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Alchemist love, multiple shipping. PG13, and up

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by DarkfireAbsol, May 3, 2007.

  1. DarkfireAbsol

    DarkfireAbsol FC0903-0219-8673

    HEY all this is my first posted shipping fic!! it isint from a show but it is about magic, and alchamy, some main charicters are based off of anima charicters, and some are from shows (IE inuyasha. pokemon, Trigun) and so on but mostly just there aperencis not ther personalitlys, or names :D and there are pokemon but you will see later (keeps big secret) so my ratings will change per chapter. and here is the prolog mind you its just a prolog.

    Prolog. PG 13.

    I turned around to face the faucet, and ran my taned hand through my deep sea blue colored hair with white streaks, and tips, to help the hot water run the soap into the drain, then I just stood enjoying my rare treat, after my hair was done I turned the water off, grabbed a town and dried off, I herd a knock at the door so I wrapped my slender body in my towl, and went to answor the door. on the other side was a young man, with deep green hair, he looked exhausted, and injured,”please hide me” he said. I was about to protest when I herd gaured's coming I grabbed him by his black under shirt, and pulled him in then I dragged him over to the window.

    “here hide on the ledge” I stated pointing to a narrow out crop on the tall building I was in, he was about to thank me but the gaurde's knocked i looked at the window and walked over to the door,

    “let us in now or we will break the door down!!” the man commanded. I looked back the young man was outside and closed the window behind him.

    “I am coming hang on” I said jerking the door open there were five gaureds outside all wearing matching suites deep blue with silver buton, and a diagonal strap holding the wepon they prefer one had a katana, another had a gun. the man in the lead had brown hair brown eyes. a little golden sun on his shirt and his boutons were golden he turned a deep red when I opened the door.

    “what do you want?” I stated irritably.

    “oh umm I was wondering if you saw a young man with green hair and a purple shirt on.

    “how the hell am I supost to see a man from my shower?” I said loudly. they apologized, and left. I shut the door and walked to the window, letting the man back in he was about my age of 17 but just a little taler maby a few inches, his deep chocolate brown eyes looked tired, and his deep emerald hair was messy. he wore a purple vestwith lots of pockets, a black long sleeve undershirt, Deep blue jeans, and scuffed black, and white sneakers. he sat down leaning on the wall panting slitly.
    “ ok I saved you who are you?” I said calmly grabbing my clothes.

    “umm can you get dressed first?” he asked nervously.

    “fine but take anything and I will hunt you. and I CAN hunt you” I said threateningly.
    I went into the bathroom, then I got dressed my deep red tube top with spageti straps that only reached the top of my stomock. I pulled on my lite blue jeans that were terribly torn up and singed, one pant leg was torn off completely at the knee and they both suffered severe tears, holes, and rips, which made me consider why I wear them at all its not like the cover much. then I walked into the other room where my thigh high, string up, black leather, boots lie, along with my dark gray cloak, and that guy, “ok happy now?” I asked sarcasticly. he looked suspishously at my 'lite' clothing.

    he sighed. “ok well first my name is Kibo”

    “ok then my name is Mizu” I started “why are you being chased.”

    “Well” he said coushously. “they think I am a Alchemist” he he stated. he was a little started when I diden't flinch.

    “so are you?” I asked inocently.

    “I umm no?” he said uncertainly, I just smiled.

    “its ok with me I like Alchemist's” he looked at me carefully.

    “yah I am but just a little” he stated.

    “what sign?” I asked kindly.

    “I think I said too much” he stated trying to get up but he faltered and fell against the wall clutching his right side.

    “adrenalin wearing off huh?” I said mockingly as I walked over to him and helped him over to the bed. when he got there and I took my hand away I realized that his black shirt was drenched in blood. “lets have a look” I said he tried to stop me. “don't worry you can trust me, and besides you are in no state to not trust me”

    “trust has got me in a lot of trouble recently even if you did save me I told you I was a Alchemist so I have to go” he started to rise but I easily sat him back down, and had him lay flat on the bed.

    “its ok you are in good hands I always wear these clothes and my pants diden't rip themsellvs” I stated pointing out various brown patches around the torn areas. then I lifted up his shirt underneath was a large gash that went very deep and blead proufusly he would die normally. I sighed knowing what I had to do. I went over to my bag and grabbed a little purple vial and handed it to him. he just looked at me.

    “drink it” I stated simply.

    “but why?” he said “you could poison me”

    “cause this is going to hurt like hell, and i won't” I said depresedly as my hand started to glow with a blue aurora.

    “hey your a water Alchemist!!” he stated scaredly.

    “please trust me I am not with the government I am a free spirit, and well they kinda wana kill me. also if I wanted you dead I would just leave you and not waist my potions. umm also please hurry up I don't enjoy this it takes a load of energy” he chuged the little vial reluctantly, I concentrated my hand became a clear liquid, still glowing I pointed my hand, fingers strait, and together then I thrust my hand into his side he let out a huge gasp and started to move around. “hold still!!” I said furiously trying to hold him down, i felt my energy being drawn through my arm, and after a minute his wound had knitted itself up, I took my hand out gasping for air, and let the blue aurora fade my hand was just now coated in a thin sheet of blood. I sat down, and closed my eyes, the proses of healing was both painfull, and dangerous, but mostly it made my mind swim and my senses dull. the guy sat up and looked over his slitly bloody but healed side.

    “oh umm thanks” he said. “you diden't have to” he stated embarasedly.

    “yah I could have just let you die but I am not like that so like I said what's your sign, you can't be fire the proses would have killed you if you were. you must be wind, or earth, but I think your earth because you healed faster” I said thinking out loud trying to keep conchous.

    “yah I am” he said tiredly I just barely herd him. I was fading now I really had to hope I wasen't in trouble I can't defend myself in this state I am so stupid” I scolded in my head but I could not think now I felt myself hit the side of the bed dully, then I felt something grab my arm and lift me up, I had a fleeting moment of fear before everything went black.


    it has alot of erors but my computer wont let me fix them proprly so i will get to it when i can sorry :D as always positive crit, is always apresheated, and you can probably guess who the guy is. i will have chapter one up soon as posible!!.
    Last edited: May 4, 2007
  2. DarkfireAbsol

    DarkfireAbsol FC0903-0219-8673

    Ch 1 twist of fate

    I opened my eyes slowly, the room was light, but my eyes were too blurry I couldn’t see very much, but something was moving around. I sat up slowly, and grabbed my head it felt like something had just hit me with a axe, I rubbed my eyes, and looked around more clearly, Kibo was looking out the window careful not to attract attention, I looked down, I was on the bed but I was too numb to feel it. I tried to stand up, but quickly fell back on the bed. He looked around at me. “You should be asleep,” he said dully.

    I ignored his comment. “What time is it?” I spoke weakly my eyes clearing up slowly.

    “Its about noon” he stated walking over.

    “Damn it” I said getting up again, but I falter, luckily being caught by kibo. “Get off” I said rudely.

    “If you hadn’t nowtised you are leaning on me,” he said with a smirk. I scowled, and straitened up, I tottered over to my cloak and pulled out another vial this one was clear and almost glowing, I drank down the little gulp of the spicy liquid, and shook my head it burned all the way down, kind of like whisky, but I instantly felt stronger, and I could move normally again. I grabbed my sports bag wrapped myself in my tattered gray cloak. I laced up my boots, and then I pulled the hood up over my face. Then I gestured for him to follow me.

    “You should still rest,” he said concernedly.

    “I haven’t got time for concern. Just come unless you want to die a slow, painful death,” I stated coolly.

    “But why” he said following me to the door as I looked out cautiously. And went into the hall.
    I walked down the hall for only a minute before I herd many footsteps.

    “Hurry” I hissed turning the corner of the hall my cloak flowing behind me the footsteps got louder. I was now running, I opened a random door, and dragged kibo in after me we were in the stair well I turned to him, I pulled my cloak down and shook my head my hair faded from blue to a dull brown, then I ruffled his hair, much to his duress.

    “Hey!!” He complained, “What was that for?” he asked I pulled a mirror out of my pocket to show his hair had faded to a golden color. He looked wide-eyed at his reflection, “how did you” he started before he spoke I grabbed his purple over shirt and shook it for a second it faded to a dull yellow color. He continued to look confused as I climbed the stairs.

    “Water is the element of illusion, and transformation”. “It is also one of the elements of life. Earth being the other” I commented with a smirk, I herd the foot steps below so I grabbed his hand and ran up the last couple flights to the roof. It was covered in gravel, the blue sky was dulled with smog, dust, and smoke from the city, from the building you could see several other roofs burned broken or crumbling, I tried to concentrate my powers again, failing I grabbed for another in my pocket “damn it!!” I said loudly.

    “What?” he asked.

    “I am out of energy potions” I said in distress looking around “there” I said pointing to a rusty fire escape. I ran over, and started to climb down the sharp bits of metal cutting my hand as I went in a few minutes we reached the back alley way, I jumped the last ten feet as Kibo came down next to me, I stood for a moment, and then looked around I went to run down the alley but he grabbed my arm

    “What going on!!” he demanded.

    “They raid the hotels every day in this city I was tipped off that it would be at noon we have to go!!” I said desperately, he nodded and let go of my arm as we started to run again, I slid on the dirt, as I turned left and continued to run down the back road I kept going for three blocks.

    “Where are we going Mize?” He asked from my left shoulder.

    “I am headed to the market,” I said calmly. “I need to rest before I go and my names not really Mize its a fake my name is Akarui” I finished with a glance at his reaction, his face remained blank, after a minute I slid to a stop scattering rocks, and dust in front of me, I looked left and right then I walked out calmly into a bustling market stalls were full of women children, and shady guys selling junk. I dragged Kibo out of the darkness, and walked swiftly to a food stall taking out a few gold coins for some questionable looking pizza and walked slowly away.

    “You act wearied,” he said looking at me cautiously.

    “I act, like I act its just me if you don’t like it then you can leave I am not stopping you” I said half broadly half scathingly. Then I continued quietly, until we reached a park, I stepped on a large rock, and jumped up into the tree climbing them swiftly and settled myself in a branch shrouded in darkness, almost invisible from the ground, I turned around and leaned against the trunk, with my right leg dangling off the branch, I herd the other kid below me, but I didn’t pay attention, instead I grabbed some pizza and started to calmly eat. After a few minutes he managed to climb up I just kept eating watching the road.

    “What are you doing?” he asked angrily sitting on a branch to my left.

    “I am eating,” I said tossing him some food too. “Whets it look like?” I said broadly staring at another opening in the leaves. The people started to leave as guards came in several people with magical chains on the hands, and feet, I sat up. Kibo tried to climb down the tree; I grabbed his shirt and hissed.

    “Idiot don’t move they will kill you just stay hidden,” I said passing him my bag “and keep this with you if you have to leave the tree hide the bag, and leave it,

    “But why?” he asked.

    “Shhhhh” I hissed at him and looked back to the road they were lining the people up a couple of men looked proud the younger ones looked scared, which didn’t exactly surprise me as they were about to die, one guy looked strait at me with golden eyes that matched his long, golden hair that hung in a pony tail, his eyes were piercing. I think he saw my hiding place, because he just continued to stare it made a creepy shiver crawl up my spine. Until I looked away, he was standing proudly despite easily being a half-foot shorter, and younger than any one else. He had on a bright red cloak, a black shirt, and matching black jeans, and boots, and lastly he had white gloves on, the guards were trying to intimidate the people but the kid that looked at me said nothing at all, and just stared at the man until he punched him, he got up with clenched teeth but still said nothing, the guy gave up and moved on. They walked about twenty feet from the people then drew there guns, the kid took one last look at my hiding place I winked at him which made him turn his head ever so slightly,

    “Aim!!” the largest man shouted. “Fire!!” he commanded they all shot. The kid shut his eyes, but opened them a few second later, too see the bullets stopped in front of his face, and the other prisoners too. The guards were shocked the kid just smirked slightly, I whistled loudly, making them all look at my tree then I jumped down with a summersault, and landed knelt down on one knee my cloak still in the tree, the men fired at me but I pute my hand up and stopped them too, they just fell to the ground mealy three feet away,
    “How did we miss her!!!” the leader demanded. I stuck out my toung childishly.
    Then I walked towards them some of the men got scared, I pute both arms out strait making the left turn down, and the right turn up into clockwise so two thin blue lines formed into a circle I moved my hands a little like I was writing something with my fingers and then pulled my hands back I closed my eyes and thrust my palms forward making the blue line shoot at them and wrap around the group tying them all up, I closed my hand and pulled it towards my side causing all of the weapons to come to my feet, then I ran around to the people, concentrating my mind and slamming my fist into each lock causing it to shatter, each person ran after being released,

    “Cowerds” i growled as I undid the locks on the blond kid,

    “Most of them” the blond boy commented, broadly when I finished I turned around, and ran towards the tree, to hide my inexplicable blush, I darted up the tree and grabbed my bag, and cloak,

    “Why did you do that?” Kibo asked.

    “Because its wrong to hurt people. Now you should go I am fine now, I have to leave too” I said honestly, dropping out of the tree, kibo landed next to me.

    “Where will I go?” he asked,

    “Well” I said ruffling his hair so it returned to its green color, and pulling at his shirt so it's purple color came back. “You should go to phonic city they have allot of thugs, but its a good place to hide, the law doesn’t run that place too well” I said putting my finger to my chin.
    “And I would keep a low profile if I were you, dress so you don't pop out of a crowd” I said putting my cloak on,

    “Do you know that kid?” he asked pointing to the blond boy who still hadn’t moved but instead stared at me.

    “No” I said shortly then I pointed towards the south. “Phanic. Remember the name and stay low”

    “Will I ever meet you again?” He asked.

    “I don’t know probably not, but may” I added “someday” he turned and ran down an alleyway. I watched him go. Then I turned to theta kid again he was starting to creep me out “you should go that spell wont hold long” I yelled over to him, he nodded, I turned on my heels and started to jog east, towards the center of the city, I went down a few blocks trying to remember. “Left, right, left, left right down three blocks, and finally right” I chanted quietly I her something and looked behind me, “nothing” I said quietly, then continued I herd another sound like a foot, I turned again to see something white dodge behind a trash can. “Someone is following me” I thought, then I turned and kept going occasionally hearing a foot almost in rather with my jogging once I was just out of town in a small forest the feet stopped but I felt a thump and turned around, that same kid was standing just behind me inches from my face, I stumbled back and tripped in shock. He pute out his hand and smiled, though I diet see what was so funny as I landed on a rock. I grabbed his hand and he helped pull me up. His hand was rather hard, almost like stone
    “Soo what exactly were you doing following me like that?” I demanded angrily.

    “My names Edward nice too meet you too,” he said sarcastically. I scowled at him. He was just a little taller than me.

    “No seriously why did you follow me?” I said curtly, he just looked at me expectantly. I sighed and crossed my arms.

    “Akarui” I grunted, knowing he probably would have seen through the lie, he smiled again.

    “Well Akarui I followed you because I could,” he stated simply.

    “Please” I started broadly. “My name is Kari, or Rui, or any other combination of the main name,” I said dryly. “And what gives you the right to follow me!!” I said indignantly.
    He just shrugged.

    “Really I wanted to ask why you didn’t just stay hidden” I rolled my eyes.

    “Because the government’s wrong, stupid, lame, and pointless,” I said like I was reading from a card.

    “Interesting” he said “do you know where Rooya is?” he asked after a second. I sighed again.

    “Its the way I am going don’t you know anything, Edward?” I asked, broadly.

    “Course I do I am just new to this place,” he said simply. Not stopping his stupid smile. Rolled my eyes again and started to walk down the road, slouched over thinking “the nerve of that guy!!” I thought, I glanced over he was just walking along a few feet behind me, completely happy. “So where do you come from?” he asked curiously.

    “Do I look like a open book?” I said rudely. He just shrugged at my reaction and continued to walk.

    “Sooooo are you a water alchemist?” he asked again.

    “Yah” I grunted.

    “Why is your hair brown then don’t most water alchemist have blue hair?” He asked I stopped and looked at some of my hair, “forgot to change it back!!” I though

    “Yah it is!” I said shaking my head furiously as it changed from the ratty messy brown to its original sleek blue. “How did you know?” I asked curiously.

    “I thought you didn’t want to talk,” he said mockingly with a smirk. I scowled daggers at him.
    “ I am a fire alchemist goat cover my weaknesses don’t I?” he said calmly catching up to me.

    “Yah I guess” I said unenthusiastically.

    “So what’s a girl like you doing going to Rooya?” he asked

    “You show me yours I’ll show you mine,” I said.

    “I am going there on a mission,” he said stretching. “So what about you?” he asked.

    “Just traveling never stop really” I said “least I haven’t for a real long time” I said darkly, he didn’t push the subject; I started to think hearing my tone he shut up. After a while I looked at the ground. It was a deep peach color. I looked behind me the sun was setting, I sighed thinking out loud “if only I was stronger now”

    “What?” He said snapping out of his trance.

    “Oh nothing” I said broadly.

    “No really” he said looking more intently at me.

    “I said if only I was stronger now!” I said indignantly at not being able to lie to him. “Stupid jerk” I said under my breath.

    “Why aren’t you strong you did take out all of thoughts guards.

    “Yah it’s a long story” I said broadly.

    “I have got time,” he admitted. I sighed again and explained how I saved Kibo, just the night before.

    “Oh” he said in realization. “Why did you save him?” he asked.

    “Because I couldn’t just let him dies on my bed!!” I said coldly.

    “But still you could have killed yourself”

    “Not like it matters,” I mumbled,

    We kept going for a while until I turned off the road and into some dance forest.

    “Where are you going?” He asked following close behind.
    I kept going until I stopped short in a small clearing

    “I an going to bed” I said coolly, dropping my bag, Edward say down against a tree, “can’t you leave me alone?” I moaned he just smirked and pate his hands behind his head. I threw an apple at him and grabbed one myself out of my bag, and sat under another tree, I ate the apple quickly and fell asleep with my head on my bag.


    I yawned and sat up, “morning” said a cheery voice, which made me jump. I herd a chuckle I turned around to find that jerk Edward behind me with a pile of sticks, in his arms, I looked at him drowsily for a moment before he walked past me depositing the wood next to a small fire, I looked around and found I was about 10 feet away from the tree I fell asleep next to,

    “Hey what’s the big idea?” I said he nowtised where I looked

    “It was cold last night,” he said to my confused face,

    “See” he said mockingly walking a few feet from the fire and stepped not he grass it crunched under his feet loudly

    “Oh” I said. ”Thanks” I mumbled embarrassedly.

    “Its not like I saved your life” he said.

    “But still thanks” I said again. He just smiled again.

    “”Can we go soon though I really want to get to Rooya?” he said broadly.

    “Why are you in such a hurry?” I asked.

    “They are holding my brother,” he said honestly.

    “Oh ok” I said simply I grabbed my bag. And headed back to the road. “I hate walking!!” I said loudly after three hours.

    “Then how do you travel so much?” he asked.

    “I usually summon things but I am still weak!!!” I said slumping over, he just laughed.

    “So what kind of alchemy do you use?” he said seriously.

    “Usually illusion, and like I said I summon things, I am not much for transforming stuff like other do” I admitted.

    “Oh” he said broadly “so why do you travel so much?” he asked, I froze inside.
    “Are you ok?” he asked kowtowing how pale I got.

    “I...I am looking for the philosophers stone” I said deciding on a half-truth.

    “Me too” he said, “Why are you?”

    “I” I started “I don’t want to talk about it” I said truthfully.

    “Fair enough” he said “how much farther?” he asked.

    “About three days” I said broadly.

    “What three-day’s!!” He asked loudly.

    “Yep” I said dryly.

    “I can’t take that long my brother will die!!!” he said. I sighed.

    “Ok fine but if I pass out it will be your head,” I said loudly.
    Then I pulled a card out of my pocket, and looked at it, then I pulled a dagger out of my pocket, and cut my hand, which made me cringe my hands were sore from the fire escape. I taped the card with my hand it lit up I threw it out a few feet ahead of me the card almost exploded making our cloaks ruffle madly, Edward pute a arm over his head, and when he looked there was a tall green dragon in front of us it had large red eyes, two long green antenna, it had two large triangular wings, and lastly a long green tail.

    “Fly!” It said loudly.

    “What he hell is that?” he asked.

    “Its a old thing called pokemon they were a toy years ago I found cards, and games, and figurines too” I said tiredly, ”I am never going to recover am I?” I asked myself as I walked over to the 6-foot thing it layer out flat as I got on.
    “Come on” I said angrily ”I haven’t got all day!!” I demanded he came over and hoped on, and I held onto the things neck. “Lets go EAST” I commanded the things wings started to beat quickly and it flew up and off at a high speed I lowered my head and loosen my grip on the pokemon.

    “How long now?” he asked.

    “Hour or two” I said. “Actually. Full speed!!” I commanded the creature sped up “about half a hour” I said quietly.


    We arrived at the boarder of the city I made the creature go down so as not to be seen and we landed with a little thump.
    “I slid off and stumbled a bit.

    “What’s wrong with you?” He asked.

    “He absorbs my energy to live in the real world the more he exerts the more I lose,” I said leaning against a tree. “Come on flygone you gota go now” I said calmly it flashed into a white light that formed back into a card and flew over to me I shoved it back into my pocket and sat down tiredly.

    “You ok?” he asked.

    “Yah I am fine I just cant keep doing this,” I said rubbing the side of my head.

    “Then why do you?” he asked.

    “You seem like a ok guy and I don’t want your brother to die,” I said holding out my hand, witch he took and pulled me up.

    “Well thanks for helping me but I really have to go get my brother” he said apologetically scratching his head nervously.

    “Na its ok wants me to help?” I asked, ”I know the jail,” I said.

    “Well” he started considering the idea

    “I guess” he said calmly “just don’t pass out” he said playfully.

    “Har, har, har” I said jokingly.


    ok done i edited finaly!!!!
    Last edited: May 10, 2007
  3. DarkfireAbsol

    DarkfireAbsol FC0903-0219-8673

    new chapter 2

    i dont like this chapter much :D

    We sat on a tall building over looking the jail, I looked at the dark night around me lights flickering here, and there, listening to Ed speaks.

    “Ok so that’s the plan?” I asked as he finished.

    “Pretty much” he said broadly.

    “Ok” I said rubbing my head,

    “You ok?” he asked getting up, and walking backwards.

    “Just nifty keen” I said dryly walking next to him, and turning to the jail.

    “On three?” I asked.

    “Sure” he started “One, two three!!” He said slowly, and we started to run at the roof, he jumped off his right leg across the large 100ft gap. When I jumped I shot a blast of water from my foot propelling me across. I landed and stumbled as Ed just straitened his jacket.

    “Twerp” I growled. I shook my cloak so it mended and looked better. We both ran to the door and darted down swiftly once we reached the stairway door, Ed held his hand out, and I stopped short, he pute his head to the door listening intently then cracked it open. He beckoned me over with a finger.
    “Can you get them?” He asked.

    “My boots are too clunky, but I can do this” I said making the cameras go off, “you take the big guy” I wisped, and opened the door more. Slipping out keeping my feet quiet, we snuck as quietly as we could, Ed punched the man in the back of his neck with his right hand, as the guy looked over, at his fallen comrade, along with Ed. I cringed but twisted the guy’s head with a disgusting crunch. I never really killed any one with my bare hands it made me feel sick.

    “You ok?” Ed asked looking at my pale face.

    “Y..Yah fine” I stuttered looking at the body at my feet.

    “You get used to it,” he said soothingly.

    “That’s just it I really don't want to” I said backing away.

    “Nether did I,” he said coolly, walking down the hall swiftly, and opening a door to another hall. I led the way to an elevator at the end.

    “Here you go,” I said. “I don't have the card,” stated to him he grabbed a small key card from his pocket, and slid it through the sensor, making the doors burst to life and allow us entry. I went over to a keyboard and started to tick at it staring at the little screen.
    “Now lets see enter, escape, file, entry code, ghjitjue-98587894-jogruothouh/4 data base 1/2049” I mumbled. “He is in detainment cell 425” I stated more to myself than him, and pressed enter on the screen the elevator took us down three flights just under the surface, once it opened I herd more people, it made my stomach wrench painfully, at the idea of killing again. Ed went to face them.
    “Please no” I wisped, he under stood, ”let me try” I said moving out after dismantling the cameras, I pretended to stumble out and fell on the ground the guards came over, looking confused, I lifted my hands to there shirts and knocked there heads together, making them colas, I struggled for a moment but got lose and stood up. “They aren’t that bright are they?” I asked him.

    “No not really” he said with a toothy grin and walking down the dark gray hall down near the end we reached two steel doors marked. [425 do not enter] I ran my hand down the door, trying to find a way in I got a wired feeling and looked around just in time to duck under Ed's fist which smashed the door clean open, I went in, but found no one.

    “Umm where is he?” I asked looking around

    “I am here,” a robotic Childs voice said, standing up. “Brother!!” he called out walking over and hugging Ed until he turned blue.
    “Who is this?” he asked looking at me.

    “My name is Kari I helped rescue you,” I stated unparsed by having an 8-foot metal kid speaking to me. “I helped Ed get here,” I continued.

    “Nice to meet you my name is Al,” he said politely.

    “We had better go” Ed commented regaining his breath.

    “Good idea!!” I said walking with him to the elevator. I looked at the weight limit.
    “Err how much dose your brother weigh?” I asked looking at the metal creature.

    “About half a ton” he said boredly.

    I sighed “go up the emergency stairs when you hear the alarm” I said tapping the weight limit. [700lbs]. And running down the hall.

    “What are you going you do?” he asked.

    “I don’t know but if I get caught” I started

    “Yah it will be my head” he said finishing my sentence, so I blasted a hole in the roof with a smirk, and jumped up. I climbed through the ceiling three flights up putting on my tight red fingerless leather elbow gloves, and ran down a hall looking for a few guards to scare, I found them two almost identical men, and a big guy that I recognized, who was he?” I thought then it rushed back like an arrow to the heart.
    “You!!!” I screamed running at him he took out a katana, and sliced at me I managed to stop the blade with my right hand though, I twisted the blade but he managed to slice my hand in the prose’s, I recoiled and ran at him again, this time chanting a few words and punched him in the gut sending him back, the two smaller guards looked scared but still ready to fight.
    “Ready to die?” I asked coldly, one ran but one still stood, I smirked remember my old training I kicked him hard, with my steel tip boots, and followed with a roundhouse kick and before he fell I rammed my boot into the from of his shin and ran it down to his foot he fell over vomiting uncontrollably. The lights went off after a second then flashed red, I stood strong looking at the man evilly, “your name its, Dagoro!!” I shouted. He sneered at me I got furious and tried to hit him but he mealy bated me away with the strap blade, I scowled, and started to mumbled quietly, he razor fast short a ninja star at me. I just barely managed to hold my hand up in the way so the star imbedded in my hand instead of my face,

    “I am not stupid enough to let you speak a spell!!” he glowered.

    “You I hate you what you did its all your fault!!!!” I screeched horal, my throat becoming sore, and painful trying to hold back tears, I tried to attack him, but he just shoved me back, I needed a plan, I blasted another hole into he roof and kept going up I didn’t stop despite his following, I ran over to a air conditioner on the roof, and scribbled a circle in it quickly I slammed my palms into the design and the machine flashed white before turning into a sleek sword. We begin to sword fight across the building I was obviously much worse at it, he forced me back, he made one good swipe and I couldn’t block cutting into my side, I screamed and fell over the edge I knew I wouldn’t make a twenty story fall and live, I closed my eyes, but just before I, hit I landed on something, that made me rise up before it stopped,

    Edward’s POV

    I stood there a minute, saying nothing but waited for a siren, or something, the lights went dead for a second before turning red and flashing with a tornado siren. ”Well that our cue, kid” I said running up the stairs two at a time. His ‘kid’ brother followed quick as he could until they saw a window which they quickly I melted out of we ran across the grounds I was looking for any sign of Kari, I had to help her it was only fair. So I went to the edge and melted the barbed wire fence, before Al went through he taped my shoulder and pointed to the roof on it two people were fighting I didn’t exactly believe it but I thought one of them was Kari, she was the right size at least. We watched the fight (no one really kowtowing us on the dark grounds) and the smaller person fell I did recognize the scream, Al drew a pattern in the ground, from the spot he hit it with his palms a mound formed underground that sped off under the person and thick vines shot up. We ran over to see whom it was.

    Kari’s POV

    I felt the soft object I looked around and found a little paler of plants had saved me, Ed, and Al were running across the yard I concentrated and fixed my gloves, my cloak, and closed it (they didn’t need to know I was hurt) I thought, so I jumped down with a sincere “thanks” and looked up Dagoro was gone

    “Who were you fighting?” Al asked.

    “I. Nothing” I said, I trusted them but just couldn’t bring myself to tell them my dark past. Al was fine with the answer,

    “That is good you are lucky we saw the fight or you would have surly died” hr said in he usual smart voice.

    “Come on I doubt any one wants to see you here” I commented to Al.

    “Rite” he said in agreement and I walked best I could, thinking of my reasoning. And merely decided on the fact that I couldn’t accept help well, so I continued to walk hoping my side wouldn’t bleed too much. Ed went into a nearby hotel, and got two rooms, with an attaching door, I walked into mine and cleaned my wound's best I could, (I was a ok nurse but on myself I was a coward) and went back in with the boys, who had gotten food.

    “Burger king?” I questioned.

    “Sorry your majesty not good enough?” Ed asked jokingly.

    “Nope not really” I said playfully. And took a burger that Al offered to me, I sat down calmly unwrapped it and managed to eat it in only a couple bites and barley twenty seconds. The boys gawped at my feat “sorry I usually don’t get much time to eat” I apologized with a toothy grin.

    “So why were you battling earlier I thought you didn’t like killing” I stopped smiling, and sat down I wisent really shore weather to tell them, while I wanted to I still do think I could it was why I started anyway but I still couldn’t after all I only knew them a few days.

    “It’s a long story and I am tired may another time” I lied walking into my room,


    I woke up with a start my hands were on fire!! I wisent even in my room I was somewhere else the sky was a blood red there was a man next to me he was shrouded in darkness, he laughed evilly. “Burn witch!!” he scorned as he grabbed my hands and plunged them into the flame, I screamed out in agony. “wh..Who are you” I wisped.

    “Your worst nightmare!!” he said coming from the shadow to reveal. “ED?!?!?”
    I sat up it was dark, my shirt was drenched in sweat “that was a horrible nightmare!!” I breathed thinking about it, I went to wipe my forehead and stifled a scream by buckling over, and my hands were on fire! I thought I went into the bathroom and turned n the light my hand, and arm wounds were blistered, and painful I could barely move my hand. “Damn it!!” I said loudly looking at the red skin, “he still ukases that freaking poison blade!!” my hands burned as I rinsed them of. But I couldn’t move enough to wash them I needed medical treatment but where? I didn’t want Ed, or Al to find out then I would have to explain allot I just didn’t want to. So I ignored it hoping it would pass.

    And found sleep again in my bed.


    Brother how will we wake her?” I herd voice faintly. I herd a hmmmm, and then.

    “I will just have to kiss her!!” Ed announced I herd him coming close to my bed, but before he could come any closer I threw my blanket over him and started to kick him. “You. Disgusting.... pervert!!!” I yelled on every word. Then I kicked the blanket off to show him on the floor his eyes were all swirl. I dusted my hands off barely keeping my face void of agony. Al was laughing at his brother. I got my stuff and got ready to leave.


    “Owwwww” that hurt!!” Ed complained.

    “Sorry but you freaked me out!!” I admitted. He chuckled at me.
    “Its true” I said walking towards the road. It was a long trip several days, and I was already feeling the poison I needed to make the potion or I knew the result. But for now it would be easer to not slow the group down. So I stay quiet, and conserved my energy. Nothing happened that day really except feeling steadily worse by that night I wanted to throw up, and every time I moved I felt dizzy, I ate a peach in berry it was pink and triangular and sweet it slowed down poison's affect t way one of the many dried berries medical attendants kept. I curled up on my little bag and fell asleep; I woke the next morning tired, groggy, and very ill.

    “How will we get her up now?” Ed asked.

    “Why don’t you kiss her?”

    “Al that was just a thing to wake her up I wouldn’t. ewww” he said.

    “Oh I get it now!!” he exclaimed.

    “Its ok I am awake,” I said faintly.

    “Are you ok?” Ed asked looking at me carefully.

    “Yah fine” I said weakly getting up and picking up my bag.

    “No you aren’t what’s wrong” Ed pushed. It was odd because no matter what he could always tell a lie, probably because his eyes creped me out.

    “Really I am fine” I lied I felt like death walking. 'Ironic’ I thought 'because soon I will be' I chuckled in my head.

    “Fine if you insist but I am taking your bag,” he said sternly grabbing my shoulder bag.

    “Hey!!” I demanded. But was to tired to argue so I just walked away. Again there was nothing to do except walk forever!! But I was again to tired to complain about having to move with my own strength, I yawned deeply and scratched my arm being bared access to my bag I suffered from lack of my favorite pain killer. I pulled my hood up to so I may let my stupid plastic smile fade, and I slouched slightly, by mid day I was in the back so they couldn’t see when my body went rigid trying to hold back the convulsions 'if I could just get to my bag’ I pleaded mentally. “Can I have my bag back?” asked as humanly as I could.

    “Nope” Ed said simply re adjusting my bag purposefully.

    “Please!!” I demanded.

    “Ummmm nope” he said again. I caught up with him ignoring my eyesight blurring from the move mint.

    “Give me my bag you ugly little girl!!” I complained.

    “Hey I am not a girl!!” he said stopping and turning to yell at me.

    “I am not the one with a pony tail am I?” I said trying to make him angry enough to give me my bag.

    “Hey I like my hair being long!!!!” he justified.

    “Yah real manly its braded!!” I scolded feeling faint but it would all be worth it I tried to say in my head.

    “Hey at least I wear cloths!!!” He shouted.

    “I wear plenty of---” I was bout to rant but I felt faint the talking, and moving pushed me too far, I remember falling forward into Ed's arms then nothing...

    I felt something on my head. It was cool, and wet and I felt a sudden jolting main in my side. That brought me to reality. I opened my eyes and looked over Ed was putting something on the slice I got from Dagoro. On my side, it was pretty bad it started around my ribs, and went at a diagonal angle pointing towards my navel, and ending only a few inches from it. I was in my tent that Ed, and Al apparently set up. Once he finished he looked over and saw me awake.

    “How the hell did you get these?” he asked gesturing to my side, and my arms.

    “Dagoro” I wisped.

    “Who, or what is Dagoro?” he questioned.

    “I don’t want to talk about it,” I said faintly.

    “Well good you need to rest” he said starting to wrap my side. I tried to get up
    “Back down” he ordered.

    “No I am fine now really,” I said trying to smile. He looked at me scolding.

    “Fine get up,” he said simply. I tried but a horrible pain shot through my side making me fall back. “Exactly” he said simply.

    “Why are you even helping me you should keep moving, that’s exactly why I didn’t tell you”
    If I can’t go and make the potion I will just die,” I said laying back down

    “Why didn’t you ask for help then?” he asked curiously moving onto my left arm. Which made me gasp when he took the glove off revealing a ton of infected cuts, burses, and a hole in my hand he inspected it curiously.

    “Ninja star” I said he nodded. “And I didn’t ask for help for allot of reasons”

    “Like?” he said raising an eyebrow.

    I sighed for his rude impatents. “Like the fact that I refuse to relie on any one” I said for one “and that I am not used to help, and you can't relie on any one it makes you weak” I responded more pathetic than my answer. He gave me an understanding look that creped me out considering he had never acted serious. “I am tired of being weak” I wisped.

    “Ever considered may your weak 'because' you don't relie on any one?” He asked grabbing a wired goo.

    “I don’t knOWCH!!!!” I screeched looking over he was putting more of the yellowish goo on my arm “forewarning please!!” I said indignantly. He just sneered.

    “Anyway you were saying?” he asked broadly watching me cringe.

    “What is that stuff?” I asked smelling it.

    “Its honey its antibacterial, I found some in your bag” he said broadly, “Al mixed it with some palandirinsu roots. Or what ever it’s called.

    “Paladin, irsna?” I asked.

    “Yah that, how do you know the poison?” he said; “now you were saying?” He asked again.

    “I was saying I don’t know I haven’t been around people much I don’t even really know how to act around them I like animals better, so I chose not to relie on any one trust just causes pain, and lastly I have delta with this poison in the past” I finished. He finished with the goo, and started to wrap my arm up. He waited until he finished to speak.

    “Everyone relies on someone at sometime I have my brother and I trusted you to lead me to him, and he relied on me to help him. Why don’t you trust any one?” he asked with less concern, and more curiosity.

    “I would rather not say its involved with the whole Dagoro thing”

    “Why not say?” He asked.

    “It.. I just don’t want to, it involves my past, and bad things” I finished trying to keep the memories from creeping in my head again.

    “Ok I will stop but if your going to travel with me you got to promise you will tell me someday” he looked me in the eyes. “Promise?” he asked going around to my other arm and pulling that glove off too only with less force, so I only bit my lip. I considered this I never told any one but I could trust them I think, and its not like he said now so I could when I wanted to.

    “Ok deal” I said quietly. Rolling over to watch him wrap my arm before drifting off to sleep again.


    I woke up again still in the tent but my arm’s and side were wrapped up perfectly I herd Ed, and Al outside I listen carefully.

    “Al so you don’t know what poison it is?” he asked

    “No brother I am sorry I do not so I don’t know a cure,” he stated sadly.

    “Its ok guys I know a cure” I said coming out. Slowly.

    “Ok hey are you feeling better Kari?” Al asked

    “Best as can be expected if I am dying” I said jokingly. But there faces remained somber.
    “Awe come on guys I feel better, and besides I just got a repreve!!” I said cheerfully.

    “What?” Ed asked curiously.

    “The full moon it’s a whole week long event for me three days before, and three days after which means I can make more energy potion. Why do you ask?" i said cheerfully "Well I will tell you I am water, and the moon controls the water it is my sign, you are the sun” I said pointing to Ed, and you aren’t a alchemist” I said pointing to Al “and all I have to do is get a rare flower then I will be good as new, I say I got about two weeks now that’s if im lucky” I reminded. “But I will live if I get going”

    “Hang on” Al interrupted “I am to a alchemist I am a earth alchemist who do you think created the vines that saved you?”

    “Oh that was you I didn’t know you were a alchemist I thought that he made them. Because someone neglected to tell me” I chuckled pointing to Ed. “wait did you say earth?” I questioned.

    “Yah why?” he asked.

    “Yay!!” I cheered. “That makes it easy give me my bag!!” I said Ed tossed it to me and I dug into it searching for something. “HERE!” I said, “I new it would be a good idea too keep these seeds!” I squealed.

    “You are acting wired” Ed commented.

    “If you found out you would live I bet you would too” I retorted.

    “Now Al come here” I asked he did and knelt down next to me, ok now use this seed first” I asked burying a strawberry seed. “Ok Al I need you to make it grow” I said, “its a simple spell you just close your eyes and pute your hands around the plant, and concentrate!!” I said.
    “And will it to grow!!” I said he sat for a second before a beautiful little green bush formed and strawberries bloomed I picked one, and ate it. “Nice I thought it would be harder made me pass out” I commented.

    “Aren’t you water?” Ed commented.

    “Yah but still its a very hard skill” I turned back to Al. “ok now we only have a few of these seeds so please be careful” I said burying a tiny black seed. Al pute his hands on it and it grew to three feet tall, and a huge red, and purple flower bloomed it was bigger than my head all around it tiny little white flowers bloomed on the bush, I picked a ton of the tiny flowers, then looked at the large one.

    “Thank you Al you’re the best” I said hopping up, and down, but then I felt weak so I sat down, I got the picked flowers.

    “Well turns out we can leave in the morning” I said tiredly, I moved the tiny white flowers to a cloth that I spread out on the ground near the fire the boys set up, then I got a pot, and pute it on the fire with water in it. And started to dig in my bag, I got out some odd things. Mustard powder, some wired roots, and tea leafs. Along with my mortar, and pestle. But my short moon high faded with the clouds, I felt weak again, and tired.
    “ Mmmk now can you stop staring its kind of creepy” I commented to Ed, and Al. ”seriously”

    “Why is it creepy? Ed asked.

    ”You state at yourself you have wired eyes,” I said.

    “ Do not!!” he said defensively. I giggled at his response.

    “That’s not what I mean I mean more unique, not all wired is bad” I commented, “I like unique things, what’s the point of being normal?” I said crushing up the ingredients, I was thankful for the darkness of the area it helped hide my blush at what I just said. I finished the ingredients, and pute the big flower in the boiling water.

    “So” Ed started breaking the silence. “How do you know how to make this?” he asked.

    “Its part of the whole it-want-to-talk-about-it thing” I said after a second. “But I will say that its not the first time I have had this poison, or met that man he uases a poison blade, so even if you live, you die because of the rarity of this plant” I said pointing to the bush “it only grows in deserts or if a earth alchemist grows it in normal soil but it will die after a while if you do” I finished still trying to forget my memories I packed the urbs I had in a cheese cloth and pute it in the pot with the flower. and sat next to it poking the plant. down it had started to turn purple. after about 30 minuets the flower was black, and the water was now a deep blood red, and thick. I devided it to signal use amounts, bottling it in little tiny glass vials. and lastly picked at the tiny white flowers leaving my potion to cool.
    “so now I am picking the seed's out. now we have potion and seeds!!” I said happily. packing them away. Al went to bed a while ago.

    “so wana here something interesting?” I asked.

    “I guess” Ed said turning to look at me.

    “well this little vial will save my life” I commented. “but I was three when I learned to make this” I said tossing the little bottle with what looked like blood in it in my hand.

    “interesting” he said dryly.

    “and” I said like he didn’t interrupt. “if I used the plant raw it would kill me, it is its own cure!! and only a few people use it Dagoro being one” I said. I took out a little thing and a screwdriver and started fiddling with it.

    “what’s that?” Ed asked.
    “just a little something. but it 'was' a game boy I am changing it now it will be a radar I have it up to about three feet now” I announced.

    “OOOOO three feet” he chided.

    “hey I had it at a game before I think three feet is pretty good!!” I grumbled.

    “I am just messing with you. so you like electronics?” he asked.

    “yah I wanted them to help I actually wanted to help make Mecha parts”

    “what’s a mecha?” he interrupted.

    “they are electronic arms, and legs for amputees”

    “oh you know that’s not the real name right? and I wouldn’t"” he said bitterly.

    “why not?” I asked.

    “because some people would rather die than have something like that” I got confused his voice got all cold.

    “why?” I asked confusedly.

    “you wouldn’t understand” he said laying down and falling asleep. I didn’t get it but still agreed and went into the tent falling asleep my mind buzzing with thoughts.


    there you have it my lame oh chapter!! oh well please post + - crit!! i will take anything

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    Ok, in the part that says "he looked exhausted, and injured" I think it sounds better without the "," so It will be something like: "he looked exhausted and injured".

    "I said he tried to stop me" there should be a "but" just like: "I said but he tried to stop me".

    OMG, I know who he is!!!

    hm... where's his "small" brother???

    Ohhh, there he is.



    PROLOGUE: 6/10
    CHAPTER ONE: 8/10
    CHAPTER TWO: 8/10

    Sometimes it gets confusing but I know you will be a great writer, so keep on writing, I will keep reading. (I will tell you when I post my own fic ^_^)
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    Chapter 3

    I walked down the road tossing my potion in my hand.

    “you still haven’t taken it?” Ed asked looking at the blood like substance shimmer in the sunlight.

    “nope” I said simply.

    “but you got all sick now you are fine and you still didn’t take it. and you made all of that ruckus over It.?!?!!?” he questioned.

    “yep still haven’t, but I will” sword and I truthfully.

    “but aren’t you getting worse?” he asked.

    “course I am the moon is just replenishing my strength when I get weak.....its just” I started.

    “what?” Ed asked.

    “when I take it I will pass out and I it know for how long” I stated.

    “I bet it couldn’t be too long” he stated.

    “the last person to take it is in a coma” I said coldly.

    “oh” Ed said. “you will be fine were here!!” he said bristly.

    “it you remember what I said about reliance?” I asked he just turned around, and continued to walk. but slowly fell back from his brother to me.

    “so take it already” he pushed.

    “no” I said simply. “I’ll take it when I am good and ready” I said pocketing the bottle.

    “come on you can trust us!!” he said indicating his brother, and himself.

    “its not about trust look I have my reasons I will take it just leave me alone. besides you can’t tell me you it have a secret of your own your not telling about” I said, he looked at my face but I made shore not to change it so he sped up again with a grudging face.
    I giggled at his reaction, and started to fiddle with the vile in my pocket. I stumbled clutching my cheats just above my heart a shooting pain erupted from it, and just as it hit it diapered in a moment. curiously, lucky the brothers were too busy trying to shove each other off the road to knots, once night fell I chugged the bottle and felt fine. I tossed it at Ed so he wouldn’t complain. I had to take it I was starting to twitch and spasm. “I took the damn stuff but I it want you to stop traveling you need to arrive in Chico soon, and lastly the more I move around then the shorter time I will sleep” I said to him.

    “thank you” I herd him say holding the bottle. before I felt lightheaded, like I didn’t even have a body, and the last bit I remember was a dull thud of the ground, and footsteps.

    Edwards POV...

    I looked at Kari on the ground uncounted.

    “would you like me to get her brother?” Al asked from my left.

    “no she did give me forewarning, I will get her, but you take the bag” I sighed walking over and grabbed her shoulder bag tossing it to my brother, and picking Kari up, she was really light, but that didn’t exactly surprise me, given her small build, I walked over to Al.

    “so what now keep moving like she said or stop?' Al asked me. I weighed her she didn’t cause much strain. I looked down at her she moved around and wrapped an arm around me. making the area above my nose turn red, “thank god for night time” I thought.

    “we will keep moving like she said, I guess I mean she is moving so she soul dent be asleep too long” I said moving her arm back around.
    we walked for a couple of hours, after words I had to pate her down so I could flip her around having her legs on my strong arm was pointless. it was fine except the constant annoyance of removing her arms from around my neck. after a while I just gave up though. we camped that morning and continued that dusk, unfortunately at that time she started to move around more, I thought “it's because of the full moon” when I looked up and the large, round, bright, milky moon that was going to be perfectly round in a few days. it was actually rather easy to walk with my electronic, arm, and leg. I looked down at her again, and chuckled, her arms were wrapped tightly around my neck, and her face was buried in my cheats. her bright silver/white highlights glowed in the light. and she looked so peaceful. she started to quiet down much to my relief. Al was giving me a sunny look. ”what?” I asked. he got an evil sneer (well for a metal suet)

    “AWWWWW SOOOOO CWOOT” he said in a baby voice. I couldn’t help turning red.

    “shut up Al or you will get it!!” I snarled, he shut up. ”now that’s better” I commented. and walked agamid of him I saw a sign ahead, and walked up to it. it had two arrows


    “at least we are close” I grumbled turning down the road, and walked swiftly. my red coal billowing behind me, about half way there Kari started to squirm again, I sighed, and continued, despite the fact she had once again wrapped her arms around my neck tightly and her face was now resting on the front of my shoulder. she continued to move more until dawn.

    Kari's POV

    I felt the sun on my eyes, but I was drowsy like had slept too long, I shifted slightly still not opening my eyes, but something was odd. what was it. “was where I was asleep moving?” I thought I opened my right eye just a tiny bit I saw red cloths, and golden hair but the rest was out of view. I closed my eye back up thinking. for a few minuets pate two and two together, I screamed in my head “ED IS CARRYING ME!?!?!??!??!?!” “but why?” I asked myself the last thing I remember was chugging that hobble potion, “oh yah!!” I thought, I smiled inside, keeping my face presently blank, “but this is very embarrassing” I thought “may if I just kept asleep?” but it was getting light, and his right arm was digging into my back. I decided on shifting around and I hugged him tightly, keeping my breathing steady, and my face blank, so I solved my problems, and all to have to do is waiter for him to pute me down honestly “how long could he hold me for he is rather small” I joked in my head. after a hour I got really bored of doing nothing and I was now full of energy, I decided on the best way to do it

    “hmm” I said softly , Ed gave me a sideways glance.

    “hey Al I think she is waking up” he said. next after a minute I yawned removing my arms from him,

    “you awake?” he cooed quietly, in my ear.

    “mum” I said quietly. he seemed kind of startled.

    “good now get off!!” he said louder dropping me on the ground with a loud 'thump'

    “ouch what was that for?!?!?” I demanded. rubbing my leg.

    “I have been carrying you for two days!!!” he said loudly.

    “yah but did you have to drop me like a sac of potatoes!?!??!?!” I said getting up furiously.

    “yep!” he said bristly. but I could see just a hint of remorse in his eyes. and he was faintly pink.
    I sighed.

    “I guess but still you didn’t have to drop me!! it hurt!!” I complained.

    “well deal with it get some back bone!!” he retorted rubbing his shoulder.

    “May you should” I chided poking his shoulder

    “ouch cut it out!!” he said starting to walk again.

    “sorry” I responded. “but I feel really good today all better!!” I said doing a little spin. he chuckled. “I could do any thing!!” I commented punching a tree “OOOUUUCCCHHHH!!!!” I whaled holding my red hand.

    “serves you right trying to break a tree. only men can break trees!!” he said mockingly.

    “oh yah well try Mr. chipper” I said soothingly. he walked up to the tree and punched hit with his right arm causing he trunk to implode and the tree went crashing down I stood there with my mouth open.
    “how the-” I started.

    “I just used my strength” he said dismissively but I could tell he was hiding something.

    “what?” I asked.

    “nothing” he grunted.

    “tell me!!” I said.

    “no” he growled.

    “fine so much for friends!” I said. stomping off.

    “yah.. wait what?” he said with a double take “what’s up with the friend thing?” he said curiously.

    “well I trust you and I know you and we are traveling together, I figured we are at least more than acquaintances” I chided. he just looked confused. I chuckled at him and ran down he road.
    becoming Ed, and Al to follow, then I ran full speed down the road. I was as happy as I could be. I skidded to a halt waiting for the boys to catch up, and looked over the next town it was just a little thing UN touched by shoulders, and war, it was quanta for the perfect word. I started to walk slowly down the hill.

    “hold up!!” I herd Ed yell.

    “hurry up” I said walking slow. they finally caught up panting,

    “you need to slow down!!” Ed said after a minute.

    “you need to speed up” I scolded.

    “no seriously you are totally out of control!!” he said.

    “yah may I am but come on I am how I say unique” I smiled at my own remark.

    “yah shore” he said tiredly. “next time just it run after I have been carrying a sac of potatoes foot thirty miles!!” he half joked. stretching best he could.

    “sorry” I apologized “its just I am not used to traveling with others I wane run, and I do!!” “al you have been awful quiet what’s up?” I asked.

    “oh nothing he is always like this” Ed exclaimed I chuckled at them.

    “so where too now?” I asked.

    “now we get supplies, and head to the train station in three days” Al said.

    “ok I guess” I said sadly. “what do we do until then?” I asked.

    “no idea” Ed said. I closed my eyes,

    “well you have fun old chaps” I said in a British ascent.

    “but I need to brush up on my Alchemy” I announced. “tootles” I said childishly, walking away.

    “wait up for me!!” Ed exclaimed. “DONT LEAVE ME WITH AL!!!” I chuckled

    “only if you keep up!!” I called. running down into the forest, I dogged branches and trees and ran over a hill. looking around I saw it so started to go down, just to have Ed come up behind me and made me topple down the hill, taking him with me. we fell for about a hundred feet, funnily resting as we crashed into some trees, I got up laughing. I looked over at Ed who I couldn’t find “umm Ed?” I asked.

    “muffle don” I looked down and found I was sitting on him. I scurried off. looking at him laughing uncontrollably.

    “shut up!!” he yelled.

    “S...sorry” I chuckled.

    he scowled “yah you really sound sorry” he said grudgingly I coughed a few times and got our walked over to him

    “ I really am sorry it was just really fun that’s all” I admitted.

    “ok” he said taking my hand and dust ion off.

    “now lasts see?” I said looking around. I grabbed Ed by the hand and ran, after a minute of running through thick forest I skidded to a halt at the side of a lake, it was surrounded by trees with a nice little beach, and the rest of the area was covered in stones, at the far end there was a big waterfall cascading into the lake giving it a silken ripple. I sat down and started to untie my boots, then I slid them off.

    “umm what exactly are you doing?” Ed asked, looking carefully at me.

    “training like I said” I commented walking to the edge of the water and slid in smoothly, I dove under swimming into the middle of the pool and looked around until I found some nice rocks and shells I swam over to Ed “hey Ed come on in the water s fine” I said floating on my back.

    “an ok I will just train on the shore” he called out somberly.

    “what’s wrong?” I asked I may have not known him for long but I did know him well

    “nothing” he called over to me.

    “please I am your friend!!” I pleaded

    “mum no” he said

    “come on I trust you tell me!!”

    “just leave it Kari” he said coolly, I made a cute little puppy dogface. he sighed

    “may some other time I will swim with you” he called out.

    “ok good because you stink!!” I egged.

    “do not!!” he retorted.

    “do to!!” I said splashing him some


    “so how did I do?” I asked after hours of training. transforming various objects into things, I made a little statue out of stones and melted some shells into a rock

    “I have seen well” he said coolly.

    “why you!!!” I hissed. “take it back!!” I ordered.

    “no its true you are horrible” he said in a sing song voice. I ran out of the water and gave him a big hug.

    “EWWWW” he cried as the water seeped through his cloths, I giggled at him
    “come on Kari I hate being wet!!” he whined.

    “its ok it’s just water you need it to live” I mentioned.

    “looks like someone had fun” Al commented evilly looking at us both being drenched. Ed turned pink, but I shrugged it off.

    “hey why didn’t you react?” Al asked furiously.

    “if you hear one nasty comment you herd um all” I said broadly, eating an apple, we spent the rest of the day making fun of Ed who seemed severely annoyed.


    I woke up just before dawn, I got my things only pausing when Ed mumbled in his sleep. so I snuck out silently with my things, and went back to the lake
    I walked around to the waterfall, I got undressed and slipped into the water and took a quick shower, when I had finished I moved out and swam over to the shore to get my cloths but they were gone!!! I looked around franticly and herd cackling, I looked around to see a boy about 13 with my cloth's he had a brown shirt, cream shorts, and a hat that read [hot stuff]. “give me my cloths” I hissed

    “tot now where are your manners?” he mocked.

    “right sorry. give me my cloths 'now'” I said.

    “what’s the magic word?” he played.

    “or I’ll kill you?” I asked.

    “no, no silly” he chided.

    “seriously give me my cloths you are being a spoilt little brat” I spat at him he just laughed more.

    “well regardless wane go save some fun?” he asked with a glint in his eyes.

    “ummmmm no you little whiny git get lost” I stated simply. “and give me my cloths!.

    “no one talks to me like that!!” he said steeping the air around me, I gasped for air, as he giggled. “and lastly-” he begin something had grabbed him by the shirt. I was half relieved to see Ed, and doubly mortified.
    “hey get off!!” he shouted. “fine I will hurt you!!” he said making fire spider around him and Ed.

    “that’s not going to work now give me the cloths” he said calmly.

    “I it think so!!” he cried torching them into fine ashes, I swore loudly. Ed dropped him.

    “that was stupid” he commented.

    “yah but I did it any way” the kid recovered and ran away.

    “ummmmmm Kari?” he asked.

    “yah I am here, thanks for the help” I said my head just above the water. “stupid part what will I do for cloths. don't suppose you could go back for them cloudy?” I asked sweetly.

    “no its to far” he said, as I swam over to a deep part closer to the shore. he hesitated for something. “here” he said pulling off his red cloak, and putting it by the shore. “ill be over there” he said pointing to a area of bushes.

    “thanks” I mumbled. as he walked away I quickly slipped it on and pulled it tight so it was more like a heavy red dress. “ok I am decent” I holed

    “ok” he answord coming out.

    “sorry to cause all of this trouble” I said sadly.

    “hey its not your flat there are creepy kids around” he joked. “or May there is something your not telling me. oh and don't mess that up I still want it” he said pointing at his cloak

    “its ok I just need it until I can get back to my bag” I said happily. “thanks again for letting me use it!!” and I trued to run back to my bag ASAP!!! I ran back with Ed still on my tail and finally made it back to the room we rented pushing the one ton robotic human out with a quick “sorry Al” and traded back into my cloths, a pail orange T that ended just above the navel, and blue knee long jean shorts, and I pulled my hair into a long pony tail.

    “hey Ed!!” I said loudly holding his red cloak.

    “thanks again for letting me borrow it” I said with a hint of pink on my cheeks.

    “we I couldn’t have just left you there could I?” he asked misjeveously.

    “I it know” I said playfully back, then I walked away to find a store.


    “ok I am back!!!” I holed

    “hey Al did you know Kari went anywhere?” he asked jokingly.

    “well may I wont just give you anything then” I said hurtfully

    “no, no what have you got?” he asked broadly.

    “this” I said throwing him my old bag forcefully.

    “what’s this?” he asked courteously.

    “you can have it and anything in it” I said proudly.

    “hey look a money bag!!” Ed said loudly tossing a leather pouch full of gold coins.

    “oil I didn’t mean that!!!” I yelled grabbing at it. he just chuckled. and held it out of reach.

    “here you go Al!!” he said tossing it. to his brother who did the same.

    “you act like babies sometimes!!” I growled

    “what did you give me?” he asked rummaging through the bag.

    “I sleeping bag, a change of cloths, a couple pot's, some food, and a couple other things” I finished

    “why?” he said looking wordy at the bag like it suddenly turned into a bomb

    “because I got this!!” I announced picking up a new yellow back Pac that had nothing special about it. “and this” I added pointing to a blue fanny pack as I stashed my money away while Al twitched on the ground. “and finally this” I said pointing to two new red leather gloves with the fingers cut off.

    “I figured you travel light so if you it want to carry it then I will or you can chuck it but I do want the cloths” I finished talking curled up in my bed, and went to sleep. thinking “these boys are so annoying”

    “yippee!!” I said rolling out of bed “already?” I thought “oh well I better go” I wisped quietly I grabbed my bag, and left the room pulling a new black cloak over myself. I headed for the nearest hill, finding one beautifully placed infer the moon I took out my hipothicary items, I transmitted some glass blobs I had been collecting into tiny vials, and I started to mix things together. “it feels like it was just a couple days ago that there was a full moon but I am out of potions.

    “what are you doing sneaking out at night?” a voice came from behind me.

    “Ed what are you doing here?” I asked still working.

    “you woke me up so I followed you” he stated, “Can I sit here” he indicated an empty spot to my left. “course just stay quiet this is my favorite potion!!” I hummed. I added a few more things gristly powder, stardust, and lastly bright powder, which you slam into the bow making everything, flash. then I mixed it together, and pute a little tiny bit in each vial creating a foggy iridescent, water that seemed to glow. I took my cloak off being a warm night.

    “what is it?” Ed asked taking one

    “energy potion I can make you some to if you like” I said bristly

    “if you want guess” he said.

    “ok” I finished going back and putting some fire flies, and sun powder I the mixture creating an identical substance but it was orangey, red. instead of white blue. I got lost in the pretty white sparkling liquid.

    “DARNIT!!”Ed called out trying to bend his arm but it wouldn’t budge.

    “let me see” I asked leaning towards his right arm

    “err no you cant” he said.

    “why not? it seems to be stiff or something just let me see it please?” I pleaded.

    “no” he said again only this time he closed an eye from his arm pain.

    please let me!??!?!” I asked nicely

    “no Kari not now” he said getting up and walking away I shrugged and went back to my potions, wondering what the big secret was.


    “you ok?” Ed asked when I snapped back.

    “oh yah I m fine why?”

    “because I have been holding the stupid door for five minuets” he said broadly.

    “oh sorry!” I apologized with a little blush and went into the room. sitting down on the bed.

    “what’s up with you?” Ed asked.

    “oh nothing” I said dreamily “I think I will take a walk”

    “ok if you must” he said broadly going over and taking with his brother who was watching TV. I went out and came back that night after diner, I had eaten some pizza before I returned

    “Kari!!” Edward said urgently

    “KARI!!” he said again

    I jumped up “ouch!!!” me and Ed said simultaneously.

    “what was that for?” he asked

    “hey you were leaning over me now what’s wrong” I said rubbing my forehead.

    “Al is gone and there is a note” he said passing it to me. i unfolded and looked down the the paper.

    Dear Edward.

    Your brother has been detained until further knowtise, he will be released apon the apprehension of one Hikarui. C. Balencina. or pute to death, in her place. any one found aiding this fugitive will be arrested and charged with treason as well.

    sincerely General, Dagoro. Koga.


    there you go!!! i hope you all like it. ok so i am going to splice it with another fic (maby) so tell me if i should and if you guess which one it is i will give you a far off spoiler :p the clue is....


    guess what it means and you will get a far off spoiler
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  15. Joseph122591

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    haha updated, I liked this chapter, sorry to say this but I seen many spelling mistakes. Now I'm not sure if English was your second language or not, you could just also not be good at typing, I've seen it all. Overall I could still understand what was being said and I liked it, so good work, and Ahsayuni?? o_O I'll try to figure that one out
  16. DarkfireAbsol

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    no english isint my 2nd language but i think its my spell cheaks XD i will fix the typos sorry about that :D *whacks computer* it is a bad computer!!!.
    oh but i dident learn to read or spell for a long time
  17. Rubn Alq

    Rubn Alq I have no Title

    Well thats a nice chapter, I liked it more than the others.

    Its a 85/100 the others were 80/100 so your writing is getting better! ^_^

    Spelling erros aren't usually associated with a second language, because for someone that talks, IE, spanish, Its very easy to know how to write every word, the thing is that is not very easy to put them in a proper order, thats my case for example. I have to think a lot in which order to put the words on.

    Back to the fic: good!!! your improving, its just a matter of time that people starts reading your fic.
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  18. Joseph122591

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    Yeah I see what your saying Rubn, I started thinking that it wouldn't matter about the language thing, but anyway DarkFireAbsol, I hope you make another update soon ^^ I'm loving this fic
  19. Rubn Alq

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    Don't even think about stop writing DarkFireAbsol!!!
    It's not very common to see an alchemist fic here, so don't worry about readers, the will come with time. Anyway a good writer never gives up until the story is finished!
    I will not let die this thread! specially is the story is good ^^
    I need to know what will happen with AL and the general!
  20. DarkfireAbsol

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    oh MY GOD! i am soooooo shocked to even see this i forgot all about this story after my old computer broke, gosh...its been so long and i'm so sorry to anyone who actualy wanted to read the story....u know i don't even know where this was headed anymore, i've writen over 60 stories since then and i just forgot i guess, i'm so sorry gomen, gomen!! so much has happend since i loged off ever so long ago heheh...phew, i'll work on it again though and make this story better than ever and no more typos i have a pc from this century now!!!!! wooh! AND i'm gping to pute out storys that are much better than this one if you'll still read.


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