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Adventure Face-Off Fast Forward


Panda Power
Yay!! Go little Cubo....Marowak!!

Cant wait to see how it does against Winona.
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Is Back Finally!
-Lombre first into battle vs slakoth was nervous but Zeph kept him in control. With quick maneuvering it was able to dodge many blizzard attacks by using ice beam to create a wall of protection in front of him. Once slakoth was tired of attacking quick bullet seeds and water guns put the Pokemon to rest.

-Out came vigoroth and lombre was tired from battle so zeph decided it was best to return it to the pokeball for some rest.

-Vigoroth found against cubone. Flamethrowers seemed to do no damage to cubone, but slash after slash seemed to have cubone cornered.

Zeph: cubone dig!
-with quick thinking cubone hid for safety in the ground. Popping up behind vigoroth, cubone hits with an iron tail. Dead on vigoroth wasn’t ready for that and he goes flying into the wall.

-Slaking took the field… its huge size intimidated cubone, but it stayed strong holding its on in battle. With bonemerang, ice beam, flamethrower, skull bash cubone was doing some damage to slaking. But it wasn’t enough. A hyperbeam from slaking hit cubone blasting it to the ground.

Zeph: Cubone Cubone are you ok?
Chris: I don’t think cubones gonna be able to get up after that blow.
Carlie: looks like manectrics gonna have to end the battle
Zeph: cubone common I believe in you lets do this!
-cubone stagers to its feet.

Norman: finish this slaking. Hyperbeam!
Carlie: nooo at that range cubone could be hurt really badly
Chris: call cubone back zeph its not worth it!
Zeph: we can do this cubone.
-bright lights shine across the room
Zeph: what nooo gasp

Chris: Dex: Marowak the evolved form of cubone originally a very weak Pokemon overcome with grief has now grown tough and ferocious with its newly gained strength.

Zeph: marowak look out!
-hyperbeam gleams across the field towards marowak
-marowak jumps up runs across the field at incredible speed and slashes with his bone straight to slakings stomach.

Chris: wow that was bone rush. Marowaks newly gained speed and strength are unbelievable
Carlie: awesome marowak!
-Slaking faints

Norman: congratulation zeph your Pokemon are incredibly balanced you are going to be a huge threat in the future.
Zeph: thank you.
Norman: you deserve this here’s your balance badge.
-the friends say goodbye with there newly earned badges. Head off to the Pokemon center.

Chris – Larissa Telephone call:
Chris: Hey Larissa how you doing?
Larissa: oh Chris you wouldn’t believe it something tragic has happened at home!
Chris: what whats wrong?
Larissa: Its matt he’s missing!
Chris: what how!
Larissa: something’s happening at home people are going missing its… adsf… adsf
Chris: Larissa you’re breaking up… Larissa can you here me!

Carlie: what’s happened?
Chris: we have to go back to my place.
Zeph: we’re with you. Lets go!
Carlie: ya we can head back to Littleroot town take a ferry we will be there in no time.
Chris: we will never make it in time that would take us weeks!
Stranger: I can take you pretty close to littleroot town in my chopper. You’ll just have to make it through the mountains and you could be there within the day.

Chris: thanks guys lets go!
-the stranger flies them through the forests, across lakes and they land. They just need to pass the mountain gorge and they’re off to littleroot town.

Carlie: lets go guys!
-they start climbing down into the gorge.
Zeph: whats up with the rocks down here. They look like they’ve been carved and painted
-shouts yelling come from the edge of the gorge. “get out of there” “its not safe”

Chris: what are they saying I can’t hear… wooooww
Zeph: the rocks are moving!
Carlie: Dex: Torcoal the coal Pokemon…

Chris: They’re torcoal!!!
-the torcoal begin chancing the gang through the gorge.
-as they begin to get chanced the team gets separated. Chris and carlie to the left… Zeph alone on the right.
-all the torcoal follow Chris and carlie except one who chases zeph to a dead end

-the townsfolk help chris and carlie out.
Towns man: you guys gotta be careful. The gorge has become infected with these angry angry torcoal.
Chris: wheres zeph!?
Carlie: he was right behind us?
Towns man: look over there it’s the leader he has zeph cornered.

Zeph: go corphish!

Ragging Torcoal

Zeph wins his gym battle. Marowak is newly added to his team and is sure to be one of his powerhouses in the future with new attacks like bone rush. But there seems to be something happening in Chris’s hometown! The friends all heading to littleroot town to take the ferry get in more trouble when they seem to run into a pack of angry torcoal. The leader has zeph cornered and corphish is sent out to protect him. What happens next?

Voting every 30 seconds
Use there power level to vote

I shall X4 Hurt Corphish

Corphish – 26Hp (Power level 3)


Torcoal – 45Hp ( Power Level 4)


3X hurt Torkoal


3x hurt torkoal


Is Back Finally!
I shall X4 Hurt Corphish

So how are you pikasaur. Are you aware we've known each other for years now. crazy how time flys by

Corphish – 6Hp (Power level 3)


Torcoal – 6Hp ( Power Level 4)


Panda Power
3x hurt Torkoal

im fine, are you aware were the only two who post here anymore

FO's are all dead