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Adventure Face-Off Fast Forward


Is Back Finally!
Adventure Face-Off Fast Forward

Category 5: Best Tallyist

WINNER: fosterfossil for Adventure Face-Off Fast Forward!
Credit - ~.:Northern Lights:.~

Owner: Jonessodaco.Chris
Co-Owner: Yellowhat
Talliest: FosterFossil, Pikasaur, WaterDragon trainer, Brodioh

OK, this face-off takes after the Adventure Face-Off (Red and Blue Version) Storyline style face-offs. Basically, it is an adventure story, where you, the members of SPPf, decide the outcome by facing off certain things. Mods Yellowhat says I can take the idea in cause your wondering.


-Follow general face-off rules of SPPf
-There is no specific style to this face-off except ALWAYS NO DOUBLE POSTING, so just follow the instructions for each round.

But this face-off takes it about 5 years in the future of the Adventure Face-Off (Red and Blue Version)

***But this stories not about Serina… This story is about Chris 5 years after he met Serina***

Story Thus Far:
-Hey yah its alot of words on the first post lol so if you would like to read all the story pm me and i will sent it to you...


Chris: He is the main character in this crazy adventure. Starting off as a completely cocky unskilled trainer, Chris managed to go through Kanto, with the assistance of his friends Serina & Eric and capture new Pokemon and defeat the gyms in Kanto, allowing him to enter in the Pokemon League. Since then he has continued to travel, make new friends and capture new Pokemon while still following his goal of becoming a Pokemon master. Since he has been a trainer for several years, he has quite a team behind him and has many strong and unique Pokemon at his home.
-From Cerulean City, Kanto

Eevee - lv. 58 ;133;
Grovyle - lv. 40 ;253;
Swellow - lv. 36 ;277;
Vibrava - lv. 40 ;329;
Bagon - lv. 25 ;371;

Pokemon He Has At Professor Oaks
Ivysaur ;002; Bayleef ;153; Breloom - lv. 40 ;286;
Charizard ;006; Quilava ;156; Lairon - lv. 40 ;305;
Squirtle ;007; Feraligatr ;160; Egg ;egg;
Butterfree ;012; Shiny Noctowl - lv. 40

Beedrill ;015; Aipom - lv. 15 ;190;
Shiny Pidgeot - lv. 50
Yanma - lv. 15 ;193;
Pikachu ;025; Scizor ;212;
Golbat ;042; Donphan ;232;
Growlithe ;058;
Gengar ;094;
Starmie ;121;
Scyther ;123;
Scyther ;123;
Dragonite ;149;

Pokemon He Use To Have
Treecko ;252; - A seemingly protective Pokemon by nature. Chris found Treecko in the wild and when Team Rocket stole all Chris's Pokemon he came to the rescue. He is very strong and has proven himself numerous times in battle such as against Roxannes Nosepass and it eventually evolved into Grovyle.
Ralts ;280; - The teleporting Pokemon Ralts tends to be a kind of goof and was traded with Carlie for Taillow in a drowning ship trade machine to save Carlies life.
Aron ;304; - On there way to the Slateport City Pokemon Center Chris caught this Aron along with Vibrava and it was noticeable strong. It evolved very quickly and moments later Chris had a Lairon.
Shiny Azumarill
- The beautiful golden pokemon was caught in Johto, but never had a chance to see the battlefield. So Chris gave it to his Younger Sister Larissa when she started her Pokemon Journey.

Badges/ League Position:
8 Kanto Badges - ??? in the Indigo League
4 Orange League Badges - Orange League Champion
8 Johto Badges - ??? in the Johto League
5 Hoenn Badge - Stone Badge, Knuckle Badge, Dynamo Badge, Heat Badge, Balance Badge

Items: x20 Pokeballs, x1 Luxury Ball, Everstone, Fresh Water, Full Restore, Thunder Stone, Calcium, Carbos, x1 Masterball

Carlie: Carlie was originally trying to be a Pokemon Trainer when she started on her Pokemon journey. She originally wanted to pick mudkip as her starter, but her childhood friend Tyler picked it before her. So she picked torchic as her starter, but quickly became friends with the little chick. Into her Pokemon Journey, Carlie discovers Pokemon Contests. After a few rough battles she decides she would rather be a co-ordinator then a trainer. Carlie has entered in only a few contests so far, but has proven she can hold her own in a battle making it all the way to Top 4.
-From Littleroot Town, Hoenn

Combusken - lv. 30 ;256;
Beautifly - lv. 30 ;267; Caught With A Net Ball
Delcatty - lv. 24 ;301;
Roselia - lv. 25 ;315;
Azurill - lv. 12 ;298; Hatched From An Egg

Pokemon She Has At Professor Oaks

Pokemon She Has At Home
Ralts - lv. 24 ;280;

Pokemon She Use To Have
Torchic ;255; - Carlie had almost no faith in Torchic and when she first started she didn't even want it. She was much interested in stronger fire type Pokemon. It wasn't until her second contest that she relized how strong Torchic could be. Torchic attempted to save a stuck Camerupt when it evolved into Combusken.
Wurmple ;265; - Carlies first captured Pokemon. She had thought she caught a scyther, but to her surprise it was a wurmple when she battled Bugsy. She lost but instantly fell in love with Wurmple. It eventually evolved into a Silcoon.
Silcoon ;266; - Wurmple evolved into Silcoon in Carlies first gym battle with Roxanne. It was used in many battles and was used many times by Carlie. When Silcoon battled Jesses Cascoon and won it evolved into Carlies dream pokemon Beautifly.
Taillow ;276; - Caught in Dewford City Taillow was hardly seen until it was traded with Chris for Ralts in a drowning ship trade machine to save Carlies life.

Ribbons/ Festival Position:
1 Hoenn Ribbon - Rubello Town Ribbon

Items: x10 Pokeballs, Contest Pass, Deep Sea Tooth, Deep Sea Scale, Full Heal, Max Potion

Zeph: Being the child of Jaun the gym leader in Sootopolis City he has always wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer and during his travels he has learned a lot about Pokemon and their habits. After a rough start, Chris and Carlie made him believe in himself and he has proved to be a really good battler and a friend to all his Pokemon.
-From Sootopolis City, Hoenn

Marowak - lv. 40 ;105;
Manectric - lv. 40 ;310;
Corphish - lv. 30 ;341; Caught With A Dive Ball
Lombre - lv. 28 ;271;
Loudred - lv. 28 ;294;

Pokemon He Has At Professor Oaks
Butterfree – lv. 20 ;012;

Pokemon He Has At Home
Sealeo - lv. 40 ;364;

Pokemon He Use To Have
Electrike ;309; - Is a Very powerful electric pokemon on Zephs team. It started to feel it wasn't ever used so Zeph used it in his second gym battle and electrike without fainting took out all of Brawlys Pokemon. It has a variety of electric pokemon attacks, and after some training in Slateport City it evolved into a powerhouse pokemon Manectric
Whismur ;293; - We saw through Loudreds flashbacks that Whismur has had a tough life and was treated really badly by his previous trainer. But when he met Zeph he forgot all about his past and was used in many battles. During his battle with Tyler Zeph had his last pokemon choice and was stuck using Whismur. However during the battle it proved strong and evolved into Loudred

Badges/ League Position:
5 Hoenn Badge - Stone Badge, Knuckle Badge, Dynamo Badge, Heat Badge, Balance Badge

Items: x15 Pokeballs, Hyper Potion

Tyler: Growing up with Carlie was not an easy task. They tend to always be competing against each other, but now that carlie has decided to be a co-ordinator tyler has become a rival to Chris. With many strong Pokemon on his team he tends to believe he is the best, but with a cocky personality Chris usually puts him in his place. When starting on his journey he decided to pick his starter mudkip and in turn ended up giving Carlie a torchic.
-From Littleroot Town, Hoenn

Swampert - lv. 36 ;260;
Growlithe - lv. 35 ;058;
Electabuzz - lv. 35 ;125;
Ninjask - lv. 32 ;291;
Vigoroth (Rothy) - lv. 34 ;288;

Pokemon He Has At Home
4 Beedrill - ;015;

Badges/ League Position:
3 Hoenn Badge - Stone Badge, Knuckle Badge, Dynamo Badge

Items: x10 Pokeball, Potion

Serina: Chris's Childhood Friend who is doing both Contests and Gym Battles now and is a severe threat to both Chris and Carlie, having beaten Carlie in a contest battle and beated Chris in a one on one battle. Not much is known of Serina so far, but she will be returning with many powerful and unique pokemon in the future of Hoenn.

Charizard - lv. 58 ;006;
Espeon - lv. 40 ;196;
Plusle - lv. 10 ;311;
Masquerain – lv. 36 ;284;
Milotic - lv. 45 ;350;

Pokemon She Has At Home
Butterfree - ;012;
Nidorina - ;030;
Clefairy - ;035;
Dugtrio - ;051;
Mankey - ;056;

Badges/ League Position:
8 Kanto Badges - ??? in the Indigo League
8 Johto Badges - ??? in the Johto League
8 Hoenn Badge - ??? in the Hoenn League

Ribbons/ Festival Position:
1 - Ribbons - Slateport City Ribbon

Items: No Items

Scarlett: Having dreamed about contests all her life, she has learned many unique attacks and performances for her Pokemon to present in a contest. She is a kind and sincere co-ordinator always offering to help young trainers when they are having problems. Carlie first met Scarlett in her first Pokemon contest where Scarlett proved she is a friend, but also a strong rival for Carlie in the future to come.
-From Mauville City, Hoenn

Skarmory - lv. 30 ;227;
Bellossom - lv. 22 ;182;
Horsea - lv. 10 ;116;
Vulpix - lv. 25 ;037;

Ribbons/ Festival Position:
2 Hoenn Ribbons - Unknown Ribbon, Unknown Ribbon

Items: x10 Pokeballs, Credit Card, Antidote, Burn Heal

Simon: Simon met The Gang back somewhere in route 111 and made a re-appearence in the Fallarbor Town Contest. His skills in contests are very outstanding, but he tried to cheat Carlie out of making it past the appeal Rounds. Luckily Carlie pulled threw, but has a pretty feirce rival who is out for revenge in contests to come.
-From Slateport City, Hoenn

Sableye - lv. 25 ;302;
Cacturne - lv. 25 ;332;

Ribbons/ Festival Position:


Larissa: She Is Chris's Younger Sister, who this year is starting her Pokemon Journey in Kanto. She idolizes Misty and her water pokemon ever since she was a little girl. She has now decided after a performence with her hero that she would like to become a water pokemon trainer and has set off on her journey in Kanto
-From Cerulean City, Kanto

Squirtle - lv. 15 ;007;
Shiny Azumarill - lv. 18

Magikarp - lv. 5 ;129;

Badges/ League Position:
0 - Badges

Ribbons/ Festival Position:
0 - Ribbons

Items: x10 Pokeball, Potion

Team Rocket: A Trio Team out to Steal Pokemon.
Meowth - lv. 20 ;052;
Seviper - lv. 20 ;336;
Dustox - lv. 22 ;269;
Gulpin - lv. 20 ;316;
Kecleon - lv. 25 ;352;

Badges/ League Position:
0 - Badges

Ribbons/ Festival Position:
0 - Ribbons

Items: No Items

Daniel: Daniel is a relatively experienced Pokemon Trainer from the Hoenn Region. He was first introduced when he tried to use a Masterball to capture Chris’s Eevee. Daniel has proven to be a very strong and wise Pokemon trainer with winning the Rubello Town Quest for the Masterball Tournament. He has a well-balanced team behind him and he treats his Pokemon with the utmost respect.
-From Rubello Town, Hoenn

Sceptile - lv. 50 ;254;
Delcatty - lv. 35 ;301;
Hitmontop - lv. 40 ;237;
Steelix - lv. 40 ;208;

Badges/ League Position:
Unknown - Badges

Ribbons/ Festival Position:
Unknown - Ribbons

Items: No Items

Alexa: Alexa is a traveling companion of Daniel and Clinton who have many strong Pokemon on her line up. She comes off as a cute weak trainer, but when she releases her team of powerhouse Pokemon you can’t call her that anymore. With strong Pokemon like Tropius and Rhyhorn she seems unstoppable. However despite her strong Pokemon her cloyster was no match for Carlies agile Roselia.
-From Rubello Town, Hoenn

Rhyhorn - lv. 35 ;111;
Delcatty - lv. 30 ;301;
Cloyster - lv. 30 ;091;
Marill - lv. 20 ;183;
Tropius - lv. 30 ;357;

Badges/ League Position:
Unknown - Badges

Ribbons/ Festival Position:
Unknown - Ribbons

Items: No Items

Clinton: Clinton was first introduced when he had entered the Rubello Town Quest for the Masterball Tournament. Although he almost missed his battle when Trinity and Trixon kidnapped both Zeph and Clinton. He managed to escape and win his first battle in the tournament, however was knocked out in the second round by his nerves. Clinton believes he is cursed to never win a battle and must overcome this fear before every succeeding in a battle. Not much is known yet of Clintons Pokemon team with him only battling with his delcatty.
-From Rubello Town, Hoenn

Delcatty - lv. 30 ;301;

Badges/ League Position:
Unknown - Badges

Ribbons/ Festival Position:
Unknown - Ribbons

Items: No Items

Gardevoir - lv. 30 ;282;
Jolteon - lv. 40 ;135;
Sneasel - lv. 35 ;215;
Kingdra - lv. 29 ;230;
Swellow - lv. 24 ;277;
Magneton - lv. 60 ;082;

Pokemon She Has At Home
Flaffy - lv. 30 ;180;

Badges/ League Position:
0 - Badges

Ribbons/ Festival Position:
0 - Ribbons

Items: No Items

Trinity + Trixon: An evil duo who steal Pokemon and identities and were first seen in the Masterball Tournament in Rubello Town when they tried to steal Zephs identity
Golem - lv. 30 ;076;
Venomoth - lv. 30 ;049;

Badges/ League Position:
0 - Badges

Ribbons/ Festival Position:
0 - Ribbons

Items: No Items

Story Volumes

Volume I
Chapter 1 - Old Friends New Beginnings
Chapter 2 - With New Friends, Come New Rivals
Chapter 3 - Lost and Alone
Chapter 4 - Mystery Team Rockets Sky High
Chapter 5 - Starters For a New Adventure
Chapter 6 - You Bug Me
Chapter 7 - Smells Like a Gym Battle
Chapter 8 - Nap Pokemon Nab
Chapter 9 - Mixed Up Team Part 1
Chapter 10 - Mixed Up Team Part 2
Chapter 11 – Mixed Up Team Part 3
Chapter 12 – New Challenger Approaches
Chapter 13 – Double Trouble
Chapter 14 – Attack Of Team Magma
Chapter 15 – Dewford City Pokemon Choose Your Future
Chapter 16 – Gazers Gym Battle Brawly
Chapter 17 – We Need Practice
Chapter 18 – Neglected Electrike
Chapter 19 – Cruise Ship Disaster
Chapter 20 – Trade or Drown

Volume II
Chapter 1 – Beautiful Beautifly
Chapter 2 – Slateport City Contest Scarlett And… SERINA?!?
Chapter 3 – Old Friends Make The Best Friends
Chapter 4 – New Captures And A Shocking Evolution
Chapter 5 – Egg-celent Tournament
Chapter 6 – Chris Vs Tyler: Finals Tournament For The Egg
Chapter 7 – Disobedient Loudred
Chapter 8 – Scars From The Past
Chapter 9 – Heard Of Breloom Enter Mauville City
Chapter 10 – Dynamite! Battle For The Badge
Chapter 11 – Master Of Electricity
Chapter 12 – Paralyzed And Helpless
Chapter 13 – Out Of Control Whirlwind
Chapter 14 – Roselia Round 1 – Target Practice/ Beautifly Round 2 – Tornado Path
Chapter 15 – Beautifly/ Roselia Round 3 – Obstacle Course
Chapter 16 – Back To Cerulean Where It All Began
Chapter 17 – What’s Behind The Bushes!?
Chapter 18 – Larissa’s First Pokemon
Chapter 19 – Search For The Injured Seadra
Chapter 20 – Water Pokemon Master Misty

Volume III
Chapter 1 – Hatched Egg
Chapter 2 – Blast From The Past
Chapter 3 – Rematch Seadra
Chapter 4 – Mauville City Reunion And A Heart Spot Surskit
Chapter 5 – Why Aren’t My Wings Shiny?
Chapter 6 – Tyler Returns Rothy
Chapter 7 – Boys And Girls Side Adventures
Chapter 8 – Thunder Stone… Evolution?
Chapter 9 – Jagged Pass Mountain Storm
Chapter 10 – Jagged Pass Mountain Storm Part 2
Chapter 11 – Jagged Pass Mountain Storm Part 3
Chapter 12 – Pokemon Rescues
Chapter 13 – Fallarbor Town And Tormented Torchic Appeals
Chapter 14 – Simon Contest Sabotage
Chapter 15 – Fire Chick Power
Chapter 16 – Torchic Burning Ambition
Chapter 17 – Scarlett Vulpix Vs Ampharos
Chapter 18 – Fallarbor Town Finals
Chapter 19 – Circus Of Flying Numel
Chapter 20 – Camerupt… Combusken The Savior!

Volume IV
Chapter 1 – Old Friends Fire Vs Water
Chapter 2 – Flannery Defends Mount Chimney
Chapter 3 – Mount Chimney Mishap
Chapter 4 – Lavaridge Town Zeph Battle For The Heat Bagde
Chapter 5 – Megu, Magu, Mura!
Chapter 6 – Frightful Fair Illusion
Chapter 7 – A Ghost Hunters Nightmare
Chapter 8 – Pokemon Party - Delcatty Got Your Tongue?
Chapter 9 – Materball in Rubello Town
Chapter 10 – Quest for the Masterball Tournament – Round 1
Chapter 11 – Quest for the Masterball Tournament – Trinity And Trixon
Chapter 12 – Quest for the Masterball Tournament – Double Trouble Rescue
Chapter 13 – Quest for the Masterball Tournament – Round 2/3
Chapter 14 – Quest for the Masterball Tournament – Round 4
Chapter 15 – Quest for the Masterball Tournament – Round 5 – Bug/ Flying/ Water/ Electric
Chapter 16 – Quest for the Masterball Tournament – Round 5 – Semi Finals
Chapter 17 – Quest for the Masterball Tournament – Round 6 – Finals
Chapter 18 – Farewell Familiar Friends
Chapter 19 – Bright Lights Coming From Every Direction
Chapter 20 – 3rd Times The Charm… Rubello Town Contest

Current Story

-Lombre first into battle vs slakoth was nervous but Zeph kept him in control. With quick maneuvering it was able to dodge many blizzard attacks by using ice beam to create a wall of protection in front of him. Once slakoth was tired of attacking quick bullet seeds and water guns put the Pokemon to rest.

-Out came vigoroth and lombre was tired from battle so zeph decided it was best to return it to the pokeball for some rest.

-Vigoroth found against cubone. Flamethrowers seemed to do no damage to cubone, but slash after slash seemed to have cubone cornered.

Zeph: cubone dig!
-with quick thinking cubone hid for safety in the ground. Popping up behind vigoroth, cubone hits with an iron tail. Dead on vigoroth wasn’t ready for that and he goes flying into the wall.

-Slaking took the field… its huge size intimidated cubone, but it stayed strong holding its on in battle. With bonemerang, ice beam, flamethrower, skull bash cubone was doing some damage to slaking. But it wasn’t enough. A hyperbeam from slaking hit cubone blasting it to the ground.

Zeph: Cubone Cubone are you ok?
Chris: I don’t think cubones gonna be able to get up after that blow.
Carlie: looks like manectrics gonna have to end the battle
Zeph: cubone common I believe in you lets do this!
-cubone stagers to its feet.

Norman: finish this slaking. Hyperbeam!
Carlie: nooo at that range cubone could be hurt really badly
Chris: call cubone back zeph its not worth it!
Zeph: we can do this cubone.
-bright lights shine across the room
Zeph: what nooo gasp

Chris: Dex: Marowak the evolved form of cubone originally a very weak Pokemon overcome with grief has now grown tough and ferocious with its newly gained strength.

Zeph: marowak look out!
-hyperbeam gleams across the field towards marowak
-marowak jumps up runs across the field at incredible speed and slashes with his bone straight to slakings stomach.

Chris: wow that was bone rush. Marowaks newly gained speed and strength are unbelievable
Carlie: awesome marowak!
-Slaking faints

Norman: congratulation zeph your Pokemon are incredibly balanced you are going to be a huge threat in the future.
Zeph: thank you.
Norman: you deserve this here’s your balance badge.
-the friends say goodbye with there newly earned badges. Head off to the Pokemon center.

Chris – Larissa Telephone call:
Chris: Hey Larissa how you doing?
Larissa: oh Chris you wouldn’t believe it something tragic has happened at home!
Chris: what whats wrong?
Larissa: Its matt he’s missing!
Chris: what how!
Larissa: something’s happening at home people are going missing its… adsf… adsf
Chris: Larissa you’re breaking up… Larissa can you here me!

Carlie: what’s happened?
Chris: we have to go back to my place.
Zeph: we’re with you. Lets go!
Carlie: ya we can head back to Littleroot town take a ferry we will be there in no time.
Chris: we will never make it in time that would take us weeks!
Stranger: I can take you pretty close to littleroot town in my chopper. You’ll just have to make it through the mountains and you could be there within the day.

Chris: thanks guys lets go!
-the stranger flies them through the forests, across lakes and they land. They just need to pass the mountain gorge and they’re off to littleroot town.

Carlie: lets go guys!
-they start climbing down into the gorge.
Zeph: whats up with the rocks down here. They look like they’ve been carved and painted
-shouts yelling come from the edge of the gorge. “get out of there” “its not safe”

Chris: what are they saying I can’t hear… wooooww
Zeph: the rocks are moving!
Carlie: Dex: Torcoal the coal Pokemon…

Chris: They’re torcoal!!!
-the torcoal begin chancing the gang through the gorge.
-as they begin to get chanced the team gets separated. Chris and carlie to the left… Zeph alone on the right.
-all the torcoal follow Chris and carlie except one who chases zeph to a dead end

-the townsfolk help chris and carlie out.
Towns man: you guys gotta be careful. The gorge has become infected with these angry angry torcoal.
Chris: wheres zeph!?
Carlie: he was right behind us?
Towns man: look over there it’s the leader he has zeph cornered.

Zeph: go corphish!

Ragging Torcoal

Zeph wins his gym battle. Marowak is newly added to his team and is sure to be one of his powerhouses in the future with new attacks like bone rush. But there seems to be something happening in Chris’s hometown! The friends all heading to littleroot town to take the ferry get in more trouble when they seem to run into a pack of angry torcoal. The leader has zeph cornered and corphish is sent out to protect him. What happens next?

Voting every 30 seconds
Use there power level to vote

I shall X4 Hurt Corphish

Corphish – 26Hp (Power level 3)


Torcoal – 45Hp ( Power Level 4)
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Red: True Master
I nominate Mark.


Is Back Finally!
Chapter 1 - Old Friends New Beginnings

Chris at age 16 is at Professor Oaks with all his Pokemon loving every second of it… but what will he do next…
-As Chris is admiring his 20 badges, he looks down and thinks its time to start a new journey… but where should he go???

Oak: well Chris you have had quite an adventure so far but their holding a new league in hoenn I think you should go there and try your luck
Chris: yah that sounds fun thanks professor
Oak: heres your new pokedex and pokeballs
Chris: wait whats with these two pokeballs
Oak: Those are special such as this one is a luxury ball and this one is a premium ball…
Chris: wow thanks I’ve never seen so many different ones
Oak: well Kurt sends his thanks for helping him get back all his appricorns and pokeballs from team rocket
Oak: he said you could have your pick at any of them…
Chris: I think I’ll take the luxury ball/ dive ball and net ball…Ohh noo I completely forgot she’s waiting for me… I have to go meet carlie.

-Chris heads off to Hoenn with just his eevee at his sides and with adventure in his eyes
-Chris gets off the boat to meet up with his friend Carlie…

Carlie: Hey Chris I missed you but you are so late I had to choose all by myself
Chris: I’m sorry I missed the first boat and then the second boat hit “problems”
Carlie: Well ok I’m glad to see you and happy your here
Chris: but wait which one did you choose
Carlie: well I wanted to choose mudkip, but Tyler got there first and choose it before me, but I choose the best one you could have anyways
Chris: which one which one WHICH ONE
Carlie: Well Torchic of course… come on out
-Dex: Fire Starter Pokemon Obtained in Littleroot Town
Chris: Wow good choice
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Red: True Master
The Marie! Heh... I screwed up, sorry!

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
^^^ u do relize its a girls name lol all let u change it

I really don't mean to make a scene, but you never really clarified that. Well, I guess it's been stated now.

Anyways, I'll nominate the name, ELISSA.


Is Back Finally!
Chapter 2 - With New Friends, Come New Rivals

(out in the distance someone shouts) THAT’S NOT THE BEST ONE… Use Water Gun
-Out of nowhere Chris and Carlie are hit with a water gun that soaks and faints torchic
Chris: Whom do you think you are doing that to us?
Mystery Kid: Wow what’s the point in battling week Pokemon trainers (looking at Carlie and her poor fainted torchic)
Carlie: That’s not fair your Pokemon has an advantage on me and you took me by surprise
Mystery Kid: Well this eevee looks like it could put up a fair fight but it still won’t be able to keep up with my powerful mudkip
-Dex Water Starter Pokemon Obtained in Littleroot Town
Mystery Kid: I Challenge you!!!
Chris: Challenge Excepted!!!

Chris: sand attack and follow up with a quick attack
Mystery Kid: counter it with a tackle
Chris: use protect and then double team
Mystery Kid: use mud slap take them all out
Chris: eevee now finish it with take down
Mystery Kid: use water gun?
-With a double team fake out and a powerful take down eevee faints mudkip

Chris: you did awesome eevee great battle… and you did well for a beginner yourself
Mystery Kid: Arg…Wow your better then I thought… return mudkip, but you better watch out all beat you next time… (Running off in the distance)
Carlie: good job Chris you really put him in his place
Chris: Carlie who was that anyways?
Carlie: His names Tyler and his egos almost as big as his head!!!

Chris: Hahaha nice but we better head to the Pokemon center to heal our Pokemon
Carlie: ok let’s go

-the two of them head off to the Pokemon center but get quickly lost when they head into the forest
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WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
Oh, aight then. My bad for not reading everything.

Anyways, from personal experience, I will vote for ELISSA.

Also, does this vote count now that a round has started or do I have to wait for an hour?


Is Back Finally!
Chapter 3 - Lost and Alone

Chris: Agh we could be stuck in this forest for the rest of our lives because you couldn’t read a map
Carlie: What!?! Are you trying to blame this on me… if it wasn’t for your shortcut we would have been there by now.
Chris: Well its gonna get dark soon so we should set up camp…
Carlie: but are we going to be safe??? (as she looks into the darkness panicking)
Chris: we will be fine I’ve done this a hundred times. I’m going to go find some wood to make a fire
Carlie: wait your not gonna leave me… alone… are you?
Chris: don’t worry all be back in 5-10 minutes tops
Carlie: ok
-Chris heads off into the bushes and disappears
creak… hoo… crunch… Sqeak… BAM…Screech…
Carlie: AHHHHHH Torchic Run (carlie runs in fear searching for Chris as something in the bushes seams to be following her)
Carlie: Chris Help!!! Stay away Ahhhh (she falls down a hill and hits her head on a rock… lights out)

The Next Day

-Carlie Awakes
Carlie: ohh no WHERE am I… and wheres my pokeballs… TORCHIC… CHRISSSS she screams

-Flashes to Chris
Chris: Carlie, CARRlie, Carlliieee where are you. Oh eevee I hope shes ok

Flashes To Torchic
Tor-chic (torchic sits next to a rushing river waiting and hoping someone will return)

Flashes back to Carlie
Carlie: ok calm down chris is probably looking for you and will be here anytime soon… and torchics probably with him… But what if shes NOT
-rustling in the bushes
Carlie: Chris?
-Out hops three strange figures and carlie starts to run but the rocks underneath her stubble and she falls off a cliff into a rapid filled river

Carlie: Help Help Help (her head bobbing up and down in the rushing river
-Carlie grabs onto a rock and the rivers pulling her body down the stream but she holds on for dear life
Carlie: Torchic please go get help!!!

-Torchic looks in despair at her trainer and gets teary eyes…
-It jumps on a rock that’s in the river and almost falls in… it jumps again and again each rock bringing it closer to Carlie but with a quick gust of wind and a powerful wave torchic is swept into the rushing river
Carlie: Torchiccccc
Chris: Carlie grab on…
-as he throughs a rope to carlie
Carlie: Torchic Nooo
-Chris and eevee pull carlie to shore as you see torchic screamin and drifting in the distance
Chris: oh man I was so worried are you ok
Carlie: I’m fine now lets go get torchic
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Chapter 4 - Mystery Team Rockets Sky High

-Out pops three black figures with big R’s on there shirts they throw there pokeballs and out pops two Pokemon seviper and gulpin

Chris: wow those three were ridiculous.
Carlie: k lets go get torchic.
-The two of them run down beside the river in search for torchic.
Torrr TORRRR-chic
Carlie: THERE right there… torchic hold on
Chris: how are we gonna get there its stuck
Carlie: oh no if he falls off that rock he’s going straight down that waterfall.
Chris: what are we gonna do… the waters rising and eventually it will hit torchic
-Growlithe use ember and tackle… a tree falls down and makes a bridge for torchic
-torchic starts to walk across it with growlithe
-The tree snaps and the two Pokemon are in the water…
-They get closer and closer to the water fall… and fall off the edge
Carlie: NOOOO torchic
Buzz Buzz Buzz
Chris: what the?
-up comes 4 beedrill carrying torchic and growlithe
Carlie: thank you sooo much Mr.?
You can call me Tyler eh Carlie lol
Carlie: thank you soo much… but are these all your Pokemon?
Tyler: yes I caught growlithe right after I left you guys before and I caught these 4 beedrill when they were chasing me through the forest today
Chris: wow you have quite a few Pokemon already
Tyler: you know just because you beat me once doesn’t mean you can undermined me
Well seeing as torchic’s a little wet how about we have a little battle… but this time I know your little trick
Chris: if it’s a rematch you want you will get it
Carlie: hey wait my torchic is fine to battle
Chris: carlie no its not you have to know when to quit. Your torchic is exhausted let me battle
Carlie: fine go ahead
Tyler: come on out mudkip
Chris: you ready eevee lets do it
-Chris and Tyler have a rematch

Chris: Wow that was an intense battle and eevees pretty hurt lets go to the Pokemon center
Tyler: yah lets go
-they go to the Pokemon center and the Pokemon are healed
Tyler: I’m gonna train even harder to beet you next time cya
Chris: I can’t wait for our next battle good luck bye
-Tyler walks off into the distance

Chris: Lets get some sleep we will stay the night here…
Carlie: sounds like a plan night
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It's been an hour so I vote for ELISSA again.

EDIT: Not sure if I'm allowed to do this, but it's been a couple hours so ELISSA gets my vote again.
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Chapter 5 - Starters For a New Adventure

The Next Day

Carlie: common torchic lets go catch some Pokemon
Chris: wait for me
Carlie: look in the bushes
-ruzzle ruzzle – out pops a strange green shaped creature
- Dex Treecko - Grass Starter Pokemon Obtained in Littleroot Town
Chris: I wanna catch that go eevee
Carlie: I saw it first
Chris: arg you let it get away

Carlie: hey look over there it’s a scyther. That’s so rare what are the odds of that. Torchic ember attack
-scyyyy… scyther dives into the bushes
Carlie: Go pokeball
-red flash of light… bing
Carlie: I caught it YES I caught a SCYTHER
Chris: pff I wanted that
-You caught a scyther eh?
Carlie: Who are you?
Bugsy: My names bugsy and I’m a huge bug Pokemon fan I think there the best. I just caught a scyther myself… care to see which ones the better one?
Carlie: Bring it on go pokeball
-but to her surprice a small wurmple pops out
Bugsy: hahaha you think that little wurmple could take on my scyther hahahaha lets show them how strong bug Pokemon are.
Carlie: but I don’t understand wheres scyther
-two boys runs out of the bushes: I cant believe we caught a scyther it was just lieing there already weakend. Yah
Carlie: ahhhh I can’t believe im stuck with this worthless worm. Theres no way I can beet a scyther
Chris: common carlie you can do it just believe in wurmple
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Hurt ;133;