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advent calander 2011 thread

do you want an advent calender help thread next year?

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Resident dragon
i think im done, at least for now >.>
what i have


If you have something i dont, let me know please ;D

Well, I'm not too far into the puzzle so far (only ~55 words done D: ), but here's a few:

100 across: Can be obtained in a trade in a game, but not obtained at the end of that trade
115 across: Has a lighthouse
--Gateon Port
70 down: Hunts Legendary Pokemon


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i think im done, at least for now >.>
what i have


If you have something i dont, let me know please ;D
I got several.
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i think im done, at least for now >.>
what i have


If you have something i dont, let me know please ;D

The only one I can find is
Created various mechas 51 across. I do a more thorough check tommorow.


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this is the biggest crossword ive ever seen i now will have 2 unfinshed mega crosswords

--stares at unfinished one with 250 from last year--

Need last year's solution? I have both the bw and the non-bw solution :3

I'm not in the mood to do the mega crossword, so... good luck everyone~


New Member
After two days at it on and off, I'm finally down to just these six:

93. Changes location
168. Allows you to find items and Pokémon
173. Gives tips
195. Has wild Pokémon
197. Has two areas and various fortresses
199. Has had various vocations depending on game and anime

Man this is evil! But in a good way. ^.^


New Member
Make sure you're on the advanced screen--there's a Spoil button. Select text to hide + hit Spoil + enter spoiler title in the popup.




Pokemon Hero
@nightfall715: How does that prevent you from typing and thinking? lol.

Anyone fully solve the puzzle yet? if not maybe we can collaborate all the known answers and have one person to a picspoiler with them to keep track of what answers we do/don't know.


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Man this puzzle was the toughest one I ever did... :(


Pokemon Breeder
Thanks Everyone! I have 70 still to go- no time over the weekend, alas... Great thanks to Fire Meowth! It is nice to know the answers are all there when I run out of time to look for them. (I am missing 2 from last year, both on the non-BW section. Now if I can find where I stashed my puzzle....)