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Adventure Face-Off (Red and Blue Version)

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The Anticool
OK, this face-off takes after Dramatic Melody's Storyline style face-offs. Basically, it is an adventure story, where you, the members of SPPf, decide the outcome by facing off certain things.


-follow general face-off rules of SPPf
-there is no specific style to this face-off, so just follow the instructions for each round

CHARACTER INFO: (* = shiny pokemon)
Serina: Our main protagonist.
Charmeleon- lv. 33 ;005;
Nidorina- lv. 27 ;030;
Butterfree- lv. 26 ;012;
Clefairy- lv. 18 ;035;
Mankey- lv. 21 ;056;
Dugtrio- lv. 28 ;051;
ITEMS: Thunderstone, Helix Fossil, Nugget

Eric: Serina's friend and traveling partner. His father is an archeologist from Cerulean City.
Ivysaur- lv. 18 ;002;
Pidgey- lv. 15 ;016;
Sandshrew- lv. 21 ;027
Abra- lv. 13 ;063;
Voltorb- lv. 15 ;100;
Machop- lv. 18 ;066;
ITEMS: Dome Fossil
Pokemon in PC: Zubat- lv. 11, Meowth- lv. 14, Geodude- lv. 19

Jared: Serina's childhood friend and rival. Quiet and mysterious, he seems to be looking for something.
Wartortle- lv. 29 ;008;
Raticate- lv. 25 ;020;
Fearow- lv. 24 ;022;
Electabuzz- lv. 25 ;125;

Chris: Arrogant young trainer.
Eevee- lv. 21 ;133;
Pikachu- lv. 19 ;025;
Bulbasaur- lv. 17 ;001;
Charmander- lv. 17 ;004;
Squirtle- lv. 17 ;007;
Pidgeotto*- lv. 19

Gorman: Team Rocket Member.
Nidoran(M)- lv. 16 ;032;
Lickitung- lv. 22 ;108;

Camille: Team Rocket Member.
Magnemite- lv. 18 ;081;
Raticate- lv. 23 ;020;

James: Mysterious Traveler in search of his childhood friend, Growlie.
Growlie- lv. ??? ;058;

THE STORY: (If you'd like to read the ENTIRE story, I'll PM it to you on request)

So without any delay, our heroes sign up for the tournament at the front desk of the Pokemon Center.

Nurse Joy: Well, all of your forms look A-OK. I'll just need to see your Trainer Cards and write down which pokemon you'll be using...
Serina: Oh! Who should I use?... Butterfree!
Eric: Sandshrew could use a bit of training.
Chris: I'm going with my strongest, Eevee.
Nurse Joy: OK, thank you. I'll just send your information to the Pokemon Center in Lavender town. It's just south of here, right down the road, so you'll be there in no time.
Serina: Wait, where exactly is the tournament?
Nurse Joy: It's being held at Fuji Stadium, right in the center of town. You can't miss it.
Serina: OK! Thank you!

The three of them set off towards Lavender Town. Along the way they see many trainers out with their pokemon, mostly for the upcoming tournament.

Serina: Oh, I'm nervous now. I've never been in a tournament before...
Eric: Don't sweat it, Serina. There's got to be a first time for everything.
Chris: Yeah! And if it's in a big stadium, it'll be just like a pokemon league battle!
Serina: Still...

The sun has already begun to set by the time they reach Lavender Town, so they stop at the Pokemon Center for a meal and to sleep for the night.


Serina: Oh, I can't wait! Where's the stadium?
Eric: *yawning* Well, according to the map, Fuji Stadium is right down the street from us. Right in the center of town, remember?
Chris: Alright! What're we waiting for?
Serina: *jumping up and down* Come on, hurry!
Eric: Geez, Serina. What's the rush.
Chris: Yeah, it's like you're having a friekin' seizure. Calm down.
Serina: Oh, I'm sorry! I'm just so anxious! We'll be battling in front of people and everything...
Eric: Serina, I've told you before, don't freak out about this. Just battle like you normally do, and you'll be fine.

The three of them walk the streets of Lavender Town, they see several other trainers heading in the same direction as they are.

Chris: Must be for the tournament. Wonder how many people entered?
Eric: Well, it says on our forms that we were numbers 47, 48, and 49. And we must've been close to the last people to enter, since we were so late. I'm gonna guess around 50.

At last they reach the stadium. It's a fairly decent sized building with a single battlefield in the center, surrounded by a circle of seating. People have already begun to sit in the stands, and the stadium is filling up fast.

Serina: Oh... *to herself* Just battle like normal. I'll be fine. Just like normal...

They approach the front desk, where a young receptionist is showing people where to go.

Eric: Excuse me. We're entered in the tournament.
Girl: Numbers?
Eric: 47, 48, and 49.
Girl: *types numbers into a computer* OK, your profiles match up. You will be waiting in a room with the other contestants, and will enter the battlefield on the opposite side of your opponents when your names are called. Have fun, and good luck!

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WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
GIRL I guess.


A Hundred Years
Hmm, I vote Girl.

I didn't make the Storyline style, Dramatic Melody did.


Is Back Finally!
NO NO AND NO lol... nuts i missed it... i wanted boy but i guess i can deal with girl...

vote guy if by chance i still can


The Anticool
Well, I fixed it. Shoot me.
I'll update the story as we finish each round. Next round will have 4 nominations.
Names- The next 4 posts will have nominations for a name. Afterwards, standard voting style to decide on a name for the main character. Voting is once per hour.

I nominate...hmmm, howabout Jade.



Is Back Finally!
i wanted boy to lol

um how about larissa lol sis name lol


herd u liek mudkips?
Leaf. Definately Leaf.


The Anticool
Jade- 0
Igorina- 0
Serina- 1
Larissa- 0

First to five wins. Serina's cool. I'm going with that.
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