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Adventure Face-Off Fast Forward


Panda Power
i vote omega.....fourms have been slow chris, thats why i aint been voting


Is Back Finally!
Chapter 13 – Double Trouble

Chris Vs Tyler

Eevee - 30 Hp (power level 3)
Treecko – 15 Hp


Mudkip - 25 Hp (power level 2)
Elekid – 15 Hp

Winner Chris!

Yanma – 14 Hp
Tailow – 12 Hp


Growlithe – 20 Hp (power level 2)
Ninjask – 15 Hp

Winner Tyler!

Chris: I guess it’s a tie then
Tyler: one win each.
Carlie: Tyler you just got lucky, Chris, Zeph lets get out of here and head to the gym
Chris: I can’t today my Pokemon are to worn out from battle. Lets just call it quits for now and head to the Pokemon center
Tyler: Cya later losers
Zeph: wow that guy is really cocky
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WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
HELP to win.


Is Back Finally!
Chapter 14 – Attack Of Team Magma

Chris: oh no there was an explosion over there lets go check it out
Houndoom houndoom houndoom
Carlie: oh no they have surrounded us
Zeph: go cubone use bone club
Chris: go eevee use sand attack
Carlie: go silcoon use string shot
-The three houndoom are all tied up
Hey you kid over there stop messing with our business
Chris: who are you
Magma leader: We are team magma the most powerful team in the world
-Team rocket looks around from behind a rock
Jesse: hey aren’t those the twerps from before
James: yah… now that there distracted lets get there Pokemon
-out pops this HUGE drill machine… it shoots out nets and traps Team magma and Chris and Co.
Carlie: there taking our Pokemon
-arms reach down from the machine and pick up eevee, cubone, silcoon and the three houndoom and put them in a prison like area in the machine…
Team Rocket: so long suckers
-it drills into the ground
Team magma throws out a 2 golbat and a mightyena and they cut the net to set them free
Chris: wait help us they took our Pokemon to
Team magma leader: ok you can come along but as soon as you start to slow us down were leaving you behind
Zeph: ok lets go
-the three kids and team magma jump in the hole that had been made by team rockets machine
Chris: its sooo dark in here I cant see a thing
Zeph: oh I know electrike common out… now remember that move we practices… its up to you
Zeph: everyone close your eyes its gonna get really bright in here… Electrike use Flash
-A blinding light brightens the cave
Carlie: wow good job electrike
Zeph: return… oh no Wait theres to exits over there
Team Magma Leader: common men lets go to the left
Chris: wait which way should we go guys… one side could lead to complete disaster
Carlie: I donno should we follow them?

Chris: quick lets follow Team Magma
-The three friends head to the left cave in search for their Pokemon

-Flashes to Team Rocket

James: We finally did it these Pokemon are gonna be great for the boss
Jesse: maybe we should keep one… or two… OR ALL OF THEM
Meowth: don’t be stupid jesse
Jesse: well im keeping silcoon, I’ve always wanted a beautifly
James: fine keep the stupid ball of silk it won’t be worth much anyways
Meowth: hey look we just broke threw the caves… Were in some forrest

-Flashes to Chris and Co., Team Magma

Chris: Whats that rumbling
Zeph: the grounds shaking
Carlie: It must be team rockets machine, it must be right above us
Team Magma Leader: Team Magma start digging

-Flashes to Team Rocket

James: hey we’ve stopped
Meowth: Hey whats the deal
Jesse: awwwhhaswww Its thousands of wurmples… there soooo cute
James: We better start moving, Theres the twirps and they look mad

Chris: go treecho, use bullet seed
Carlie: use ember torchic
Zeph: electrike use thunder shock
-They brake the machine and the Pokemon are set free
-Thousands of wurmple climb threw the hole…

Chris: Eevee use shadow ball
Team Magma Leader: use flamethrower Houndoom

-the machine it blasted up in the air and the wurmples go flying
-one wurmple gets stuck in jesses hair
-Team Rocket blasting off again

Zeph: Hey lets head back to the Pokemon center guys
Chris: where did Team Magma go?
Carlie: they were right behind us a second ago, oh well lets just head out of hear
-Team Magma hides behind a Rock

Team Magma Leader: it’s a good thing those kids were distracted and don’t really know whats down that hole
-They jump back into the tunnels below
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christian 4ever
help ,,ftw


Is Back Finally!
Chapter 15 – Dewford City Pokemon Choose Your Future

-Chris catches a ralts, and Zeph catches a butterfree
-With their newly caught Pokemon and food in their bellies the heros set off bright and early for the Pokemon gym
Carlie: Hey whats that poster over there…?
Zeph: it says Pokemon contest on it…?
Chris: Whats a pokemon contest?
Zeph: its where trainers don’t just rely on battleings but the beauty of performing with them
Zeph: and you collect ribbons not badges… Once you collect all of them you can perform in the Grand Pokemon Contest
Carlie: It says this contest is in Slateport City all Coordinators invited it sounds exciting!
Chris: hey we can check it out once were finished in Dewford City
-Carlie Starts to daydream
Announcer: And here she comes the most beautiful Coordinator of them all Carlie… Come on out Blaziken, Beautifly
Announcer: wow with that appeal whats the point in the others performing… lets give all the Ribbons to Carlie
Carlie: Thank you Thank you as she’s blowing kisses to the crowd
-Carlie finishes the daydream
Carlie: That’s it I want to be a Coordinator… it has a nice ring to it don’t you think… Carlie the Master Coordinator
Chris: well that’s great you have finally decided on what you want to do with your life, but I still want to become a Pokemon master, which means I have to earn all the Pokemon badges, which means lets hurry up and get to the gym
Zeph: lol Chris is right, lets go
-The three friends arrive at the gym
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Is Back Finally!
Chapter 16 – Gazers Gym Battle Brawly

Zeph: Why don’t you go first Chris, I’m Kind of tired anyways
Brawly: hey I’m Brawly the Gym Leader of this gym, come on in
Chris: I’m so excited for our battle
Brawly: here we are… the battle field might be a little different then your use to, but you will have to learn its secrets if you want to succeed in beating me in this gym. I worn you I’m very strong.
Chris: my Pokemon are just as strong as yours, if not stronger
Brawly: ok here are the rules of the battle… It’s a two on two battle… once a Pokemon faints the next comes out until one team mate doesn’t have any Pokemon left. Are you ready?
Chris: ready as ever!
Brawly: you two can watch the battle up in the stands, its to dangerous for you down here
Zeph: wait which Pokemon are you gonna use?
-A huge gazer shoots up from the ground
Brawly: watch out
Zeph: wow that’s gonna change the Pokemon battle field, I’ve heard Brawlys a fighting gym leader…
Chris: ok flying has the advantage so I’m gonna use yanma for sure, but what’s the other Pokemon I should use
Brawly: common I don’t have all day
-Chris thinks on which Pokemon to use… so many choices running threw his head, he starts to panic
Chris: Ahhhh ok lets battle

Chris: arg yanma return, take a good long rest you tried your best
Brawly: well the gazors are ready now, so the next battle should be an interesting one… Machop you ready for the next battle?
Chris: ok, ralts is to new, eevee one the last battle… lets give treecko a try, common out Treec-…
Chris: ralts?
Zeph: wow that’s interesting, ralts must know teleport
Chris: no ralts, your not ready for this battle, come back here
Brawly: wait no watch out, the gazorsss
-a huge gazorr shooottss up in the air, and gets ralts
Chris: Raltsss
Carlie: Nooo, ralts…
-She dives off the stands and catches ralts, but is heading down towards the rocks
Brawly: common out hariyama, quick catch them
-Hariyama jumps on a gazor and catches carlie and ralts… and lands in the stands
Chris Thinks: wow that’s a really strong hariyama I’m gonna need to come up with something quick to beet him
Chris: thanks, ralts you stay up there
Ra—lltttss – it screams with delight
Carlie: don’t worry I’ll watch him from here, good luck chris
Chris: ok lets finish this battle…
Chris: Common out Treecko

Chris: Treecko you did Amazing I’m soo proud of you
Brawly: congratulations your Pokemon are very strong, take this its yours. It’s the Knuckle Badge
Chris: thanks
Brawly: hey wait here take this…
-Hands Chris a stone
Chris: what is this
Brawly: it’s an everstone… basically while you hold it your Pokemon won’t evolve
Chris: why would I want that, then my Pokemon won’t evolve
Brawly: sometimes each Pokemon have unique abilities as their unevolved form
Chris: ok I understand… thanks again
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Is Back Finally!
Chapter 17 – We Need Practice

Brawly: what about you Zeph… I need a day to recover my Pokemon but we could battle tomorrow, sound good
Zeph: um I haven’t really trained in the last few weeks… maybe after a couple of days
Chris: why don’t you want to battle now
Zeph: I need to train hard enough to beet all the gym leaders and I’m just not good enough, even my dad
Carlie: your WHAT?
Zeph: yah my dads Juan the great water trainer and I don’t want to disappoint him
Chris: if you practice and earn all these badges you won’t let him down
Carlie: wow I can’t believe your dads a gym leader
Zeph: yah I grew up in Sootopolis City and watched him become an amazing trainer and eventually he opened up a gym
Carlie: why don’t we spend the next few days training… leveling up our Pokemon… what do you think?
Chris: that sounds great
Carlie: common out guys
Chris: lets gooo
Zeph: yah common out
-eevee, treecko, yanma, ralts
-torchic, silcoon, taillow, skitty
-cubone, whismur, electrike, butterfree
Chris: shadow ball eevee, treecko dodge and use bulletseed… yanma double team, ralts teleport
Carlie: ember torchic, silcoon string shot that tree, taillow fly up high and skitty use tackle

Flashes to Team Rocket behind the bushes
Team Rocket: those twirps are getting better… same with those Pokemon
Jesse: why won’t my wurmple evolve… I want a beautiful beautifly
James: well they seem to train all the time maybe we should to
Meowth: yah that sounds perr-fect
James: common out gulpin
Jesse: seviper its your time to shine
Meowth: lets go meowth
James: use sludge
Meowth: scratch attack
Jesse: wait lets work on wurmple
Jesse: Wurmple use solerbeam
James/Meowth: hahahaa are you kidding me
Jesse: arg common wurmple dooo something!!!
-jesse boots the little worm and it lands in Carlies hand
Carlie: wurmple?
Bright lights
Chris: its evolveing
Zeph: Pokedex: Cascoon makes its protective cacoon by wrapping its body entirely with a fine silk from its mouth. Once the silk goes around its body, it hardens. This Pokemon prepares for its evolution inside the cocoon
Jesse: hey that’s my cascoon give it back… wait how come it looks different then your cascoon
Carlie: that’s because mines a silcoon… mine will evolve into beautifly and yours will evolve into dustox
Jesse: But I wanted beautifly, gimmy that silcoon
Carlie: no stay away from my Pokemon
Jesse: how about a battle then, common cascoon
Carlie: fine, lets show em silcoon

Carlie: yah silcoon you did it
Jesse: aw good try cascoon you’ll beat her one day
Carlie: their evolveing
Pokedex: Beautifly has a long mouth like a coiled needle, which is very convenient for collecting pollen from flowers. This Pokemon rides the spring winds as it flits around gathering pollen.
Pokedex: Dustox scatters horribly toxic dust when it senses danger. They tend to gather in the glow of streetlamps at night
Jesse: aww its beautiful, way better then an ugly beautifly
James: I don’t know whats so pretty about that bug its hideous
Meowth: quick lets get out of here before they blast us off like usual
Jesse/James: right
-the three go running off into the distance

Zeph: alright if I want to beat brawly in tomorrows match I’ve got to practice
Chris: that’s right
Carlie: beautifly your sooo beautiful, its just like my dreams
-the three practice in the fields for the rest of the day and then have a good long rest
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Panda Power
^ your right...the main charecters sould get magmar and electabuzz

lets give Team rocket a lame team, heal Dunsparce duo