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All 10 ANIVs and more event pokemon!


New Member
I have the following for trade:
All 10 ANIVs (21)
10ANNIV Charizard, latias, raikou, entei, pikachu, and latios
METANG Rocks lvl 30 untouched (brave) moves:refresh item: enigma berry
Hadou, Mystry, and Nyc Mews
Wishmkr, Channel, and Nagai Boshi Jirachis
SPACE C Deoxys
DOEL Deoxys
Mizunotami manaphy untouched
Ruby Shiny Zigzagoon
Ageto Celebi (japanese bonus disk, untouched)
PCNYc Kingdra
PCNYd Salamence
PCNYd Gardevoir
PCNY Tropius
PCNY Crawdaunt
PCNY Seviper

This is what i am only looking for:
10ANNIV pokemon (except lugia, ho-oh, latias, latios, raikou, entei, pikachu, and charizard)
10JAHRE pokemon
Pokepark pokemon
PCNY pokes i dont have
Concert Chatot
ANA Pikachu
Yokohama Pikachu
Osaka Pikachu
GW Pikachu
Tanabata jirachi
any other rare event pokemon
I especially want the rare ones, such as chatot

I also have every shiny legendary, starter, and more, so please do not offer those.
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Completing The Trio
i can trade UK 10 ANNIV entei, raikou and pikachu{light ball} for your

METANG Rocks lvl 30 untouched (brave) moves:refresh item: enigma berry
NYC mew &
Nagai Boshi Jirachi


Completing The Trio
i'll trade 3 for the metang and either NYC mew or Nagai Boshi Jirachi, but i won't trade 3 for 1

i can also offer shiny electrode, altaria, golbat poochyena or torkoal


Completing The Trio
so my 3 that i mentioned + shiny torkoal for all 3


Completing The Trio
ok pikachu, entei, raikou for mew and metang i'm on wifi now


Well-Known Member
channel jirachi and NYC mew

i have

shiny rayquaza*
shiny groudon*
shiny kyogre*
shiny lugia
shiny ho-oh
shiny treecko*
shiny metagross
shiny sudowoodo*
shiny duskull
shiny magnemite*
shiny regirock*
shiny registeel*
shiny regice*
deoxys ( from birth island event )*
wishmker jirachi
shiny lileep*
shiny armaldo*
shiny meganium
shiny latios*
shiny absol*
shiny chinchou*
shiny electrike*
shiny wailord*
shiny smeargle*
shiny torkoal*
shiny ampharos*
shiny aggron*
shiny shiny voltorb*
shiny shroomish*
shiny seviper*
shiny ursaring*
mew ( from faraway island event )*
shiny chimecho*
shiny vulpix*
shiny marill*
shiny rhyhorn*
shiny graveler*
shiny solrock*

* = i have to migrate

my code is RKH 4467-7682-8068

im ready to trade A.S.A.P