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All DP Sugimori Avatars Complete

FireHead Hank

Matt Fanboy
The Manmuu and Dianose avatar look so cool. I might change m....*gets evil look from Donkarasu*...I mean, wont change my avatar.

Sir Devious

Sir Devious
Still no Mime Jr... :( I can always wait and hope... right? RIGHT!


Rotomu kinda reminds me of Castform! That's a good thing though cuz' I love Castform.

Sir Devious

Sir Devious
There is already a Mime Jr. Sugimori-Artwork where the other D/P Artworks are in the Category "Official Sugimori Art". ;)
Thanks. ^-^


Leave my posts alone
Potaitish..thingy...Pochama evo!!! 6/20 on the Jap. Pokemon site.

Ramparudo! 7/20

Chatot 8/20

Stanku..skunk thingy... and Croalurk's evo 13/20


Too many ppl here
So the next set of avatars are the last? Oh wait, the eventiers...
Croalurk's evo sugimori is awesome. That should've been his game sprite xD