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Discussion in 'Completed Fics' started by chosen_one386, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos

    Well, well, well. You've been scanning the fanfic section and you've found yet another fic by chosen_one386. You sigh. Not another poor attempt at a plot line, you say. But you click on it anyway to see if the writing and plotline has gotten any better. You arrive here.

    Hey, I'm aloud to poke fun at my own fics, right? For those of you not acquainted with my original series, it was called The Chronicles of the Chosen One, and it revolved around Kris Reeves, the Chosen One, and the great clash between Kyogre, Groudon, and Lugia, called the Great War. Well, I finished that series.... But what happened after the Great War ended?

    One day, I was staring at my ceiling and asked that question. The story that follows is the answer. If you have not read my past fics, don't worry, I won't put you through that torture. I will attempt to place as much background information as I can in this fic. It takes place a week after the Great War ends, so the story will look back at past events very frequently. If you do want a summary, I'll post one here if enough people ask. Please follow all fanfic rules when posting here, please. I might start a PM list, but PM me if you want to be on the PM list. If you post here, I'll just assume you don't know how to use the PM service.

    I love constructive criticism. Please don't be afraid to tear into my fic as deep as you want. Just please don't be extremely rude to me or your fellow reviewers.

    This fanfic is rated PG-13 for swearing and violence.

    When wars are fought throughout history, there is always bloodshed and heartache. There is always damage, both physical and emotional. And there are almost always survivors. These special few are condemned to spend the rest of their days with the memories of the horrors they lived through. Some wish they had never survived. Looking back at history, many hope they never become survivors. To be left with nothing is to be left with no life.

    Thus, are survivors truly survivors? Is it surviving to give up all hope and dreams? And if you do get back on your feet, do you ever shake off the aftershocks? What if you lose someone who was dear to you? Are you still surviving? What about those who seem to have passed through destruction without being harmed? How much pain are they feeling inside?

    And how long will it take a country to pick itself back up after years of being attacked by the Earth's forces themselves?

    What was happening?

    She shuddered, a wave of pain ran up her spine.

    Was she being punished?

    Her eyes flew open and her mouth widened in an attempt to scream.

    Was this because of him?

    Darkness started to envelope her.

    Was this because of what they had done?

    The darkness completely took over her and she finally screamed.



    Chapter 1:

    Dawn. The sun had no right to rise at a time such as this. She hated the light. It had no right to strike her eyes and envelope her as if it could comfort her. The day should be as cloudy as the temperaments of the souls that still walked upon the Earth. The sun should never rise again. But it had. Her eyes searched out the rays of sunlight flooding into the cave. How long had it taken her to walk through the mountains? A day? She had traveled through mountains in less than a day before, relying on her own instincts and a well drawn map. But how could she focus on a map... How could her instincts guide her anywhere if they were continuously telling her to walk straight off the mountain ridges?

    The light illuminated the cave entrance, but not the surrounding area. She tripped over a rock, scrapping her knee across the cold hard stone floor.

    "****!" She cried out.

    She didn't feel pain. She never felt pain anymore. She turned her knee into the light. The bleeding wasn't that bad. She would live. Unfortunately.

    The creature standing beside her bent down and nuzzled her furry head against the girl's cheek in an attempt to comfort her. "Amp..." She whispered. Why couldn't she talk to her anymore? Why couldn't she speak English like she could just a week beforehand? She threw her arms around the furry electric-type and buried her face into her yellow fur. Scenes flashed before her mind. Water...everywhere there was water. She hated water. She hated the power of the sea...

    She pushed herself to her feet and walked toward the light. She strangely thought of death. Would that instant be like walking through a dark cave into a stream of like such as she was doing at that time? Was she really so devoid of hope that she would pitch herself into the guiding light to never return?

    She and her Pokemon finally exited the mountains. She closed her eyes tight, cringing at the bright morning sun. She opened one eye, then the other. They burned as she struggled to get used to the burning rays. Finally, her vision came into focus and she gazed out at the town that lay before her. It was small, but did have a gym in the center of the town. There was only one thing that slashed through the cozy mountain town. A fissure as wide as a small home ran through the center of the city, right down the middle of the gym and the Pokemon Center. The gym had caved into itself and the Center was nearly gone completely. Still, the town was quiet. It had been a week, after all, since the war had ended.

    She stood gazing blindly at the town. The only thing she saw was the enormous statue of the three great powers of time, space, and dimension lying in the center of the town, unscathed by any natural disaster. Unscathed... How could such a word be used to describe anything at that time? She sat down on the ridge and watched the sun rise higher in the sky, cursing it and whoever hung the giant life giving orb in the sky.

    She didn't care if whoever did so struck her down. What did she have to live for, anyway?

    They were gone, and so was her life.

    I know, pretty short for the first chapter, but I assure you, the chapters will get longer! Please read and review!
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2008
  2. Legend of Lucario

    Legend of Lucario Songwriter


    Okay its okay but for grammar reasons and the format of Serebii not only after each paragraph do you hit enter twice but you also need to do that after someone says something.

    Like this ^

    Did you proofread this before you posted it? Here are some of the things that I found.

    Thats the only one that I did find you I won't ride you hard on that.

    Interesting but it is the only first chapter so I do not know what to expect but I will come back and check out the next chapter.
  3. Yami Ryu

    Yami Ryu Well-Known Member

    Maaaybe if you put a little more time in writing the actual fic and not the introduction before it..

    To be honest, I don't think you fully grasp what surviving a horrific event means. Or that each is different; And grouping all wars together is something I also frown on.

    But getting back to your first fault, while you did try to set an attempt for drama and the feel of the fic; as I said you don't fully grasp it. And then you group it all together, leaving it feeling a bit tacky.

    Getting onto the story; the first paragraph and sentence is a bit akward, first it makes it sound like your character was in full blast of the sun rays, then it turns out no she's in a cave. Then, near a cave entrance. Yet while she can see the suns rays, she can't see a simple rock. I don't think it's because light failed to illuminate the rock, it's because she didn't look down >.>

    The pokemon also seemed to be a last minute throw in- because it really didn't seem to care to cry out as it's trainer fell, or act worriedly about the action. Just offhandedly nuzzled in a comforting way. But you know, no frets about health or anything.

    Finally I find it hard to believe such big targets would have been left unmarked by any attack, decay or wear and tear that assaulted the town/city/village around them.

    And yes the chapter is extremely short. Six paragraphs and think it only squeaks by because you have a prologue with it.
  4. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos

    Okay, I'll change that. I like to add descriptive details to dialogue, but you're right, it is hard to read.

    Argh, I did, but I didn't catch the knee part. *edits* Thanks for catching that.

    Thanks for reviewing. I know the first chapter was small, but I wanted it to only encompase this scene before I fully introduce the character and the plot.
  5. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos

    Whew! Between school and the constant downpours from Fay, I haven’t had much time to fully devote my attention to this next chapter. It is basically introducing the main character and her past. Hopefully, I’ll have more chances to write during the upcoming weeks.

    Chapter 2:

    Why was she so drawn to these statues? She had seen the powers of time, space, and dimension so many times in research books she felt as if she could close her eyes and they could materialize in an instant in her mind. Even though she felt a strong connection to them, she didn't expect to head straight to the statues in the middle of the town instead of trying to find a place where she could rest and place a call. She had left her phone in the house when the wave had struck. With her luck, it was at the bottom of the Sinnoh ocean at that moment.

    She gazed at the inscriptions on the power of dimension's statue. Giratina... It held a sort of horrifying aura around it. She had heard of the legends... Giratina required a sacrifice of Aquapolian blood to appear and grace a mortal with its presence. How could a creature that was put on the Earth to protect mortals require such a thing? How could any legendary be so cruel?

    Wait... How could she ask herself that question? She shut her eyes tight, trying to banish the memory from her mind. She had only left Veilstone for a few days to travel to Eterna City. She planned to return to Veilstone and collect the rest of her Pokemon before she seriously started to compete in the Sinnoh gyms. She was to decide if she truly wanted to compete in the Sinnoh league during her fight at the Eterna gym. She had reached the gym and was standing in the lobby when she had heard it. An Earth shattering quake shook the town and its inhabitants. Seconds later, the gym leader raced toward her and dragged her outside of the gym and away from the building. Her light brown eyes were lit with horror and fear as she led them to the edge of the city. Finally, the two young women turned and beheld the large fissure that ran down the middle of the gym building. The gym leader was stunned and it took her challenger several minutes to shake her out of her stupor before her cell phone started to ring. She picked it up and gasped. She asked the caller if there were any survivors. Her challenger’s mind raced. Where was she talking about? The gym leader hung up and turned to the challenger with tears in her eyes. Veilstone was completely underwater. There were no survivors. Even the gym leader had perished in the tsunami that had obliterated the town.


    Not Veilstone.

    Her fists clinched tighter. If only she had been home. Even if she could not have saved them, it would have been better to perish in the flood. She remembered the last conversation she had had with them. They were sitting at the dinner table and her Pokemon were in the kitchen, conversing and eating. She had turned to her father, chattering excitedly about her next gym battle. He had the proudest look on his face. He was so happy that she was living out her dream. Her mother, on the other hand, was looking at her in a disapproving manner. Her mother wanted her to be a coordinator, thought that battling was too vulgar for young women like her daughter to take place in. Still, her mother allowed her to leave, though with a disapproving look every time her daughter sent back news of her latest victory. When she had left the next day, her father wished her the best and her mother simply told her to be careful and come home safely. She had decided to leave home many of her team. They saw her and her Ampharos off. That was the last time she saw her parents and most of her Pokemon ever again.

    She should have stayed home.

    And she should have kept her Pokemon in their Poke balls.

    Now they were all gone. What would she do now? She stared blindly at the statue of Giratina, her mind as blank as her future seemed.


    Gardenia stood before her dream, her arms crossed. It was completely ruined. All of her hard work over years and years was gone. Worst still, she had lost many of her apprentices and several of her Pokemon in the quake. The fissure ripped through and seemed to swallow them whole. Their screams still resounded in her head... Especially those of her Roserade and Cherubi. Cherubi didn't stand a chance. She disappeared as soon as the fissure hit. Roserade was faster, but she couldn't escape the gym collapsing on top of her. The only one of Gardenia's Pokemon that survived was Turtwig, her starter Pokemon and lifelong friend. The small grass Pokemon stood beside her, his head hanging low, unable to correctly express his sorrow over his lost comrades in terms that Gardenia could understand.

    She would have to start over. But could she bear to do so? How could she even face rebuilding her gym when her close friend, Maylene, was gone as well? Maylene and Gardenia had been close friends who had met on their respective Pokemon journeys years before. Now, Maylene had been washed away with her gym, she and her Pokemon doomed to never see the light of day again. Gardenia shut her eyes tight and rubbed them with her hands. When she opened them, she happened to glance at the statue of the three powers standing in the middle of the town. There was someone there. She walked closer, trying to get a good look and sighed with relief. It was her challenger whom she had saved from the fissure.

    What was her name again? Right, Scarlet Reed. She was quite tall for her age, which Gardenia judged to be sixteen, only a few years younger than she. Scarlet wasn't gangly, though. Her height suited her. Her hair was deep purple, the color of royalty, though she certainly didn't carry herself as if she was royal. The exact opposite. She was quite outspoken when she wanted to be, but after the quake, she hardly spoke at all after Gardenia told her about Veilstone. Luckily, she was safe. Her clothes were wrinkled and scruffy, as if she hadn't changed out of them in the week since the war had ended. Her brown tank top hung limply on her shoulders and her green skirt was covered in dirt and grime. Her once immaculate black boots were scuffed and caked with dirt. Scarlet had shown up at Gardenia's gym neat and clean, her boots shined until Gardenia could see her face in them. Of course, who was Gardenia to judge? She herself hadn't changed out of the clothes she had worn the week before.

    She approached Scarlet from behind. The girl swung around as Ampharos greeted the gym leader. Scarlet's dark brown eyes searched Gardenia's face. How much had she lost at the end? Veilstone was underwater, which meant that she had lost a fair amount.

    "I'm glad to see you're okay," Gardenia said. Scarlet stared at her for some time and sighed.

    "Yes, unfortunately."

    Gardenia paused. Should she ask? Was it right to ask what Scarlet had lost in the resounding finish of the war? She wanted to know so that she could console the poor trainer. She could still remember the look of anguish that had crossed Scarlet's face when she told her of Veilstone. Before she could even think of the right words, Scarlet told her the answer.

    "My parents and nearly all of my Pokemon were killed."

    She said it so matter-of-factly... Of course, maybe it hadn't sunk in yet. Gardenia locked eyes with Scarlet. Yes, it had sunk in. Scarlet had just given up. Gardenia wasn't going to have that. She wouldn't let such a bright young individual fling her life away, even if she was grief stricken.

    "I'm sorry... Is Ampharos the only Pokemon you have left?"

    Scarlet shook her head. "No, I have some at Professor Rowan's laboratory in Sandgem."

    Gardenia nodded. Professor Rowan was the leading authority of Pokemon in Sinnoh and was in the ranks of Professor Oak himself. Many trainers in Sinnoh received their first Pokemon from him and left their Pokemon in his care while they were traveling. He had given Gardenia her Turtwig years ago. He had grown strong, but she just couldn't bear to let him evolve. Maybe someday she would... It was about time for him to shed his first stage skin.

    "Where are you staying?" Gardenia knew the answer. Scarlet had no where to go, unless she had some relatives Gardenia didn't know about.

    "I...I don't know. I guess I'll go on to Jubilife..."

    "No! You can stay with me. You know, until you..." Before she could say until Scarlet got back onto her feet, Scarlet picked up her bag and brushed past the gym leader.

    "Thank you," She murmured. "Where are you staying?"

    Gardenia was taken aback for a moment at Scarlet's boldness. "Uh...sure." She said, following after her. "I live in near the mountains. Follow me."

    The two young women walked across the town, passing by several groups of townspeople flocking toward the Pokemon Center. The town had come together and decided that it was imperative to rebuild the Center before they focused on any other buildings destroyed by the fissure. Those whose homes were destroyed stayed with relatives in the town or moved out of Eterna completely. A makeshift bridge had been made over the fissure. Scarlet glanced nervously at the crevice as she and Gardenia walked across the shaky bridge. She was almost completely across when a board broke through and Scarlet pitched forward onto her face, landing in the grass on the other side. Gardenia hopped after her and helped her up as the bridge creaked and swayed behind them.

    "It's this way," she said quietly, looking back at the bridge, her heart pounding as if it would burst from her chest. "I need to get someone to repair that bridge and make it more stable."

    Gardenia's home was quite small; a one story wooden building which stood small and puny compared to majestic mountains of the Sinnoh region. As soon as Gardenia unlocked and opened the door of the house, Turtwig burst inside and scrambled to a large green cushion in the far corner of the small room. Scarlet sighed weakly. Her Ampharos used to have a cushion like that in her own home. When they came home to visit, he slept on it during the day. Scarlet glanced around at the small room. It was furnished with wooden furniture; a table, a few chairs, and a counter. On the far wall was a bookcase. It was laden with what looked like hundreds of books. Scarlet couldn't help but sweep her eyes over the titles. Many of them were novels and manuals about grass-types. Go figure, a grass-type gym leader having manuals on grass-types. A fair amount were mystery novels. Scarlet smiled.

    Reading was more than a hobby for Scarlet. It was a passion that had run through her veins since she was little. She had a habit of reading books while she traveled between towns on her journey. She read aloud as she and Ampharos walked, something that if attempted by many others, would be a total distraction. But, Scarlet had never run into anyone or anything and had never tripped over an object while she was reading. Sometimes she would let out her entire team to listen to her read and sometimes she let Ampharos read, laughing at his passionate gestures and hilarious voices he took on while he narrated the stories. Every time they finished a book, they conversed about it and anxiously awaited the next town and the next bookstore they would come to.

    "Are you hungry?"

    Scarlet snapped out of her reminiscing and turned to Gardenia. Was she hungry? She really hadn’t given much thought to eating over the past week, but the empty abyss she called her stomach screamed to her that she needed to eat. She nodded. “Yeah, I am.”

    “I’ll make some stew. Why don’t you sit down and light a fire?” It wasn’t all that cold in the house, but a fire was a comforting feature and it would give Scarlet something to do, or, rather, her Ampharos.

    “Ampharos, why don’t you light it?” Scarlet said. He nodded and turned to the fireplace. Scarlet cringed. “Don’t set the house on fire, okay?” He turned and glared at her as a spark burst into flames in the fireplace. Gardenia sat down as she waited for the stew to cook, and looked across the table at Scarlet, realizing she didn’t know much of anything about the trainer, not even her type. “So... What type did you say you are again?”

    Scarlet looked up at her from where she was staring at the wooden grain in the table. “I’m an electric-type.”

    When the girl didn’t offer anything else, Gardenia asked, “So... How long did you live in Veilstone?” She knew it was a touchy subject, but she just had to ask. She couldn’t stand the ominous silence that enveloped them both.

    “Since I was about fourteen, I guess. We used to live in Sandgem. My dad was a columnist for the Sinnoh Chronicle, but he could work from home. The year I started out on my journey, he was promoted and he and my mother moved to Veilstone. He was a dark-type, and my mother was a ghost-type. She absolutely hated the idea of my being a trainer instead of a coordinator, though. She thought that it was vulgar for young women to battle.”

    Gardenia sniffed at that. “She obviously hasn’t watched a true Pokemon battle. They are far from vulgar. So, where have you traveled?”

    “Kanto and Hoenn. I competed in both tournaments, but I only made it to the semifinals.”

    "That's pretty good. How long have you been a trainer?"

    "Two years..." She trailed off, her lost Pokemon's images floating in her mind. What had they felt when the wave washed them away? Resentment? Abandonment? Scarlet closed her eyes tightly. She should have taken them with her. They would have survived. She almost felt like a murderer.

    Gardenia bolted up and ran for the stew pot. "Man, almost burnt it!" She exclaimed. Scarlet watched the gym leader sadly. Both of them had been stricken harshly by the end of the war. They both had to start over, but the confounding question was, where?

    Scarlet and Gardenia ate their supper, talking about random things such as their first Pokemon and relatives they hoped to get in touch with soon. Well, Gardenia talked about her relatives. She had several cousins who lived in Celadon City. Scarlet didn't know of any family members other than her father and her mother. Now that they were gone, who would she turn to? She looked across the table at Gardenia, who was so caught up in what she was saying, she hadn't touched her stew yet. They had both lost so much, so would it be best for them to band together?

    As she glanced at Ampharos by the fire with Turtwig and let her mind wander from Gardenia's ramblings, she wondered what was the next step. It was such a strange feeling for Scarlet. She had always known what she was going to do next. Now, her future seemed like an empty page, staring at her and taunting her as she tried to inscribe her life on its pages.
  6. duncan

    duncan Well-Known Member

    Much better than before. I'm liking this. You still have several things to work out, but on the whole this is looking good.

    I was drawn in almost immediately here. Yes, Chapter One and the Prologue should have been merged, but that still didn't take away from this. There were a few small things, but on the whole it was good. Much better than before.

    This seemed a bit like you were reading a list of what was there, rather than describing it. It's easy to do, I know. In the future though, try and work on that to make it flow better and you'll be the better for it.


    This seemed a bit awkward to me. Perhaps "among the highest ranks, like Professor Oak himself" or something similar would work?

    All considered, there's much to like here. I particularly liked the dark mood of the fic, which you have done very well. Works very well. Description is also decent, as is characterization. You still have some things to work on, but just keep at it (and try not to post more than one chapter at a time :) ) and these things will get better. Good job here.
  7. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos

    Actually, the opening sentences aren't the prologue. They're more of an intro to the first chapter.

    Ugh, I'm terrible at describing towns. I'll work on it.

    Stautute becomes statue

    Yeah, it was awkward writing the sentence, too.

    I only post one chapter at a time! Anyway, thank you for your review. I'll go change that and chapter three should be up...sometime.
  8. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos

    This chapter may seem a bit rushed, but I wanted to get it up before Labor Day weekend ended, so, enjoy!

    Chapter 3

    Scarlet slept that night dreamlessly, her arms wrapped around Ampharos, both of them asleep on a cot Gardenia had put out in her living room by the fire. Ampharos obviously did not share his trainer's dreamless state; several times during the night, he kicked out and nearly electrocuted her at least once. She woke with a start each time he did this and by four in the morning, she was deep in an exhaustive sleep.

    Once more, she was woken by a sound. But this time, it wasn’t Ampharos. A loud ringing noise filled the cabin, coming from the small room in the back which Scarlet assumed was Gardenia’s room. She bolted up in bed and glanced at the clock on the wall. 5:54 in the morning. She sighed. Was she ever going to get any sleep?

    Suddenly, the door to Gardenia’s room flew open and Gardenia entered the large front room, dressed in green flannel pajamas and wearing a sleepy look on her face.

    “It’s for you,” she said, gesturing lazily to her room, where Scarlet guessed she kept her video phone.

    “Who is it?” Scarlet really couldn’t think of anyone who would call her, at least at the moment. Of course, she had just woken up after being kept awake all night and she couldn’t even remember her own name, much less others’.

    “Professor Rowan. I don’t know how he knew you are here, but he wants to speak with you.”

    Scarlet shook off her sleepiness and swung out of the cot, causing Ampharos to fall to the floor with a huff. She entered Gardenia’s room and immediately found the video phone on the opposite end from where she stood. It was in a call hold mode, the screen flashing on and off to warn them that someone was on the other line. Scarlet pressed a button on the receiver and the screen flashed on.

    Immediately, a man wearing a white lab coat appeared on the screen. He looked to be in his sixties with white hair and a mustache and the most piercing and intimidating eyes Scarlet had ever seen. They had scared many an assistant, but Scarlet knew that beyond the harshness was an intellectual soul. Of course he knew she was there. He had a sort of sixth sense about these things. Either that or he just had informants everywhere. Scarlet wouldn’t put that past him.

    “Good, Scarlet, you’re safe. I tried to call your cell phone when I heard about Veilstone, but you didn’t answer...”

    “My cell phone’s at the bottom of the Sinnoh sea, Professor.”

    “No wonder... I had heard from your parents last that you were in Eterna City, which is why I tried calling Gardenia first. I heard about the flood. I assume your parents didn’t make it.”

    The way he said it was so matter-of-fact that others would feel a bit hurt at his seemingly unsympathetic statement, but Scarlet knew that he really did feel sorry about her parents’ deaths. He had known them ever since their days at the Sandgem Pokemon Academy, where Scarlet had attended school up until two years beforehand. She nodded in answer to his statement, but didn’t say anything else.

    "Where are you staying?"

    Scarlet hadn't thought about her future past her stay at Gardenia's home. She knew she shouldn't burden the gym leader longer than she should. She thought briefly about starting her journey again, but she pushed that thought aside. Something was telling her that to start her journey again after everything that had happened would disgrace her lost Pokemon's memory.

    "I...I'm not sure."

    "Come to Sandgem Town. I expect you here in at least three days. I have plenty of room and Gardenia needs to focus on rebuilding her gym."

    Scarlet nodded. It wasn't a question. It was a command. She would go to Sandgem, but then what? Well, at least Sandgem was a start. "I'll be there as soon as possible, Professor."

    "Good. Travel carefully." With that, Professor Rowan disconnected the call.

    "So, going back to Sandgem, are you?" Gardenia said from the doorway. "I know you're from there, so I take it you know Professor Rowan well?"

    "As a matter of fact, I was his assistant once."

    Gardenia grimaced. "Wow...It's like trying to wrestle with an Garchomp, isn't it? I heard it was pure stress and torture for many."

    "It wasn't that bad. We actually got along pretty well."

    "Well, you have a bit of a journey ahead of you to Sandgem, so you better get some rest. You should go buy the marketplace before you leave to stock up, too."

    Scarlet nodded and went back into the main room, lying down on the cot and staring at the ceiling. It had been years since she had been in Sandgem. It was where her journey began and where it was sure to end.

    The next day, Scarlet woke at noon, rolling off of the cot and sullenly glaring at the cause of her lack of sleep. Ampharos gave her an innocent look as he yawned and sat down at the table where Gardenia had placed some food for them.

    They were finally ready to leave a few hours later. Scarlet had changed into a red shirt and a black skirt and had polished her boots until they shone once again. Ampharos was rested up and ready to go as they said good-bye to Gardenia.

    "Here's my cell phone number. I take it you're going to get a new one in Jubilife?" Gardenia asked.

    "Yeah, I have some money saved up. I'll call you when I get to Sandgem," Scarlet said, taking the slip of paper from Gardenia. "Good luck on rebuilding your gym." And your life, Scarlet added silently.

    "Thank you. Have a safe trip. Oh, and you might want to go around Eterna Forest. I know it will take longer, but I heard that the entire forest has been turned to swamp land from the last strike. You won't be able to get through it at all."

    "Thank you. Bye!" Scarlet said, waving to Gardenia and walking to the western gate of Eterna. Gardenia watched her until she and Ampharos disappeared in the distance and sighed, turning to her gym. She had a lot of work to do. Where was she going to start?


    Scarlet grumbled as she and Ampharos finally made it all the way around Eterna Forest. They had left Eterna at 3:00 and by the time they walked completely around the Forest, it was 9:00 at night. She decided to set up camp in the ridges near Floaroma and wait until the next morning to continue her trip. She searched among the ridges for the perfect camping spot.

    Fifteen minutes into her search, she stopped cold. The hair on the back of her neck prickled and she turned around. She didn't see anyone watching her, but she felt it as if a dark cloud had descended around her.


    A breeze blew from the forest, but as two shadow figures stood on the ridges looking down into the forest area, they were unaffected by the wind. Neither their hair nor their clothes moved as if they weren't even there. A man with short black hair and dark red eyes kept his gaze focused on the small figure who stood on the ridges below. He wore a black cloak that billowed to his booted feet and a black shirt and pants that caused him to almost completely disappear into the shadows.
    Standing beside him was a tall woman with dark red hair and black eyes. She wore a black cloak like her companion, but she wore it over a short black dress and thigh high black boots. She was watching her companion intently as he focused on the young woman and her Ampharos on the ridge right below them.

    "Ojinan? What is so interesting about the girl? Is there any purpose behind this?"

    The man turned to her and she shuddered when his dark red eyes met hers. How was it possible that such a trained and experienced demon as herself could be shaken to the core by one look from her mentor. True, Ojinan was part of the famed Demon Council, but how could she expect her dark nature to be jarred every time he turned to speak to her? Was it the intense power that lurked behind his eyes and threatened to crush anyone who crossed him?

    "Patience, Tess, patience," her mentor replied slowly. "Though we only have a week to act, I would like to pick the mortals carefully."

    "But that girl..." Tess looked incredulously at the girl below. She had long dark purple hair and wore a red tank top and a black miniskirt. She was looking around her as if she knew that Ojinan was watching her. Tess wanted to warn him, but she remembered the girl wouldn't see either of them in the shadows.

    Ojinan held up his hand to her to stop her from saying more. "While the Chosen One is stultified, we need to advance on our plan. The weaker the host, the stronger our position becomes." He put down his hand as the girl continued walking along the ridge. No matter what Tess said, the girl was perfect to become a host. Now all they needed were five more mortals.


    Scarlet had found a nice spot that night to sleep in, but it came with a price. The cave in the ridges was nice and warm, but in the morning, she was woken up by a low growling sound. An Ursaring stood at the entrance to the cave, glaring at her and starting to strengthen his warning. Scarlet was about to try to speak to him and try to calm him down when she realized she couldn't communicate with the bear Pokemon anymore and she had to leave the cave quickly before he was tempted to attack.

    It took her the nearly the entire day to get to Sandgem, but she made it to the small town right before dusk started to settle in. She smiled warmly at some townspeople she knew from her childhood. Several stopped to talk to her, asking her of her parents. She told no one about their fate, no wanting to bring up the emotions which had not exploded inside her yet. She reached the laboratory on the outskirts of town and knocked on the door. There was no answer. She knocked again. No one came. She finally pounded on the door, growing frustrated at the lack of response to her knock. It flew open, nearly hitting her in the face, and a boy sprinted out, nearly bowling her over.
    Scarlet turned to catch a glimpse of the boy and gasped. "Lucas?!" The boy spun around, his look changing from hurried to surprised. He had dark blue hair which was hidden partly by a large red beret. His neck was wrapped up in a red scarf, which hung over his black t-shirt and blue jeans. His dark grey eyes widened in recognition as he took in Scarlet's appearance.

    "Scarlet! Wow, it's been a long time!" Lucas was right, it had been a long time. Two years to be exact. He and Scarlet had attended school and grown up together in Sandgem Town, training their first Pokemon together and sharing their future dreams and goals. She hadn't seen him since she left on her journey. For all she knew, he had left for Jhoto to train his Chimchar, his first Pokemon.

    "It sure has. Uh...What are you doing here?" She said, gesturing to the laboratory building.

    "Well, I, uh... I'm working here. Part-time..." He stuttered sheepishly.

    Scarlet's eyes narrowed in disbelief. "Really? I thought you wanted to become a Pokemon trainer?" There was no way Lucas had become Professor Rowan's assistant. The first requirement was to have some type of brains, either common sense or from books or a combination of the two. Lucas had neither. Growing up, Scarlet knew him as quite spacey and naive.

    "Well, I'm trying to make some money. You know that round trip cruise and monorail ride I wanted to take around the five regions?"

    Scarlet nodded. She had heard of it. Short trips between regions didn't cost that much, but the round trip which took passengers on a two week vacation through the entire continent of Aquapolis was expensive. Still, two years to work up enough money for one trip?

    "I've only been working here for a year, but... I've made progress in my training! You're now looking at the proud owner of an Infernape!" He said, bowing. Scarlet laughed and gave him some applause. Training your starter all the way to its final form was quite a feat, especially if you had only been a trainer for two years.

    "Still, you're Professor Rowan's assistant?" Scarlet asked incredulously.

    "Yes, Scarlet, I am. Not all of us can be super assistants like you." Lucas glared at her, but jokingly. Still, what he said was true. Scarlet was rumored among many to be Professor Rowan's best assistant he had ever had. She didn't know how she had earned the title, but she had. After she left school, she decided to apply for the job so she could learn more before she started out on her journey. Rowan had been one of her teachers at school and had been impressed by her studies. Scarlet wasn't at the very top of her class, but she was determined and worked hard. Plus, she and the professor always seemed to be on the same wavelength when tackling a problem. After only a few months, they had formed a close bond. He started to view her as a friend, rather than an assistant, and soon she was even teaching him things about Pokemon. She was really good at reading the actions of Pokemon and communicating with them, even better than the professor himself. She had gotten them out of some tough situations with angry wild Pokemon they had been researching. After a year of working at the lab, Rowan decided that she needed to pursue her dream of being a Pokemon trainer and kicked her out of the lab along with her newly evolved Ampharos. She might have never pursued her goal if he hadn't encouraged her to leave; her mother had broken down her dreaming so much over the years, she had started to believe that her mother's views of battling were correct.

    "Lucas! You forgot the list!" A booming voice echoed from inside the laboratory. Lucas jumped and rushed back into the building. A few seconds later, he rushed out again, clutching a piece of paper in his hands.

    "Forgot the list of Pokemon I need to find," he panted.

    "Now, Lucas, you can't be an assistant if you can't remember to bring your list!" Scarlet said mockingly. Lucas stuck his tongue out at her and rushed off, racing down the streets of Sandgem. A few seconds later, Rowan appeared at the laboratory doors and frowned at Scarlet.

    "Do you have to mock him like that?" He asked.

    "Professor, you know I'm just joking with him. I haven't seen him in years."

    Rowan sighed. "You got here pretty fast. Did you have any trouble getting through Eterna Forest?"

    "I went around it. The trip here wasn't very eventful. It was actually quite boring..."

    "Why don't you come inside? Ampharos looks a bit hungry."

    Scarlet followed Rowan into the main room of the laboratory. Computers covered the walls from floor to ceiling and surrounded a long table in the middle of the room. One of the assistants put out some Poke food for Ampharos. Scarlet sat beside him and Rowan sat across from them.

    "Now, tell me about your journey."

    Scarlet knew Rowan must have been trying to distract her from what was storming around in her head. As the morning hours wore on, Scarlet told the professor all about the two years she spent in Kanto and Hoenn.
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    I really do have a bad habit of accidentally wiping reviews...yeah...

    Good chapter on the whole, I'd say. Although you're right, it did seem a bit rushed, especially due to a few mistakes I found. In the future, don't sweat it so much. There's absolutely no reason why you can't wait a week or two and maybe even get ahead a bit on chapters.

    Something about the words future and past being so close together seems a little...off to me. Perhaps a comma might help?

    This would have worked better, in my opinion, as just a scene change rather than just saying she walked across the town.

    And this is how I lost the review, trying to Google stultified. XD I honestly had never heard of it before now...go figure.



    And...I don't know, but this seemed a bit out of character for Scarlet here. She's depressed and all, and yet starts cutting up with Lucas almost immediately. Just doesn't fit in so well with the tone of the fic right then, I suppose...

    Short of the few little things I found, this was actually not bad. So...demons seem to be starting a plot to capture Scarlet, along with several others, for some unseen purpose? Perhaps related to the flood and all? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, the plot is starting up. Which is always a good thing. :)
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    I originally planned for all of the events in this chapter to be contained in this chapter, but I rushed a bit on getting it out. XD Stultified is one of our vocab words for SAT Prep this week. It means to make something useless or something like that. Man, let me go back and fix that...

    As for the scene between Scarlet and Lucas, they have been friends for a long time, true, and I guess she forgot about her worries for only a few seconds to cut up with him. But, you're right, that was a bit rushed. Don't worry, depression is just around the corner!

    I haven't even started chapter four, but I have the events planned. It should be up in the next week.
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    Okay, here’s chapter four. I typed it in four days... I can’t believe I actually found time to do that. A little note, I changed around the locations of the three lake Pokemon. enjoy.

    Chapter 4
    The Lake​

    Though Lucas was a normal type, that day, running toward the lake which lay to the west of Sandgem Town, he felt as if he were a flying or electric type. Scarlet was back, and that fact made him giddy inside. He hadn't seen his best friend in years, and had only talked to her a few times since she left for Kanto. Plus, he wasn't with her. He went everywhere with her, but thank God he didn't show up with her in Sandgem. Maybe they had decided to part ways. Not that they had ever started dating, but since Lucas had started to feel affectionate for Scarlet before she left, he had resented her having any other male company. Lucas had even forgotten the guys name, but he did know he had won a tournament in Hoenn and that he had always been nice to Lucas, despite the assistant's cold treatment of him.

    Suddenly, a shadow fell across Lucas's mind. Scarlet's parents... Jack and Natalie Reed had treated Lucas as if he were their son. He was always over at the Reed house when he and Scarlet were younger. Natalie would always fix them peanut butter sandwiches cut up into multifarious shapes of Pokemon. They always were anxious to get home and see which Pokemon she had cut out each day. While they ate at the table, they talked excitedly about their futures as Pokemon trainers. Natalie watched them disapprovingly for a while and sometimes added something about coordinators, a habit that greatly annoyed Scarlet. She didn't want to be a coordinator and she was tired of her mother shoving it down her throat. Jack Reed approved more of Scarlet's passion, even traveling all the way to Jhoto to capture her favorite Pokemon, Mareep, when she was little. He also shared stories with Lucas about topics he traveled all over Aquapolis to research for his newspaper column. When Lucas received his Chimchar, he and Jack had trained it together along with Jack's Houndoom, which assisted Chimchar in using her fire attacks.

    But now, they were both gone. Lucas shut his eyes tightly, trying to block out the picture in his head of the instant when the tidal wave struck Veilstone. He hadn't been there personally, but he had watched enough of the newscast to have nightmares about it for days.

    He shoved his gloomy thoughts aside and concentrated on finding the Pokemon on the list Rowan had given him. Lucas had been given his own project involving Bidoof and their feeding habits. He was to try all sorts of berries from around the five regions to see which ones the Bidoof liked better. So far, any berry from Kanto passed the test, which was odd seeing as Bidoof were Sinnoh Pokemon. That day, he was to find more Pokemon to test the experiment on. Of course, Starly was on the list. They always seemed to be on the list of Pokemon testers.

    It didn't take long for Lucas to arrive at the lakefront. Lake Verity was beautiful, its waters crystal clear all the way to the bottom. Lucas could see tons of Magikarp swimming around in schools, enjoying the calm after the storm. The lake had been untouched, but Lucas wasn't surprised. According to Rowan, it was sacred territory. He gazed at the island in the middle of the lake as he advanced toward the testing spot near the forest that surrounded the water. He had seen the legendary of the lake before and he longed to see it again.

    Suddenly, a great cry sounded out from in front of him and he turned to see a flock of Starly flying toward him. They saw him, but they didn't stop. The head Starly broke out ahead of the pack, heading straight at Lucas with a Wing Attack.

    "Ah!" He cried, ducking as the flock soared over his head. A Water Gun slammed into his face and he flew into the lake. Before he could pick himself up, a group of Bidoof appeared underneath him and started to carry him away. He waved his arms and kicked out, but there were too many Bidoof for him to overpower. They started to drag him deeper into the lake and he started to panic. Were they going to hold him under? Was he going to drown without anyone here to stop the Bidoof? He closed his eyes and kicked out one last time at the horde of beavers.

    The lake water started to ripple and the Bidoof stopped short. The ripples soon turned into waves and started to glow a deep purple. The Bidoof let Lucas go and scampered off, leaving the assistant dazed and confused as he treaded water. He saw swarms of Pokemon line the lake and he scrambled to get out of the water, sprinting as fast as he could back to Sandgem and wondering what the hell was wrong with the Pokemon.


    Scarlet had run out of adventures to tell Rowan. Her past two years training had been eventful, but the excitement had been washed away by the week's events. She sat staring at Ampharos, who was watching some Starly fly outside the windows of the lab. She wondered what was going through his mind. Ever since the war had ended, all of the Pokemon had lost their ability to speak English. thus disconnecting Scarlet from her Ampharos' feelings and emotions. She turned to speak to the professor again about the Pokemon he was keeping for her when Lucas burst into the lab.

    "Professor! Scarlet!" He panted, bending over to catch his breath. "It's the Pokemon!"

    Scarlet started up from the table, half from surprise and half from concern about Lucas's appearance. He was doubled over, his hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath. It appeared as if he had run a marathon around the entire Sinnoh region. She rushed to his side to check to see if he was alright. After a few minutes, he finally caught his breath and sat, still shaking, down at the table.

    "Now, Lucas, what is the matter?" The professor asked. Lucas looked from him and back to Scarlet and took a deep breath.

    "The Pokemon around the lake. They're going haywire. The Bidoof tried to carry me off into the lake and drown me!"
    Scarlet's frown turned into a smirk and finally into a laugh in just three seconds flat. "Lucas! You got carried off by a bunch of beaver Pokemon a fourth your size?" Lucas frowned at her and she stopped laughing. Of course, Lucas was a normal type. Normal types woke up each morning and discovered that they were a different type each day according to what color their Aquapolian pendant glowed when they awoke. Lucas's must have glowed pink that morning, meaning that he was to be a normal type that day which made him totally useless in terms of power and strength.

    "Sorry, Lucas," she mumbled, feeling ashamed at how she had teased her friend. He stood up and glared at Scarlet one last time before they walked out of the lab together. Rowan walked behind them, giving them space as they talked. One thing he always hated about Scarlet was the way she always teased Lucas, even when they were younger. It was a habit she had never seemed to be able to shake off. Now that the end of the Great War had happened, maybe everyone would be shaken enough to wake up and face what they needed to fix in their life.

    "Lucas, I'm sorry... I really shouldn't have teased you like that. I know I've always mocked you, but you know I've always felt highly about you as a friend..." She trailed off. Lucas wasn't looking at her. He was concentrating on the road ahead of her. She started to open her mouth to say something when he turned to her. Instead of the glare that he fixed on her a few seconds beforehand, she saw a playful glint in his eyes. Was he teasing her about her mocking him? Before Scarlet could start to confuse herself by going too deep inside the psychology of the situation, Lucas burst into a dead run toward the lake.

    "Come on, Scarlet! Let's race to the lake!" He shouted back. Scarlet laughed, trying to shake off the shame she had felt seconds before and sped after Lucas. He knew that she would beat him by miles, but she knew that this was his way of saying that he forgave her. She laughed and chased after him, speeding up and passing him by in three seconds fast. Without looking back at him or Rowan, she sped through the grassy plain that separated Sandgem from Lake Verity, closing her eyes and enjoying the wind whipping against her face. Moments later, horrible scenes started to flash across her mind. The screams of the Pokemon and trainers trapped in the Eterna gym resounded through her head, blocking out all external sounds around her. She could hear her mother and father's screams echo as the water rushed through Veilstone. She had not been in the city when the wave hit, but she felt as if she could imagine the scene as clearly as if she had been in the house along with them at that instant.

    Unfortunately, the scenes not only suppressed her emotionally, but they also blocked her senses in reality. Before Scarlet could react, her foot caught the side of a stone planted firmly in the path and she went flying through the air, slamming hard into the ground a few feet away. She was so far ahead of Lucas and Rowan, neither saw what had happened. She slowly picked herself up, glancing around and trying to get a bearing on her surroundings. She was a few yards away from Lake Verity, which glistened under the sun. She saw no signs of Pokemon around the lake until she spotted a splash out of the corner of her eye. A Bidoof appeared and she tensed up. Would they try to drag her into the lake like they almost did to Lucas? She started to back up as the Bidoof stepped forward. He glared at her and she let off a warning spark from her fingers, causing him to start up and rush away. Finally, Lucas and Rowan appeared, watching the Bidoof scamper off.

    "I don't see many Pokemon here... There were a bunch of swarms around the lake..." Lucas trailed off, looking anxiously around. He was a bit scarred by his experience with the Bidoof and he thought that he would never view the little beaver Pokemon in the same way again.

    "Maybe they have calmed down," Rowan said, fixing his eyes on the island in the middle of the lake. "Or maybe they moved to a different spot." He pointed to the swarms of Bidoof and Starly surrounding the island, blocking the entrance to its cave. The swarms were so thick, Scarlet could hardly make out the rocky walls of the cave even at so close a distance.

    "Wonder what's gotten them all upset..." She mumbled, taking a step forward. She was intrigued by the sudden interest of all of the Pokemon about the cave and she wanted to discover the reason behind the swarms.

    "Something may have happened to the guardian of the lake."

    Scarlet turned to Rowan. "You mean Uxie, the legendary of knowledge? You know for a fact it lives here?"

    Rowan nodded. "Yes, Lucas and I have seen it once before a few months ago when Team Galactic captured the three lake Pokemon. Luckily, they were released unharmed..." He trailed off, his look getting distant. Scarlet knew he was leaving details out of his statement, but she was too distracted by the current situation to press any farther. She turned to the professor and his assistant.

    "I'll go check the island. The Pokemon over there are weak against my attacks and it looks like the Bidoof are scared of the smallest sparks, so..." She turned to the lake and shifted into a running position. Lucas smiled, anticipating the burst of speed that would allow her to run across the top of the water. A few seconds later, she was on the island, scattering the swarming Pokemon as she burst into the cave.

    At first, everything was pitch black. Scarlet didn't let her eyes adjust to the light before she snapped her thumb and finger of her right hand together and released a flashing burst of electricity. She was blinded for a few seconds, shaking her head until her eyes refocused. All that stretched before her was a cave lined with rock walls. It seemed to stretch on beyond the light glowing from Scarlet's hand. She took a step forward, worrying about traps in the cave, but it didn't seem like there had been any presence, human or Pokemon, for years.

    Scarlet shivered. The cave emanated with strong energy. She could literally feel the presence of a powerful being in the cave and she started to grow nervous. Would it care for her trespassing in its territory? Would it have mercy on the mortal girl if they came face to face? She started to shake and almost turned completely around. No, she couldn't leave just yet. If the Pokemon started to act up more violently, someone could get hurt. Lucas was almost drowned by the swarms, so what would stop them from spreading into the surrounding area?

    Suddenly, Scarlet found herself in a large chamber deep inside the cave. A small pool of water lay in the middle of the room. Was it just Scarlet or did the pool form some kind of symbol? She stepped closer, intrigued by the water. She was a foot away when a blinding flash of pink light knocked her to the ground. She struggled to open her eyes, but the light was too powerful for her to do so. Finally, it faded and Scarlet slowly opened her eyes, ready to slam them shut again or run depending on what caused the flash. What floated before her made her open her eyes wide and her mouth fall open in shock.

    When one looks upon a legendary Pokemon, one experiences a few split seconds when one realizes that one is in the presence of a legendary and one is safe. Then, one feels a shock run through ones system that finally registers in ones mind that one is lucky enough to behold such an extraordinary creature. But, there are those like Scarlet who react in fear and terror in the presence of a legendary. Scarlet bolted to her feet and started to turn back toward the entrance to the cave. Something made her stop and look back at the Pokemon that had appeared.

    First of all, it was pink, a fact which oddly made Scarlet calm down a bit. Would a legendary with pink fur really be that cruel and terrifying? In Scarlet's mind, no, it wouldn't. Second of all, it looked like a kitten. A small, pink, flying kitten. She racked her brain for the true identity of the legendary and finally found it. This was Mew, legendary of mirages.

    The two stared at each other for quite some time. They were quite a sight. The young Aquapolian girl with a look of terror and wander in her eye and the pink legendary who levitated in front of her, gazing at her with curiosity. Suddenly, the legendary opened her mouth and squeaked out an excited, "Mew!" The exclamation shattered the silence in the cave, causing Scarlet to jump and let out a small scream. Mew leaned back a bit, a surprised look on her face as though her cry had startled herself. Scarlet thought there was something strange about the Mew. Her eyes glowed an unusual shade of blue, close to the shade of Aquapolian crystal.

    Before Scarlet could even think of what to do next, Mew had floated up in her face and smiled at her, giving her another, warmer, "Mew!" Scarlet leaned back a bit, thinking of what to say.


    Mew giggled, spinning around in the air. Scarlet sighed. Great, Mew was one of those hyper Pokemon she hated so much. They overreacted to everything and made nearly every situation childish. She did not do well at all with people or Pokemon like the pink legendary. Taking another look at the Pokemon, she noticed she was looking the girl up and down, nodding. She let out another "Mew!" which reverberated off of the chamber walls and filled Scarlet's ears and mind to the point where she nearly panicked, feeling smothered by the sound. The room started to grow darker and Mew started to fade away as Scarlet hit the ground with a thud, blacking out.


    Scarlet saw nothing, knew nothing for a few split seconds. Suddenly, a voice came out of the darkness. A female voice... One Scarlet couldn't place.

    A legend wrote long ago...

    Buried deep as the winter snow...

    The powers of the land and sea...

    Fought a war, the reason being...

    Started by the Shadow...

    Ended by the One...

    Once again, this Great War has begun.

    The power of the Chosen One inside the Crystal Orb...

    The powers of the land and sea are hereby forewarned...

    In the Great War, the end of the human race...

    A great challenge the Aquapolians must face...

    In the Great War, the Shadow will reign...

    The blinding sun through the pouring rain.

    The journey has just begun...
    The challenges you must face...

    Prepare, oh Chosen One...

    For you must save the human race.



    Scarlet slowly pulled herself back into consciousness. She couldn’t see a thing yet, but she could make out a voice echoing above her.

    “Scarlet? Can you hear us?”

    This was a different voice. One much deeper than the first. Scarlet finally pulled herself completely into consciousness and opened her eyes. Lucas and Rowan were standing over her. She bolted up and looked frantically around her. How did she get back onto the lake shore from the island? Did the Bidoof catch her and bring her over? She couldn't even remember what had happened in the cave.

    Then, the words came flooding back to her and she remembered Mew. What had it been doing in the cave on Lake Verity? Shouldn't Uxie be there? According to Rowan, Uxie lived there permanently. Where was it and what was Mew's purpose there. Furthermore, what were those words she heard while she was unconscious and who spoke them?

    "Scarlet?" Scarlet jumped at the sound of Rowan's voice and realized she had been staring at the island in the middle of the lake and hadn't addressed either the professor or his assistant. "Are you okay?"

    "I'm fine! Perfectly okay!" Scarlet said with too much enthusiasm. Lucas didn't notice her tone and breathed a sigh of relief. Rowan did notice it, however, and narrowed his eyes, glancing at Scarlet with a suspicious look.

    "Good, because whatever you did, the swarms are gone," Lucas replied, pointing toward the island. Scarlet turned and this time gave a good look at the island. The swarms were completely gone.

    "What happened in the cave?" Rowan asked. Scarlet turned back to him and paused, thinking twice about telling him about Mew. Something in the back of her head said it wasn't time to tell anyone about Mew yet. Instead, she skipped directly to the problem with Uxie.

    "Uxie's not there!" She blurted. Lucas gasped a bit too dramatically and Rowan's eyes narrowed even more. Could he tell she was leaving something out? He always had the strange ability to tell if someone was lying or not, but could he tell exactly what she was lying about?

    "That must have been what caused the swarms of Pokemon. They must have sensed Uxie's absence and gone crazy trying to protect the place until he returned," Rowan said. "We should get back. If Uxie is truly gone, I have some phone calls to make. This could be serious." He turned and Lucas followed him away from the lake shore. Scarlet stayed behind a few seconds, staring out at the island. Mew's eyes haunted her. There was something behind the legendaries stare that told Scarlet something more was happening than Uxie's disappearance. She finally turned around and walked after Rowan and Lucas, heading back to Sandgem.


    Lucas and Scarlet sat at the table in the middle of the lab eating their supper while the professor made some calls in the other room. Scarlet's Ampharos and Lucas's Infernape were sitting side by side, eating and chatting. Scarlet imagined they were talking about their past years' experiences. She didn't stray on the subject too long before she let her mind wander back to Mew. Mew's cry and the female voice's words flew around in her head, causing chaos and confusion in her thoughts. She turned to look at the door on the other side of the lab through which Rowan had disappeared a few minutes earlier, and she wondered who it was he was calling.

    She nearly jumped from her seat when she discovered two girls had appeared in the lab alongside Lucas... Except, Lucas wasn't there and neither were Ampharos and Infernape. Scarlet bolted from her seat and froze, watching the two girls walk right past her without even acknowledging her. One of the girls had an excited look in her eyes and was practically bouncing with joy. She had long dark blue hair that hung down her back and was covered by a white hat that looked almost like a sock. She had dark blue eyes and wore a black tank top and a pink skirt. Pink boots rose from her feet to her knees and black socks rose up underneath them.

    The other girl looked familiar to Scarlet, but she couldn't place her. She had golden blonde hair that reached down her back, fully covering up the pink tank top she had on from behind. She wore a black skirt and black boots, making Scarlet laugh. The girls were dressed as inverse images of each other. Did they plan that? No...from the way they spoke, they had just met. The girl with blonde hair turned completely around so that Scarlet could she her eyes more clearly. Scarlet gasped.

    They were Aquapolian crystal blue.

    The same color as Mew's eyes.
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    Very interesting chapter, here. I've got to say, this is fairly original, which is always something I like. I laughed when it was time to meet the Legendary Pokemon, and Bidoof brought them to it. XD

    Here...small things like this add up. Scarlet has just met an amazing Legendary Pokemon, and yet literally within a few seconds already she's assumed that she will be spending a long time with it and that it's annoying. There are other examples, too. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying outright that Scarlet is a Mary-Sue, but...she certainly has some Sue traits. Concentrate on making her as real as possible, and always, always, be sure to not show favoritism with your characters, okay?

    Hmm. What do we have here? I'm not exactly sure how important this really is, but a nice place to leave the chapter nonetheless.

    Don't get me wrong, good chapter. The one quote I pointed out wasn't the only possible Sue trait, so don't think I'm just overanalyzing one move or anything. In general, she is a good character and not a Sue, but it's certainly something to watch for and make sure that she doesn't (or, indeed, any of your characters) really become a Sue. Sound about right?
  13. chosen_one386

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    Yeah, I get ya. I was trying to make the situation not too cliche and to make Scarlet truly surprised by Mew's appearance and that it wasn't a normal thing, but I do get what you pointed out. I was just trying to point out some of Scarlet's pet peeves, but you're right, it does look like she's assuming she's going to spend some time with Mew.

    Oh, and Bidoof do rule. XD

    I'm working on chapter five. I'm trying to make it a bit longer than the previous chapters.
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    Woot! My birthday’s on Friday, so I may not have time to type this week. Still, I have finished chapter five, so here it is. By the way, later on, in vision sequences, they will begin and end with <<<<<<<< and >>>>>>>>. The only reason I didn’t do that this time was because I split the vision up between two chapters. Most of the time, visions will appear in the middle of chapters. Well, enjoy chapter five!

    Chapter 5:

    Scarlet stared at the girl, an icy chill running up her spine. Could she be linked to Mew? What was Scarlet witnessing? She watched intently as the girls discussed something. As soon as the girl with blond hair spoke, Scarlet gasped. Her voice was the one she had heard when she blacked out. Once again, she saw Mew's eyes staring into her own. What was the expression hiding behind those eyes? Sadness, happiness, fear? As she watched the two girls speak, she became more and more certain that this girl and Mew were linked somehow.

    "So, which Pokemon have you decided to get for your starter?" The blonde haired girl asked, pushing her hair back from her face and twirling a strand around her index finger idly.

    "I don't know," the other replied. "I've been thinking through all three Pokemon, but I haven't come to a conclusion yet. They all seem like a good choice. How about you?"

    "Well, I've been running this little errand for Professor Rowan for about a half a year now, so I've had a while to think. I guess the best Pokemon to start my Sinnoh team off with would be Piplup."

    "Piplup?" The girl seemed to think about the other's choice for a second. Before she could reply, Professor Rowan appeared in the doorway to the lab. As he turned to shut the door, a blur shot through and nearly slammed into the blonde haired girl as it flew through the room. The blur stopped and Scarlet gasped. A Pikachu! In all of her travels, Scarlet had never come across a Pikachu before. She had seen nearly every other electric-type Pokemon in existence except for Pikachu. She watched as the Pikachu jumped up on the girl's shoulder and smirk.

    "Better be strong. I'm not sharing a team with a weak Pokemon," the Pikachu said. Scarlet smiled. This Pikachu had attitude and it was so refreshing to hear a Pokemon speak in English again.

    "Pikachu!" The girl said, glaring at the small yellow Pokemon on her shoulder while she took a slim, red machine out of her pocket. Scarlet watched as the girl handed it to Rowan, who promptly opened it and flipped through the entries.

    "Good, it seems that all of the entries are here," he said, looking up at the two girls. "So, Dawn, are you ready to choose your first Pokemon?" He said, addressing the blue haired girl.

    "Yes, sir, I am!" She replied in an excited manner, following him out into the holding pens out back. The other girl turned to follow them, then stopped, staring at Scarlet. Scarlet started to speak, then stopped. The girl's Pikachu jumped off of her shoulder and ran out the door, completely ignoring Scarlet. The girl looked into Scarlet's eyes, showing no emotion at all.


    The girl snapped out of her daze as her Pikachu cried out to her. As she rushed past Scarlet, she disappeared into thin air, leaving Scarlet standing alone in the middle of the room. Scarlet blinked and found herself sitting at the table across from Lucas once again.

    "Scarlet? Are you okay?" Lucas asked, his spoon suspended in midair as he looked at his friend with a worried expression on his face.

    "Yes! Perfectly fine!" She squeaked in an unconvincing manner. Ampharos and Infernape stared at her, one eyebrow raised on both of the Pokemon's faces. Scarlet stuck her tongue out at Ampharos and he rolled his eyes in reply. Scarlet's head spun with all of the information she had just learned. So, the girl who had spoken to her while she was unconscious... Her name was Kris. Why did that name sound so familiar and why did that Pikachu seem familiar as well? Had Scarlet seen her on television before? Also, what had Scarlet seen? A vision? A flashback? Who gave her the ability to see it? Did it happen in the future or in the past?

    A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts. Lucas stood up and swung open the door, revealing Gardenia and her Turtwig.

    "Gardenia!" Scarlet gasped, bolting up from her seat. "What are you doing here?"

    Gardenia walked inside and Lucas shut the door behind her. She took a deep breath and said, "I was wondering if I could stay here for a while."

    "We have enough room, but we should ask the professor if it's okay with him first," Lucas replied.

    "Is there something wrong at the gym, Gardenia?" Scarlet asked, a concerned tone in her voice as she led the young woman to the table.

    "No...I've just decided..." Gardenia paused as she sat down. "I've decided that I will not be the gym leader of Eterna anymore."

    "But...why?" Ever since Scarlet was in middle school, Gardenia had been the gym leader of Eterna. Now, she was giving it up... But, for what?

    "I've realized...that maybe I've missed traveling around Aquapolis all this time...Maybe my real dream wasn't to be a gym leader...The end of the war...and the deaths of my Pokemon and trainers made me realize...that I should live every day as if it's my last...because it could be. So, I've decided that I'll travel to Kanto...where my family lives."

    "But what about the gym? What's going to happen if there isn't a gym leader in Eterna to rebuild the gym and run it?" Scarlet asked.

    "I've called in to the Hall of Fame in Ever Grande. They're sending someone from Celadon to take over, so it will still be a grass-type gym. I just came here to stay for a while until I head over to Kanto."

    Scarlet nodded silently as Lucas left the room to speak with Rowan. He appeared a few minutes later and told Gardenia she could stay at the lab as long as she liked. Turtwig raced away to speak to Infernape and Ampharos. Scarlet watched as they chatted with each other, an idea forming in her head as she turned back to Gardenia. "I was thinking... Have you ever considered evolving your Turtwig?"

    "Yeah, I was planning on doing that during my future journey... Why?"

    "Well, since we didn't have a chance to battle each other at the gym, why don't we battle outside?"

    "That sounds like a great idea," Gardenia agreed, standing up and following Scarlet outside.

    "I'll judge!" Lucas said, rushing past them and placing himself firmly in the middle of the pasture out back of the lab. Scarlet and Gardenia faced each other. Turtwig planted himself in front of Gardenia and Ampharos in front of Scarlet. Scarlet knew she had a disadvantage, but she had a plan.

    "Ampharos, Iron Tail!" Scarlet called out. Ampharos's tail started to glow and he flew at Turtwig, slamming into him with full force. Turtwig was stunned, but he picked himself back up off the ground.

    "Turtwig, Grass Knot!" Gardenia shouted. Vines flew through the air toward Ampharos, who dodged nimbly out of the way. Twisting around in midair, he slammed into his opponent with an Iron Tail, knocking him unconscious to the ground.

    "Looks like Scarlet wins this one!" Lucas announced as Gardenia scooped Turtwig off of the ground, carrying him back to the lab so he could be healed. Scarlet followed after her, checking to make sure Turtwig was all right.

    "That was a great battle. Your Ampharos is a powerhouse," Gardenia said as they stepped inside the lab. "Of course, you've been training it for a while, so no wonder he's so powerful."

    "Thanks. Your Turtwig will evolve into a powerful Grotle...One day soon," Scarlet said, glancing behind to see if Lucas was following them in. It was getting dark and Scarlet knew that part of Lucas's job was to feed the Pokemon in the pasture their supper. Still, she wanted Lucas to be there when she came clean about the visions to Rowan. She knew she would have to eventually, so why not get it over with now? She debated on whether or not she should tell Gardenia. Of course, Gardenia could be trusted with the information, but was it really of any concern to her? And how could she help Scarlet figure out what was going home? She had no background or prior knowledge of legendary affairs. Still, what if something went wrong, which often happens when one deals with a legendary force they are trying to decipher? Wouldn't having another know of the vision help out? She decided that she would tell all three of them about Mew and her vision that night after supper. She had to get answers, and the only person she knew who would have any knowledge of the questions would be Rowan.



    Scarlet looked up from the book she had taken off of the lab's bookcase. It held some speculations on legendary affairs, leading Scarlet to pick it up absentmindedly to see if there was anything about Mew in it. Unfortunately, the book specialized on Hoenn legendaries, not Kanto. Scarlet held her finger in the book to mark a page on Azelf while she spoke to Gardenia.

    "Dinner's ready, but I can't find Lucas..." Gardenia said, wringing her hands anxiously.

    "Have you tried the storage shed out back? He could still be feeding the Pokemon."

    "Yes. He's not there."

    "Well, maybe he's in the back of the lab in the computer room."

    "I checked there, too."

    Scarlet paused, then stood up from the table, rushing out to the storage shed where Rowan kept most of the supplies to care for the Pokemon. No one was there, but she spotted Lucas's beret in the middle of the room. Boxes were everywhere and tables were turned over, signaling to Scarlet that there had been a struggle of some kind. Someone had taken Lucas.... But where had they gone?

    "Nape!" Scarlet turned to see Lucas's Infernape rushing toward the shed. She gasped. He was bruised and bleeding nearly everywhere on his body. The fire type had obviously run a great distance. He collapsed to the ground before Scarlet could get to him.

    "Infernape! What's wrong?" She gasped, placing a hand on his shoulder. With all the strength he could muster, he pointed in the direction of the route west of town. Scarlet knew exactly where he was pointing. "Lake Verity?" He nodded and laid his head back down on the ground. Scarlet shouted for Gardenia to help her get the Infernape inside, but it was too late. As she pressed her hand against his bloodied chest, she discovered that he was no longer breathing. She backed away from the dead body and froze. If Infernape had been beaten to death by whoever had captured Lucas, the boy was in definite trouble. She raced back to the lab, bursting into the main building and shouting out for Gardenia and Rowan.

    "He's at the lake, we have to get over there before he turns out like his Infernape!" Scarlet shouted, rushing out the door without checking to see if either of her companions had followed her. She heard footsteps behind her after a few seconds, but they disappeared as she sped up her pace, racing blindly through the route between Sandgem and the lake. She saw visions of Lucas being drug underwater, further and further until he drowned...like her parents....She heard his scream in reality as she neared the lake, braking to a stop to behold the scene in front of her.

    Lucas was hanging upside down from a tree, his face red from all of the blood rushing to his head. His eyes widened with horror as he discovered Scarlet's presence. He shook his head frantically as a dark figure appeared by his side. The figure slowly came into focus, revealing a tall man with dark hair and a black cloak covering his black suit. He smirked when he spotted Scarlet, stepping forward to address her.

    "You are Scarlet Reed of Sandgem Town?"

    "Y...Yes...Why?" She said, involuntarily backing up from the man. Her blood ran cold in her veins as if they were made of ice. Just looking at the man made her feel as if she would scream in terror and run from him.

    “I will be blunt in telling you the reason I am here,” he said. “And your friends should hear what I have to say, too.” He looked past Scarlet to where Gardenia and Rowan had appeared, panting from their run through the route. Gardenia bent down to catch her breath, but Rowan immediately snapped his head up to glare at the man before him. A spark of recognition shone in his eyes as he stepped forward to hear what the man had to say.

    “Out of the four of you present here, only one of you has extensive knowledge of the Chosen One and her powers. I assume the rest of you here know who the Chosen One is?” Scarlet and Gardenia nodded silently. Who living in the world ravaged by the Great War had not heard of Quamachi, the Chosen One? She was the world’s savior...at least, in a sense that she prevented it from being completely destroyed.

    “As you know, the Chosen One died at the end of the Great War. But...her spirit still lives on this Earth. One of you knows where she is...I am warning you to not try my patience on this manner...”

    "She died at the end of the war in the Hall of Fame. That is all we know, so why waste your time interrogating us when you yourself know more about the situation than we do?" Rowan asked.

    "One out of the four of you knows more than he or she is letting on to me. I say again, do not try my patience," he repeated, holding out his hand and gesturing to Lucas.

    "Let him go! We don't know anything!" Scarlet shouted, though in the back of her mind, something was shouting at her that she did know something. An image flooded into her mind, and she gasped aloud. No wonder the girl in her visions had been so familiar. She had been the Chosen One. Still, she couldn't tell this man where she was.... Was she so sure that Mew was connected to the Chosen One?

    "Another war is about to stop. I can feel it coming as sure as the sun will be blotted out by the blood of all mortals who oppose us. I advise all who are involved in this war to stay out of my way." He held his hand out to Lucas, who started to squirm even more. Scarlet opened her mouth, but her scream was lost in space and time as a dark cloud descended over the boy. Before it could cover him completely, Scarlet's and Lucas's eyes met and Scarlet shivered. He knew. He knew Scarlet had knowledge about the Chosen One. Terror filled his eyes as the cloud swallowed him up. A few seconds passed, then the man snapped his fingers. The cloud disappeared and Scarlet screamed. Lucas was no longer there...

    A skeleton hung in his place.
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    Wow...this chapter took a bit... It's basically a filler towards the end. More interesting stuff is sure to come, I assure you.

    Chapter 6

    "LUCAS!!" Scarlet screamed as the skeleton dropped to the ground, disintegrating into a pile of dust. Gardenia muffled a scream and turned away from the scene in terror. Rowan's eyes widened in horror as Scarlet rushed forward at the man.

    "Scarlet! No!" He shouted as she slammed into a shadow-like barrier, falling to the ground in front of the dark figure. Their eyes met and she started to cry.

    "Why? Why did you do it!?" She screamed through her tears.

    "Just a little demonstration... of my power. It is obvious that none of you are willing to tell me where the Chosen One is. I leave you one this note. The Chosen One’s life ended in vain. Don’t let your lives end the same.” With that, the man disappeared, leaving the group shocked and stunned.

    “Professor...Do you know who that was...?” Gardenia asked softly, still averting her eyes from where Lucas had been.

    “No...but I suspect he was a demon...”

    Gardenia looked at the professor incredulously. She had never seen a demon before and had never heard of demons appearing on Earth. “How do you know?”

    “All of Kris’s major enemies are dead...Well, the mortal ones, at least. Who else other than the demons of the underworld would be looking for her spirit?”

    Scarlet slowly drew herself up, looking at Rowan through her tears. “Did you say...Kris?”

    He nodded. “Yes, the Chosen One’s name was Kris.”

    Scarlet paused, staring at the pile of dust that had once been Lucas. She could have saved him. She knew where the Chosen One was...and she could have saved him.

    “Scarlet, we need to get back to the lab,” Gardenia said, putting a hand on her shoulder. “We should think this over...before we do anything further. We can’t charge straight into this without thinking, especially if that man was a demon.”

    Scarlet started to shake under Gardenia’s touch. She felt like a murderer...She had killed her best friend by not opening her damn mouth, and now look at him: he was a pile of dust lying on the ground. She nodded, following Gardenia and Rowan back to the lab, sobbing into Gardenia’s shoulder.

    Scarlet sat in the lab, staring at the spot at the table where Lucas had sat at his last meal. Tears silently rolled down her face as Gardenia sat beside her, handing her a tissue box. Scarlet pushed it away. How would a box of tissues solve anything? She was thankful for Gardenia's thoughtfulness, but could a box of tissues bring Lucas back? Were these magic tissues that would revive the dead loved ones of a person? Why not just go down the whole list and see if they would bring back her mother and father as well?

    As soon as Rowan reached the lab, he had shut himself up in his study in the back. Scarlet suspected he might have been making some phone calls, but she also knew he needed to be away from others for a while. Rowan never really showed strong emotions towards certain events, and if he did, Scarlet had never seen him show them completely. He probably needed some time to think. It must have been hard on him, losing his assistant like that.

    Of course, whose fault was it in the first place? Scarlet started to sob again and Gardenia placed her hand on her arm. "It will be okay...Scarlet..."

    "No...it won't!" She shouted back. "It won't, because I killed him!!!"

    Gardenia was taken aback by her outburst. What reason in the world would Scarlet have to think that she had killed Lucas herself? What kind of extreme guilt trip was she taking herself on?

    "What's going on?" Gardenia turned to see Rowan standing in the doorway, a cell phone in his hand. "I'll talk to you later," he told the person on a phone, then hung up, looking at Scarlet intently.

    "She says she killed Lucas, but..."

    "I did! I knew where the Chosen One was and I didn't tell him!" Scarlet shrieked, causing Gardenia and Rowan to both flinch. Rowan's intent stare turned to one of surprise and curiosity.

    “Scarlet, you know where the Chosen One is?” He asked calmly.

    “Yes! I kill...”

    “Scarlet! That’s enough!” Rowan barked, making both Scarlet and Gardenia jump out of their skins in astonishment. “You did not kill Lucas. The demon did. You may have possibly saved the planet by withholding this information. If Lucas knew what you were doing, he would have had his death happen the same way. Now listen to me, Scarlet, tell me exactly where she is...but start with how you know where she is.”

    Scarlet sniffed again, trying to dry up her tears as fast as possible. Rowan couldn’t stand tears that were not necessary, and this was a time to put the crying on hold for a while. “When we went to the lake to see why the Pokemon were acting so strange, you know I went into the cave in the middle of the lake. I told you Uxie was not there, but I didn't tell you that I saw something else there... I saw Mew."

    "Mew? But...the legendaries..." Rowan trailed off.

    "Something happened and I blacked out. I heard this voice speaking to me...When I woke up, I found myself on the shore of the lake. This afternoon...I... I don't know what happened. One second, I was eating lunch with Lucas, the next second, I saw these two girls in the lab...But they weren't really here. One had golden blonde hair and Aquapolian crystal eyes, just like Mew. I heard the other girl call her Kris...and I knew she was the Chosen One!" Scarlet gasped, starting to cry again, but catching herself from doing so. Rowan stood there for a time, thinking over what Scarlet had just said.

    "The demon was right. Another war is starting. I have been speaking with some colleagues in Ever Grande who are pretty close to the legendaries themselves. They say that the legendaries have disappeared and that they are unable to contact them. This may have something to do with the legendaries' disappearance. The only question I have is why Mew is still here."

    "I think Mew is connected to Kris somehow... Do you think...Mew is Kris?" Scarlet asked. "If she is, we need to get to Verity and warn her!"

    "No, if we do so, we will run the risk of her being captured by the demons. We need to stay away from Verity for the time being."


    "Yes, Scarlet, what is it?"

    "Do you really believe that I've seen the Chosen One?" If, say, Gardenia had told Scarlet she had seen the Chosen One, Scarlet would have been quite skeptical. Besides, Rowan was a scientist. He needed proof for most things he placed trust in.

    "Yes, I do. If you hadn't seen the Chosen One, I believe the demons would have never showed up here in the first place." Rowan said.

    "Then it's my fault that he died..." Scarlet trailed off as she watched Rowan's face darken. It was a warning. She was to never speak aloud what she felt towards Lucas's death ever again.

    "I believe that Kris has chosen you in some way. She must have sent you that vision to tell you something of importance." Rowan paused. "I know it may be sudden, but I believe it would be best to head to Ever Grande for a while. We can learn more about this situation and it will be safer. The demons will probably know where to find us, but there are so many powerful Aquapolians in Ever Grande, they might stay away."

    Scarlet stared down at her hands as they started to shake. If what Rowan said was true, the world was in even deeper trouble than it had been in during the war. It frightened her. Would she survive this time? She gripped the pendant around her neck and felt the smooth Aquapolian crystal press against her palm. Every Aquapolian wore a pendant around his or her neck made of Aquapolian crystal, a type of blue gem that was only found in Aquapolis. When an Aquapolian died, the pendant disappeared. Scarlet shuddered as she imagined the pendant disappearing from around her cold, lifeless neck. And yet...if the Chosen One was truly trying to tell her something that could save the Earth... She would have to face this challenge. Still, how could Rowan be so sure the Chosen One was trying to tell her something?

    "Where are we going to go in Ever Grande, Professor? Do you know someone there who would be able to help us?" Gardenia asked.

    "Yes, I know many people there who will be able to help us. We will go to the Hall of Fame and come up with a plan from there. We will leave tomorrow, so you two better get packed tonight."

    The two girls nodded and glanced at each other. Both suspected Rowan knew more about the situation than he was telling them. They were both scared and still shaking from witnessing Lucas's death. How were they going to sleep that night without waking every few hours in fright, imagining the dark figure standing over their beds and his dark cloud sweeping over their bodies and consuming them whole.


    Scarlet shifted in her bed to stare out into the bright morning sun. She pulled the covers close around her and shivered, the image of Lucas's bones swaying from the tree burned into her mind's eye. Ampharos kicked her, groaning at the lack of covers on his side of the bed. Scarlet glared at him. "Wake up, it's getting late. If you want to sleep, I'll put you back into your Pokeball." This got his attention and he snapped up, jumping off the bed and running out of the room.

    "Morning..." Gardenia said halfheartedly as Scarlet entered the main room of the lab. "The Professor is outside making sure the Pokemon are going to be okay while we're gone. He said he'll bring in the Pokemon you left here for you to take with you to Ever Grande."

    "Really? I can't even remember which Pokemon I left here..." Scarlet trailed off, trying to think of which Pokemon she left.

    "Scarlet, I found the team you left here." Scarlet turned to see Rowan walking into the lab and carrying five Pokeballs in his hands. He released the Pokemon contained in the Pokeballs and Scarlet's memory flooded back.

    The first Pokemon she laid eyes on was her Golduck. She had trained her for quite a while during her Kanto journey, then stuck her at Rowan's lab during her journey in Hoenn, replacing her with another water-type. Golduck was still strong, showing that she had obviously not stopped training her body and powers. Her muscles were well defined and the jewel which sat atop her forehead gleamed in the light of the room.

    The rest of her Pokemon she barely remembered at all. Beautifly she had caught in Hoenn. The rest, she had caught in Sinnoh while she performed various projects for Rowan. There were a Cherrim, Hippopotas, Skorupi, and a Lumeneon. Most of them she had never trained at all.

    "I'll take them all with me, even if I have to leave Ampharos out of his ball," Scarlet said, returning the Pokemon one by one into their Poke balls. She clipped them onto a strap on her bag and slung it over her shoulder. "Are we ready to leave, Professor?"

    "Yes, we are," he said as Gardenia picked up her bag as well and returned her Turtwig to his Poke ball. "We need to catch the next ferry out of Twinleaf Town in a few hours, so we better get down there as fast as we can."

    Rowan gave some last minute instructions to the rest of his assistants before they left, taking the small route which led to Twinleaf that lay southwest of Sandgem. None of them spoke a word as they walked along the well worn path between the towns. Scarlet felt sick to her stomach. Lucas's death would not leave her head. She could she it happen over and over again. Occasionally, her mind shifted to the thought of the Chosen One and the mystery of her vision. Would she send her another vision? Was Rowan blowing the incident out of proportion? She remained trapped in her thoughts as the three boarded the ferry for Ever Grande. Ampharos tried to get her to battle some trainers on the boat with him, but she waved him away, focusing hard on her dilemma. He shot her a disappointed look as he turned to talk to Turtwig, whom Gardenia had released to enjoy the refreshing sea air. The professor seemed deep in thought as well. Scarlet suspected he was thinking about the parts of the mystery he was keeping secret from her and Gardenia.

    A few hours later, the ferry docked in the huge city of Ever Grande, the capital of Aquapolis. Ever Grande was such a huge city, it was classified as one of the regions of the country, making a grand total of six regions which lay in Aquapolis. It was a bustling city for sure, especially since the Hall of Fame stood in the center. The Hall of Fame was home to the Elite Four from all around Aquapolis and the Champion himself. Scarlet didn't keep up with who was Champion at one time. It changed every five years. The Champion at that time, she believed, was Wallace Sootopolis, who had once been a gym leader in Hoenn. Scarlet had arrived in Hoenn years after he left his position there, so she had never had a chance to face him in battle.

    Rowan headed directly to the center of the city and the Hall of Fame. Gardenia swung around, taking in the sights and sounds with an excited spark dancing behind her eyes. She had not been to Ever Grande in years and she had forgotten how much she loved the city. She nearly ran into Scarlet as they stopped in front of a skyscraper in the middle of town. The lobby was bustling, Aquapolians rushing every which way as they went through their daily business. Something struck Scarlet. Ever Grande looked virtually unscathed by the ending shock. She shrugged it off. It probably had something to do with the Cave of Origin being nearby. She and Gardenia sat on benches in the waiting area as Rowan talked to the receptionist up front.

    "I wonder who it is we're here to see..." Gardenia said, smiling at some gym leaders and Elite Four members she knew. "Must be someone in a high place and connected to the legendaries... I wonder if it may be someone from the Legendary Team."

    "The what?" Scarlet frowned. Had she missed that much while she was on her journey?

    "The Legendary Team. The team of twelve young Aquapolians the Chosen One gathered together to help fight in the war. I believe there were other Elite Four members and gym leaders who were involved with them as well, but the Legendary members know the most about the legendaries."

    Scarlet watched as a Rowan turned to greet a woman who had just stepped off the elevator. She was quite pretty with short red hair and piercing green eyes. She wore tall black boots, a black skirt, and a white top. A Mightyena trailed behind her, her dark fur sleek and beautiful. Scarlet guessed her age to be around thirty. Rowan waved the two girls over and they scrambled up from their seats to meet the woman.

    "Gardenia, Scarlet, this is Mars. She helped the Legendary Team during the last part of the Great War. She is an expert on the powers of time and space," Rowan said. "Mars, this is Gardenia, the... former Eterna gym leader, and Scarlet, who used to be my assistant and is quite the accomplished trainer herself."

    "Nice to meet you," Mars said, bowing slightly. "Scarlet, David said you were the one...who went into the island?" She asked, glancing around and lowering her voice, not addressing the fact of her experience with the Chosen One. Scarlet was confused. Who the hell was David?

    "Er...yes, I was." She said, ignoring the confusing part of the question.

    "We need to go speak someplace less...crowded. There's a conference room on the twelfth floor we can use." As Mars led them to the elevator, Scarlet's mind wandered to the numbers she had heard recently. Twelve Legendary Team members...twelfth floor... Maybe they were going to the conference room where the Legendary members met.

    Sure enough, Mars led them into a room which contained exactly twelve chairs around a round table. Gardenia took a chair near the window, staring out over the city as Scarlet took her place beside her. Mars stood across from them and Rowan stood by the window.

    "Now, Scarlet, Gardenia, how much do you know about the Great War?" Mars asked. Gardenia turned around slowly to look at her, her eyes growing dark.

    "That the end caused more misery than the actual war did itself," she said disdainfully.

    "Things would have been much worse if the war had not been stopped a week ago, Gardenia. Much worse. The war was started by the Shadow, a powerful demon named Greevil who was in control of the Cipher organization based in Orre. Greevil caused the first Great War three thousand years ago which nearly wiped out our race. This Great War targeted the humans outside of Aquapolis. The only one who could stop it was the Chosen One, Kristal, whom you saw in your vision. She eventually did stop the war last week, but she died the next day." Mars glanced at Rowan, who shook his head. "Something may have happened to her spirit after she died. If she is trapped here on Earth in a position in which she is helpless, the demons of the underworld could gain control. The disappearance of the legendaries seems to be the first step."

    "So, what are we going to do? How am I supposed to find out what she was trying to tell me?"

    "First of all, we don't know if she's trying to tell you anything. We need to wait for a bit until you have another vision...if you have another one, that is. Secondly, both David and I have experienced what happened during the Great War and Kris's struggle during those two years. We are not going to tell you a thing about our experiences."


    "If Kris is trying to tell you something, it's best to have a clean, unobstructed view of the events. If Mars and I told you about them, you would lose sight of what is important," Rowan explained. Scarlet looked from him to Mars. They must have been close friends for Mars to call the professor by his first name. She understood what they were saying. She would eventually get confused from all of the information if they contributed to it.

    "So...we're going to stay here until I get another vision?"

    Mars nodded. "Yes. There's plenty of things to do here in Ever Grande, so I trust you won't get bored. You might want to talk to some of the Elite Four here. Might as well learn some techniques when you have the chance."

    Scarlet nodded. She could sense something was wrong. Both Mars and Rowan had concerned looks on their faces. They looked like they were not optimistic about the present situation.

    Still, what was the present situation? Only Kris could tell her, that was for sure.

    "This place is huge..." Scarlet said, following Gardenia into a large building which sat a few blocks from the Hall of Fame. It contained a mall and a huge indoor battling arena for trainers from all around Aquapolis to battle. Gardenia led Scarlet to the arena's front desk where a young woman with short purple hair was registering battles.

    "Excuse me." Gardenia said. The woman's head shot up and her eyes widened as she recognized the young trainer in front of her.

    "You must be the Eterna gym leader, Gardenia," she said, ignoring Gardenia's pained look. "Would you like to take challengers here today or would you just like to battle?"

    "Oh, I'm...not battling today. My friend here wants to challenge any open battles left on the board."

    "Hmm..." The woman checked her computer. "There's a young man who's posted an open battle. One-on-one single with any type open. Would you like to accept his challenge?"

    Scarlet nodded. "Yes, I would." The woman paged the entire mall system for a boy whose name was Mitch Holtz. A few minutes later, a boy with dark blue hair appeared by the desk.

    "I have a challenger?" He asked.

    "Yes, this is Scarlet Reed. She's accepted your challenge and you can battle on field number three."

    Mitch led Gardenia and Scarlet into the main part of the stadium. Shoppers in the mall could look in at various battles through store windows. Battlefield number three was by the food court, where tons of people were packed, getting their lunches.

    "Have you battle here before? I didn't see your name on the regular board," Mitch commented as they faced each other. Gardenia sat on a bench parallel to the battlefield.

    "No, I haven't..." Scarlet looked around. "Where's the referee?"

    "They have electronic ones in cameras in the ceiling," Mitch said. He called out, "We are ready to start our battle now!"

    "Mitch Holtz from Olivine City versus Scarlet Reed from Veilstone City. One-on-one single battle begin now." An electronic voice filled the room as well as the food court outside. Several diners turned to watch the match, curious to see what Pokemon would be displayed from these vastly different regions. "Holtz, please send out your Pokemon."

    "Go, Empoleon!" He shouted, releasing a large penguin like Pokemon.

    "Reed, please send out your Pokemon."

    Scarlet thought hard about the Pokemon she would use. She wanted to train some of her weaker Pokemon, but Ampharos was the obvious choice. "Go, Ampharos!" She shouted, releasing her main Pokemon.

    "The battle will now begin."

    "Ampharos! Start out with Thunder!" Scarlet shouted. Ampharos closed his eyes and seconds later a bolt of lightning flew toward Empoleon.

    "Empoleon! Aqua Jet!" Empoleon dodged the attack and flew at Ampharos, who barely made it out of the huge Pokemon's way. Scarlet thought through her next move at a lightning speed. Empoleon was fast and could dodge Ampharos's attacks easily. Thus, they needed to slow him down in the signature electric-type way.

    "Ampharos! Go in with a Fire Punch!" She yelled. Mike's eyes widened, wondering what his opponent was up to.

    "Empoleon! Aqua Jet again!" He shouted. Empoleon raced at Ampharos, who did not stop racing toward his opponent. The two Pokemon collided with each other and Ampharos flew backwards into the far wall. Scarlet watched him anxiously to see if her plan had worked. He stood up and, panting, looked across at his opponent. Empoleon was standing stock still in the middle of the arena, a shocked look splayed across his features. Scarlet smiled. Empoleon was paralyzed.

    "Ampharos, Thunder!" Scarlet shouted. Before Empoleon or Mitch could act, a bolt of lightning slammed into the water-type, knocking him out completely.

    "Empoleon is unable to battle. Reed and her Ampharos win."

    "Way to go, Scarlet!" Gardenia said, commending the trainer for her strategy. "That was amazing."

    "Thanks, but it was Ampharos who pulled it off..." Scarlet said, calling Ampharos back to his Poke ball so that he could rest until she got him to a center.

    "I must say, that was impressive," Mitch said. "You were at an advantage anyway, but the way you pulled off the win was ingenious."

    "Thank you. Your Empoleon is strong. I've seen many and yours is among the finest I've seen."

    "Thanks," Mitch replied, looking at his watch. "Listen, I've got to be at another match in a few minutes. I'll...uh, I hope to battle you again. Keep your name on the list, will ya?"

    "I sure will," Scarlet said, already becoming excited about battling other trainers from around Aquapolis. She watched as Mitch left the arena. She was so caught up in her thoughts, she didn't even think about leaving until Gardenia tapped her on the shoulder and told her they needed to get Ampharos to the center. Scarlet followed after her in a daze, her mind temporarily off of the upcoming mission in front of her.
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    Sorry about falling behind, but I'm caught up now. :)

    Interesting two chapters there. The death of Lucas was done nicely, I'd say, although I think it probably could have been a bit more dramatic (the cloud was a bit odd, but not overly so). Scarlet's reaction to it was also well done.

    But...the battles were pretty bare bones. Like here:

    Two attacks? Far, far too short. If a battle can fit in a smallish sized quote...you know what I'm talking about. Although the last battle was a bit better, you have a tendency to just list off what happened. It's an easy thing to do in battle scenes, I know, but it's something to work on.

    A nice bit of history about Kris (which we never really found out, actually), and the demons are certainly an interesting twist. Good job on the two chapters, but be sure to work on your battles okay?
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    this is really good because there lots of description but you need to make the battles longer and have more variety of attacks
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    duncan: Yes, I suck at battle scenes. I need to work on them a lot. Basically in this fic all they are all fillers. The death of Lucas was planned at the last second. XD Still, thanks for reviewing!

    JaimeGreenan: Yeah! A potential new reader! Glad you liked it. Yes, the battle scenes need to be longer. Now that I think about it...there might not be many more in this fic. Hmm...

    Thank you for reviewing. Chapter seven will be up...whenever I finish it I guess... It will reveal more of Kris's past and duncan should remember parts of this. I forget which of my fics you read.
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    This week had to be the busiest week I have ever had. I had nine (yes, NINE) tests and quizzes this week at school. I had this chapter done about a week ago, but I couldn't type it up because I was too busy studying. So, here is chapter seven. Enjoy.

    Chapter 7:

    Scarlet could smell smoke. It filled her senses, sending off alarms in her head. She could see fire spread out in front of her. She heard a crash and could make out a figure running ahead of her through the flames. They were in the house for only a few seconds before they burst into the clear night air. Scarlet could finally make out the figure and her Pikachu. She was dressed in a light blue tank top and shorts and her hair was sticking up all over her head. She obviously had been in bed before she was alerted to the fire. She turned back to the fire and screamed.

    "MOM! DAD!" Her voice shot through Scarlet's mind, causing her to wince and close her eyes in an effort to block out the vision in front of her. Her eyes didn't stay closed for long. She couldn't help but watch as the girl tried to douse the fire with her powers. No matter what she tried, her attacks on the fire came up short. At one point, she tried to race back into the house in an effort to save the souls in there, but her Pikachu stopped her short with a small blast of electricity. She finally sank to the ground, crying and screaming her lungs out.

    Scarlet tried to turn from the scene, but she couldn't. Something drew her to watch the gruesome vision. Someone else entered her line of sight. A figure stood off from the scene in the shadows, watching the girl's reaction. Scarlet couldn't quite make him out, but she could tell he was tall, had red hair, and was standing beside a Mightyena. Before she could think of getting a closer look, she heard a loud crash and she faded into darkness as the house crashed to the ground.


    Scarlet bolted up in her bed, panting and sweating. Another vision...this time...what had happened? The house had obviously been her home...Her parents. They didn't get out alive, did they? Why hadn't she gone to get help? Who was the man in the woods? Where had it taken place? Her mind raced with questions as she swung out of bed and got dressed.

    "Morning," Gardenia greeted Scarlet as she walked into the lobby of the Hall of Fame. "Where do you want to go for breakfast?" When Scarlet didn't answer her, she frowned. "What's wrong?"

    "Where are Mars and the professor?"

    "I think they're up in the conference room. Mars told me they would be down in a little while..." She trailed off as Mars and Rowan appeared in the lobby. "There they are."

    "Is something wrong?" Mars asked when she saw Scarlet's worried face.

    "I..I had another vision," Scarlet blurted.

    "What did you see?" Mars asked, she and Rowan stepping closer to better hear what Scarlet had to say.

    "I saw a fire...I don't know where it was exactly...but Kris was there and she was trying so hard to put it out...and she was screaming. She couldn't put it out...the house fell down..." Scarlet gasped, knowing all the time that she was making no sense whatsoever. Mars held out her hand for her to stop. Scarlet slowed her sharp sobs to a stop, trying to focus on telling Mars about her vision. She started to open her mouth, but Mars motioned for her to be quiet. She was obviously searching her mind for some piece of information which could help decode the vision. Finally, a spark of recognition shot across her face.

    "The fire! The fire that killed her parents...that must have been what you saw..." She trailed off. "What is she trying to tell you...? The fire happened in Pallet Town years ago. Four...Three?"

    "Was there anything else in your vision, Scarlet? Anything at all?" Rowan asked carefully.

    Scarlet's mind raced through her vision, trying to highlight any missed points. A figure stood out in her subconscious. "There was a man there...he had red hair, I think. And he had a Mightyena with him."

    Mars eyes widened with recognition. She knew whom Scarlet was talking about. Scarlet gritted her teeth. Of course, Mars wasn't going to tell her who he was. She and Rowan's rule about what they were and were not going to tell Scarlet was starting to bug her. How was she supposed to figure out Kris's message when she knew nothing about her past?

    "I know who you are talking about, but I'm afraid I can't tell you exactly who he was...is. He was quite important in her past." Mars paused, thinking. "But I can say that the fire took place in Pallet Town."

    "Maybe we should go to Pallet Town. She might be leading us there," Gardenia suggested.

    "Or to Hoenn..." Rowan said, trailing off as he caught his error. Scarlet smirked. It was even hard for Mars and Rowan themselves to stick to their own rules.

    "Does anyone have any business to clear up while we are still here in Ever Grande?" Mars asked. "We're not returning soon if we decide to head to Kanto." The others shook their heads. Scarlet was excited to leave the city. It had started to get too crowded for her and she wanted to return to Kanto. She had only been to the region once, but she had loved it.

    "When shall we leave?" Rowan glanced at the clock that hung over the front desk on the other side of the room. The twelve numbers were ringed with colors symbolizing the twelve types of the Legendary Team. Scarlet wondered if she would ever meet any of the members. She knew they were all about her age. They had truly become legendary in their own right, especially in the Hall of Fame. She realized that many of the patterns around the building consisted of symbols of the twelve types of the members. She focused on the clock. Clockwise, she could make out electricity, water, rock, fire, ice, psychic, grass, fighting, normal, dark, ghost, and light symbols. The time was 10:31 in the morning.

    "Let's say one o'clock. That will give us time to pack and make plans for what we should do once we get to Kanto. You two should go pack your bags," Mars said, speaking to Scarlet and Gardenia. They nodded and headed to the elevator. As soon as they entered the elevator, Scarlet gasped and laughed.

    "What is it?" Gardenia asked.

    "It's everywhere!" Scarlet said, pointing to the twelve symbols placed on the elevator walls.

    That afternoon, the group boarded a ferry which would take them to Pallet Town. Scarlet stood on the left side, gazing out at the water. Mars and Rowan went over their game plan for Kanto.

    "I think we should go see Professor Oak. He may be able to tell us some things about her early childhood and journey. Though, if Kris showed Scarlet the scene of her parents' deaths, she may be pointing her to the later years of her journey," Mars said.

    The group reached Pallet Town at about around four o'clock in the afternoon. Scarlet stepped off the ferry and breathed in the salty Kanto ocean air. Kanto had been the first region she had traveled in on her journey despite Sinnoh being her home region. Kanto seemed so...rural compared to Sinnoh and its large cities that spanned the width of the region. Kanto only had a few major cities and they were concentrated in the middle of the region. The rest of the land contained wide, open plains.

    As they started to walk along the small dirt paths of Pallet, Scarlet took in the small town scenery. Everywhere there were small neighborhoods of quaint and colorful houses. Two children who looked to be seven or eight ran alongside an Eevee, a native Pokemon of the region, but still quite rare. The Eevee sprinted out in front of the girl and raced away, taunting the girl and boy to come and catch her. They streaked off after her, the boy nearly flying off the ground in his pursuit. Scarlet smiled. They were not just learning how to train their Pokemon, but their own powers as well. She remembered how she and Lucas had developed their powers during their childhood years. Lucas never knew which type he would be when he woke up in the morning, but he trained himself to utilize every type he could master.
    Thinking about Lucas brought the terrible scene to her mind and she brushed it away along with the tears in her eyes. She needed to concentrate on Kris’s past, not her own. Surely, Professor Oak would know something in regards to Kris’s life in Pallet Town. The renound scientist was well known for bestowing starter Pokemon to some of the greatest trainers in history. Kris was no exception.

    Professor Oak’s laboratory sat on a hill overlooking Pallet. It consisted of a large brick building, a windmill, and a large pasture out back of the house. Scarlet could see a herd of Tauros in a corner of the pasture and a group of Psyduck in another. Mars and Rowan led the way to the back, where they found the professor standing near a gate and observing the Psyduck intently. He looked up as they approached and immediately acknowledged Rowan.

    "Well, Professor, what brings you all the way down here to Kanto?" As Oak said this, Scarlet remembered something she had learned in school a long time ago about America. The country was mostly one continent unlike Aquapolis, whose regions were divided by seas. She remembered reading that the southern part was more rural and small-town focused than the rest of the country. Kanto was supposed to be the South of Aquapolis.

    "Well, we've come to do some research," Rowan replied. He remembered the others and turned to introduce Scarlet and Gardenia, but discovered that the later was gone.

    "Wow! A Vileplume!" Scarlet scanned the pasture until she spotted the grass gym leader standing by a large purple Pokemon with red petals lining her head. Vileplume were scarce in Sinnoh, but Scarlet immediately recognized the Oddish evolution. Gardenia must have been just as excited to see a Vileplume as Scarlet had been to see Kris's Pikachu. "I've never seen one before!" Gardenia continued, taking a lime green camera out of the pocket of her capris. "Mind if I take your picture?" She asked the Pokemon, who shook her head and smiled.

    "She must really love grass-types," Mars muttered as Gardenia excitedly snapped a picture of the Vileplume, who nodded a good-bye afterward and rushed off to a group of Oddish near a small lake on the other side of the pasture. Gardenia rejoined the group, smiling as if it were Christmas morning.

    "As I was saying, this is Gardenia, the gym leader of Eterna City in Sinnoh." As Rowan said this, Gardenia's smile faded and she grimaced. Did Gardenia feel guilty about leaving the gym and her responsibilities to pursue her dream. "And this is Scarlet," Rowan said.

    "I believe we have met once before," Oak said. "I gave you a starter for Kanto in exchange for filling out a Pokedex for me."

    Rowan's eyebrows shot up. "Really?" He shot a glare at Scarlet, who smiled sheepishly. Since she had been his assistant before she left on her journey, she should have already had a Pokedex filled up.

    "Yes, a Bulbasaur if I remember correctly. You used it in the semifinals in the Indigo Conference, right?"

    Scarlet nodded.

    "Now, you were saying you came to do some research? Anything I can do to help?"

    "Well, we are looking at Kris's early childhood and possibly her life here in Pallet," Rowan replied.

    Oak nodded. "Oh, yes. I remember the day she came to get her starter...How early or late in her childhood do you need to go?"

    "Around the time of the fire."

    "That was only about three years ago. Why don't we go and take a look at the plot where the house once stood?"

    The group followed him through the town until they came to a small neighborhood consisting of about five houses. Between two houses was a plot of grass that was completely bare.

    "Is this where the house once stood?" Mars asked.

    "Yes," Oak nodded.

    Scarlet spotted a vase resting in the middle of the plot. It consisted of a single blue rose. Oak spotted her looking at it.

    "Every day, someone leaves a different colored rose in that vase. Delia Ketchum, who lives next door, has been trying to catch whoever it is, but he or she disappears before she can do so."

    "There's a rose like that at Kris's grave as well," Mars added.

    "So, do you see anything?" Gardenia asked Scarlet.

    "Not yet..."

    "Well, while we're here in Kanto, can we stop in Celadon? I have some relatives I'd like to check up on there."

    "Certainly. We have time to kill in between Scarlet's visions," Mars replied.

    Scarlet gazed at the vase, concentrating on the vision of fire she had had that morning. She could smell the smoke and ashes surrounding her and could feel the heat of the flames. She could feel someone grasp her hand and she closed her eyes, allowing Kris to lead her into another vision of her past.


    Sunlight filtered through the trees of the forest. I was warm on Scarlet’s back as she breathed in the salty sea air once again. She spotted Kris a little ways off. She wore a red tank top and a black skirt and boots. A boy walked beside her. He had black hair covered with a blue hat and wore a blue jacket and jeans.

    “They’ve spread out through Kanto. We need to push them back into Hoenn,” Kris said to him.

    “Wherever you go, he will go. You know that, Kris. When we go to Hoenn for the Emerald Conference, he’ll follow you back.”

    “You’re right, I just don’t feel like dealing with Team Magma over and over again here in Kanto.”

    “They’ll follow you, I promise.”

    As the two walked away from Scarlet, darkness overtook her vision and she could feel herself being pulled back into consciousness. She tried to resist the hand grasping at her shoulder. She wanted to see more. She wanted to know more. The hand was too strong. Scarlet felt her feet fall out from underneath her as she plunged into darkness.
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    It's time...for the return of the pre-chapter news! Yes, you guessed it, I am now going to return to my news recap before every chapter. Turns out Toys R Us is going to start giving away Dragonite and, I believe, Darkrai as well. Also, there is a new dub title...uh, can't remember what it is, but it's for some stupid filler episode I really don't care about. Finally, Armaldo is the Pokemon of the Week. Yay.

    I know this chapter came quite fast, but I had a lot of free time this weekend to write, thank God. So, here is chapter eight! Enjoy!

    Chapter 8:

    The powers of time, space, dimension, land, sea, and sky...

    Could they ever truly get along?

    Could two completely different powers...people...come together to change the world?


    "Her visions are getting clearer..." Ojinan muttered to himself. He and his student stood on a hill overlooking the small neighborhood where the Chosen One once lived. He watched as their target walked with her companions down the road, their path heading out of town. She had not snapped out of her vision yet. Her mind had subconsciously taken over and was pushing her onward with the others.

    "Can you see what she is showing the girl?" Tess asked, brushing her dark hair out of her face and running her hand over a dark Poke Ball she held in the other. She was debating whether or not to release her Luxray to follow the group. Would the Chosen One be able to warn Scarlet about the spy?

    "A meaningless conversation...She is trying to direct her to Hoenn, that is all."

    "They're heading to Celadon...It will take them a while to turn back to Hoenn."

    Ojinan paused. "She will be perfect for the power of dimension..."

    "Shall I send Luxray to track them?" Tess asked, gripping the Poke Ball in her hand, anxious to release her partner.

    "Make sure he is not sensed by the two psychic-types. I am not worried so much about the old man as I am about Mars. Tell me," he glanced at his student. "which of the powers would be best to give to her?"

    “Anything but the powers of time and space. She will know how to use them too well.”

    “Yes...let us go...” Ojinan vanished. Tess dropped the Poke Ball and a large, lion-like electric-type appeared. His fur was black and his chest fur was blue. He had a sharp, cruel face that was clouded with darkness. Turning to his master, the Luxray tensed his powerful muscles, ready for a command to be given to him. He lived to serve his demon masters and that servitude was the only thought on his mind. Tess motioned toward Scarlet and the others.

    “Follow the electric-type, but keep to the shadows. She must not see you or sense you,” she ordered. Luxray bowed to his master and disappeared completely. All one could see of the beast was a shadow spreading itself across the ground. The shadow took off into the forest, beating a trail to catch up to the band of mortals. Its only purpose at the moment was to watch over the Chosen One’s messenger.


    A Pidgey sounded above her head, snapping Scarlet back to reality. She swung around in panic. Where was she? She was walking beside Mars, Rowan, and Gardenia along a dirt road. The last thing she could remember was Pallet Town and the vision. The others stopped and looked at her with curious expressions.

    “What is it, Scarlet?” Mars asked as she watched Scarlet’s face flash from a confused state to a surprised one.

    “H...How did I get here?” She asked, backing up. “All I can remember is Pallet...and the vision.”

    “A vision?” Mars asked, tossing the subject of Scarlet’s confusion aside for a moment. “What did you see?”

    Scarlet gathered her thoughts and formed them into comprehensible sentences before she continued. She wanted to make sure that they understood what she had seen. “I saw Kris walking in a forest with a boy about her age. He had really messy black hair and wore a blue hat. Any idea who that would be?”

    “Probably Ash Ketchum. He was second-in-command of the Legendary Team and gym leader of Petalburg gym as well as Kris’s best friend for years,” Mars explained. “Now go ahead.”

    “They were talking about Team Magma and how they were operating in Kanto. Kris was concerned and she told Ash that she hoped they would follow her to Hoenn when she left for the Emerald Conference.” Scarlet knew little about Team Magma; only that they were based in Hoenn and had pursued Groudon, the power of the land, before the Great War. “I think she may want us to go to Hoenn and investigate them some more.”

    “We will,” Mars nodded. “but we promised Gardenia that we’ll stop in Celadon so she could see her family.” Scarlet nodded, feeling a bit disappointed. She wanted to head to Hoenn as soon as possible and without any delays. Pallet and Celadon were a day’s journey apart, which would delay them even further. They continued to walk north to Viridian, Scarlet’s mind focused on her visions.


    Wind swept across the hillside, stirring the fall leaves up and kicking them into the air. He could feel the salty sting of the ocean spray on his face. He refused to turn back and look at the house that stood behind him.

    He refused to look at her body.

    They had taken away his love.

    And now they had taken away his sister.

    They had taken away his life as well, but that had been his own choice. He had been the one to cry out in desperation for the safety of him and his sister. This was his punishment.

    He no longer felt anything. He was drained. He couldn't help thinking of the StarClan member he had met during the war. He had been emotionless, yet she was able to save him from himself before he could destroy his life. The StarClan member had been saved, he thought, but he himself was lost without her.

    This was just the first step. He knew what the demons were planning, yet the question remained...

    Would he have the strength to stand against them?


    The travelers reached Cerulean by the time night fell. Scarlet was worn out by the day's travels and collapsed on a bench in the Center while Mars got them some rooms. Gardenia stood leaning against the wall, her light brown eyes glancing nervously around the room. Scarlet had observed that the closer the grass-type got to Celadon, the more nervous she became.

    "Is...something wrong Gardenia?" Scarlet asked, concern for her friend growing with every second Gardenia spent in her nervous state.

    “It’s just...I’m not sure what I’m going to tell my cousin...You see, she’s the leader of the Celadon gym...and she was the one who inspired me to become a gym leader in the first place. How am I supposed to tell her that I abandoned my gym?”

    Scarlet thought through Gardenia’s predicament for a second. She had only met the Celadon gym leader, Erika, once, but she knew that she was serious about her responsibilities. “First of all, you didn’t abandon your gym. You sent notice to the Hall of Fame to send a replacement and you made sure the gym would be okay before you left. Secondly, don’t be worried about Erika’s reaction. I’m sure she would understand your actions after all you have been through.”

    Scarlet watched as a small flash of relief crossed over Gardenia’s face along with a look of appreciation. “Thank you, Scarlet. You’re right about Erika. I’ll tell her the truth and she’ll support me no matter what happens, I’m sure!”

    “Gardenia, Scarlet. We’ve got some rooms. Scarlet, you look exhausted. You should get some sleep,” Mars said, frowning. Scarlet wondered if Mars was worried more about Scarlet being too tired to travel or too tired to focus on her visions. Scarlet pushed the thought aside and stood up, longing for sleep.


    Is she even listening?

    I know that they are listening.

    This won’t do at all...


    The group made it to Celadon the next day. Scarlet was actually happy to be back in a large city. Celadon was still bustling with life as if the war had never existed at all. Gardenia rushed off to the gym to see her cousin, leaving Scarlet, Mars, and Rowan at a huge water fountain in the middle of the city. Scarlet let her fingers trail thought the cool water as she fought to keep her mind calm.

    Suddenly, someone in the corner of her eye caught her attention. A tall boy with light blonde hair was walking down the street, apparently caught up in his own thoughts. He wore a black jacket with a white shirt under it, jeans, and black boots. Scarlet’s heart leapt up at the sight of the familiar face. Their eyes met and she leapt to her feet.

    “Damian!” She shrieked, throwing her arms around him and burying her face into his shoulder, breathing in his scent, so familiar and comforting. Relief flooded over her. In the back of her mind those past few days was the fear that he had been hurt at the end of the war. She had pushed it back, trying to overcome the tide of fear that always threatened to overtake her.

    Damian responded by pulling Scarlet closer. “I’m glad you’re safe,” he whispered. “I head about Veilstone...I thought you were in the city when it happened.”

    “I was in Eterna. They only suffered an earthquake, but it was severe.”

    They pulled apart and Damian brushed a strand of Scarlet’s hair out of her face. She could feel Mars and Rowan watching them and she turned to introduce them.

    “Damian, you know Professor Rowan of course. This is Mars...” She trailed off, unsure of what to tell him. She realized she didn’t know much about Mars at all. All she knew was that Mars had worked with the Legendary Team during the Great War and that she was a psychic-type. Skipping over any added details, she said, “Mars, Professor, this is my...friend, Damian.” She blushed, giving away the fact that he was more than just a friend. Damian nodded politely to both and turned back to Scarlet, his arm draped casually over her shoulder.

    “So, what are you doing here in Celadon, anyway? I though you were staying in Sinnoh.”

    “I could ask you the same question...” Scarlet stalled, shooting a glance at Mars and Rowan, who both nodded. Scarlet breathed a sigh of relief. Thank God she wouldn’t have to keep the secret of the visions away from him. “Actually, the reason I’m here is a long story.”

    “Really? I’m just here to get some supplies for my journey in Jhoto.”

    Scarlet took a deep breath, wondering where to start, and plunged right in. “Damian, you know who the Chosen One was, right?”

    “I sure do. Who doesn’t know who Kris Reeves was? She was on the news so much...I wonder if she ever really got tired of reporters stalking her everywhere.”

    Scarlet sighed. She had forgotten about Kris’s fame. She had held the record for conference victories: eleven titles in all. The thought struck Scarlet as highly ironic, seeing as nearly everything else in Kris’s life seemed to have occurred in pairs of twelve.

    “Actually, I was talking more of the Kris who was less famous.”

    “You mean did I know her personally? No, I never met her,” Damian said. “Why?”

    “I’ve been having visions of her life...and I believe that she has been sending them to me to tell me something important.”

    Damian started to open his mouth to say something, but closed it again. Scarlet could feel a small bit of panic rush through her mind. What if he didn’t believe her? What if he thought she was crazy? Would he just laugh in her face and walk away? No, she knew him better than that. She knew he would stop and hear her explanation.

    “And why do you think this?”

    “All of the legendaries are missing and I met...Mew...in Sinnoh...except it wasn’t Mew. It was Mew, but she had Aquapolian crystal blue eyes like Kris. I blacked out and I could hear Kris’s voice speaking to me. After that, I started having visions of Kris’s past.”

    Scarlet watched warily as Damian studied her face and thought over what she had just told him. She could practically see his mind working to make sense of and explain her encounter in a different way. Finally, his mind clicked and Scarlet could see it in his eyes. He believed her.

    “So, you’re looking for answers that might help save her and the legendaries?” Damian asked. His thoughtfulness had turned into excitement. If there was a complex mystery to be solved anywhere, Damian would want to be the one to help solve it.

    “Yes. That’s why we came to Kanto.”

    “May I help?” He asked, looking from her to Rowan and to Mars. Mars smiled, her eyes brightening at the prospect of more help on their mission. Then, her and Damian’s eyes met and her eyes dimmed quite a bit, her smile fading just as fast. Scarlet wondered what had happened in that instant, but before she could think more on the subject, Gardenia appeared by her side.

    “Hey, Scarlet! I...oh, hello,” Gardenia said, spotting Damian. “Who is this?”

    “This is Damian. Damian, this is Gardenia.” Scarlet deliberately left off the fact of Gardenia’s gym leadership in her introduction. Gardenia gave her a smile of thanks. She then turned to the tall girl standing beside her. “This is Erika, my cousin. Erika, this is Scarlet, the girl I told you was my last challenger.”

    Erika bowed to Scarlet, who nodded in return. They had met once before, but that had been months ago. Scarlet didn’t expect for her to know the name and face of each of her challengers. Erika and Gardenia had similar facial features, bit that was where the family resemblance stopped. Erika had black hair and dark eyes which gave her an almost Asian complexion. She also wore a beautiful yellow kimono dotted with red Poke Balls.

    “Gardenia has told me a lot about you,” Erika said. “I believe you challenged me at one point in your career. You defeated me with your Ampharos and Venusaur.”

    “Wow...that’s skill,” Damian said, squeezing Scarlet’s shoulder tighter. His and Gardenia’s eyes met and she blushed, setting off a small spark of annoyance in Scarlet’s mind. What was with Damian lately?

    "Well, I must return to my gym," Erika said, adjusting the bright red headband that kept her hair out of her face. "Good luck, Gardenia, and travel safely." With that, she bowed to the others and walked off up the street, eager to get back to her gym.

    "So I take it she's okay with your choice?" Scarlet asked.

    Gardenia nodded. "She understands completely."

    "Good. We've got a new addition to the group." Scarlet looked up at Damian and smiled, trying to push the sinking feeling in her stomach out of her mind. "I've told Damian about the visions and he's agreed to help us."

    "That's great!" Gardenia said, perking up considerably. "Now, all we need is to decided where to go next."

    "I believe we should go to Hoenn. Scarlet's last vision was about Team Magma and I know someone in Hoenn who could help us learn more about her experience with them," Mars said.

    "Yes, but first, Scarlet and I must battle," Damian said, releasing Scarlet from his grip. Annoyance rose up in her again. Damian was obsessed with battling. Every time they met up someplace during their journey, he insisted on battling and analyzing Scarlet's team. She sometimes wished that he would stop treating their relationship so physically, both on and off the battlefield.

    Scarlet sighed. She would have to talk about the subject later, but she would battle him at that moment anyway. "Fine, one-on-one?"

    "Sure thing." He turned to Gardenia. "It's okay to battle out here, right?"

    She nodded. "Yeah. Usually, people on the street just make room for battling if they spot trainers releasing their Pokemon."

    "Good." He and Scarlet made room for their Pokemon to battle as Mars, Gardenia, and Rowan settled down by the fountain. "Now, let's see if you have improved."

    Scarlet felt the desire to win course through her body. She wanted to show Damian how strong she was. In all of their matches so far, she had only beaten him once or twice. He constantly chided her for the fact, saying she would never win a league tournament if she couldn't beat him.

    Scarlet gripped Ampharos's Poke Ball. This time, though, she would prove that she was capable of standing up to the best.

    Just a note, but Damian’s and Scarlet’s relationship is the first one I have ever really focused on. It will be brought up time and again later on, so be sure to watch it grow into something different.

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