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All Fired Up! (076)


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I love this episode. When they run with the other part of the song you weren't able to hear from the show yet, it hit ya right in the feels.


I thought that Tamaranze-kaichou allowing Satoshi to run with the official Fire flame torch was kind of him, and it was a symbolic way of premiering the Sekiei Plateau and the Sekiei League as a whole. The Rocket-dan's opening ceremony interference was exciting because we got to see a cameo by Fire.


Meowth fanatic
Seeing Ash, Misty, & Brock carry the flame of Moltres was nice: I also enjoyed the Pokemon League being compared to the Olympics. As for TR stealing the flame at the end and trying to kill Ash, I think this might be the only episode in which TR actually tries to kill someone. :x
I didn't think the Indigo Plateau looked that great in the anime, and what was even the point of Charles Goodshow? He didn't do anything except give Ash the sacred flame.


So now Ash and Co. made it to the Indigo Plateau only for Ash to act all selfish and demand to carry the torch. I was happy that we saw Gary again and the Moltres scene was epic.


I couldn't help but feel some vindictive pleasure when Satoshi stopped the Rocket-dan on his own, because he showed Shigeru that actions matter more than words. I know that it wasn't something that Satoshi did to spite Shigeru, but it showed how Shigeru's boasting earlier in the episode had nothing to back it up.
The torch running thing took too long and when Ash's flame went out, it seemed like cheating when Mr. Goodshow replaced it. Still I liked when Ash was saved by the legendary Moltres.


Frankly, I now find Tamaranze-kaichou to be kind of unneeded here since he added nothing of value to the Sekiei League as a whole. He seemed loved and respected by everyone, yet he was a prop at best.


I call you honey
Poor Victreebel, he got burned with the flame. I liked how Ash was allowed to run with the torch and when we saw Gary again I wanted to punch him. He was so annoying.


KyogreThunder said:
I liked Ash's dream of catching and training a Moltres, only for it to be ruined by Misty.

I loved how Kasumi snidely reminded Satoshi of how little he had trained his Lizardon when he said that, in the dub at least.
The torch running part of the episode lasted for too long but it was still plenty of fun because of Team Rocket's attack and how James finally used his Victreebel in a battle. I liked the stadium scene when Ash was there at night because it showed how passionate Ash was even though he would end up losing at this League. My top pick for the best scene of the episode was the Moltres emergence scene because it showed how powerful Legendaries are. 8/10