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Alien Dice - Sign ups


IRC bum
Rating is mostly PG-13 for violence, language, etc. May go higher depending on how it is played. For those who have never read Alien Dice, please be sure to read everything as it will explain the basics.

Credits: All content in relation to Alien Dice is owned by Tiffany Ross. That means all concepts, rules, races, planets, vehicles, and other various things are copyright to her. All artwork shown for visual aid are by the creator. This RPG is based on information available. Only the hosting of images and a couple minor quirks added are my doing.

Alien Dice

It was just a game.

A game created by the rich.

The initial hype was astounding and anyone who could afford to play, did so. It was a status symbol to be able to play, to be able to capture genetically enhanced creatures and have them fight for their masters. Even a simple collection of Dice without using them in tournaments was a feat in and of itself. Cheaper versions were created for the less wealthy to give them a taste of the game.

But as with all things, they became bored with just pitting alien animals against one another in combat. They wanted a new variable to their game. Their one idea was banned by Galactic Law: no sentient life form could be forced into servitude of any kind. Not put off in the slightest, they searched for loopholes to the law.

No one said it could be done, to create a new life form from nothing. It was the only partial hole in the law, since something couldn’t be created from nothing. The genetic information had to come from somewhere. Instead of trying to create something from nothing, the rich funded slave traders to engineer a slave race from nothing, since owning the materials would mean owning the product.

Earth was the perfect place to gain the genetic information as there was a ban placed on interfering with the planet years ago – after a few Littan tried human blood and committed a few killings. Thus, Galactic Law was lax over the planet. The slavers harvested genetic material from the eggs of human females to engineer the perfect slave race. They brought out the recessive traits of the code and manipulated them to suit their needs. The race of altered being took shape, but breeding was only under the slavers’ jurisdiction. Only the purest forms were allowed to breed.

After several bribes in the right places, it allowed the race to be passed off as a created one. Without a culture or homeworld to look to, the Rishan as they were called, were accepted as slaves.

Now the rich could feasibly force the Rishan to play the game their game. The Alien Dice Corporation took off. The Rishan were put in contracts to play that game as well and further research into new dice that could capture sentient beings. But unlike the animals, the Rishan were sentient and could think for themselves. Many of the Rishan who played the game could not handle the cruelty with which they were treated and the suicide rate of the players skyrocketed. Death was preferable to playing the game for their master’s cruel enjoyment.

Once again, the rich turned to researchers to keep their precious slave players alive. The answer to prevent suicide was nanites. The tiny machines, injected into the bloodstream, were originally used to keep gladiatorial beasts alive, repairing broken bones, flesh wounds, severed appendages, and other injuries. Too prevent the machines from being preyed on by the immune system, they were disguised as white blood cells. While the machines could heal quickly, it was not without pain. Dice able to take care of their masters did so. No longer could the Rishan commit suicide by common means. Drowning, poisoning, intense injuries weren’t out of the nanite repair zone, unless it was done to the head. Only the most brutal of fights could overcome the nanites but the pain they would suffer made it far from their reach.

Those lucky enough to be under a contract of the ADC than under an alien master had only one hope to be free: complete three sets of fifty dice and their days of servitude under the ADC were done. While it gave contracted players a sense of purpose, completing three sets was harder than it sounded. Most planets where the game was played were players waiting to capture the Rishan and add them to their collection.

And so on it went. Orphaned or unwanted Rishan children were rarely adopted and were sent to the ADC instead. Though rare, even the children of poor Rishan were sent to the ADC at times, mainly the parents’ hopes that their child will have a better life. However, they didn’t know the full details of the ADC. While their children were well cared for, it only lasted until they deemed it time to player of them.

Owners of Rishan players never wondered about the origins of their players – as long as they could make money from them, they could care less.

Yet the winds of change would favor the Rishan soon enough in the years to follow


Lips that once guarded secrets began to flap freely with them. A word mentioned here and a word mentioned there began to build up to any who cared to notice. Those few who did sought to bring those who knew of the Rishan origins to them. They sought to befriend them enough to gather what information they could. Several fell prey to the lavish drinks and, while choppy and slurred, spoke of what they knew.

The pieces that held the Rishan secrets were unveiled. The pieces of the mystery fell into place and those who listened did not like what they heard.

Movements were held to free the people who served them for generations. The Littans were the first and foremost leaders, offering their homes and culture, offering to go to Earth to bring their heritage to them. The Sairah were a bit more reluctant, but soon followed suit, though in smaller numbers at first.

Freedom was both a gift and a curse.

While free, they could do as they please, be what they wanted. Unbound from the chains of servitude, they pursued their own goals and families. On the other hand, those families that did exist suffered. Many infants and children died because their parents simply did not know how to care for them. Aside from the Littan and the few who could feasibly blend on Earth, no one wanted them. Decrepit old space stations became home, a home that needed defending.

Raids did occur, costing the lives of station defenders. Mothers, fathers, it didn’t matter. Orphans were rarely adopted among other families on the station for many of them were poor themselves. They fended for themselves until they got caught by station officials – then they were sent to the ADC.

It kept the game alive, all the way until the present day.

Yet even though the Rishan were independent, the game was hardly affected. As long as the Rishan survived in their dwindling state, there would be Rishan dice to be captured by the rich.

Their best chance to fulfill their contract with the ADC lay on Earth, a fringe planet that very few dealt with. There they could complete their sets with minimal interference of players out to get them. But some of those who desired a Rishan die, were smart enough to let the Rishan playing on Earth to get complacent, then they could make their move.

But will the ADC stop there? Or is there another project they’re working on to further their game…

Either way, it’s just a game.

Brief overview of currency and Away points

The common unit of currency that is used by players is the crid. Crids may be used at away points to buy supplies and other amenities. Away points function similar to mini malls and rest stops on Earth, depending on their size. Some are little more than outposts that only offer food and supplies while some may house several thousands, if not more, and serve players in a far greater number. Away points are circular structures with docking ports or ships around it, much like the spokes of a wheel. Ports range in size, depending on the ship size. Almost every away point has an arena where Dice players may compete and show off their skills.

Commercial points are like the big brothers to away points. Where away points are simply resupply stations, commercial points offer accommodations and a greater range of goods. The bottom few tiers are circular in shape; in the middle spires of stores and rooms shoot upward. A secondary upper circular tiers ring near the top and are supported by framework connecting to the spires and lower tiers. Because of their large size, commercial stations are usually built on anything that will support them ranging from outer moons of planets, space debris, asteroids, amongst others. However, if it is not on a moon, technicians and architects level out the foundation and build directly onto the surface.

Personal ships

Starships come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the owner's wealth and status. Bonded Rishan rarely have a ship larger than what can hold approximately four humanoids comfortably. The pilot's room of a Rishan player's ship has seating for the player and a co-pilot, though the craft can be operated by a single person. In the hold is a biosphere reserved for the dice to play and exercise in. Different size biospheres can hold differing numbers of dice. Dice size is also a factor. If the number of dice exceeds the ship's capability to house them, they must revert to dice form. An hour of exercise each day will prevent them from degrading.

Starships of the rich can house all fifty of their set without having to revert back. The number of rooms can exceed well over a hundred, sometimes even passing the two hundred mark. However, they are also expected to host parties on their ships.

Starships can traverse great lengths in space in a matter of hours due to their ability to warp short distances. Rishan ships are also monitored by video - any dice battle on Earth is broadcasted to any watching. Other notable player ships may have a video system onboard.


A relay is simply a telepathic link that most dice playing aliens and dice have. While private, it can be broken into if one isn't careful about guarding it. No matter how much one can hide intense emotions, it can be detectable. Relays are implanted into the players. Sometimes a call may come in over a relay, usually by another player.

Alien races and known information on them

Rishan - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v107/Hakerius/rishan.jpg

The Rishan are a genetically enhanced race of humans and altered to form a slave race. Rishan were treated as servants and responded as servants. Most Rishan were separated from their parents at birth to be raised elsewhere, very few adult Rishan knew how to care for a child. Because the Rishan were deemed inferior, no efforts were made to introduce culture to them other than their life of servitude. Most jobs turned away the Rishan, leaving piloting, engineering, and gardening and primary Rishan jobs, though some deviated elsewhere, they are still seen as servants.

Every so often, imperfect genetic code would crop up in combination of two lesser Rishan in private breeding. The child was born with unusual eye color, hair, skin tone, and features. Research was done and determined the unusual traits to be throwbacks of their heritage. Children born with enough traits to pass as a human were sent back to Earth with the parent's permission. Without parental permission the child was raised by the parents.

As Rishan gradually began to be releasing from their duties, they strived to learn how to live. Many returned to their old masters as hired help. Most of their masters were of Littan origin and as word got around of the Rishan's origins, they were horrified at such practices and did what they could to help for their previous treatment. The Littan shared their homes, cultures, and sent some of their own to Earth to introduce the Rishan to their true heritage.

However, many Rishan still live and work on space stations and planets that are occasionally hostile to them. Only on Litta and their own stations were they able to create some form of community. Those on Litta or a station have a greater understanding of family, relationships, and working with others.

Even then family life suffered. Most parents didn't know how to raise their children. Many Rishan babies and young children died after they were freed, unless someone was there to help the Rishan with parenting. Often, it would only be the mother left to raise her children. Fathers, in general, did not have any understanding in family responsibility. Other races looked down on them because the father figure was missing in many families, and those surviving Rishan were a strain on resources. Often it led to Rishan mothers becoming very influential in crime rings to support their children. Female Rishan came to be very respected and feared in some corners of the galaxy due to how high they've raised in the criminal underworld.

Rishan are slightly taller than their human counterparts. Females stand at about five feet, ten inches and males around six-foot six. They don't stop growing until their midtwenties. Rishan lean towards a lean to moderate build, but there are the exceptions. They have pointed ears that extend to just beyond the back of their skulls. Eye color ranges from gold to brown, with very few possessing green or blue eyes. Hair color tends to range from pure white or grays, to variations of blue, violet, and a very dark red, to black. Skin tones range from pale blue to darker shades of blue and even violet. Paler skins burn and darker skins darken to a blue-black or violet, often revealing markings not visible earlier. Markings vary depending on how owned them and their jobs. Markings are genetically embedded. Very few Rishan have hair anywhere on their bodies except their face and even then it's very slight.

Littan - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v107/Hakerius/adlittan.jpg

Litta is the Littans' homeworld. The planet has two suns, but is far from a desert as the two suns only shine together twice a year, otherwise they're blocked by one another. The atmosphere is thick enough to ward off harmful radiation of the dual stars and blocks various other things. The combination allows for a lush, green planet. There are no large oceans and large bodies of water are uncommon, even though it rains frequently.

Because of its unique system, Littans are free from mutations arising from ultraviolet radiation on their world, but do need to take precautions when visiting other planets that don't have their same protection. Littans can live for several hundred years and remain healthy. Age is valued in Littan society as well as education and entertainment. Littan females tend to be the more aggressive than males, thus resulting in a matriarchal society. They also tend to be high strung, overreact, and overdo things. To avoid irritating a female, most males will do what the female wants to avoid confrontations. However, it doesn't mean they are pushovers. There are exceptions to both sides. Both genders consider the other as equals.

Littans have a very pale complexion, near white with lighter shades of hair colors and eyes range the color spectrum. Most often, they're about the same height as humans, if a bit shorter in some cases. They're ears are a bit more rounded than humans. Littans also have fangs, giving them a rap sheet on Earth as vampires. They live off of a liquid diet, unable to digest large amounts of solid food, thus lack molars for chewing. The upper jaw contains two fangs, one large and the other smaller. The lower jaw has one. Their saliva contains a chemical that acts similar to an anesthetic, making their target very obedient. However, they rarely drink

Sairah - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v107/Hakerius/addamian.jpg

They hail from the planet Sairah. Lush rainforests and small oceans dot their planet. The climate is humid with little difference in the seasons. Homes, built in structures resembling trees, may ring the oceans or in the forests.

Sairah are one of the few humanoid races that can be mistaken as human at first glance. Skin tones range from light to darker, though most lean on the dark side. Light skinned Sairah are the ones who rarely set foot outside their city. The main distinguishing feature of the Sairah is their ears. They slope down and end in a conical shape. The much less noticeable feature is that they are advanced hermaphrodites. Around the age of ten they begin to develop either masculine or feminine traits.

Sairah cities are completely enclosed structures. Each city is climate controlled to their liking, usually cooler than outside. Most Sairah have not breathed their planet's atmosphere.

Relationships are taken seriously by the Sairah. Males are very open about how they feel and don't hold back about vocalizing it. Human males would be sent into panic mode, but it's acceptable in their culture. Females are prone to vicious mood swings and are much more aggressive. Sympathies go to the female humans when encountering them, as the Sairah females won't hesitate to threaten them.

The Sairah may seem human enough, but the follow no human rules. They do things how they feel like doing it. The Sairah are a very polite and sophisticated people, if a bit quirky. Males will compliment each other on what they wear, how they look, amongst others. They like the finer things in life and were on the leading edge in giving Alien Dice its rise to fame.

Kourwine - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v107/Hakerius/adkour.jpg

The Kourwine look human in many aspects. Their normal skin tones have a twinge of golden yellow to them. Eye range in browns to black with slits for pupils. Their ears sit a bit lower on their head and pointed, but not as much as the Rishan. The Kourwine also are a little bit taller than humans and some Rishan.

The unique aspect about the Kourwine is that they can change the coloring of their hair and skin.

Language and Native Guides

What humans call English, is actually Galactic Common. There are a few minor differences between the two, but are of no importance. Aliens also do not swear like humans with their various words. Instead, “Deuce” is often said, though a few human profanities may be said as well but are not as common.

Native guides are simply a native member of the planet on which the game is played. While up to the players if they wish to have a guide or not, they must obtain the guide’s signature that they came of they’re own free will and the player did not force them.

About the Dice

All game dice are approximately the size of their respective sides on Earth i.e. if placed side by side with a Terran die, they will be of the same size. When a game die bonds with its selected creature, it endows it with increased intelligence and sense of awareness to the point of sentience as long as they are bonded to the dice. However, they are still regarded as non sentient because they do depend on their master. Their DNA is completely encoded and compressed into a die form and makes them easier to carry around. When severely injured, the creature returns to its dice form, a small cube or other shape representing its class. A die may stay in this form for prolonged periods of time. However, if left too long, their coding begins to degrade, causing them to lose levels. Yet not all dice can remain in their animal form about a small Rishan ship because they will get irritable and fight one another. Larger, fancier ships may accommodate the entire set of dice.

Dice may also get diseases and will have to be treated as soon as possible, whether or not it can infect the other dice. If it cannot be treated via a data reprogramming collar, a device that sorts through a dice's data and fixes corrupt data, the die will have to be terminated to protect the others. While symptoms vary, the infectious and serious strains of viruses will have almost immediate effects once they are triggered. One such example would be the lost of levels to a die, forcing them to be a weak level one.

Dice - Classes and types

Basic set of dice - Numbering a total of ten dice, each with six sides, the basic set is the first priority of capture for it enables the capture of higher dice. Each die selects an Earth specie bests suited to its attribute if possible. Some of the bonded animals may bet an increase in size to be of use in battling. The base ten attributes are as follows:

Flame, Strategy, Swim, Flight, Dig, Ice, Speed, Energy, Spark, Steel

The Random Set contains fifteen, eight sided dice. They are named random because the creatures bonded with the die have no set attribute, but is random among three different ones. Duplications of attributes and abilities may occur. The dice are creatures first, thus they rely on modifier dice in combat. These dice enhance the Basic Set.

The Legendary Set contains a set of ten, four-sided dice. Not only are they unique, but they are a newer addition to the game. These dice are the result of extensive research into the myths of the host planet. Each die is precoded to match one mythological creature of the planet. One dropped, the die assumes the shape of the creature. While they may only be four sided, the dice are aggressive and have been known to attack players as well as their battling dice.

The Minor Set consists of ten, ten-sided dice. While most of the other dice are coded to search out animals of a certain size and weight, these dice search for hosts below that limit. Insects and other small creatures fall within the Minor Set.

Oldstyle Master Set contains five, twenty-sided dice. They are the final challenge in completing the set and are the most difficult to gain hold of. Because of their nature, they grow restless with just waiting for a player to come along. Sometimes they will plot against the player or do in search of other dice. Too take them lightly means death. The creatures of the Master Set are highly aggressive and intelligent. They will cause problems for the surrounding populace. The more times a Master Dice is caught, the more they begin to resent the player and thereby become less agreeable. Attributes of the Master Set is a combo of two of the following:

Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Electricity, Plasma, and Ice.

The final type of dice is the modifier set. Modifiers increase the abilities of dice in battle as well as grant them the use of certain special abilities. Abilities that are increased range to strength for some, breath weapons for others, or over increases to one of their coded stats. As many modifier dice may be rolled as the dice has levels per battling die, thus a level five would have five modifiers and a level three would have three modifiers. For instance, an Ice-bonded sallomandyr may get rolls of Speed, Ice block, and Dodge. In most battles, a modifier will take effect as soon as the die uses it and last upwards of around half an hour. In a tight situation, Speed and Dodge may be combined to wriggle out of the situation and turn the tide for Ice Block to be played. Ice Block should be held until the opposing die is weak enough to be trapped by the modifier ability. Other forms of enhances may include Jump, Swipe, Strength Burst, Gale, Ball Lightning, etc

Dice Captures

In order for a die to be caught, it must be battled, but not knocked out. If the die is overpowered, it will revert to die form for twenty-four hours and be reset to level one, setting the player back valuable hours. A die is not caught by weakening it then throwing a spare, blank die at it. Because the encoding of the die enhances the animal's sentience, it is able to speak and think freely on its own. Thus, a 'wild' die must concede defeat, only then may the player tag them with a blank die. The number on the top of the die when it bonds to the non-sentient creature determines the captured die's initial level. After capture, the dice will need to be scanned into the main computer for recording which dice have been captured and which have not.

Even after a die is recycled for bonded players, they retain data and memories from their first two sets.

Battles - In and outs of wins and losses

In a battle with a wild die, generally two dice may be used to aid in the capture. If two dice are allowed to double team another 'wild' die, their levels may not exceed twice the target die's level. A target die of level four may not be taken on two dice whose total levels are nine or higher. Generally the two dice that give the player the most benefit - a Speed and Ice die would not be well suited to handling a Flight die. Modifiers are rolled per die to give them enhancements. Both dice must then work together to overcome their opponent. While the player may give directions in battle, dice also have a working mind of their own. Sometimes they may disobey a command or attack of their own free will.

In fights between players' dice, it will be stated as to how many dice each can have on the field, which is usually one on one. If a die wins a battle, there is a chance it will roll over if it didn't during battle. If a die loses, it may reset back to level one if it falls unconscious. It must also rest for twenty-four hours before being brought back out from its dice form. If reverted back before losing consciousness, they will not lose levels and only need to rest.

With the added twist of battles involving bonded Rishan, the Rishan will battle the other player's die or the other player's bonded Rishan. Either Rishan may die in the course of battle; often it is preferred rather than facing their master. Should a bonded Rishan survive the fight, control is switched to the victor's master. Death is preferable in many cases. A bonded player may not run from a challenge initiated by another non-bonded player. If they do try to flee, the challenger has every right to open fire on the Rishan player's ship.

"Roll" or "rolled"

Rolling over is the simple act of leveling up in the game of Alien Dice. As a die gains experience, it has a chance of leveling up, even in the middle of a fight. Both weak and strong dice hope to level up sometime during a fight, due to enhancements they gain. Most dice will experience a change in appearance as well. A die is not allowed to level up past the number of sides it has - a six-sided die may not advance to level seven.

Dice also tend to be very conscious of the level at which they are tagged and later if they should roll down after a loss. Some dice will torment their fellow dicemates about their levels

Upon each roll, a die may change in appearance. Sometimes it is radical, sometimes it is subtle. On a few occasions, nothing changes. Dice may also change to a totally different color, gain extra appendages, among others.

All standard RP forum rules apply.
I reserve the right to remove you from the RP if I see fit.
Power playing/godmodding/twinking will not be tolerated. If I see it in the form of dice captures, i.e. abnormal amount of level fives and sixes, it will be grounds for removal.
Up to three characters may be controlled. It would be greatly appreciated if they were one dice player and a human if more than one character is made.
Battles may be fought between players as merely practice for arena fights that are bound to crop up. Please confer in PM on the specifics between each other who will win, how it goes, etc, then have someone post it.

- While the main basis of the RP is there, it's a partially open plot. The main direction is there, but there's nothing from stopping you from doing other things.
- It is recommended that you roll the correct die number - or pick a number from a bowl - before engaging a die.
- Due to Earth being a back water and "primitive" world, humans do not take part in the game, let alone know of it.
- Upon each roll, a bonded character will gain another attribute that stacks onto their others. Some attributes are not listed here. So feel free to use your grey matter.
- The set order of capture is Basic, Random, Minor, Legendary, and finally Master. All dice of a set must be captured before being allowed to go for the next one.

Sign up - Dice players

Name: Think exotic, no Bob Smiths
Gender: (if you have trouble here, get out now) If Sairah, please go with the gender they appear to be.
Age: anywhere from about 18+
History: Doesn't need to be elaborate
Character dice level: Because the ADC has reset your level for the added challenge, anywhere from about 4-5 should suffice, only contracted players need apply.
Character Attributes: based on your level. Some combinations of attributes will have an effect on your physiology such as wings, spikes, etc. Most don't surface until level seven and after, if any physiology altering combo is present. Only contracted players need apply.
Other: Anything I forgot or you want to add

Dice: Players will begin their third set with a level 1-2 die from the basic set of their choice, most likely it will be of the same type as their first attribute die they received for their first set, due to the rich's need to make an attempt to keep their Rishan players bound to the game.
Specie: Terran/ET, won't matter as long as a description is given.
Level: 1-2 should suffice.

Sample: Impresseth I with a battle between two dice.

Sign up – Humans

Age: 17+
History: Doesn't need to be elaborate.
Other: Anything I missed or you want to add

My own sign ups will come a little later. Feel free to ask questions here or in PM and I'll do my best to answer them.
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Yami Ryu

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I will sign up for Human first XD then edit for the dice player later XD

Name: Keres Smith (sometimes just called 'Rez')
Gender: Female
Age: 18 (and a half XD)
Personality: Keres is an enigma, but to put it simply Keres is inquisitive and sometimes does not understand when it's safer to not go about and try to learn more about something. Though she's also loud and boysterous, Keres does have her quiet moments when she can be thoughtfull and think more then a few seconds ahead of her actions.

Description: Keres stands at around five feet, and she sees nothing wrong with being short, even taking advantage of it at times, asmuch as it can be taken advantage of. Her hair was black originally, but a failed dye attempt left it pink for the time being, and is kept in a braid that goes to about just below her shoulders. Her eyes are a bright hazel, and she wears glasses. Clothing is random, but the base consists of jeans, a shirt, shoes and a jacket. Sometimes colors that mix, sometimes colors that clash horribly.

History: Keres doesn't have a sepctacular stand out history, as she really isn't special/stand out above the crowd, but Keres doesn't mind that. She moved out of her house at Sixteen, and started doing odd jobs to keep herself with cash so she could rent a small but afordable place, and basically lives on her own right now.

Other: Keres knows how to fight. Or atleast she claims it's fighting. It's really just grabbing the nearest object at hand, and bashing the 'attacker' with.