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All Dragon Ball Discussion Thread (Discuss Z/GT/Kai etc. Here!)


The Smug Pikachu
Aya Hisakawa who is known for voicing Ami Mizuno from Sailor Moon and Keroberos from Cardraptor Sakura is Bulma's new Seiyuu. We will hear Hiromi Tsuru one last time in the upcoming episode.


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I just realized that Tien and Frieza are the only members in Team Universe 7 without tragedy in their backstory

Blaze Master X

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I like Completed Ultra Instinct, but Incompleted Ultra Instinct's look is way better imo. I guess I need to see Completed Ultra Instinct in the anime first, so I will change my opinion or not.

I wish Completed Ultra Instinct was Incompleted Ultra Instinct with Red Aura, and they should save white/silver hair for UI+SSJ (Super Saiyan White/Silver or Super Saiyan Ultra).
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Im not too surprised, I thought UI needed some extra to stand out from base Goku, and white is the color people have been imagining since SSJ4.

Goku Blanco is gonna be a massive meme for the next couple weeks, but I think it works, honestly.

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Goku Blanco is the laziest greatest thing to come out of Super and I love it.

Red and Blue

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It's nice they are finally cutting back on the Zeno's screentime. About time.

Wonder how Frieza will factor into Jiren's defeat?


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goku's now super sayan light. Reminds me of ultra necrozma XD. It even shares the name ultra.


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A nice step up from the last few episodes. They nailed the dramatic moments really well, as opposed to last week. Vegeta's refusal to give up and subsequent fall was well done and tragic, but it would have been so much better had the last six episodes not run "muh family, muh Cabba, MUH PRIDE" into the ground. And Goku's resolve unlocking Ultra Instinct was cheesy, but eh. I liked it.

Animation was lackluster compared to last episode, but at least the writing was better. Also, next episode looks stunning. Not a lot of episodes left, here's hoping they pull it off.

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I've joked about Jiren being a dumb idiot before, but this is really getting ridiculous. Why is he having such a hard time throwing out some guys without energy? Even with only like 2 minutes left he's still just standing there doing nothing but waiting for his opponents to attack. Jiren is like the worst main antagonist ever in the series. I just can't take him seriously as a threat when he continues to be this dumb.

Sonic Boom

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But that’s exactly Jiren’s style.

He’s been kicked mercilessly by life and had it instilled in him that power is the only thing that matters, not ideals, not heart, and especially not trust.

If they want to keep getting back up and fight, so be it. Jiren’s just gonna bat them down again in order to make a point that no amount of motivation or drives is going to beat him. Power conquers all.

He did that when he took the Spirit Bomb. He did that when he took the Final Flash. It’s no different here. “Riveting, isn’t it?”