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All DP Sugimori Avatars Complete

Omedetou Joe-san.

Those are cool. I especially like Yukushi, Manaphy, and especially Buizel.

The Chatot one is overrated though. In one sugimori art, it has it's eyes fully open and in the one you are showing, it's eyes are halfway shut...

that's dissapointing man...
I bet the direct source is PE2K or the official japanese site, huh? :D

now all we need is to get the white around it to go away and resize that Darkrai! pics of Sheimi and Aruseus are not revealed yet. Aruseus will probably be revealed when the final movie rolls around. Same with Sheimi.


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OH wow Serebii great Job man....I can't wait to print them all out and trace them...since I'm so good at doing that

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Umm, Joe... Is it asking for too much to re-make some of the Johto avatars, I mean, some of them look really bad WBGed... Like Houndoom for example...
Why would the direct source be PE2k, a minor fansite. Of course its from the official site
well, I just saw it on PE2K before the official site. No, this does not mean I'm saying it was reported at PE2K first, but I checked there first and saw it then I went to the official japanese site and saw it.

Will post an image later.
EDIT: Posted image here:

one looks more regular than the one revealed in the CoroCoro magazine, another is it's backside, and one that looks like it has legs. I apologize if you have already seen these images.
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<<I'm not interested


it is the japanese beginning character of it (aka Alphabetically arrange in the US)

take the japanese letter "HA", anything related to it is listed there like the branches of H, F, B, and P


if you click on the picture of the pokemon and click again the blue thing below the evolution tree, you can add that pokemon in to your top 6 favorite list (just an info you might be interested with)
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take the japanese letter "HA", anything related to it is listed there like the branches of H, F, B, and P
ha hi fu he ho < no markings
ba bi bu be bo < dakutan
pa pi pu pe po < handakutan

Anyways, Darkrai looks girly with the long legs. Don't really care considering that mad Speed and Special Attack though :)

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Bunyatto is awesome!!!!