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Alcremie's Super Sweet Battle?! (1171)


"Tis an honor to be recognized."
Mallow's not a baker. She's a cook. Completely different professions.


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Weeeirdest decision ever.

Could have easily made them both appear doing something else rather than make them decorate cakes.

In fact, they have other Galar characters they could use or even debut, so...
Sure would have been a good way to briefly debut one of the other characters like Marnie or Bede


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My personal thoughts (I haven't read the thread yet so I might be being redundant):
(+) More Galar
(+) Leon's affinity for getting lost, finally. I was already finding him an even more bland character in the anime
(+) Full of continuity (for Journeys this is something)
(+) New interactions with Poplar, Leon and especially Raihan who was lacking more
(+) We actually got a battle between Ash and Opal, and it was good despite being short and without result.
(+) I liked the idea of using Alcremie's body quirk to limit opponent movement (although it's Pikachu's super-effective Iron Tail we're talking about)
(+) No Goh stealing Ash's spotlight (or vice versa if this ever happened)

(+-) Wha?... Pikachu turned Gmax by eating G-Alcremie's cream? I don't know what to think of this but everyone's reaction was great.
(+-) During the episode I was wondering if this was all just a waste of time, if Leon and Raihan are superstar trainers with a lot of free time and if there was some message or plan thought by Opal behind a cake-making competition. In the end I didn't understand if Opal was really planning battles from the start and what to bring out of the episode.
(+-) So, can Ash 'cook' now? xD

(-) Goh pheromones did it again
(-) Dynamax
(-) Was it a Gigantamax or not? Not the greatest move if it was just a gag. Call me boring but I think there must be better ways to make child audience laugh, without sacrificing so much 'logic' in the context the characters were in (even though Dynamax itself already suffers from the lack of it)
(-) I really like Opal (I love the elders in Pokémon), but I was hoping she would show more of her badass side in fight
(-) Just a nitpick, but seeing Leon and Raihan doing other activities would be great, with more casual clothes

Tabasco Boshi

This is the kind of stupid episode I would enjoy more if the series wasn't so poorly written overall, but when Gigantamax Pikachu hasn't been a thing for almost 70 episodes, this feels like a slap to the face. And we also lose the chance to see Ash battling a Galar Gym Leader.

If this series had the old formula, this could be a good introduction to Opal, they would start the battle, this stupid thing would happen for the gag, and the serious battle would take place in the following episode.


tbh as Omode herself said: "After it was determined that this was going to be a Mawhip episode, it was then decided to have Dande and Kibana, who hadn't appeared in a while, be in it. And when those are the two core components you start off with, you have no other choice but to write a comedy (laughs)."

Ohh now it makes sense

Does anyone remembers how South Park revealed that Family guy used dolphins which releases three ball each one with a theme and they put it together to do a flashblack? This is the same

Dande + Contest + Alcremie = This episode

Blue + Obsessive + Stupid idiots = Last episode

I'm pretty sure they use the heads or tails method to select in which episodes Team Rocket appears too.


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We're lucky this is a kid's show, otherwise the fact Pikachu ate a literal mountain of cream without actually dynamaxing - which doesn't actually involve physical growth - would've ended on a much more horrific note


Which wouldn't be so bad given we know that Sakuragi has access to cloning since he's had to clone Ash and Go twice after they were killed by Go's pokemon, so...


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Raihan estuvo genial aquí. Su conexión con Opal y su Alcremie fue divertida. Probablemente sea el personaje después de Goh que más me interesaría ver con su Alcremie nuevamente en el futuro. Opal también fue genial.

Cuando Gluttomax comenzó a aparecer, me preguntaba cuánto más fácil iba a hacer el programa a Gmax Pikachu, primero sin pokeball, ahora ni siquiera hay una banda o un punto de poder deshonesto.

Estaba emocionado de que Koharu expresara interés en ir a algún lado en lugar de seguir a Eevee, pero ella solo quería pastel.

Cuando Milcery apareció en la tienda y se ofreció a Goh, me eché a reír porque sabía cómo reaccionaría la gente. Luego evoluciona e incluso Goh está como "¿¡Ya !?", murió riendo de nuevo. Genial verlo atrapando pokémon, y finalmente otro hada.

Buen episodio.
while ash still has a single fairy who doesn't know how to use fairy-like moves ...

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Not an essay time:
This episode might as well have been the Great Galar Bake Off, the only thing missing was Paul Hollywood... and a tent. I guess Ash won star baker with his unique cake (tbf I was thinking Koharu was going to win the competition, but oh well) and his fight with Opal was something to say the least, between Alcremie's body sponging the Iron Tails and then Pikachu growing to G-Max size by consuming all the cream, which I suppose hands the match to Opal I guess, no wait it ended with no result, also Opal's Dynamax band disappeared and reappeared during the battle weirdly enough. I did like that they acknowledged the events of JN055 with Opal mentioning that the G-Ponyta and G-Rapidash are doing fine. I will say this though, I didn't think for a moment that the Alcremie that Go teamed up with when we saw it in the preview was going to be caught be him, let alone as a Milcery. One final note, given how long it has been since Raihan appeared, it didn't occur to me hat his VA had changed.


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(+-) So, can Ash 'cook' now? xD
If you consider decorate a cake as "cook"/"bake". It was like have a bowl of cornflakes and add a ton of things until you forget it had cornflakes.

It was funny that Raihan wanted to stay the hell away from Opal because she probably held a lot of strange events in the past that he was forced to take part. The gym leaders need more interactions like that between themselves.

Funny that everyone just started to pig out Ash's cake. I brought a cake today just because that episode made me hungry for sweets.
very fun and cool episode altohugh ash didnt catch alcremie;( so i’m kinda sad about that but oh well
Strangely, his alcremy partner was the only one not present in the final scene, but, eh, enough of me reading too much the scenes.


The Good
  • I liked how Grookey and Eevee just chased around Milcery, trying to eat it.
  • At first I was like, "Milcery just wants to be caught?" But no, it wanted to have Goh's strawberry so it could evolve. I respect the hustle.
  • Grookey in general is still a little brat. I love it.

The Bad
  • Milcery just wandered into the building, likely for snacks. That's just lazy. At least with Skwovet, the gang were eating outside, so it made more sense for a wild Pokemon to show up for food.

  • What the hell were Yamper and Eevee doing at the beginning? Just staring at each other and panting aggressively.
  • Goh got one of the worst Alcremie choices tbqh. Ruby Swirl with stars & Rainbow Swirl with strawberries are the only acceptable choices.
  • I still think Chloe and Ponyt are going to meet again. The way the last episode ended was mysterious, and the old lady made sure to mention it and Rapidash twice.
  • Chloe should have won.

Kind of an eh episode.


These leaks have me distressed
I’m out the loop can somebody explain why Tatsuhisa Suzuki is no longer voicing Rihan?


These leaks have me distressed
From what I've heard Tatsuhisa Suzuki dropped out himself. All on his own accord.

I guess he felt ashamed?
Well Dephender seemed to imply they fired him since he implied that Tatushisa could of already had lines that was re-voiced by his current actor and they (Pokémon) decided to not use him anymore. Anyway I think we can all agree that infidelity is an awful thing


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From what I've heard Tatsuhisa Suzuki dropped out himself. All on his own accord.

I guess he felt ashamed?
Or maybe he left to pretend like he cares? That guy never felt decent/down-to-earth to me. He’s always had this aura of superiority around him.


"Tis an honor to be recognized."
She’s sung a couple of famous openings in anime correct? Obviously that’s a horrible thing but is that big enough deal that Pokémon dropped him?
The VA industry in Japan takes things very seriously when famous VAs commit misdemeanors like that.