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Advice for Aspiring Authors: An Index

JX Valentine

Welcome to the (updated) Advice for Aspiring Authors ... the link list!

We all know that the community is full of bright, talented people, and we know that Authors' Cafe is a great place for folks to congregate and discuss their ideas. So to encourage the former to use the latter, we've decided to create a new system in which guides become discussion points.

Here's how it works:

If you're passionate about a subject concerning writing, draft up a guide or resource post and put it up in the Authors' Cafe. Do not post it in this thread! What you do post here is a link to your new thread in the AC. We'll insert it into the appropriate category, and voila! You now have a listing in Advice for Aspiring Authors!

But that's just the beginning. From there on out, people can discuss your points and add their own advice on the subject. As a result, anyone who might be using this link list can look up your subject and get the most advice possible.

What happens if the subject you want is already taken? No worries! You can jump right into the discussion! Alternatively, if the last post of the thread is over 60 days old and if you feel a lot more could be said on the subject, you can also create a brand new thread to open the talk back up.

That said, the links. As of this writing, the link list contains discussion threads we thought might be full of guide-like things as well as discussion guides, just to give you an idea of what kind of content would go where. Likewise, the categories are currently mutable, so if you think of something the list doesn't cover, feel free to propose it.


Writing Basics
Examples: showing vs. telling, grammar guides, etc.




Pokémon-Specific Topics

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