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Alakazam or Gardevoir

Which psychic do you like/think is better

  • Alakazam

    Votes: 4 28.6%
  • gardevoir

    Votes: 10 71.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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I have a shrewd suspicion that you intentionally didn't capitalize Gardevoir's name to deliberate the point that you prefer Alakazam ._.

Anyway, I like Gardevoir better, because, well, it IS better. Alakazam dies to the slightest touch(and you think I'm exaggerating ¬_¬), but Gardevoir is a monster to take down with that huge Sp. Defense and Will-o-Wisp to lessen Physical pain. It also has credible Sp. Attack, which means it'll dent a fair few things.

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alakazam my first psychic type
YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYY alakazam helped me beat elite four in red next to jynx ALSO owns!!!
Already made Poll, but meh.

I prefer Gardevoir now. She fits my defensive style better, can Calm Mind, learns Thunderbolt and Destiny Bond, and is very HOT. A godsend for me... who wouldn't like to show his perviness in his Team? :D

'Kazam is cool, but dies after the thinnest of breezes blows. :rolleyes:

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In order to avoid needing to say everything again, I've selected some quotes from the old poll:
It's just.... that it can take a hit... and it has a bigger move pool. Zam is way too fragile and frustrating. >_<
Gardevior for sure. Slightly less powerful, a bit less speed, but a heck of a lot more survivability. Plus is learns attacks like WoW and thunderbolt, which completly owns thunderpunch.
She's also VERY hot, and I like that too much. I thank Pokésho and Housyasei-San for making secksi Gardy fanart, and turning her into my newest favorite.
You've all forgotten to mention the one thing that really does cut it for Gardevoir... Its ability Trace.
Ok it could have sychronise like Zam but Trace is superb. You can switch into a swift swimmer who's already rain danced, you'll trace his abillity which 9/10 times will make you faster, then kill him of with tb and continue to sweep the whole team with your doubled speed. Why you could even trace Wonder Gaurd, although you'd have to make sure you had shadow ball to kill off shedinja, then you would only fear dark and ghost attacks-now thats naughty.
Alakazam's attacks do nothing to gardevior with her high special defense. Alakazam could outstall her with recover but still its psychic does nothing and un stabed punches do s***. Alakazam can trickband too but it is screwed when a physical pokemon comes in. Alakazam will die to a strong physical pokemon or die to a special attack 2hko or 3hko. Who would actually set up on alakazam? I would just OHKO immediatly. Gardevior can survive a SB from snorlax and could kill it with psychic at 40% health. I don't for sure.
Pokémon used move
Alakazam died

Honestly, Alakazam is so overrated it makes Charizard jealous. Blissey has its way with Alakazam as soon as it switches in. Seismis Toss hello. Does ~45% damage, IIRC. Almost as bad as Shuckle ._.

Gardevoir, however, can live through a lot of attacks and attack back. So what if it doesn't have Speed? Snorlax says 'sup to Speed. Speed isn't everything, ffs. Alakazam needs it though, because it'll never survive any attacks. Why else do we ignore Calm Mind 'Zam? It would boost its already monstrous Sp. Attack, but it doesn't mean jack if it dies the next turn. Gardevoir, though, can CM as much as it wants and probably won't die doing it.

And these are my personal quotes :p:
Gardevoir of course. Everything stat-wise has been said.
*tuns into and old man*
I can remember the first time I saw her line, I thought she was an interesting pokémon (I also thought that she was always female and that she was psychic/ghost), but I had other pokemon in mind.
Then I was surprised when the third pokémon I found at 102 route was a ralts, a female one, Akko, my very first, so I decided to catch and give her a try. When I saw her status I said "WTF, just growl?!, well, she must learn something soon". When she learnt confusion, everything started, she was a really useful pokémon, I hadn't lived so since a pidgeot in the 2000 did the same for me. Since then, she became my favorite pokémon together with pidgeot.
Thanks for hearing this old man relating his adventures.
*turns young again*
because it can kick Gardevoirs butt!
With those stats? he can hit first and strong, but he can't stand as much as gardevoir.
and farther used imo
'Kazam has been here since the first gen, but gardevoir just since the third, he has had enough time to make himself famous. If gardevoir had came first and alakazam last, gardy would be more used.
It can learn all of the elemental punches
Gardevoir too.

Flying Tropius

Garevior has good stats! It survived a crunch from an enemy with 5 more lvls than her!
And she is too pretty for a pokemon


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Which one would you choose? OR
The man or woman psychic pokemon? one has huge spattack and speed. The other has a big chunk of sp.def and sp.attk.

I choose gardevior because I love it and alakazam is so overated.He can't take ****.gardevior can take special hits like nothing and physical hits(TO AN EXTENT).She has a bigger movepool(Thunderbolt, WOW, and cooler moves). She is gorgeous and is my second favorite psychic pokemon. Jynx being first.

Quote from the original poll I started using the search button.


Alakazam is only good in speed and sp.attack and Gardevoir are a little more defensive then it so I'd choose Gardevoir all time, it can take a beating and it learn more cool moves...

Poke Freak

My votes for Gardevoir! Not only can it survive stuff but it gets Thunderbolt when the best the Alakazam can get is Thunderpunch. But as far as looks go I'm going to have to say I like Alakazam's looks more, that old sage look rules! If only they got rid of the stupid spoons...
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