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Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by charizardchick, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. squirtleboy12

    squirtleboy12 christian 4ever

    there is ages in pokemon
    -watch pokemon 3 pikachu short

    ash makes a party for pikachu.ash says:"you dont now what today is pikachu ,is our first year trying to become a pokemon master.............the

    ash is 13 every 3 movies they age him,so count in japon his 13,in the u.s he is 12 and a half
  2. pokemondude

    pokemondude Ima chargin ma lazor

    mastato/gary was i think it said 10 years old in the kanto so hes probably a year younger than ash
  3. Dead Pichu

    Dead Pichu #1 Sheimi Fan >=D

    >_> Crazy writters still consider Satoshi 10...even if they made that whole 1 year aniversary thing of when Satoshi met Pikachu in Movie 3....hey its the writters =D

    But if we go by what passing time info we can gather from the Anime then Satoshi is around 13 years old no older. o_o

    Oh and...just because in our time weve had this show for 10 years doesnt mean 10 years passed in it =P
  4. squirtleboy12

    squirtleboy12 christian 4ever

    gary is not younger than ash they both started at the same time
  5. dark trainer

    dark trainer Well-Known Member

    Gary has always looked older than ash to me but seeing as they got there first pokemon on the same day they must be the same age.
    Ash has te be 13 he was about 12 at the start of advanced but seeing as the only evidence of him ageing is in the third movie he could be older or younger.
  6. flame fox

    flame fox Unown Researcher

    max cant be 10 he would have a pokemon if he was
  7. Red

    Red PokémonGo & Chill

    Here's what I think:
    Ash - 15ish
    Gary - around Ash's age
    Misty - 15ish also but a little older then Ash
    May - 11-12ish
    Brock - 17-18
    Tracey (does it really matter?) - maybe a year younger then brock 2 at the most
    Jessie - I think maybe 18-20
    James - I think a tad younger then Jessie
    and whoever else doesn't matter (notice i left out max);munchlax;
  8. Demon of Light

    Demon of Light The Pumpkin King

    Fact: Jessie can't be younger than 20.

    Proof: in the Birth of Mewtwo CD drama, the first track happens 20 years before the first movie. In the first track, Miyamoto, Jessie's mother, meets Mew and disappears in the Andes.

    I'm assuming Jessie is actually a bit older than 20. My reasoning is that there is this picture from... a book that came with the CD drama, I think. It's of Miyamoto in the Andes, running after a photograph of toddler Jessie (who's all dressed up and crying her heart out, which amuses me somewhat) flying in the wind. Again: toddler Jessie. Since she has a full head of hair and looks a bit too big to be one year old, I'm assuming she's more like 2-3 years old in the photo. Add 20 years and that would make her 22-23, which is perfectly reasonable.

    James is about the same age, though I get the feeling that he's slightly younger. In my mind, he's younger by merely three weeks.

    I'm not touching the twerps' ages. There are enough people with opinions on those and we don't need another one (I have opinions on them but seriously, I'm not interested).
  9. ViktorMayrin

    ViktorMayrin Player

    When you get right down to it, there is no way physically that certain characters, such as Haruka and Hikari, could be 10 years old. Even if they did just start puberty, there is no way that girls develop that quickly. My own guess would have to be that Haruka and Hikari are 13-14, and Satoshi is probably 15. If you go by the manga, Kasumi is 2 years older than Satoshi.

    Realistically, of course.
  10. hmmm

    hmmm Scuffle of Legends

    yeah you dont see them age, and they would change alot due to their age and puberty and all.
  11. dark trainer

    dark trainer Well-Known Member

    cartoons dont age example , the simpsons
  12. Willow's Tara

    Willow's Tara The Bewitched

    As people said, it's an anime.

    It does make you wonder why nobodsy mentions anything about being any age at all, the only time they have is in the first episode mentioning Ash's 10th birthday. And as someone said, it doesn't mean 10 years have actrually passed, each episode could be aleast 1 day each, so which would mean alot less then 10 years had passed in Pokemon years..
  13. Kris Bambii

    Kris Bambii Volcano Trainer

    Here's my opinion of their ages at the begining of Hoenn.

    Ash: 13
    Misty: 15
    Brock: 17
    Gary: 13 (a little older than Ash though... quite young for a palentologist. XP)
    Tracey: 16
    Max: 7

    Their ages now, just add a year and a half or two. I do think they age somewhat, just not as fast as we do. If they did follow ages, Ash would have turned eighteen on the 9th of this month in the English version. x_x

  14. Regiman

    Regiman i herd u leik meh.

    This is what I think:

    Ash - 14 going on 15
    Misty - 14
    Brock - 19
    Tracy - 16
    May - 11
    Max - 9
    Hikari - 10
    Jessie - 21
    James - 21

  15. zipzap713

    zipzap713 @Peteyism

    here is the 4th gen assumptions

    but in some thing on the pkmn anime i read that the reson teh don't appear to age is that it was only emant to run 18 months. i say it has been a LOOOOONG 18 months -cough(10 years)cough- so according to the anime people the just never got around to aging them but if the did these wuold be probably the 4th gen ages.
  16. Dark SpOOn Bender

    Dark SpOOn Bender Paramount

    nobody is ever sure about the ages... although ash's new VA makes him sound like he at last started puberty, which is a big step for ashy-boy... but i would have to guess ash to be around 14-15, Gary 14-15, Brock and Tracey are 19-20, Misty is 15-16, Jesse & James are like 22-23, May is 11, Max is 9, Hikari is 10 cause she just started her journey, and Shenji seems around 12-13
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2006
  17. PAK Man

    PAK Man Well-Known Member

    Here's my opinion on the ages:

    Ash - 13
    Regardless of what the writers tell us, he has to have aged somewhat. squirtleboy12 has a good point about how Ash ages, and it seems accurate to me.

    Misty - 15
    She is obviously older than Ash, but not by too much. I'm going to say that she's about two years older than him.

    Brock - 17
    He's obviously the oldest out of the main characters. Plus, it kind of makes sense when you realize if he is 17, he would have been 14 when he was taking care of his younger siblings. I find that plausible.

    Tracey - 16
    He seems younger than Brock, but older than Ash and Misty, so I'm going to put him at 16.

    May - 11
    Again, going by the scale 3 movies=1 year, May would have aged about one year since she debuted.

    Max - 8
    We know he's too young to be a Pokemon trainer, but he can't be too much younger.

    Gary - 13
    Same as Ash

    Jessie - 23
    I'm guessing that she was about twenty when the series began. Also based on The Ultimate Test where she said she was 17 (most likely lying) she had to have been around that age to make it believable.

    James - 25
    I've always gotten the feeling that James is slightly older than Jessie. Maybe its because he seems more mature at times (when dealing with Pokemon).

    Based on what's happened in the series, I'm guessing that is where the characters are at age-wise.
  18. Tyger-san

    Tyger-san faith is power...

    I would have to agree with most of you. But not only by specific evidence can you prove their age, but also by maturity as many have also mentioned. Ash's maturity had dramatically changed sense Kanto. Hes grown some inches, his shoulder have widened a bit, and his legs have gotten longer and his facial features more defined.

    But Ive kept up witht the series from the start when I was young, I grew up with pokemon (most of us probably have though, lol. Those of us who are a bit older at least)

    But heres my opinion...

    Ash: 13- 15 (though probably not quite tall enough for 15. Hes still not quite as tall as Nurse Joy, indicating that hes still a bit young.)

    Misty: 14- 16 (remember, she was mentioned early in the episodes to be a bit older than Ash. Shes also grown quite feminine.)

    Gary: 13- 17. (If I remember correctly he was said to be older than Ash a bit. Not by much though im sure, but judging by his size and apperance, he looks quite a bit more mature than Ash. Almost adult like...)

    Tracey: 14- 15 (not much to say about him, lol. Im not much a fan of him :p lol)

    May: 11- 13 ( She still looks so young and also started at 10 as Ash did in the Hoenn series. Its been about a year or so sense then...)

    Brock: 15- 18 (ahh goood ol' brock, still as hormonal as ever. A sign of being a teenager...Oh all the joys of it all...)

    Max: 6-9 (no one can really be too sure on him. Hes not old enough to be a trainer and thats about all we know about him age-wise...)

    Team Rocket (Jessie and James): 20- 25 (not too old yet, lol... I agree with most of you on these two wonderful clowns...)

    But yep, thats about it for me. This almost shouldnt be a hard topic to ague on, but I think most of us are in the right direction. Im glad someone started this topic...

    ~ Tyger-san ;136;
  19. Krys

    Krys SPPF's spammer

    Hmpf, if Ash is 16, he sure don't look it. His body is still that of a ten or eleven year old. Misty and Brock have grown up, May a little, Max not much, and TR seems to be their same clowny self but Meowth is certainly not a little kitten anymore.
  20. shinigami13

    shinigami13 SoulSilver ftw!

    I'd say

    Satoshi: 14

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