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Afro Samurai coming soon!

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This has -got- to be good, Gonzo Digimation animation, voice talent from Jackson, music from legends, 1 million animation, I'm looking forward to this.


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AndrewWonderful said:
Hopefully, there'll be some planes and snakes involved, as well.
Good thing it's not real, just anime. Because nobody wants to be stuck with......SNAKES ON A PLANE!!!! *Ha Ha*

For their sake, it better be good. As much money as their putting on it, they can't afford to lose.


Radiance of Shadows
AndrewWonderful said:


According to sources, it's a 5 episode OVA that costs over 1 mil per episode.

And yes, it features voice talent such as Samuel "Mother ******" Jackson, and music from such artists as RZA.

Hopefully, there'll be some planes and snakes involved, as well.
This is what all traditional shounen anime/manga aspire to, but can never get. Well, except for maybe Tenjho Tenge, but that only concerns the manga with Oh! Great's art.

Am I the only one that, despite this specific example in some ways, is glad about the recent branching between Japan and the United States when it comes to anime? I mean sure, I don't think that this series is meant to be taken as the next Cowboy Bebop when it comes to mixing "cool" elements, sophisticated storytelling, and emotional meaning, and there will be some hits and misses (think along the lines of Gun X Sword), but this is something that is quite promising.

I plan on checking it out just because I don't think that the premise (or advertising, for that matter) is as ridiculous as Jackson's upcoming role in Snakes on a Plane... Then again, I plan on checking that out, so...


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I honestly did not know this was an anime. It seems..weird, I'll check it out. Maybe I should have went to see the preview at Comic Con....

Is this going to be on TV, or DVD?


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spike tv at the end of fall i think i might check it out


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I ****ing hate you for making me think BattleFranky came back. What the HELL are you doing bumping a 4 year old thread?
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