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age of mythology


Saiyan Jedi
;452;yeah I didn't see any threads with this topic and I felt like it would be fun.;145;
so your opinions about the game and what ever the heck else you want to say about it.
personally I still have fond childhood memories about it they were a ton of fun especially when the titans came out!


Well-Known Member
I have to admit, I'm not very good at RTSes. So when I picked up Age of Mythology a few years back, I didn't do so well. XD However, it was fairly fun, especially considering I'm a HUGE mythology nut, especially Greek (though I played Norse in AoM). I never did have to Titans expansion pack but it looks insane (what with GIANT MONSTERS ATTACKING CITIES) but yeah. Mainly I was nerding out over the mythology but the game was fun too.

My friend (who is a big fan of the Age of Empires games which this game spawned off of) tells me Age of Mythology is almost identical UI and gameplay-wise to Age of Empires 3, which I have never played, and I'm imagining aside from the prayer mechanic, monster units and godly powers, it would be pretty similar.

magma grunt edu

casual hardcore fan
I really like this one, especially because of the mythical creatures, empires is boring to me but when you unleash anubites, manticores, collosus and valkirias against your enemy and watch 'em burn it's an indescribably feeling. Pure awesome and so much win!