posted was so cute! Omg it makes me so happy seeing recent fanart of them, and such a talented artist too.

    And it's great that KAORI's doing better, I'm so happy for her, she's struggled a lot for sure.

    And I might be too early to say this, but it's Nov 21 here... So HAPPY ADVANCESHIPPING DAY GUYS! While it's hard to accept our ship most likely not happening, we can't deny the wonderful community and happiness this ship brings us ❤️ canon or not, I'll always ship them.
  8. Satoshi no masara

    Satoshi no masara I'm not Red

    Oh snap! Today's ADV day!? I'm not aware.
    Anyway, I agree, canon or not, this is the very 1st shipping I fully supported and maybe the longest one to date and I still like this ship.

    Now for a short discussion:

    What made you an Advanceshipper and what do you think is the best moment that Ash and May shared together?

    Happy Advanceshipping day to all my fellow ADVshippers out there!
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  9. Redstar45


    Um battle sex is part of the how his own relationship with may .
  10. aloasa

    aloasa The sound of drums

    What made you an Advanceshipper and what do you think is the best moment that Ash and May shared together?
    Alright so first... once again I've back after like years of not being part of the Advancer comunity, so I guess most people forgot I existed XD.
    Anyway, it's the fact that this was my first ever season in the pokemon anime, the advance series was, in thus I drew a connectionn better with May and Ash, besides that I did also watch some Johto and Kanto seasons and... well... I hated Misty with a passion back then, not anymore.
    And the second one, I'd say either Ash putting May inside of the escape pod, or the Terracota ribbon event.
  11. flod1

    flod1 Active Member

    What made you an Advanceshipper and what do you think is the best moment that Ash and May shared together

    Probably the Chemistry between them, Ash was good friends with the other pokegirls but not really as much with May which had the chance to develop into a more romantic relationship if May would have stayed, sadly she didn't. They had really good moments together.

    Best moment?
    The scenes in Movie 9 probably and Date expectations.

    Frankly speaking, I also like some of the scenes in Battling the Enemy within. Did anyone notice how May acted when Ash was controlled by that spirit?
  12. aloasa

    aloasa The sound of drums

    Not until today actually, good find
  13. flod1

    flod1 Active Member

    maybe I should rewatch advance generation again to find more hints.
  14. Peter Harrison

    Peter Harrison Well-Known Member

    I have always liked this shipping quite alot, because AG is m 2nd favourite Pokemon series and May is my 2nd favourite character in Pokemon.

    Probably the first AG episode, where May was super excited to be travelling with Ash.
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  15. pokedigijedi

    pokedigijedi Saiyan Jedi

    I don't remember if I already show you all this AMV, if I did I apologize, if not then enjoy its extremely good :)

  16. flod1

    flod1 Active Member

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  17. MagmarFire

    MagmarFire New Member

    Ooh, boy, I always love revisiting this story. One could say that it was got me to accept my penchant for shipping to begin with, and if it didn't happen, I probably wouldn't be here.

    So, back in the summer of '08, I was big into Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I wanted to improve my Link game, and so I joined this one forum that someone made for fellow mains to practice and get to know each other. I was mentored by one of the people on the forum, and while we practiced, he introduced me to WTF, Pokemon?, which had a joke that--I kid you not--actually got me into Pokeshipping.

    What does this have to do with Advanceshipping, you ask? Well, I was very fascinated with the former, and so I went on a wiki walk of sorts on Bulbapedia looking at the shipping documentation project or whatever. After reading the article, if I'm not mistaken, I saw one of the related links and flavor text that mentioned May, whom I remembered being the cute girl from Gen III. Having not really seen the anime much past Season 2 at the time (but probably having sunk the most hours into RSE...), I didn't really consider the possibility that there would be a shipping of that nature, and after reading the Advanceshipping article, I was converted again.

    From there, the rest is history: I found an Advanceshipping forum, got introduced to acclaimed fan fiction, and now over 10 years later, I'm personally finishing May's Crush: Final Frontier because I care that much about getting closure. So...thank you, Smash! You're the best gateway drug ever!

    As for my favorite moment? Ohhh, man, that's hard to list. Pretty much any time they have a shippy moment together--so I could probably just say "Movie 9" and spare the details. Sadly, it's been a long time since I've seen it, and I keep freaking missing it when it gets shown on Twitch, dang it! :'(
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  18. flod1

    flod1 Active Member

    Just a question to keep this thread alive

    Do you Think May will appear in the next series after sun and moon? and if so, why and how?

    I Think she will appear, because she has been away for too long and generally, I Think it is just a good time to get her back.
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  19. CyberBlaziken

    CyberBlaziken A Greater Evil

    I don't think she'll appear. Maybe when the series ends at best.
  20. Manqoba

    Manqoba MultiShipper

    "Who is going to reappear and when" is probably the biggest crapshoot ever right now. Iris from Best Wishes, 5 years ago? No. Serena from XY, 2 years ago? No. Misty from the Original Series that ended 15 years ago? Apparently yes.
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