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Adventure Time Discussion

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by PerseusRad, May 9, 2012.

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  1. PerseusRad

    PerseusRad I see you. And you.

    I didn't see a thread for this, and it isn't breaking any rules that I could see. This thread is, obviously, discussing the Cartoon Network show, Adventure Time. This is a show about a boy and his dog who go on all sorts of crazy adventures, hence the name. This show is in its 4th season. Feel free to discuss anything relating to it.

    I'll start us off. Do you think Jake will ever use his powers to the max?
  2. Gelatino95

    Gelatino95 Not a tool

    I used to think this show was good

    Until it basically turned into a bunch of saccharine crap

    Even if it has improved since then, I'm not watching it
  3. Autis-misc

    Autis-misc Abridger

    The show is slowly getting worse. I haven't seen a good episode since last December. but it was great in its 1st season.
  4. PerseusRad

    PerseusRad I see you. And you.

    I see. It does have somewhat immature humour, but Gelatino, Finn has a new love interest. If it interests you. Flame Princess.

    P.S. It said my thread had 0 views and 2 replies. :eek: How the.....
  5. Autis-misc

    Autis-misc Abridger

    It just proves Adventure time is taking a twilight turn, actually. Finn X Bubblegum VS Flame princess, that made me stop watching it.
  6. Jb

    Jb Tsun in the streets

    One of the better CN shows. That's not saying much though.
  7. "Spite" DefaultAsAwesome

    "Spite" DefaultAsAwesome Well-Known Member

    CN sucks *** nowadays...
    The old one was better.
    Most people in my school think Adventure Time is one of the worst.
  8. PKMN Trainer Rex

    PKMN Trainer Rex ~'3'~ Swalot face

    Pshaw, Adventure Time is algebraic. I enjoy watching Finn and Jake kicking butt.
    Last edited: May 9, 2012
  9. PerseusRad

    PerseusRad I see you. And you.

    @PKMN That is mathematical. I hope people don't start spamming, no offense DA, "Old CN is WAY better than the new!" That is very nice, but not really on topic as this is about AT only.
  10. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    The show scares me. It could be because of the animation style (the bold colors and lack of shading hurts my eyes), or its content. It could be both. We have a DVD of some of the episodes, so I have seen a bit of the show, but I didn't like any of the episodes. And the whole time, I was sitting there wondering if my parents could hear and understand everything, a lot of the innuendos were so blatantly obvious. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind it when crap gets past the radar, but I prefer it being subtle or clever like how the Animaniacs (or heck, many of the 90s shows) did it.

    I have a friend who says I should give it another chance and just pay attention to the side characters, but when I make up my mind, it takes a lot to convince me.
  11. YaDunGoofed

    YaDunGoofed #TYBG

    PB and Finn need to get together. Imjusssayian'.
    It's a mega funny show. One of the rare ones Cartoon Network is doing right (that and Regular Show).
  12. MonkeyX

    MonkeyX Well-Known Member

    I really like Adventure Time, I still think it's pretty funny and it has more mature references. Plus there's LSP, who's just awesome.
  13. SmartD

    SmartD Well-Known Member

    I've seen this show, it's a pretty neat, although lately I've been missing new episodes. Has anyone seen this week's episode? What will happen next since

    [spoil]The Lich now has the Enchiridion[/spoil]
  14. PerseusRad

    PerseusRad I see you. And you.

    Who knows? He may use tge knowledge to his advantage to find a new host. Inside Jake. Purely speculation though.
  15. フェージングのエコー

    フェージングのエコー The Boss of ur Boss

    Same here!

    Not crazy for that show-WAIT! I Don't like this show!

    It uses words that aren't appropriate like 'cr*p','as*', cru*, and others...
  16. Zazie

    Zazie So 1991

    I like it, but I also haven't watched an episode in a long time* so I can't comment on whether its gone downhill or not.

    I really like the sense of imagination it has, with all the weird fantasy peoples.

    *sadly I do not have cable
  17. (·-·)(o_O)

    (·-·)(o_O) oh hai there

    I actually liked that show in the first and second season but I don't watch it much anymore
  18. SmartD

    SmartD Well-Known Member

    Has anyone read the Adventure Time comics? I got one from Free Comic Book Day and it's pretty neat.
  19. TheBluePorygon

    TheBluePorygon i miss the old kanye

    I personally think the show has fallen of the cliff into the pit of "Terrible CN Cartoons"
  20. Profesco

    Profesco gone gently

    I still like Adventure Time. So far as I can see, the only way it has changed is that now there seems to be an underlying continuity to the stories, which I appreciate.

    I think I started out liking it because, whereas Cartoon Network's lineup included mostly toilet humor or stupid humor (the humor was about stupidity, I'm not saying the humor was stupid itself - though my opinion isn't far from that) as seen in things like Flapjack and Chowder, Adventure Time was unexpected in its use of phrases ("algebraic!") and plays on standard adventure game elements (like that dungeon cat monster who knew almost exactly everything) to create novelty. I dislike Regular Show, Adventure Time's apparent "sibling cartoon," because it too relies on the humor of stupid. I don't think stupid is funny; I just think it's stupid.

    I also don't like Lumpy Space Princess too much. Episodes with her in it tend to be less appealing to me.
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