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Adventure Face-Off Fast Forward


Is Back Finally!
x2 hurt Hariyama

no lol his hp is at 2

now one more kills him


Is Back Finally!
Zeph: yah electrike you did it I’m soooo proud of you
Brawly: congrats to you Zeph, you truly earned this
Zeph: Yah I got a Knuckle Badge
Chris: now were two for two Zeph!!!
Zeph: yah two down, 6 to go
Chris: your dad would be really proud of you Zeph
Zeph: you think?
Carlie: I’m positive… hey wait what time is it
Zeph: 3:55
Carlie: WERE gonna miss the boat to Slateport City it leaves at 5 minutes… HURRY
Zeph: ok lets go… thanks again
-the three friends leave the gym and wave goodbye to Brawly as they head for the docks

Zeph: were gonna miss it
-Zeph Tripppss
Carlie: Chris wait Zeph Fell
Zeph: go go I’ll take the next ferry
-Chris and Carlie make it on the boat
-but they close the doors before Zeph can get on
-they wave goodbye to Zeph and head to the top floors of the ship

Carlie: hey everyone’s showing off their Pokemon
Chris: yah look at that guy hes putting on like a show
Carlie: wow his Pokemon look strong
Chris: A tentacruel, warturtle and a blastoise
Carlie: lets let our Pokemon out it seems like everyone’s doing it now
Chris: ok common out eevee, treecko, yanma, ralts
Carlie: you two guys torchic, beautifly, taillow, skitty
Trainer#1: hey look that girl has a torchic
Trainer#2: and that one has a treecko
Trainer#3: those trainers over there have some hoenn starters they are really rare
-Swarms of trainers surround Chris and Carlie
Trainer#4: I’ll give you my pidgeotto for it
Trainer#5: no no I’ll trade my ampharos for it
Trainer#6: please give me torchic for my Swellow
Chris: No I will never trade my Pokemon get away from me
Carlie: keep your hands off my Pokemon I’m not tradeing
Carlie: Chris’s help mee

-the two get separated from each other as the seemingly savage trainers demand a trade for their Pokemon

Carlie: return beautifly/skitty/torchic/taillow
-a Trainer picks up eevee and starts to run away
Chris: HEYYYY give back my eevee
Chris: return treecko/ralts/yanma
Trainer: water gun warturtle
-The trainer attemping to steal eevee gets blasted by a spout of water
Chris: eevee return… What is WRONG WITH you… why were you stealing my eevee?
Trainer#7: hey please don’t get mad… its just this guy would give me a dragonite for an eevee and I don’t have one and I want a dragonite sooo badly
Chris: well your never getting my eevee
-The little trainer goes running back down below in the boat
Carlie: Chris did you get all your Pokemon back
Chris: yah thanks to this guy
Trainer: hi my names Cody
Carlie: why were those people so crazy about our Pokemon
Cody: well you see this is a Trading Cruise
Chris: a what?
Cody: many trainers come on these cruises to trade their Pokemon and some people get a little crazy
Chris: well I’m not trading my Pokemon
Cody: yah me personally I won’t trade my Pokemon either… I have a close special bond with all of them and I would never trade them away
Carlie: yah I just love all my Pokemon
Cody: although I did admire your beautifly… I just caught this lovely chimecho would you like to trade for it?
Chris: hey wait I thought you said you would never trade your Pokemon?
Cody: (hesitates) haha well um I thought um If I saved you from those other traders um you would consider my trade
Carlie: well I’m sorry, but no I love my beautifly way to much
Cody: ok I guess
Chris: how do you trade Pokemon anyways?
Cody: there are these machines in the hallways of the cruise down below and if you place your Pokemon on the holes it will trade with the other trainer and you now have the other persons Pokemon
Chris: well I’m gonna go check out this guy that would be willing to trade an eevee for a dragonite I wonder why he wants an eevee so bad
Carlie: yyour youurr gonna trade your eevee?
Chris: oh never of course not I just wanna see why he wants one so bad
Carlie: well ok I’m gonna go with Cody down below to the dinner… I’m starving
Chris: alright I’ll meet you down there in 30 minutes?
Carlie: sounds good

-Chris head to the front of the ship
-Carlie heads down below with Cody

-Shouts from the distance
Jolteon, espeon, flareon thundershock, psychic, flamethrower
-claps come from the surrounding crowd
Chris: wow you have a vaporeon, jolteon, flareon, espeon and umbreon impressive
Trainer #8: yah my names Derek my ultimate dream was to become an eevee trainer
Chris: haha that’s funny cause my starter was an eevee
Derek: I’ll trade you my strongest Pokemon for it… a dragonite… they are very rare and strong and very kind
Chris: hahaha well thanks for the offer, but no thanks… I love my eevee and wouldn’t trade it for the world, besides I already have a dragonite
Derek: please please PLEASE I’ll give you anything… venasaur, steelix, snorlax ANYTHING
Chris: look I’m not gonna trade with you I just came by to …
-Chris stops talking
Chris: hey do those look like storm clouds
Derek: yah they look pretty inten---
-Big waves start to crash against the side of the boat
-Lightning comes crashing down on the boat and cuts the side
-water starts to go into the ship and the ships starting to sink
Trainer #9: ahhh the boats sinking EVERYONE RUN
Police: everyone quickly report to the lifeboats immediately, hey kid where do you think your going
Chris: I have to go get my friend shes down in the dinner
Police: no get on the lifeboat
-Chris gets pushed onto the lifeboats
Police Officer: everyones accounted for except two passengers
Chris (thinks) – Carlie and Cody!!!

Rescue or Retreat

Ok Chris is on the lifeboats without his friends and thinks… does he jump back onto the boat in search for his friends or does he stay on the lifeboat where its save and dry. You decide… Rescue Or Retreat!!! Voting is once every hour and first to Ten wins

Go rescue them Chris!!!

Rescue - 1
Retreat - 0


Is Back Finally!
rescue... well she is A main character but just not the main one... besides we already have a girl main character... we don't need two


Is Back Finally!
wow its just you and me on here usually... we really need to bring back the popular adventure face-off

rescue 10charlimit


Is Back Finally!
alright rescue it is... goes to write more story

Chris: I gotta go look for them
-he jumps back on to the boat and heads down a stairway
-the boat finally sinks
Police Man: that’s either the bravest or stupidest kid I have ever seen

Flashes to Carlie and Cody
Cody: common liiiiift
Carlie: I’m trying it won’t budge
Cody: keep trying ready on three
Carlie: one, two, threeeee
-they try to lift a board that is stuck on cody’s legs, but are unsuccessful
Carlie (thinks): oh chris where are you
-water starts to slowly fill the room as cody is stuck under a ceiling board

Flashes back to Chris
Chris: Carrrliiee, Where are you?
Chris: hey you!!! can you help me, I can’t find my friends
Stranger: um hmm I um
Chris: hey its YOU… how did you get on the ship?
James: well we are stuck on this boat just as you are, who cares how we got here
Chris: well are you gonna help me or not?

Flashes to Zeph
Zeph: oh man I hope they are ok…
Police Man: don’t worry we will find your friends
Zeph: well don’t you think they would of come up by now?
Police: we can only wait and see
Zeph: I should have been there… on that boat… if I wouldn’t of tripped maybe they would of gotten off the boat
Police man: you can’t blame this on yourself… it has nothing to do with you
Zeph: please be ok please (he gets teary eyed)

Flashes back to Chris
Jesse: hahaha yah right, but how about you hand over your Pokemon
Chris: never
James: go gulpin
Jesse: go dustox
Chris: well if it’s a battle you want, then it’s a battle you’ll get… go yanma, ralts

Chris Vs Team Rocket

Alright for this battle you just hurt with their power level… You hurt two pokemon at the same time with a pokemon. Voting is once per 30 minutes

Chris – Ralts – 14Hp (power level 2)
Chris – Yanma – 16Hp (power level 2)


James – Gulpin – 15Hp (power level 2)
Jesse – Dustox – 12Hp (power level 1)

Dustox hurt yanma
Gulpin x2 hurt ralts

Ralts – 12
Yanma – 15
Gulpin – 15
Dustox - 12
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Is Back Finally!
Gulpin x2 hurt ralts
Dustox hurt yanma

so whats new with everyone