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Age limit?

Should there be age requirments for Serebii?

  • Yes

    Votes: 17 34.0%
  • No

    Votes: 33 66.0%

  • Total voters


insert joke so dated I don't even remember it
Should this forum, or at least misc, have minimum age requirements? If so, how old?

Exhibit A

*This isn't official.


The forum already requires you to be at least thirteen. Unless you have parental consent.

Raising the minimum age requirements isn't going to stop the stupidity, it's only prolonging the inevitable. I joined this forum when I was ****ing twelve and I'm pretty sure as hell I had the common sense to read the damn rules. Limiting any particular sections from a specific age group is pretty unfair.

Little kids are going to fake their ages, anyway.
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swift and lol
I'm 11, and so is he. But whatever, I don't hang around the Misc. section anyways. >:

Edit: There's an age limit? I remember joining the forum when I was 8...


I might have confused this with Bulbagarden or those god awful Nintendo forums.

*dun dun dun*

My bad. Cut me some slack, it's been five years.

Mr. Lex

Shouldn't the forum legally be required to have an age limit of 13 due to the open chat?

Edit : Forgot to address the topic itself. I find age limits annoying myself, stupidity isn't going to be rooted out through age limits. I have to be 18 to register an account on the xkcd forums which is really disappointin-

Wait a second, that age limit of 18 has eliminated basically ALL stupidity on the site. Then again, xkcd is an intelligent webcomic in the first place. Either way, if you guys are going to do an age limit, do me a favor and wait a year then make it 18.

Without Sarcasm : It works, but not well enough to be worth it. Totally stupid idea, though an age limit of 13 should technically be required.
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Lord Scalgon

What title?
Well, this forum is infested with 8-12 year olds...don't know about < 8 year old kids...so in my opinion, I think it's way too late to implement that rule.

In Smogon, the minimum age limit is 13.
In GameFAQs, the minimum age limit is 14. (correct me if I'm wrong)

Breaking this golden rule is grounds for a permaban. Don't think it applies to here, though...since...well, you get the picture.

But then again, that's just me.


Confused and Dazed
There should be a stupidity limit, I guess, but that's it. I mean, honestly, since age requirements aren't going to deter eight year olds from browsing porn sites, how or why would they stop them from talking about Pokemon?


ミッドナイト ミュウツー
Eh, raising the age limit ain't going to do anything -_-;, people would still lie about their age.

*Looks at Exibit A, well dont forget some of the older people just wanna have fun on there T_T, i see sometimes 20-30 year olds so stuff like that.


Im 10...There's no need to be ashamed of loving pokemon and expressing it in a forum when you're old...


Flabebe's Kids
Since most children are going to make stupid remarks and they might take what is said seriously, I say that there needs to be more control over that.
Im 10...There's no need to be ashamed of loving pokemon and expressing it in a forum when you're old...
Someone's missing the point...

I dare say it won't help much. Stupid people crop up at all ages. e.g. Sarah Palin.

Besides this, if we got rid of all the idiots, wouldn't the mods be mostly, or at least partially, out of a job? Do you want them to starve? You shmuck! THINK OF THE MOOOOOOOOODS! </ridiculous>
As said before a age requirement would be pointless as people would lie, however a basic intelligence test could help


BugBite Leader

Dante Falls

Generally any regulation on the Internet isn't going to work, unless you're paying for something and have to confirm it with a card.


Phat Philanthropist
In GameFAQs, the minimum age limit is 14. (correct me if I'm wrong)
Just checked, it's 13 at GameFAQs too.

Putting an increased age limit on things isn't going to help a lot at all, actually. I've seen some children that are wise, smart, and/or mature, and I've seen immature, stupid, and foolish adults. It'll help a little, but in the long run, stupid people are just going to keep coming in. And besides, children can lie about their age rather easily so it kind of nulls the whole thing.

A test given to a registering member while they are registering could work, to see if they know the rules and how to act well enough. This has its problems, though, like people just looking up the answers or cheating.

And putting a rule requiring good spelling and grammar might also work, too, although I could see some things wrong with this too.

And most members are rather...meh at first, they get better as time progresses and as they integrate themselves into the community. And the further they go in, the more they learn about the community itself, what to do, and what not to do.

/logic and reasoning
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People would still lie about their age to gain access. I'm willing to bet a majority of people here put in 18 or more as their date of birth to view trailers for mature rated games. Same thing is easy enough to do with forums, as long as you don't give the game away.
Reading this made me have to pause... I had this disturbed vision of an eight-year-old watching a trailer for Bayonetta.

Just checked, it's 13 at GameFAQs too.
Most sites are 13 (due to the fake law called COPPA), or 18 (for things of adult nature). So, it doesn't surprise me that GameFAQs is 13-and-older. (It also makes sense since a lot of game ratings boards use 13 as one of the age levels, and I don't think any use 14? I could be wrong, though.)