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Adventure in Shinou (Pokeshipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Turak, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Turak

    Turak Well-Known Member

    I have cancelled this fic for personal reasons and will not update it again. I'm sorry to all my readers, but I just couldn't finish.​

    Well, this is my first fan fiction ever. I've always been interested in doing one, but never gotten around to doing it. This will be my first attempt at it, so all constructive criticism is great and appreciated. This will be a pokeshipping fic, with small bits of other shippings in it. I am going to say this will be a PG-13 fic, though that is more for safty then anything else. I hope people like this, and please tell me what you think. If you hate it, don't even post. If you think its not the best thing in the world, tell me how I can improve. You get the idea. Don't worry, Misty will show up in the second chapter, the first is more of a into to get the setting set. This takes place after the Battle Frontier, and will continue on into Shinou. As more English names come out, I will use them, though I may not change them in the older chapters.

    Edit: I am changing the title of the fanfic to Adventure in Sinnoh, since thats the English name for the region. If anyone knows how to change the thread title as well, please PM me with how to do it, though I think I would need a mod to do it for me, so if so, I wont bother.

    Chapter 1​

    He started in Kanto, and then went on to the Orange Islands. Finally, he headed to Johto. That is where part of him died. His dream carried him on to Hoenn, and then finally back to Kanto. He beat the Battle Frontier, and declined an offer to become a Frontier Brain. Then two more of his companions left, followed by the final one. He was all alone. This is the story of Ash Ketchum.

    A balloon shaped like a Meowth’s head floated above Viridian forest in Kanto. Inside were two tired and worn out people and one Pokémon.

    “Why do we keep trying to catch that Pikachu for the boss?” whined a man with blue hair and a drooping posture.

    “ ’Cause she says so.” said a talking Meowth, pointing his paw toward a woman with long purple-red hair.

    “The reason we need to capture that Pikachu is because when we finally do, the boss will reward us beyond our wildest dreams. It will also prove to him that we preserver no matter how many setbacks we have.” Said the woman.

    “Whatever you say Jessie.” grumbled the man.

    “James, one day you’ll see I’m right. You too Meowth.” replied Jessie.
    Looking through her binoculars, Jessie all of a sudden saw a blinding flash of electricity. “Did you see that?” asked Jessie. Her two other companions were just hanging over the side of the basket, not caring at all. “I said, DID YOU SEE THAT?” yelled Jessie at the two of them.

    “I was trying to sleep.” moaned James.

    As the balloon lowered closer to the ground, near a bunch of apple trees, the trio saw a large, furry, yellow Pokémon with two wires sticking out behind it like tails. It had black stripes on its body, arms, and legs, and was holding a bright red apple. Team Rocket landed the balloon behind the bushes, and snuck out with a net launcher. Sneaking up behind the Pokémon, Meowth fired the net, catching the large yellow Pokémon in the net. Startled, the electric Pokémon sent out bolts of lightning, but the net held. In the distance, a Pokémon trainer with a Pikachu on his shoulder saw the bolt of lightning.

    “Did you see that, Pikachu?” asked the boy. He had a blue vest and jeans on with a blue cap that had a half a pokeball on the front.

    “Pik, pika chuchu, pikapi.” Responded the Pokémon in agreement.

    “ElectiVIRE!” shouted the captured Pokémon, echoing throughout the forest. Pidgey, Spearow, and Hoothoot alike flew out of the trees. “ELECTIVIRE!” shouted the Pokémon again as it sent out another bolt of electricity.

    “Ha ha, you will never escape that electric proof net!” James shouted gleefully at the electric Pokémon from behind the bushes. “We may have bought it in order to use on Pikachu, but it will work on you just as well!”

    “We will never get to that poor Pokémon at this rate,” complained Ash to no one in particular. Just then, there was a screech from above. Flying above him was a large brown bird with large red and gold feathers on its head.
    “Pideooooootttt” screeched the Pokémon again. The Pokémon swooped down behind Ash and Pikachu, and Pikachu hoped on its back. The Pokémon then swooped down below Ash and used its powerful beak and head to toss Ash into the air just enough to get him onto bird’s back. Flying at high speed, it took very little time for Ash, Pikachu, and the mysterious bird to reach the poor Pokémon in the net.

    “Alright, we have you know!” exclaimed Jessie and approached that Pokémon in the net. “Meowth, what kind of Pokémon is this anyway. I’ve never seen on like it.”

    “It’s an Electivire, but I’ve never seen on in this part of the world before.” Replied Meowth.

    As Ash approached the Electivire, he pulled out his Pokedex. “No data is available on this Pokémon.” Is all the Pokedex said.

    Then, a figure in a white lab cap appeared on the top of a nearby cliff. “Put away that stupid Pokedex Ashy boy.” Ordered the figure.

    “Gary, what are you doing here?” asked a startled Ash. The figure jumped off the cliff and landed gracefully at the bottom.

    “I’m here to rescue my Pokémon” replied Gary. Turning to his Pokémon, Gary gave the last command Team Rocket wanted to hear. “Electivire, use iron tail to smash that net!” Its tails glowing white, the Pokémon smashed through the net effortlessly. “Now, Electivire, use thunder to send the packing!” Electivire sent out a powerful thunder attack, frying Team Rocket, causing an explosion underneath them.

    “Why does this always happen to us?” Cried James as they flew through the air.

    “ ‘Cause we ain’t smart enough to give up.” Replied Meowth.

    “Team Rocket’s blasting off again!” Cried the trio as they disappeared as a twinkle in the sky.

    "Wow, that was great Gary!" exclaimed Ash, "and thank you Pidgeot. I wasn't sure if I would ever see you again." Ash gave Pidgeot a big hug, then turned to Gary. "Were you heading back to Pallet?" inquired Ash.

    "Yes, I was before Electivire here decided he needed something to eat and went to find these apples. We should probably keep going back though".

    "OK. Pidgeot, thank you for your assistance here. I missed you so much, but I know you need to keep watch over the Pidgey and Pidgeotto in the forest." Ash gave Pidgeot one last hug, then Pidgeot flew off into the distance. While Ash had been saying goodbye, Gary had already vanished, probably heading back to Pallet.

    Back in Pallet Town, Ash walked up to his house and entered. “Mom, I’m back.” yelled Ash. No one responded. “Maybe she is up at Professor Oak’s lab” thought Ash. He walked up the hill to the professor’s lab and entered. “Professor Oak, Mom, anyone here?” yelled Ash as he wandered through the lab. He entered the room in the lab that was always used to relax in. As he walked in, streamers went flying in all directions.

    “WELCOME HOME” yelled Professor Oak, Mrs. Ketchum, Tracy, and Gary.

    “Mr. MIME!” said Mr. Mime, also happy about seeing Ash again. Then, someone else immerged from the shadows that covered the right side of the room. She was about Ash’s age, wearing a white shirt and violet pants. As she walked out of the shadows, Ash was stunned to see the girl before him...


    Well, this is a bit shorter then I was expecting, as it is seems much longer in word when I wrote it. Happy reading and reviewing.

    PM List:
    Rubn Alq
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2009
  2. MistyLover

    MistyLover Banned

    I like it, the plot is quite good! You have problems with capitilization and spacing for dialogue. Anyway, count me in for the next chapter, this is really good and I would like it soon!:)
  3. Turak

    Turak Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the feedback. I should have the next chapter up this weekend, as I have four days off from school! And I will try to work on that capitalization and spacing, so hopefully it will improve. I am also going to try to be a bit more descriptive in my writing also.
  4. penngrade6

    penngrade6 Banned

    Hey Turak! This is a great start for a first time fic. You just need to improve on some things.

    As MistyLover said, you need to work on your dialouge and capitalization. And proofread it a couble times to make sure some sentences make sense.

    Also, you need to describe the setting, and other minor characters. Just work on those things, and you have a successful fic! Put me on the PM List!
  5. Orenji-chan

    Orenji-chan magmajewel is love.

    Loved the first chapter, the two things which you need to work on have already been mentioned! Another thing you could do is describe the Shinou pokemon since (well maybe it's just me!) haven't heard of some of them before! 8/10 from me, just work on those three things and you'll be all set! ^^

    Thanks always, Orenji-chan​
  6. Turak

    Turak Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your reviews and recommendations. I'll try to describe the new pokemon better now. I should have the next chapter up tomorrow. Like I said, this is my first fic ever, so I'm bound to need to learn things. If a new english name comes out, I will start using it, so hopefully it won't confuse people to much. I will put a note at the beginning of the chapter when that happens.
  7. Turak

    Turak Well-Known Member

    Well, here is the next chapter. One good thing came out of being sick today, I got to finish the chapter up. Hope you all like it, and be sure to review and defiantly criticize. I want to know how I can improve my writing.

    Chapter 2​

    Arrival of Old Friends​

    The girl stepped out of the shadows, with a Pokémon following her. She was wearing a white shirt with gold trim on it, violet pants, and the girl had violet hair that matched her pants. She was followed by her Espeon, who walked slightly to the left and behind the girl.

    “Anabel?” said Ash in surprise. She blushed a bit as Ash said her name.

    “Yep, it’s me. Surprised?” She replied, and walked in front of Ash.

    “Oh, another one of Ash’s friends, welcome!” proclaimed Mrs. Ketchum, always enthusiastic about her little boy gaining yet another friend. “Too bad all your other friends couldn’t be here.

    “That’s not exactly true…” Tracy went to a door to a closet and said, “All clear now, come on out.” The door opened and for the second time, a girl stepped out of the shadows. This one was dress in a yellow outfit with orange hair. She had a backpack over her shoulder and was carrying an Azurill.

    “Hi Ash, nice to see you again.” Misty walked out of the closet where she had been hiding, and looked around the room. She laid her eyes on Anabel and asked in surprise. “Who are you?”

    “I’m Anabel, Salon Maiden and leader of the Battle Tower of the Battle Frontier.” She answered. She continued, “ I meet Ash when he was being chased by a Beedrill-”

    At the moment Anabel mentioned the hive of Beedrill, Misty shuddered and said, “I hate bug Pokémon” under her breath.

    “Anyway, I calmed down the Beedrill and but not before Ash’s Tauros knocked us both into the water.”

    Anabel gave us a look that Ash took as look asking for him to continue, but Misty saw what it really meant. Anabel liked Ash. Misty decided that she would need to put a stop to it right away.

    *Wait, why do I care if she likes Ash* Misty thought. *He is just my friend*

    “I then found out Anabel was the leader of the Battle Tower. I challenged her to a battle and…” Ash faltered as he got to the part of the battle.

    Misty knew Ash well enough that he wouldn’t want to admit what happened at the end of the battle. “You lost, didn’t you, Ash?”

    “Well, I wouldn’t exactly call it a loss, more like a minor setback.” Ash tried to defend himself. He came back in his explanation strong, “I re-challenged her soon enough and ended up winning” said Ash defiantly.

    “Enough with the introductions, I could have discovered a new species of Pokémon by now.” Said Gary, getting tired of the introductions.

    “Ya, I want to challenge you and your Electivire to a battle!” exclaimed Ash valiantly. “I will use my Pikachu!” Ash looked around, and didn’t see Pikachu anywhere. “Pikachu, where did you go? Oh uh, Professor, did you remember to hide the ketchup before we got here?”

    “Dang, I forgot!” Cried the Professor as he raced into the kitchen. “And Mrs. Ketchum was going to barrow some to make meatloaf with.” A few moments later and a small flash of lightning, a slightly crispy Professor Oak walked out of the kitchen holding a not so happy Pikachu.

    “Pikachu, we are going to challenge Gary and his Electivire to battle, so stop it with the ketchup.” Ash scolded. “Ready?”


    “Yes, I’m ready. Let’s go” Gary replied.

    Outside the lab, Ash and Gary stood apart from each other, both ready for a battle. It was a sunny day, with the sun high over head like an old western duel scene.

    “This will be a one on one Pokémon battle,” declared Professor Oak, “No time limit. The trainer that’s Pokémon is the last standing wins. Begin!”

    Pikachu jumped in front of Ash while Gary through his Pokéball. The Pokéball opened up and out came Electivire in a flash of light.

    Gary started out on the offensive. “Electivire, start this with a thunderbolt attack!” Electivire sparked with electricity right before he launched the powerful attack.

    “Pikachu, you counter with your own thunderbolt!” Ash ordered. The air crackled with electricity as the two attacks meet in midair. Tracy was taking quick sketches of this electrifying battle, especially with such a rare Pokémon involved.

    “Pikachu, you use volt tackle!” Ordered Ash.

    “Volt tackle?” asked Misty.

    Anabel decided to try to gain favor with Misty, so she explained, “Volt tackle is a very powerful electric attack, but it wears out the user if used too much.

    “Electivire, jump.” Gary gave this command very calmly, unnerving Ash a bit. “Now use Iron tail” Gary was sure of himself, even with Pikachu heading straight at Electivire with a powerful volt tackle. Electivire’s tails glowed white, and right before Pikachu hit Electivire, the iron tail knocked Pikachu out of the air. Crashing on the ground, Pikachu was down for the count.

    “Pikachu is unable to battle, Electivire and Gary are the winners!” Proclaimed Professor Oak. Gary returned Electivire to his Pokéball, and Ash went out to Pikachu.

    “You did great buddy, you almost had him.” Ash said these to comfort Pikachu, though Electivire was easily stronger than Pikachu.

    Misty and Anabel walked up to Ash, congratulating him on a good try. *What is she to Ash* wondered Anabel. She wasn’t sure if Misty was going to be a problem or not. She had seen how Ash acted around May and hadn’t worried about her. Anabel thought she had a clear path to Ash, but thin this red headed girl had to come along and put a kink in her plans.

    “Ash, you should go to Shinou, there are lots of Pokémon you haven’t seen before there, and there is a Pokémon league there. It is north of Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn, so the climate is much colder. I’m going to head back to Shinou tonight.” Gary mentioned this to Ash.

    “Yes, Shinou, here I come! I guess I’ll leave tomorrow morning, and catch the boat to Shinou.” At this news, Mrs. Ketchum looked a bit sad, but decided that this was just like her Ash, always off to another adventure.

    “This time, I’ll come too. I can make my sisters take care of the gym, as it was them who always thought I wasn’t good enough to be a gym leader anyway. They won’t be happy to hear this, but they’ll live. Let’s see just how much of a runt they think I am after they lose battle after battle to challengers.

    “Maybe I should see if I can go also…” Anabel thought out loud. But just as she said this, a red convertible with a design that looked like three blue Pokéballs partially covered by a fourth and larger Pokéball pulled up to the lab. A jolly looking man in a blue tee-shirt and sunglasses called out to the group.

    “Anabel, I have two new challengers for the Battle Frontier! Their both a powerful force to be reckoned with. One just swept away the competition at the Johto league besides one, her traveling companion. Her companion came in second place. They both may be a newer trainers, but one has a very powerful Espeon. It may even as formidable as yours. You’ll just have to see.”

    “If I may ask, does the girl with the Espeon happen to be named Sakura?” inquired Misty. She, Ash, and Brock had met up with her in Johto with her other sisters back in Ecruteak City. She had wanted to join up with them, but after she saw Ash blow away her sisters in a Pokémon battle, she decided she would do better on her own. She had then battled Misty at the Cerulean Gym, where she had been victorious.

    “As a matter of fact, it does. And the other girl’s name is Casey. Anyway, I need you to return to the Battle Tower to be ready for their arrival. Anyway, glad to see you again Ash, too bad you declined the position as a Frontier Brain, you would have given those two a run for their money.”

    “I’m sorry you have to go, maybe we will call you at some point on our journey in Shinou. And tell Sakura and Casey that Ash says hi. Also tell them that I can still beat them in a battle any day.” Ash stated the last part so confidently, that Misty decided it was time to shrink his ego some.

    “Well, they won the Johto league, while let’s see, you only came in the Top Eight. Sounds to me like they are better then you are. Both trainers started after you did and have already surpassed you in League standings…”

    At this, Ash’s temper rose. “Well, at least I’ve competed in leagues. You’re just a scrawny little redhead that thinks she is so important!”

    “I’m not scrawny!” Misty replied angrily.

    “Are too!”

    “Are not!”

    “Are too!”

    “Are not!”

    “Are too!”

    With this, Pikachu had enough. Since Brock wasn’t here to stop them, it was up to him. Just like old times. Pikachu walked right between the arguing teens, and looked up at Ash. Pikachu had a devilish look in his eyes, and when Misty saw this, she stopped arguing.

    “Ha, a guess you admit it since you stopped defending yourself! I guess you just realized the true now.” Ash was so happy about his apparent winning of the argument, he completely missed Pikachu getting more irritated and sparks start to fly from his cheeks.

    “Pika CHUUUUU!” Electricity flew through the air as Pikachu hit Ash with a thundershock.

    “That will teach you. I’m not scrawny, and I’m smart enough to see when a little electric rodent who will remain unnamed is getting mad.” Misty told Ash triumphantly.

    After Ash was recovered enough to say goodbye, Scott and Anabel drove off toward the Battle Tower. Gary head off back to Shinou, and Ash, Misty, and Mrs. Ketchup head back to Ash’s house.

    The next day, Ash and Misty headed back up to Professor Oak’s laboratory to decide what Pokémon Ash would bring with him. Misty had called her sisters the previous night, and although they were unhappy about her going, they agreed in the end. They went to the pasture behind the lab to meet up with all of his Pokémon.

    “Come on out everyone!” cried Ash enthusiastically, releasing five Pokéballs into the air at once. All his Pokémon appeared in front of him, Sceptile putting his twig in his mouth.

    Ash then heard the sound of crunching bushes behind him, and a Pokémon with a large green leaf on its head bounded toward Ash. “No, Bayleaf, please don’t use tack-” Ash was cut off as the wind was knocked out of him. “Glad to see you too Bayleaf. It’s been a bit, hasn’t it? Where is everyone else?” As he said that, a golden bird flew from above the top of some nearby trees, and set down on the closest tree branch. A loud crunching sound was heard nearby as Ash’s Snorlax came walking through the trees. All his other Pokémon filtered in one or two at a time. Ash took time to say high to all of them and talk to them a bit. He then turned and addressed all of them.

    “Well, I’m going to be leaving for the Shinou region today. I’ve decided to just take Pikachu with me this time kind of like when I went to the Hoenn region. But this time I will try to use all of you in a battle or two while I’m out there, as I’m sure you would love to see the new region.” At this, some of his Pokémon gave a small cheer for the fact that they would be used some this time. Two Pokémon in particular looked really sad though. Aipom and Bayleaf were very upset about their trainer leaving them. With that, Ash said goodbye to his Pokémon, and he and Misty headed to the port where they would catch the boat to the Shinou region.

    As they walked through the forest near Pallet Town toward the port, there was a sound of wings beating really fast nearby. Misty was the first to look, and gave out a piercing scream. She jumped into Ash’s arms, and Ash was stunded. Misty then realized what she had done and jumped away, grumbling under her breath. She then proceeded to hide behind Ash. Ash looked toward what Misty had seen, and saw a small swarm of Pokémon flying overhead. But these were like no Pokémon Ash had ever seen. They looked like three pentagonal cylinders, with one cylinder below and two on top. It had wings on the two top cylinders and a smiling face on the front of each cylinder. Ash pulled out his new Pokedex, which Professor Oak had given him the evening before.

    “Combee, the bee Pokémon. This Pokémon lives in hives headed by a single Vespiquen. They travel in small swarms in search of honey. They avoid Teddiursa and Ursaring at all costs though, as they would follow them back to eat the honey in the hive.” Stated the Pokedex.

    “Wow, I’ve never seen one of those before. Too bad they are too far away to catch…” Ash looked long fully at the swarm before it disappeared into the trees.

    “Not too bad, good thing they were too far away. I hate bug pokemon.” Misty then proceeded to pull Ash toward the port just to take away the temptation to follow the Combeeback to their hive to try to catch one.

    Ash and Misty got to the boat just in time before it left, at that journey began. It would take the boat about six hours to reach Shinou, as it was traveling at high speeds. The speed of the boat caused enough wind though to send Ash’s hat flying off his head. Ash started to chase after it, but a tail shot up from the stairs. The end tail was shaped like a hand and it attempted to grab the hat from the air. Though it was a good try, the hat was just out of reach for the tail. Aipom stuck his head up from the stairs and gave Ash an apologizing look.

    “It’s already Aipom, thanks for trying. I guess I’ll just have to get a new hat soon. I see you couldn’t resist coming with me on my journey.” Said Ash with a bit of sympathy. “You didn’t want to be left behind, is that it?” asked Ash.

    “Ai ai pom”

    “Well, good to have you along. It will be just you, Pikachu, Misty, her Pokémon, and me this time. I can’t wait to start collecting new badges and catching new Pokémon!” With that, the Pikachu let out a yawn and went to sleep on Ash’s shoulder.

    Misty was moved my how Ash treated his Pokémon with such love, a never ending compassion for them and that he would do anything for them. *If only he would care that much about me… Wait, he is just my friend, that’s all. Why do I keep thinking these things.* Misty thought glad that Ash had no psychic Pokémon that could read her mind. The boat sped off for the Shinou region, and the unknown. Ash and Misty had no idea what amazing adventures were in store for them there.


    Well, there you go. I hoped you liked it. Don't know when the next chapter will be up, but it should be sometime in the next week.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2007
  8. Orenji-chan

    Orenji-chan magmajewel is love.

    Good second chapter Turak, but for the thoughts you could have used italics! But that's just my personal preference and I noticed that you improved on your dialogue, good job! :D 9/10 from me, thanks!

    I can't wait for the next chapter, see ya later!
  9. Turak

    Turak Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I knew there was a better way to do thoughts. I just completely blanked out on it and I was thinking I was crazy. And since you were the once who requested better descriptions of the new pokemon, did you like my description of Mitsuhoney? I will change to the italics for thoughts from now on because I like it better that way also. I just completely forgot about it.
  10. Orenji-chan

    Orenji-chan magmajewel is love.

    Yeah thanks for the description, it gave me a good visual! ^^
  11. MistyLover

    MistyLover Banned

    Well, that sure was a good chapter, very good infact! I liked it very much! I can see this fic being extremely successful since you already have quite a few readers in just two days. So, good job on this chapter, I wouldn't have caught a Mistuhoney, so yeah, I can't blame Misty;) EXCELLENT CHAPTER.
  12. Turak

    Turak Well-Known Member

    Well, here is the next chapter. I was able to finish it before school started back up this week, but I should be able to get another chapter done before next Monday. Just so you know, italics means thought now and will for the rest of my story.

    Chapter 3

    The Search​

    Six hours after leaving port, the boat finally pulled up into the port in Shinou. The day was a calm clear day with a few puffy white clouds in the sky. The ocean was smooth except where boats were pulling in and out of port.

    “It’s so beautiful here!” Misty loved the ocean, and was thinking that there is no better day to go swimming in the ocean. “Let’s go swimming in the ocean, it’s a beautiful day, and the water should be nice and warm!”

    Ash on the other hand hadn’t even noticed the weather or the beach. “We aren’t tourists Misty, I’m here to compete in the Pokémon league. That means that I need to start my journey right away. I only have two Pokémon with me now, so I need to go catch more. Besides, we should go call Professor Oak so he knows we made it.”

    “Humph. I guess we can go call the professor, but you haven’t heard the end of this. We will go to the beach at some point, even if it takes you old best friend to convince you to go.” Misty smiled with a devilish grin on her face after say the last sentence.

    “Old best friend? You don’t mean- You still have- the- oh no…” Ash tried to get a coherent sentence out, but couldn’t contain his fear. He then bolted off to the Pokémon center to call Professor Oak.

    “Oh, Aipom is with you? Good. I was starting to get worried when she disappeared. But at least I know she’s safe. Would you like to send her back now?” Professor Oak had a look of relief on his face after he heard that Aipom was with Ash. Then, he pinched his nose and yelled out to someone off the screen. “Tracy, come get Muk before he decides to hug me again! That Pokémon is incorrigible.”


    “Oh Ash, you’re so dense. Your vocabulary is smaller than a Mankey’s. Maybe if you would take your mind of Pokémon once in a while and read a book, you might learn something.” Misty had apparently snuck on him while he was talking to Professor Oak.

    “Good to see you Misty. By the way, your sisters called and wanted me to send you over two Pokémon. Here they come.” The professor placed two Pokéballs into the teleporter and they came out one after the other at the Pokémon center that Ash and Misty were in. “There you go, your sisters said they were too much of a hassle to keep happy with you gone.”

    “Well, let’s see who we have. Come on out guys.” Misty then threw the Pokéballs up into the air. With a snap and a flash of white, two Pokémon materialized on the floor. One was a small pink and white Pokémon that looked like it had coral growing out of its body. The other Pokémon was a pink Pokémon that was shaped like a heart. “Corsola, Caserin! I’m so glad they didn’t send me Psyduck!”

    “Well, good luck in the Shinou league. Tracy, your Mom, and all of Pallet are cheering for you. Oh, I also got a message from Anabel the Frontier Brian that she may end up seeing you at some point on your journey. But anyway, good luck. I took the liberty to look up the location of the nearest gym to your location, and it is in Oreburg town. All you have to do is go north through Sandgem town to Jubilife City. You can then go east on route 203 to Oreburg town. You can register for the Shinou Pokémon league in either Jubilife City or Sandgem town . You can also meet Professor Roland in Sandgem town. He might be able to give you some insights into the Shinou region Pokémon. I know Gary visited him when he first arrived in the Shinou region.” Professor Oak bid goodbye to Ash and Misty, and then went off to feed the Pokémon.

    “Well, ready to head out? I can’t wait to get my first badge!” Ash started to walk out the door, but Misty ran and stood in front of him.

    “I told you it wasn’t the last you were going to hear about it. It’s time to go to the beach, and you agree!” Misty looked at him with and evil glint in her eyes, but Ash didn’t notice it.

    “Why would I agree with you? We are going to Oreburg town.” Ash tried to push pass Misty, but she stood her ground. She then reached in her backpack and pulled out Ash’s worst enemy, her mallet.

    “Are you ready to go to the beach?” She asked?

    “Um, err, I, it’s time to go to Oreburg town.” Ash said this very nervously, paralyzed in fear. Misty started tapping her mallet on the palm of her hand.

    “Is that your final answer?”

    “Actually, come to think of it, the beach sounds great.” Ash had given in. He wasn’t going to risk his life by disagreeing with her mallet.

    “That’s much better. Let’s go.” She led him out of the Pokémon center after putting her mallet back into her backpack. Outside, they walked toward the beach, when out of nowhere, a hand designed for grabbing things far away shot down and clamped down on Pikachu. The hand retracted with Pikachu squirming in its grip.

    “PikaCHUUUU!” Pikachu tried a thunderbolt, but it had no effect on the hand.

    “Ha ha ha ha ha! That hand is made out of rubber. Your electricity won’t work!” A male voice came from above, with two other voices laughing along with him.

    “Team Rocket!” Misty and Ash shouted together.

    Jessie: Prepare for trouble from beyond the skies!

    James: From beyond the stars, a nasty surprise!

    Jessie: An evil as old as the galaxy...

    James: ...sent here to fulfill our destiny!

    Meowth: Plus, there's me!

    Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

    James: To extend our reach to the stars above!

    Jessie: Jessie!

    James: And James!

    Meowth: And Meowth are the names!

    Jessie: Anywhere there’s peace in the universe...

    James: Team Rocket...

    Meowth: ...Will be there...

    Jessie, James, and Meowth: To make everything worse!

    Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

    Mime Jr: Mime Mime!

    “Well, now that that’s over with, we will be leaving you and your precious twerpet alone for some quiet time!” Jessie laughed after she said this. “I hope you guys do well together. If you’re lucky, we may just give you a visit on your wedding day!”

    “ Enough with the chit-chat, let’s get out of here!” With that, Meowth activated the balloons burner and started to rise up and headed north.

    “After that balloon, I have to get Pikachu back!” Ash started chasing Team Rocket with Misty trailing close behind.

    “Ha, your little twerpish legs can’t move you as fast as the balloon can fly. See ya losers!” And with that final taunt from Meowth, the balloon flew out of sight.

    “Come on out Swellow, follow that balloon!” Ash reached to his belt to grab Swellow’s Pokéball, and then remembered that he left him at Professor Oak’s. “Ah man, I should never go anywhere without a flying type Pokémon for exactly this reason. Let’s go Misty, they won’t get away.”

    Ash and Misty then ran after the balloon as fast as they could, through a light forest. At least we are going the right way, toward Sandgem town. I wish they would stop trying to steal my Pikachu. Ash thought. Then, on the road ahead, they saw Team Rocket's balloon on the ground. But it hadn’t landed on its own accord. The basket was lying on its side and there was a large hole in the balloon. The hand that Team Rocket had used to grab Pikachu was lying on the ground, broken in half.

    “Wow, I wonder what happened to them. I hope Pikachu is OK.” Misty said. Then she went up to the destroyed balloon to look at the whole a bit better. “It looks like this was made by a fire type attack. There are even some scorch marks on the trees and ground nearby. And this damage over hear was caused by a bubblebeam.”

    “How do you know it was caused by a bubblebeam?” Ash was perplexed by Misty’s deduction.

    “I’m a water Pokémon trainer. I know what a bubblebeam does to terrain it hits. It looks like Team Rocket flew right into a Pokémon battle.” Misty then saw three sets of tracks going off in one direction. Two human and one Pokémon. “Team Rocket went that way” Misty pointed off into the woods, but then saw four more sets of tracks. Three more Pokémon and one more human. “Ash, come here! Don’t these tracks look like Pikachu’s?”

    “Yes, those are his tracks, but I wonder who those belong to.” Ash pointed to one set of tracks that looked like little flippers on the ground and then human tracks going the same direction. Then going another direction was one last set of tracks that he didn’t recognize. “I wish Brock was here, he could probably be able to figure this out. Well, let’s follow Pikachu’s tracks.

    Soon after, the tracks went into a large patch of bushes and Ash and Misty lost the trail. “Ash, we aren’t going to find Pikachu like this. Maybe we should go to the Masago town Pokémon center. Nurse Joy may know something and we can have her send out a message to the other Pokémon centers around here incase Pikachu shows up there.” Misty tried to calm Ash down so he would think rationally about her suggestion.

    “I won’t give up. I won’t give up until I find Pikachu!” Ash was determined to find Pikachu at all costs and didn’t care what Misty thought right then. Misty then walked next to Ash and did something she had never done before. She reached around behind Ash and gave him a quick hug. Ash didn’t notice to much though, with only his mission to find Pikachu on his mind.

    “It will be alright Ash, we’ll find him. Let’s go to the Pokémon center.” Misty then grabbed his arm and gently guided him to Masago town.

    About forty-five minutes later, the sounds of a motorcycle filtered through the air to Ash and Misty. A motorcycle with the local Officer Jenny pulled up and Officer Jenny looked over toward Ash and Misty. “Are you two all right?” she asked?

    “Well, a group of people called Team Rocket stole my Pikachu back at the port on Route 220. We chased after them and found their balloon crashed, and we tried to follow my Pikachu’s tracks. The tracks disappeared into the bushes and we lost the trail. We are heading to the Masago Pokémon center to see if Nurse Joy knows anything about Pikachu.” Ash’s head drooped in despair as he said this.

    “If you two want to squeeze in to the sidecar, I can bring you to Professor Roland's lab. If anyone can help you find your Pikachu, he can.”

    “Thank you Officer Jenny, thank you.” Ash and Misty then squeezed into the sidecar. It was a tight fit, and Misty had to more or less sit on Ash’s lap, but Ash didn’t care. If he could get to Pikachu, he would do almost anything.

    Just a few minutes later at 60 miles an hour, Ash and Misty pulled up to Professor Roland's lab. Ash and Misty got out of the sidecar and thanked Officer Jenny for her generosity. They both then entered the lab, to see a small disaster. The lab was a mess, with a broken window and the same scorch and bubblebeam marks on the wall as Misty noticed back at the balloon. A lab assistant came up to Ash and Misty. He was dressed in a yellow-green shirt and blue pants. He had large orange boots on and was wearing a lab coat over his shirt. He also had dark green hair.

    “I’m sorry about the mess, we had a small accident with two of the starter Pokémon and a Staraptor. I’m Professor Roland's assistant. Can I help you with something?”

    “I’m Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town and this is my friend Misty. Officer Jenny told us that Professor Roland might be able to help me. You see, my Pikachu is lost in the woods and I can’t find it.”

    “Alright, I’ll go get the professor. He’ll be right out.” The assistant then went off into another room to find the professor. Ash looked around at the disaster in the lab. His eyes then fell on a Pokémon that looked like a green turtle with a twig on its head. It was standing on a table and eating rather lazily. It seemed completely unconcerned about everything.

    “That Pokémon’s expression kind of reminds me of Psyduck’s. I wonder what it is.” Ash then pulled out his new Pokedex.

    “Turtwig, the turtle Pokémon. This grass type Pokémon is native to the Shinou region, and is often used as a starting Pokémon for new trainers. When it evolves to its final stage, it also gains ground type characteristics.” The new Pokedex had so much information on the Pokémon in the Shinou region, it opened up a menu that had more information on the Pokémon, including locations it can be found and other facts about the Pokémon.

    “So, your Ash are you? I’m Professor Roland.” An older man with white hair and a white mustache walked up to Ash and Misty. He had a black overcoat overtop his blue shirt and tie. “I am also glad to tell you that I have good news for you. A beginning trainer just called in from Jubilife City. She found a lost Pikachu on Route 202 that was being attacked by some strange people. She protected it and then brought it to the Pokémon center. If you head up to Jubilife City, I will call her and have her meet you on Route 202.” Professor Roland then waved goodbye to Ash and Misty as they walked out the door. He then walked over to the video phone to call the young trainer.

    Ash and Misty walked toward Kotobuki town on Route 202, looking for any sign of a female trainer with Ash’s Pikachu. “I can’t believe we forgot to get a description of this new trainer. We don’t even know what her name is.” As Ash complained, a pink truck with a Magicarp in water on the side pulled up beside Ash and Misty. It stopped, and out came the last person Ash and Misty were expecting to see out here in Shinou. Brock.

    “Hi Ash. Misty, didn’t expect you. I didn’t know you had joined back up with Ash. Maybe I should go back to Pewter City then instead of traveling with you guys. Give you two some time alone…” Misty then got angry with Brock, but the other door of the truck opened to reveal the girl inside. She had short jean shorts on with a bright orange shirt on. She also had purple hair with a hair ribbon tied up in it that’s color matched her shirt’s color. Brock then turned to her. “And thank you for the ride. I would have never gotten here without you. Your generosity is only outshined by your radiance. You are more beautiful then the night sky.”

    Misty then came up behind Brock. “Haven’t done this for awhile. It will feel good to do again.” She grabbed Brock’s ear and jerked hard to get his attention. The driver of the truck pulled out her phone after it started to ring.

    “Hi honey. *pause* Yes, all be back soon, just gave this nice gentleman a ride to meet up with his friends. *pause* OK, on my way back, love you. She then hung up the phone and directed her attention back to Brock. At this point, Brock was trying to stay calm, but looked a bit depressed. “Well, time for me to go back. Have a good time in Shinou, and maybe I’ll see you again at some point.” With that, she shut the door and drove off into the distance.

    “Well, time to hit the road, let’s go” Ash, Misty and Brock started to walk off, with Brock muttering something about love being unfair and how next time he would get his girl. Brock then came to a halt after realizing something was missing.

    “Ash, where is Pikachu? And where is your hat?” Brock asked. He looked behind him to make sure Ash hadn’t had the little electric rodent sneak up behind him and shock him, but there was nothing buy empty road running through field as far as he could see. Ash then proceeded to explain to Brock what had happened with Pikachu and his hat.

    The trio continued walking into the small forest between Masago Town and Kotobuki Town. The trees were thick around the path and Aipom jumped off of Ash’s shoulder and ran ahead a bit. When Ash, Misty, and Brock caught up with Aipom, they saw him in a stare off with a small bird Pokémon. The bird Pokémon had a bump on its head where Aipom had apparently hit it. The bird was colored grey except for a bit of its tail, a small spot on its chest, and its face. These parts were a white color. A small tuff of grey feathers also protruded from the back of its head. The bird didn’t look very happy at all. As Ash always does, he pulled out his Pokedex to see what it had on the bird.

    “Starly, the little bird Pokémon. This Pokémon lives in trees in the Shinou region, and eats small nuts that grow on the trees. It is normally fairly kind in temperament, but when angry, it has a fairly nasty temper.”

    “Just like you Misty, only you always have a nasty temper.” Ash joked around.

    “I’ll show you temper. I’ll make that bump on that Starly’s head look small compared to what I do to you.” Misty began to reach into her backpack, but she was interrupted by Brock. Brock got to go back to his history duty. The duty of keeping the two of them from fighting.

    “Calm down you two. Ash, how about you focus on that Starly and your Aipom. And Misty, just cool it.” Brock said.

    “Alright, I’ll catch that Pokémon. Aipom, use swift attack!”

    The little monkey jumped up into the air and its tailed glowed white. Aipom then swung his tail around and let loose a barrage of golden stars fly toward her opponent. After taking the hit, the Starly used a gust attack, blowing Aipom, Ash, Misty, and Brock back some.

    “Aipom, use focus punch then.” Ash ordered.

    As Aipom’s tail once again glowed white, the wild Starly flew in at high speeds in a very fast quick attack. Aipom took a grazing blow but then hit the attacking Pokémon with full force. Ash then pulled out a Pokéball and threw it at the Starly. The ball opened up and Starly turned into pure red energy. The Pokéball then shut and fell to the ground, shaking a bit. With a small ding and the disappearance of the small red light from the center, the ball stopped moving. Ash then picked up the Pokéball and did his little victory pose.

    “I got a Starly!” Ash shouted, but then became depressed again as he noticed there was no corresponding “PI pika chu!” from Pikachu. “Come on out Starly, keep a look out for a young trainer with a Pikachu with her. With that, Ash, Misty, Brock, Aipom, and Starly headed off again toward Kotobuki Town.


    Hope you guys like it. I know this is following the storyline that has already aired in Japan quite closely, but I am using this as more of a springboard to get me used to writing. As I both get more confident in my writing and I will pass up Japan eventually anyway, it will become more and more unique.
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    Chapter 3:I didnt like what you did to the Team Rocket motto. It just looked like a movie script and I would have prefered just doing it like this;

    "Prepare for trouble!" Jessie screamed
    "Make it double!" James cried out while cluthing his bright red rose.

    But the part where Team Rocket said they'll leave Ash and Misty together alone and they'll go to their wedding made me laugh! Keep up the good work!
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    9/10 for that chapter, just fix the part with Jesse and James! :D

    Thanks, Orenji-chan​
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    Thanks guys. I came down with a nasty virus so it will be a bit before I feel like writing again. I came down with a 101.5 degree temperature. I'll try to start writing again soon, but the next chapter may be delayed until the middle of next week or so. I'll also fix the Team Rocket motto when I get a chance. I can see how it doesn't fit well with the rest of the story. Man, I hate being sick.
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    Ya, I've had some translating issues. Been trying to change names that didn't have english names when I wrote it to new english names. I'm surprised anyone else read this, since I hadn't updated in about a month and a half. I'm not done, just had a major series of sicknesses and then lots of homework on top of that. I am working on the next chapter, but very slowly. I will try to speed it up now that I am not sick. And GinnyFishy, thanks for poining that out. Its hard to catch all of those. Look for a new chapter in the next day or so.
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    I would like to give special thanks for everyone reading this story, and to XxM!styxX and GinnyFishy for helping me get back on track by being a few more people that I know are reading my story. I would like to ask you guys to forgive me for the long time between updates here, and I will try to update more often. I have AP tests and finals comming up in then next month, so that will take some of my time, but I will try to get the next chapter out in a good order of time.

    Chapter 3

    A New Rival

    A flash of lightning in the distance caught Ash’s attention as the gang walked until they meet up with the girl and Pikachu. Starly also saw the flash of lightning, and speed up to see where it came from. As Ash and the gang reached the spot where the flash of lightning originated from, all they saw was a boy with a dark purple hair, blue a blue shirt and black pants. He had a backpack on his back, and a small electrical Pokémon next to him. To ash’s dismay, it wasn’t Pikachu though, but an Elekid. Then, before the boy saw Ash and the gang, he reached down to his belt and grabbed a pokéball. He then through the pokéball at Ash’s Starly. Starly just shrugged off the pokéball since he was already caught by Ash, and flew down onto Ash’s shoulder.

    “What did you try to catch my Starly for?” Ash yelled at the boy.

    “You shouldn’t let you Pokémon wander around freely, someone may battle them and catch them.” Replied the boy calmly. He then reached down to his belt and grabbed three more pokéballs. He threw them up into the air and released three Starly. The three looked completely identical, and landed in front of the boy and his Elekid. The boy then pulled out his pokédex and scanned each of the Starly.

    “Hmph, only one of these Starly know aerial ace. Those other two won’t do. Get out of here you two.” With that, he released the Pokémon back into the wild.

    “That’s disgusting! The way you treat your Pokémon, it’s like you don’t care about them at all! You just want the strongest and nothing less! You should be ashamed of yourself!” Misty was infuriated with the boys attitude toward Pokémon. She started to pull a pokéball from her backpack to teach this creep a lesson, but then the whole gang saw another flash of lightning.

    “Maybe that’s Pikachu! Pikachu, I’m coming!” shouted Ash as he ran off toward that source of the lightning flash, leaving everyone else startled and it took them a bit to catch up.

    “Ha ha you little girl, you can’t keep Pikachu from us that easily!” said Jessie from inside a large orange mech with six multi-jointed arms. One of these six arms contained a squirming Pikachu in its grasp.

    “Dats right, Pikachu is ours for the taking now!” bragged Meowth from inside the Mech.

    “Piplup, save that Pikachu!” Shouted the girl, releasing a small blue bird Pokémon. It had two orange flippers, with a body that looked like the Pokémon was wearing a blue tuxedo. “Piplup, use bubblebeam on that contraption!” The bubblebeam bounced harmlessly off the side of the mech. “Piplup, use peck attack then.” Piplup raced at the mech, and hit it with hits beck, but bounce back, taking much more damage than it had done.

    “I’m sure glad we upgraded to the strongest outside body available! That little girl won’t be able to do a thing to stop us.” Gleefully cheered James from inside the mech.

    “Now to grab that little Piplup!” Meowth said as he operated the controls to have an arm grab Piplup.

    “Aipom, use swift attack to stop that arm!” shouted Ash from the side of the clearing that the battle was taking place.

    “Aipom” Aipom jumped into the air, dragging its brilliantly glowing tail in an arc in the air, sending glowing stars at the Mech.

    “The twerps!” shouted all of team rocket at once.

    The mech’s arm was knocked off course by Aipom’s swift attack, but Meowth sent another arm to knock Ash to the ground.

    “Team Rocket, I’m not going to let you get Pikachu!” Shouted Ash.

    The cockpit of the mech slid open and a platform rose out of the mech with Team Rocket on it.

    *insert Tem Rocket motto here*

    Ash, who hadn’t been listing to the motto, started to climb a tree that was near the arm of the mech that held Pikachu.

    “Look, the twerp thinks he’s a Mankey. Like climbing a tree will do you any good.” James stated, trying to frustrate Ash.

    Ash, with a determined look on his face, then jumped from a branch in the tree onto one of the mech’s arm. “I’m coming Pikachu!” shouted Ash toward Pikachu.

    “Get him off, get him off!” shouted Jessie. James, who was now controlling the Mech from remote, started to have all the free arms try to knock Ash off.

    “Ash, be careful…” Misty said under her breath, with a very worried look on her face. Misty and Brock had, at some point, entered the clearing and where now standing next to the girl with the Piplup.

    The arms continued to swing randomly at Ash, until one missed him and went into the mech. Sparks flew from where the mech’s outer shell had been breached. Ash reached the hand where Pikachu was being held captive, and began to try to free Pikachu.

    “Um, maybe we made a mistake when upgrading to the super strong arms.” Jessie stated, “ Who’s stupid idea was it to do so anyway?”

    “Never mind who’s idea it was, we have a problem here.” The whole entire mech had started to flash with little sparks of electricity.

    “Everyone,” Brock shouted, “get down!” Brock, Misty, the new girl, Aipom, Starly, and Piplup all got down on the ground and covered their heads with their hands, though the Pokémon had a little bit of trouble reaching. Then, the mech exploded in a dazzling flash of light, sending Team Rocket into the sky.

    “Why can’t we ever succeed at stealing Pikachu?” pouted James.

    “Because, well, I don’t know. But there is one thing I do know…” Jessie replied.

    “We’re blasting off again!” shouted Team Rocket as they disappeared into the sky with a small flash of light and a ding.

    Back down on the ground, all that remained of the mech was a pile of scrap metal. The rest of the gang, not including Ash, got up from where they had been taking cover. There was no sign of Ash or Pikachu, just a smoldering pile of scrap metal.

    “Ash!” Brock called. Misty, who had been very worried throughout the battle, now sunk down to her knees when no response came. Then, out of the ruble, popped two heads. One was Ash’s, while the other was Pikachu’s.

    “Pikachu, buddy, I’m so glad to see you again!” Ash gave Pikachu a hug before climbing out into the open. Pikachu hoped onto Ash’s shoulder, glad to be with his trainer again. Ash then turned to the new girl. She was dressed in a white hat with a pink pokéball design on the front, with blue hair pulled back behind her head, then allowed to drape down to about shoulder bone height. She had a black sleeveless shirt on with a pink scarf around her neck. Her outfit also included a short pink a black miniskirt. She also wore pink boots to match the rest of her outfit. “Hi, I’m Ash, from Pallet Town. Thank you for helping my Pikachu out.”

    “No problem. My name is Dawn, and this is my partner, Piplup. We just started out on our Pokémon journey together. I’m just glad I could help.” Dawn replied.

    Brock then proceeds to force his way in-between Ash and Dawn. “Hi, my names Bro- Ahh!” Is all he managed to say. Misty had come up behind him, grabbing both his ears at once.

    “Brock, she is WAY too young for you, so back off!” Misty scolded as she pulled him out of the way.

    “But I wasn’t, I was just introducing myself. Wow Misty, you jumped the gun that time. Please, next time let me finish my introduction in peace.” Brock growled, rubbing his ears.

    Ash pulled out his pokédex, and scanned Dawn’s Piplup. “Piplup, the tiny penguin Pokémon. The water started Pokémon of the Sinnoh region. Piplup enjoys both water and land, and battles well on both.”

    Misty’s eyes turned into hearts as she got onto her knees and looked at the penguin Pokémon. “It’s SO cute!” exclaimed Misty, “I wish I had one. I wonder what other new water Pokémon are here in the Sinnoh region!” She then turned to Dawn. “Oh, by the way, I’m Misty, a water Pokémon trainer and former gym leader of the Cerulean City Gym in the Kanto region.”

    “Nice to meet you Misty.” Replied Dawn, “We should probably go tell Professor Roland that we meet up fine and tell him what happened.”


    “Ring Ring Ring, Phone call, Phone call” cried on the video phone in Professor Roland’s lab. The professor picked up the video phone to see Ash, Brock, Misty, and Dawn on the other end.

    “Hello Professor, it’s me, Dawn. As you can see, I meet up with Ash and his friends. Pikachu is now back with his proper trainer.”

    “Great, thank you for doing that Dawn. And Ash, your mother called while you where meeting up with Dawn. I think you should come back to the lab as soon as you get a chance.” Professor Roland replied.

    “I wonder what she wants. OK, we’ll head back to the lab now. Have a good day Professor.” And with that, they hung up the phone, and walked back toward Professor Roland’s lab.


    “That’s so cool, I beet you’ll be a great Pokémon breeder!” replied Dawn. Brock had been explaining to her his dream of being the best Pokémon breeder. Then a motorbike with an Officer Jenny driving pulled up next to Ash and the gang.

    “Hi again. I see you got your Pikachu back. I’m glad. And I see you meet up with a few more travel partners.” Officer Jenny said. This was the same Officer Jenny that had helped Ash and Misty get to Professor Roland’s lab earlier.

    “Hi, my name is Brock, but you can call me whatever you want.” Started Brock in his normal girl meeting routine. “So, since you already know my friend Ash, maybe we could go out and talk. How about dinner? Or a afternoon picnic?” He then turned to Ash and Misty. “Hey, if you two go with us, we could make it a double date. How about it?”

    This time, Brock had gone too far. Misty went reached over and grab both his ears, but only one of her hand actually made it to Brock’s ear. The other was stopped by another hand that had already grabbed his other ear. Misty turned her head to see Ash, a very bright red color, not from anger, but it looked more like embarrassment. “Come on lover-boy, you’re not saying another thing.” Misty said as she and Ash pulled Brock out of the way of the motorbike by the ears. Officer Jenny then slammed her foot to the pedal, probably to get out of there as soon as possible, leaving Ash and the gang in the cloud of dust.

    As Ash and the gang continued to Professor Roland’s lab, Misty couldn’t help wonder about Ash’s reaction to Brock’s comment. He was blushing. That’s not the Ash I know. That Ash wouldn’t know a girl from a rock. But maybe he is maturing. I will just have to wait and see.


    A few hours later, the gang arrived at Professor Roland’s lab. They entered to find the professor waiting for them, with a package in his hands. “Ash, your mother sent this to me to give to you.” Professor Roland stated.

    Ash took the package and opened it. Inside was a new outfit and a new backpack. Ash went into a nearby bathroom to change into the new outfit. He walks out soon afterward, dressed in a similar hat, but this one had a blue pokéball design on the front instead of the old green one, and a black shirt that had a yellow strip across the front. He was also wearing a new pair of blue pants. His new backpack was green with a pokéball design on it that was comprised of two white semi-circles with a red dot in the middle. The whole design was outlined in black. “Wow, I should call my mom to thank her for this. It was so great for her to send this to me.” Ash then walked over to the video phone and called up his mom. “Hi Mom!” Ash said when his mom picked up on the other end.

    “Hi Ash, honey. It’s great to hear from you.” Mrs. Ketchum replied. “I see your wearing the new outfit I made you. Do you like it?”

    “I love it Mom. And I didn’t know you made it. It looks great. Thank you Mom.” Ash thanked.

    “So, have you called Professor Oak yet telling him you recovered Pikachu alright?” asked Mrs. Ketchum. Ash’s face had a guilty look on it that was all the answer a mother needed. “Well, you should call him. Oh, and while on the road, don’t forget to change your-“

    “Ya, ya, I know Mom. Great to talk to you. I’ll call Professor Oak now, bye” Ash finished up quickly, turning off the video phone. Misty was snickering in the background, Dawn looking at Misty with a confused look on her face.

    “If she ever gets to finish that statement around you, you’ll understand.” Misty said, trying really hard not to laugh at Ash’s embarrassment.

    Ash then called up Professor Oak and informed him that Pikachu was safe, and it was all thanks to Dawn. Professor Roland then comes up behind them and starts to talk to Professor Oak about lots of technical stuff that made Ash’s brain hurt, so he, Brock, Misty, and Dawn walk off and let the professors talk.

    Brock then pulls out a handbook that he got somewhere and then says that the nearest Pokémon gym is in Oreburg City.

    “Dawn, my dream is to be the greatest Pokémon master, so I’m going to compete in the Sinnoh league.” Ash informed Dawn.

    “That’s a good dream. My dream is to become a top coordinator.” Dawn replied.

    “Well then, we have similar goals, you should travel around with me, Misty, and Brock.” Ash offered.

    “Ya, that’s a great idea.” Brock agreed.

    “Wow, another girl! This will be a pleasant change from these two stupid guys all the time.” Misty agreed enthusiastically.

    Dawn’s face light up with glee at the idea of having people to travel around with. Ash seems like a nice guy. Misty also seems like a nice girl. Brock will take some getting used to, but with Misty and Ash on his case, I think it will be fine. “OK, I’ll travel with you guys. It will be nice to travel with other people. Ash, I have one question. Why does your Pikachu never go in its pokéball?”

    “Oh, Pikachu hates his pokéball, right buddy?” informed Ash as he stroked Pikachu’s head. “Well, we should head off. It’s a long way to go to Oreburg City.”

    Ash, Misty, Brock, and Dawn walked out of the lab followed by Professor Roland who had finished talking to Professor Oak. Outside though, they come across a surprise visitor.

    “You again!” shouted Misty at the boy with purple hair and his Elekid.

    “Yes, me again, though my name is Paul.” Paul said.

    “My name is Ash, and I’m going to be the number one Pokémon master some day.” Ash proclaimed.

    Paul turned to Ash. “I challenge you to a Pokémon battle, since you ran off so quickly last time. Three on three.”

    “Your on.” Ash and Paul got into position, all ready to battle.

    “Go, Starly!” said Paul calmly as he threw a pokéball into the air.

    “Then I choose Starly also” Ash mimicked as he threw his own pokéball into the air. The two pokéballs opened and the two Starly looked at each other.

    “Begin the battle” announced Brock from the sidelines, who had appointed himself judge.

    “Starly, use quick attack” order Ash. Starly flew off toward Paul’s Starly, but Paul’s Starly flew out of the way. Paul’s Starly then hit Ash’s Starly in the back. “Now Starly, use aerial ace.” Ash ordered.

    “Starly, use double team.” Ordered Paul calmly. The air was then full of Starlys, mostly copies. Ash’s Starly stops its attack, confused. During this hesitation, Paul’s Starly swoops in a knocks out Ash’s Starly. “Starly, return.” Ordered Paul, with a tone of disappointment in his voice.

    “Starly, nice try. Return.” Ash returned his Starly, then pulled out another pokéball. “Aipom, I choose you!” shouted Ash. With a flash of light, Aipom emerged from its pokéball.

    “Aipom!” cried the Pokémon as it emerged from its pokéball. Aipom began bouncing on its tail while waiting for Paul to release his next Pokémon.

    Paul reached down to his belt and grabbed another Pokémon. He then silently threw the ball up into the air, and with a flash of light, another monkey appeared. It had an orange body with a tan chest, hands and face. It had a bright flame for a tail, and large ears.

    “Aipom, use swift attack!” Ash ordered from the sidelines. Aipom’s tail glowed and sent stars flying out of it toward Chimchar.

    “Chimchar, counter that with ember” ordered Paul. The two attacks collided in-between then with a deafening blast, exploding on contact. When the smoke cleared, the two Pokémon were on the ground, after being knocked down by the blast. Both Pokémon got to their feet and stared each other down.

    “Aipom, show him what you can do. Focus Punch!” Ash cried out. Aipom’s tail glowed again, this time, charging for the very powerful attack.

    “Chimchar, quick, use flame wheel.” Paul ordered his Pokémon. Chimchar’s body was engulfed in flames as he rolled toward Aipom. But right as the flaming monkey knocked into Aipom, Aipom’s tail whipped around and knocked Chimchar in the back. Both Pokémon fell to the ground, knocked out.

    “Good try Aipom, have a good rest.” Ash then returned Aipom to his pokéball, and before Ash even said another word, Pikachu was out on the field, ready for battle. Paul returned his Pokémon and sent out his Elekid.

    “You can show this kid just how powerful you are.” Paul told his Elekid. The two electric types stood their ground, ready to fight for their pride as electric type Pokémon.

    “Paul, it’s only fair to warn you that Pikachu is extremely powerful, having traveled with me for so long. I wouldn’t blame you if you backed out now.” Ash said cockily.

    “Oh brother, just what this battle needs, an overconfident Ash.” Groaned Misty from the sidelines. “This battle could be over before it starts if Ash doesn’t start thinking strait.”

    “Pikachu, show him what your made of, volt tackle!” Ash ordered, a very confident look on his face.

    “I wouldn’t be so sure of your success if I were you, Ash. Elekid, use protect.” Paul ordered, in his usual calm manner. Elekid grinned and produced a glowing green barrier in-between him and Pikachu. Pikachu knocked against the barrier, bouncing back, doing no damage to Elekid, just himself.

    “Why did Pikachu take damage? I thought protect only prevented damage to the user.” Dawn asked Professor Roland.

    “Volt tackle is a risky attack, and hurts the user slightly every time it is used. It was reckless for Ash to start out with that attack before he knows what the opponent can do.” Brock informed her from the sidelines.

    “Now Elekid, use thunderbolt!” Paul ordered. Elekid’s arms began spinning very quickly as it generated the electrical energy needed for the attack. The powerful electrical attack was unleashed soon later, flying strait toward Pikachu who was still getting up after being knocked down by its own volt tackle.

    “Pikachu, dodge!” Ash ordered, starting to think strait now that the battle wasn’t going his way. The electric rodent was able to get out from under the attack, but the explosion on the ground where the attack hit knocked Pikachu flying again. “Pikachu, get up!” Ash begged his Pokémon. Pikachu struggled to its feet, and finally regained its footing. “Great Pikachu! Now, use a full power thunder attack!” Ordered Ash. He know that if Pikachu took to many more hits, it would be over, so he would just have to finish it in one attack. Pikachu’s cheeks crackled with electricity, and then let loose a powerful thunder attack.

    “Elekid, use protect!” order Paul, but it was too late. The thunder attack ripped through the air and struck Elekid. Elekid fell to the ground, knocked out.

    “Pikachu is the winner,” announced Brock from the sides, “the overall battle is a tie, with one loss, one win, and one draw for each trainer.”

    Paul returned his Elekid, and then reached for a pokéball on his belt. Ash at first thought Paul was going to continue the battle, but the Pokémon he released from the pokéball was his Starly. The bird Pokémon flew off into the distance.

    “What did you do that for?” Ash asked.

    “It was too weak to be on my team. I need better Pokémon then that.” Paul replied.

    Ash became frustrated, and Misty then yelled out, “That Starly won the battle, why do you think it was too weak!” She was even more frustrated than Ash with this trainer, but both were thinking the same thing. This trainer only carried about having powerful Pokémon and winning, and nothing else.

    Paul then just turned and left, walking into the sun that was now setting. As he disappeared into the colorful pink and orange clouds in the distance, Ash hoped that someday, he would learn what it really meant to be a Pokémon trainer.


    Wow, that was the longest chapter so far. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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