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Adventure Face-Off: (Red/Blue Version) Season 2

Discussion in 'Face-Offs' started by YellowHat, Jul 20, 2008.

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  1. YellowHat

    YellowHat The Anticool

    Adventure Face-Off: Red/Blue Version (Season 2)

    Aight, it's been a while, but it's back: The original Adventure Face-Off that inspired so many spin-offs. Now that summer's begun, I have finally found the time to reopen my favorite face-off. The reason the last one closed wasn't because of a lack of posters (though that may have contributed to my doubts about reopening this place). It was because I just didn't have time to run this thread. So, without further ado, here's Season 2 of the Adventure Face-Off: Red/Blue Version.


    - Each round is really a small part of a story. The way the story goes is affected by the outcome of each face-off. So really, the rules will change every time the story is updated.
    - Please don't spam up the thread. Make sure you read the story and know what's going on before you post.
    - Feel free to make comments while waiting for the next round to be posted. One post is required after each round so I don't double-post when I put up the next part of the story.
    - I accept PMs not only to request past story parts, but also for your comments and criticism. I appreciate such things, as well as your own story and FO ideas. I won't gurantee to use all of your ideas, but I will still read and consider them.

    CHARACTER INFO: *= shiny
    Serina: The main protagonist. A fairly new trainer with lots of potential and lots to learn.
    Charmeleon- lv. 33 ;005;
    Nidorina- lv. 27 ;030;
    Butterfree- lv. 29 ;012;
    Clefairy- lv. 18 ;035;
    Mankey- lv. 21 ;056;
    Dugtrio- lv. 28 ;051;
    BADGES: Boulder, Cascade, Thunder
    ITEMS: Thunderstone, Helix Fossil, Nugget

    Eric: Serina's friend and traveling partner. He knows a lot about pokemon battling, and is usually a mediator for Serina and Chris. He loves catching new pokemon.
    Ivysaur- lv. 18 ;002;
    Pidgey- lv. 15 ;016;
    Sandshrew- lv. 21 ;027;
    Abra- lv. 13 ;063;
    Voltorb- lv. 15 ;100;
    Machop- lv. 18 ;066;
    BADGES: Boulder, Cascade, Thunder
    ITEMS: Dome Fossil
    PC: Zubat- lv. 11, Meowth- lv. 14, Geodude- lv. 19

    Chris: Arrogant young trainer who travels with Serina and Eric.
    Eevee- lv. 24 ;133;
    Pikachu- lv. 19 ;025;
    Bulbasaur- lv. 17 ;001;
    Charmander- lv. 17 ;004;
    Squirtle- lv. 17 ;007;
    Pidgeotto*- lv. 19 ;017;
    BADGES: Boulder, Cascade, Thunder

    Jared: Serina's childhood friend and rival. Quiet and mysterious, he seems to be looking for something.
    Wartortle- lv. 29 ;008;
    Raticate- lv. 25 ;020;
    Fearow- lv. 24 ;022;
    Electabuzz- lv. 25 ;125;

    Gorman: Team Rocket member.
    Nidorino- lv. 26 ;033;
    Lickitung- lv. 22 ;108;

    Camille: Team Rocket member.
    Magnemite- lv. 18 ;081;
    Raticate- lv. 28 ;020;

    James: Mysterious traveler in search of his childhood friend, Growlie.
    Growlie- lv. ??? ;058;

    Danielle: Chris's very egotistic older cousin.
    Jigglypuff- lv. 37 ;039;

    Caroline: Young new trainer with very little experience. She has trouble controling her pokemon.
    Tauros- lv. 33 ;128;

    THE STORY: (If you would like to read the entire story, or merely a part you may have missed, PM me to make a request and I'll send it to you.)

    With her worries gone, Serina steps confidently onto the field. Another girl about her age looks back at her.

    Announcer: The next battle is Susan versus Serina!
    Susan: Beedrill! Let's go!
    Serina: Butterfree! We can do it this time!

    And right she is. Butterfree easily defeats Beedrill within minutes.

    Susan: *stunned* Oh... *recalls Beedrill*
    Serina: Yes! We did it! *recalls Butterfree*

    Chris's next battle just so happens to be directly after Serina's. He and another boy take the field.

    Announcer: The next battle is between Chris and Sam!
    Chris: Aight, Eevee, let's do this.
    Sam: Magneton, come on!

    Eevee quickly takes out Magneton. It begins to look like Chris and Serina will dominate the entire tournament. More and more trainers are eliminated, until just 4 remain.

    Announcer: The first semifinal battle will be between Serina and Caroline!
    Serina: Oh! It's that Tauros girl who beat Eric...
    Caroline: Tauros! Let's do this!
    Serina: Okay, Butterfree, come on out! Tackle!

    Butterfree performs the move immediately after being released. Tauros is surprised and confused, and suddenly angry. Snorting and shaking it's head wildly, it charges.

    Serina: *thinking fast* Butterfree, fly over in front of that wall!
    Caroline: Get it!

    Tauros charges at top speed straight towards Butterfree, who is hovering at the edge of the stadium. Right before impact, though, Butterfree flys away. Tauros slams head-on into the wall. The battle is over, just like that.

    Serina: Nice, Butterfree. Come on back.
    Caroline: Aw...

    Announcer: The next semifinal is between Chris and Danielle!
    Chris: Alright, Eevee. This is our chance to show everyone who the bext cousin is.
    Danielle: Oh, Christopher dear! Sorry it had to come to this, but we'll be going home with the win! Right, Jigglypuff? *throws pokeball in the air*
    Eric: Eevee, let's start this thing off with a Quick Attack!
    Danielle: *casually* Jigglypuff, inflate!

    Jigglypuff takes a large gulp of air and begins to swell up like a balloon. Eevee makes impact- then bounces right off, flying high in the air and hitting the ground hard..

    Danielle: Sing!
    Jigglypuff: Jiiiii-galee-puff, jiggaleeee, jigglypuff....
    Eevee: *stumbles, then falls to the ground, exhausted*
    Danielle: Now, Pound!

    Eevee is sent in the air once more, once again hitting the ground hard. Shaking it's head, the weakened pokemon looks up.

    Chris: Good, Eevee, we've still got a chance! Bite!

    Eevee bites down hard on Jigglypuff's arm, causing the pink pokemon to flinch.

    Danielle: Jigglypuff, let's just finish this!
    Chris: Eevee, get away from there!

    Eevee runs back to the opposite side of the field.

    Chris: Let's just try a Quick Attack!
    Danielle: Gyro Ball!
    Serina: What's Gyro Ball? *checks pokedex*
    Dex: Gyro Ball. Battle Type: Steel, Catergory: Physical. A ball of energy that increases in power if the user's speed is lower than the opponent's.

    Eevee, already in mid sprint, cannot slow down. The powerful Gyro Ball hits dead-on.

    Announcer: Looks like Eevee is down for the count!
    Chris: *stunned* No...
    Danielle: *laughs* Better luck next time, little cousin!
    Eric: Oh man, poor Chris...
    Announcer: We will now take a short break before beginning the finals!


    Two figures are seen sneaking around the stadium lobby. The attendant, busy watching Chris's battle on a huge television screen, doesn't notice when they sneak inside.

    Gorman: So now what?
    Camille: Just follow my lead.

    The devious Rockets find a room guarded by two men. When the approach, the guards straighten up.

    Guard 1: Sorry, no entrance beyond this point.
    Gorman: Thanks for the warning, but we don't really need it. *throws pokeball* Go, Nidorino!
    Camille: Come on out, Raticate!
    Guard 1: Hey, whoah!
    Guard 2: Rhyhorn!
    Guard 1: Marowak!
    Gorman: Crap, this might not work out the way we planned...
    Camille: Raticate, Hyper Fang!

    Raticate bites down hard on Marowak's head. Marowak flinches, but quickly knocks off the giant rat with it's club.

    -each time you post:
    heal one pokemon
    2xhurt a different pokemon
    -posting is once per HALF HOUR
    -the battle ends when one team loses both of it's pokemon


    Gorman and Camille:
    Nidorino- 26
    Raticate- 28


    Marowak- 29
    Rhyhorn- 27
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2008
  2. First of all, OMGWTF IT'S BACK.

    Secondly, 3Hurt Machoke.

  3. leaf7634

    leaf7634 Well-Known Member

    3 hurt Machoke.
  4. JohtoPwns

    JohtoPwns Well-Known Member

    2 Hurt Butterfree ..
  5. poke'master

    poke'master Well-Known Member

    3 Hurt Hitmanchan haha

    EDIT: I like the story line face off. very interesting. When did Lavender Town get a stadium :p

    butterfree ftw
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2008
  6. Pikasaur

    Pikasaur Putting up a Fight

    3x Hurt Machoke

    shouldn' it be hitmonchan insted of machoke? unless the story is wrong
  7. YellowHat

    YellowHat The Anticool

    Yeah, know what? I totally screwed that one up. It is Hitmonchan. Sorry guys. I'll count all Machoke hurts as Hitmonchan hurts. =/ Not a great start, eh? 8D

    2xhurt Butterfree
  8. Jonessodaco.Chris

    Jonessodaco.Chris Is Back Finally!

    Glad to see it back!

    3x Hurt Hitmonchan
  9. Ludi-Kero!

    Ludi-Kero! Hugging 'til the end


    3x Hurt Hitmonchan!
  10. leaf7634

    leaf7634 Well-Known Member

    3x Hurt Hitmonchan!
  11. Pikasaur

    Pikasaur Putting up a Fight

    3x Hurt Hitmonchan
  12. YellowHat

    YellowHat The Anticool

    @poke'master- Well, this FO takes place in the present. Since Red/Blue/FR/LG all took place a decade ago, lots of changes have happened in Kanto.
    @Everyone- Thanks for posting. Please continue, tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell total strangers to come post as well!

    2xhurt Butterfree

    Butterfree- 20 (power level: 3)


    Hitmonchan- 6 (power level: 2)
  13. Gryoine

    Gryoine "Squawk!"

    3x hurt Hitmonchan.
  14. Pikasaur

    Pikasaur Putting up a Fight

    3x Hurt Hitmonchan
  15. Pikasaur

    Pikasaur Putting up a Fight

    3x Hurt Hitmonchan
  16. Wilkimania

    Wilkimania Well-Known Member

    3x hurt Hitmonchan
  17. Wilkimania

    Wilkimania Well-Known Member

    3x hurt Hitmonchan
  18. Wilkimania

    Wilkimania Well-Known Member

    3x hurt Hitmonchan
  19. YellowHat

    YellowHat The Anticool

    Aight, Hitmonchan's done for. I'll post more story in a bit. I'll need at least one post after this one, please.
  20. poke'master

    poke'master Well-Known Member

    i dont know what you mean by one more post so i just put one here saying this story thing is very cool :p
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