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All For The Love of Meloetta (746)


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What a "meh" episode. Cynthia, meloetta and Dawn saved it to me (and oshawott's "female senses tingling"). Anyway, I didn't like that Iris challenge Cynthia (maybe, because I'm not too fond about Iris, anyway) and, even if Cynthia take her lightly, it's awful how axew managed to endure that much. A simple vision of garchomp should be enough to make axew faint.
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I'm gobsmacked, Axew now knows outrage, dragon rage, and giga impact, despite the other move being scratch that's a pretty deadly moveset right there.


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So Axew:
- Scratch
- Dragon Rage
- Outrage (uncontrolled)
- Giga Impact (uncontrolled - Like seriously, Axew didn't even knew what was happening: OMG I'M FLOATING TOWARDS GARCHOMP!!! AAAAH!!!!! HELP!!!)
Maybe this isnt the right place to discuss the writing of Iris' training deficiencies but I find it a bit odd; Axew seems to be picking up massive new moves like tokens off a cereal box yet when I look back, I cant think of anything that has shown Axews power or capabilities increasing.

Fun little episode still.

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So I'm guessing this Cynthia won't necessarily have her games team. Also, I was hoping Draco Meteor would use actual meteors in its animation, not glowing balls of doom.


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Not a bad episode, but Glaceon...really ? I was hoping for something else, like Braviary


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The Rocket Live Caster will be running for 8 weeks, promoting the movie. So, well, get used to it :p It's staying around for a while.
I'm fine with that, it looks interesting to me, I always skip Oak's, I'll probably watch Team Rocket's though.

As for the episode, got a little distracted from all the new stuff to comment on it, I've seen the pictures so far and seems like an enjoyable episode for me. It's not really fresh in my mind anymore though, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it whenever I get around to watching it.


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Meloetta is so cute but it so does not go well with Ash. If only Zekrom was much smaller! However it's cool seeing Cynthia again. I like her dress while Dawn's seems like it shrunk.


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Just remembered about Axew using what seemed to be a new move here, Giga Impact apparently? Interesting how it and Axew both have two very powerful moves at such a young stage.


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So...Axew doesn't use Outrage yet again...but learns Giga Impact? And still has Scratch XD


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Yeah, like Scraggy or Zeustle/Pansage. :/

But obviously, since Iris is in question, let's attack her!
Scraggy at least gets some training montages to go along with it's new moves(scrafty teaching him HJK, needing A LOT of training to use Focus Blast correctly), and doesn't pull them out of his *** like Axew does. He's also clearly not overly strong yet.

Pansage started the series strong and has if anything been shown as average- he wins some, he loses some. No real growth, but little pure BS.

And I detest Zeustle.

But here's the kicker: Iris goal is to be a Dragon Master. She does jack to make that happen, and is instead given handouts. Dent isn't giving handouts to reach his goal(in fact, nothing implies he's grown at all in that regard since his debut).

Your claims of people attacking Iris are weak, because we essentially want a good character arc. Instead we get no arc, just sudden gifts from the writing staff.


TM87? I got TM32 :]
Meh episode, but I still have hopes for this saga.
I like that Krokorok is definitely evolving though :D