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Adventures at Oak's (Rated G)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by GalladeRocks, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. GalladeRocks

    GalladeRocks Son of a Beach

    I just got a new idea to make up stories about the adventures that Ash's Pokemon get into at Professor Oak's lab while Ash is away. I'm writing another fan-fiction at the same time as this one, so I might be a little slow in posting new chapters on this one.

    Professor Oak-The most renowned professor in the Pokemon world.

    Tracey Sketchit-Professor Oak's assistant.

    Ash Ketchum-The owner of many of the Pokemon at Oak's lab.

    Delia-Ash's mother.

    Bulbasaur-The leader and ambassador of the Pokemon at Oak's lab. He is a veteran in both battles and peacekeeping.

    Kingler-A cranky old Pokemon who prefers to keep to himself. Most famous for his "You young'uns get out of my river!" cry.

    Muk-A slow Pokemon who is very affectionate of Oak. He always likes to play Private Investigator and is the unofficial Sherlock Holmes of the lab.

    Tauros-There are thirty Tauros, and they almost never stray apart. They often stampede without warning, causing trouble for the other Pokemon.

    Snorlax-A large lazy Pokemon who spends almost all his time sleeping. When he is awake, he is fairly oblivious to his surroundings and isn't particularly bright.

    Heracross-A cheery Pokemon who has a weakness for honey. He is somewhat of a thug and always leaps into battle whenever he can.

    Bayleef-The one of only two females among the Pokemon at Oak's lab. She is very stubborn and always speaks her mind.

    Cyndaquil-A timid Pokemon who flares up when startled. Totodile often picks on him, but despite this the two are still best friends.

    Totodile-A fun-loving Pokemon who is a bit of a prankster. He picks on Cyndaquil often, but he really cares about him and is just trying to help him get over his timidness.

    Noctowl-A wise old owl who is typically the voice of reason among the Pokemon at Oak's lab. He rarely gets angry, but if he does, watch out!

    Donphan-A somewhat childish Pokemon who hasn't yet realized that he's growing up. He still thinks like a baby and is a little naive, and he's stronger than he realizes.

    Swellow-A loyal friend of Bulbasaur. He has a strong sense of justice.

    Sceptile-A loner who prefers to keep out of the business of others. He will always come to the rescue when somebody's in trouble. He seems to be admiring Bayleef from afar.

    Corphish-A hardy Pokemon who loves to make people laugh. He likes to poke Torkoal's buttons, but he's a loyal friend who looks after Torkoal like a younger brother. He also likes to join Muk in his detective cases.

    Torkoal-A somewhat high-strung Pokemon who secretly looks up to Corphish. He also likes to join Muk in his detective cases. He also has a tendency to burst into hysterical sobs when happy, startled, scared, ashamed, or embarassed.

    Glalie-Perhaps the most neutral Pokemon at Oak's lab. He never chooses sides when an argument breaks out and typically prefers to stay out of things.

    Marill-Tracey's most loyal partner. She helps out Bulbasaur with keeping watch over the lab.

    Venonat-Another of Tracey's Pokemon. He is a virtual security camera and acts as Bulbasaur's eyes and ears.

    Scyther-Tracey's main battling Pokemon. He's a mysterious Pokemon who loves to be the devil's advocate. He has a bad habit of appearing and disappearing with no warning, often scaring the other Pokemon.

    Mimey-Delia's Mr. Mime. He's a housemaid who loves nothing more than to tidy up the house.

    Chapter 1
    Secret Agent Muk, Part 1


    Slowly, the world began to come into focus.

    Muk opened his eyes and stretched his arms in the air. The golden sun promised that this was going to be a hot day, but it was refreshingly cool in the shade of the old oak tree.

    Muk yawned and absorbed its arms back into its body. <Aw, that nap's just what I needed!>* He oozed forward, sliding across the grass towards the watering hole on the other side of the ranch. As he crossed from the shade into the sunlight, his body began to steam.
    *Translated from Pokemon language

    <Hoo boy, it's a hot one today! I might just have to go contaminate the watering hole later!> Muk continued to stretch and heave as he made his way toward the water. His body was like living gelatin, expanding and contracting as he moved. Muk slowly made his way past Donphan and Cyndaquil, who had spent the morning just like he had: sleeping in the shade. The watering hole was in sight, when suddenly...

    <Muk! Muk!>

    Muk turned around to see Corphish hurrying towards him. <Corphish! What is it?>

    Corphish stopped, panting. <We gotta get to the lab, fast! It's urgent!>

    <Urgent! Ok, I'm coming!> Muk shot off, sliding across the ground more quickly than was to be expected. Corphish hurried to keep up, but he kept slipping in sludge left in the grass in Muk's wake.

    Finally, the two arrived at the door to the lab and rushed in. Torkoal was waiting for them, tears in his eyes. <Finally! You guys are here!> he sniffed.

    <What is it, Torkoal?> Muk asked. <What's the emergency?>

    <Oh, it's terrible! I can't even speak it! Corphish, you tell him!>

    Corphish gulped. <Alright, I'll be the man! There's...there's...there's no food!>

    Muk gasped in horror. <What? No food? But the professor always leaves our lunch in here in our food bowls! How could there not be any food?>

    <I'll tell you what I think.>

    The three whirled around. Tracey's Scyther was leaning against the wall in the shadows. He'd somehow kept himself hidden the entire time they were talking. Torkoal burst into tears.

    <Scyther!> Corphish exhaled relievedly. <You scare-er, startled me.>

    Scyther laughed. <Startled you? Looks to me like I almost made you do something involuntary...and messy.>

    Muk frowned. <What is it, Scyther? What did you have to say?>

    <Ah, yes. Our lunch has not been left out today, as it is everyday. Therefore, my only assumption is that something has happened to the professor!>

    Again, Muk and Corphish gasped. Torkoal began to sob again.

    <We've got to do something!> Corphish cried. <Somebody get Bulbasaur!>

    <Forget Bulbasaur!> Torkoal screamed. <Call the mayor! Call the navy!>

    Corphish hurried to the phone. <I'm on it!> Somehow, despite having claws instead of fingers, Corphish managed to dial in the phone number he wanted.

    "Hello," came the mechanical response on the other end of the phone. "You've reached the Navy hotline."

    Corphish dropped the phone in a panic. <Torkoal! The robots are running the Navy!>

    <Not the Navy!>

    <Will you all cool it?>

    All eyes went to Muk. <We don't need Bulbasaur, or the mayor, or the Navy, or the robots running the Navy!>

    <What are you saying Muk?> Torkoal sniffed.

    <No no, Torkoal,> Corphish nodded. <Muk's right. We don't need the robots running the Navy.>

    Muk brought himself up as tall as he could. <That's right! We can solve this mystery ourselves!>


    <We can save the professor ourselves!>


    Corphish began waving his claws excitedly in the air. <We can find the crown, save the town, and Mr-> He was cut off as Muk cast him a warning glare.

    <Well?> Muk finished. <Who's with me?>

    <I am!> Corphish punched the air.

    <I am!> Torkoal whooped.


    They all looked about, waiting for Scyther's response. But the Pokemon was gone.

    Corphish shuddered. <Ay caramba, that guy gives me the willies!>

    <Come on!> Muk ordered. He started off through the lab. <Let's go!>

    Torkoal rushed to keep up with Muk. <Shouldn't we start off by looking for clues?>

    <What do you think I'm doing right now?>

    Now Corphish interrupted. <Shouldn't we split up? In the mystery shows, they always split up.>

    <Ok, sounds reasonable,> Muk agreed. He gestured down the hall to the right. <Torkoal, you go that way.> Next, he gestured down the hall to the left. <Corphish, you go that way. I'll go straight.>

    Torkoal began to sniff again. <Wait, I don't want to go alone! What if there's a burglar or a kidnapper in the lab?>

    <Or an axe murderer?> Corphish added.

    Torkoal burst into tears.

    <Fine, fine!> Muk sighed, exasperated. <Shaggy, Scooby, you two go together.>

    <Ha ha!> Corphish laughed at Torkoal. <You're Shaggy!>

    Torkoal laughed in response. <Are you kidding me? You are so Shaggy, it's not even funny!>

    Corphish smacked him hard on the back of the head.

    <Shaggy!> Muk barked. <Stop hitting Scooby!>

    Torkoal grinned smugly, and Corphish stuck his tongue out angrily.

    <Wait!> Muk frowned. <I hear footsteps! Make yourselves scarce!>

    Torkoal and Corphish dove into a nearby potted plant, hiding themselves along the side out of view of passerby. Muk melted into the shadows, blending in with the darkness as he watched to see who was coming.

    Tracey emerged from around the corner, whistling to himself. He was hauling a bulging garbage bag behind him, and in his other hand...

    Muk could hardly stifle a scream. Clutched in Tracey's other hand was a sharp knife, covered in what appeared to be slimy, orange guts.

    After Tracey had passed, Corphish and Torkoal climbed out of the plant. They hurried to Muk's side. <Muk, what's wrong?> Torkoal asked. <You look really pale!>

    <I...I think I've solved the case,> Muk stuttered.

    <Really?> Corphish beamed. <Tell us!>

    <I...I think Tracey murdered the professor!>

    Last edited: Oct 4, 2009
  2. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Pokémon Sun!

    That was really great and funny! I can't wait for more! SponegeBob lines FTW!
  3. GalladeRocks

    GalladeRocks Son of a Beach

    Glad you liked it!

    Chapter 2
    Secret Agent Muk, Part 2

    Corphish screamed like a little girl and Torkoal burst into sobs.

    <Tracey murdered the professor?>

    <Who? What? How? When? Banana?>

    Muk sighed. <Come on, boys! Pull yourselves together!>

    Torkoal stuttered wildly. <B-b-but you said that Tracey k-killed the professor!>

    <Hey!> Corphish shuddered. <How do you know?>

    <Well,> Muk explained. <You guys couldn't see since you were in the plant, but I saw! Tracey walked by, and he was carrying a garbage bag!>

    <So Tracey was taking out the garbage. So what?> Corphish accused.

    Muk took a deep breath. <Yes, he was carrying a garbage bag. But he also had a knife. With guts on it.>

    Torkoal fainted.

    <I get it!> Corphish exclaimed. <Tracey murdered the professor and stuffed him in a garbage bag!>

    <Yes!> Muk agreed. <But the question is->

    <Why he did it. I believe I can help with that.>

    Muk and Corphish whirled around, and Torkoal managed to rise shakily back to its feet. Scyther stood before them once again.

    <Hey! Where did you go before?> Muk questioned.

    <That's for me to know and you not to find out. Now do you want my opinion or what?>

    Muk nodded. <Yes, yes, we want your opinion. What's your theory?>

    Scyther leaned up against the wall and smiled grimly. <Well, Tracey is the professor's assistant. So if anything ever happens to the professor, who takes his place?>

    <Tracey!> Muk and Corphish exclaimed simultaneously. <Tracey's trying to become the new professor!>

    Torkoal once again began to cry.

    <Well, we have why he did it now,> Muk frowned. <But we still have to get some more evidence to prove our story. Scyther, where was the last place you saw the professor?>

    But Scyther was gone once again. Corphish and Torkoal turned to look at each other increduously. <How does he do that?>

    Muk turned around and was already on his way out. <Well, even though Scyther's not here, I know someone who will know.>

    <Well? Tell us. Where was the last place you saw the professor?>

    Muk and his crew waited anxiously as Venonat began to concentrate. Slowly, Venonat's red eyes began to glow and a faint beeping sound came from them. <Hmm. My sensors indicate that the professor was recently at Delia's house down the street. That's all I can see for now.>

    <Alright, thanks for the info.>

    <You do know I will require payment, don't you?>

    <Yeah, yeah, I'll get you an extra portion at supper.>

    <That shall suffice.>

    Muk and the others hurried out of the lab, making sure to avoid Tracey, and headed down the road to Delia's house. <Corphish, Torkoal, you keeping up?>


    <We're right behind you.>

    <Good. I might need some back-up strength.>

    <B-back-up strength?> Torkoal stuttered.

    <Why?> Corphish inquired.

    Muk continued speeding along as he spoke. <Well, the professor was last here at Delia's house, right?>


    <Well, that signifies that Delia herself might be involved in the crime!>

    Corphish gasped and Torkoal cried.

    <Yeah, yeah, get over it. Whatever Delia knows, that housekeeper will know.>

    Corphish frowned. <You mean Mimey? What does he have to do with anything?>

    <Well,> Muk answered. <He's very close to Delia, so he's probably in on whatever she's in on.>


    The three reached Delia's house. Mimey was out front, sweeping the grass. Muk made sure to stay hidden for as long as he could. <Ok, boys! We have our heading!> And with that, he leapt at Mimey.

    Sorry it's so short, I've been unexpectedly made to rush.
  4. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Pokémon Sun!

    Great again! There weren't really any mistakes here as well. So, how many parts with the Secret Agent Muk have?
  5. GalladeRocks

    GalladeRocks Son of a Beach

    There will be three parts to the Secret Agent Muk story. It only would have had two, but I came up with some technical difficulties in the last chapter and it ended up being extremely short.
  6. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Pokémon Sun!

    Oh, ok. Gee, I wonder what the next thing will be about. Guess I'll have to wait!

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